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85,000 Bowls of Food to Shelter Cats and Dogs

By Michele C. Hollow of Pet News and Views

As I write this heartfelt thank you, we reached more than 1,700 comments. Each comment equals 50 bowls of food for shelter cats and dogs. That is a lot of food, and other bloggers are doing the same. A number of us teamed up with Iams’ Home 4 the Holidays’ program, which partners with Helen Woodward Animal Center, the Ryan Newman Foundation, and more than 3,500 animal organizations worldwide to encourage pet adoption, and to feed shelter pets.

This is Earl Gray, my rescue cat.

We all know how great the need is for food, cat litter, toys, cleaning supplies, and other items at animal shelters and rescue groups. All of you who work on the front lines have won my heart. This donation of 50 bowls of food per comment will feed thousands of shelter cats and dogs.

Special thanks go out to Maria Milito of Q 104.3 FM. She is an amazing DJ, and I love her weekday Beatles Block. She made announcements throughout the week to get you here to leave a comment.

Thanks to Judy Fridano and Ricochet for encouraging their fans to leave a comment. I know a lot of you came because, as you said, “Ricochet sent me.”

Karen Fazio, who wears many hats is a dog trainer at My Best Friend Dog Training LLC, a columnist at NJ.com, and a radio show host. She posted a story about this contest at NJ.com.

Thanks to Mary Mann, editor of Maplewood Patch. Not only did she post there, she spread the word to other Patch publications in NJ.

More thanks go out to my blogging buddies: Joanne McGonagle and her cat Gracey of The Tiniest Tiger, Carol Bryant of Fidose of Reality, and Daniela Caride of The Daily Tail (Daniela copied my post–with my permission–and told her readers to visit Pet News and Views to leave a comment).

The goal of Pet News and Views is to raise awareness of all animal issues–whether it’s shelter cats and dogs, farm animals, or wildlife. I hope to bring a positive spin to these stories–to show the good that so many on the front lines are doing. This contest showed me that you are all on the front lines.

The common theme in all of your comments is that “you were the one who was rescued–not the other way around.” If any of you are feeling down, just read the comments. These comments will lift your spirits. I know they lifted mine. Thank you!

Shameless Future Plug
I hope you will all check back here or better yet, subscribe. I’m going to run similar contests in the near future. Next month there will be a kitty litter giveaway.

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