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Krissie Newman on Finding Families for Orphaned Pets

By Michele C. Hollow of Pet News and Views

Krissie Newman was concerned that whenever she gets around Mike Arms, executive director of the Helen Woodward Animal Center, and other animal welfare advocates, she comes home armed with bigger plans and a “can do” spirit that overwhelms her husband NASCAR Sprint Cup Series driver Ryan Newman.

Krissie’s spirit is huge, and with extra encouragement, she is a force that knows no bounds.

Krissie Newman

Krissie and Ryan founded the Ryan Newman Foundation in 2005 with the goal of educating and encouraging people to spay/neuter their pets and to adopt dogs and cats from animal shelters; to educate children and adults about the importance of conservation; and to provide college scholarship funding through the Rich Vogler Scholarship program to students interested in auto racing careers.

I heard Krissie speak about marketing, social media, and community education to an audience of bloggers at BlogPaws. The seminar was a shortened version of the Helen Woodward Animal Center’s ACES (Animal Center Education Services) program. It is a free program that teaches animal welfare workers how to run an effective animal welfare center.

Following is part of Krissie’s talk about community education.

Fundraising and Sponsorships
To watch the video on Mike Arms of Helen Woodward Animal Center talk about fundraising and sponsorships, click here.

33 comments to Krissie Newman on Finding Families for Orphaned Pets

  • Rick Sanchez

    thanks Michele, I’ve heard Krissie speak. She is so passionate about all animals.

  • Abby Dunham

    Good Information. Thanks for sharing. I’ve also heard Krissie speak, and she does care about people too.

  • Jerry Voynik

    Thanks Michele, the Ryan Newman Foundation is a wonderful organization that does so much for animals, children, and families.

  • Craig Taylor

    I’ve been a NASCAR fan for a while, and love what the Ryan Newman Foundation does for everyone. Thanks for this video.

  • Brandy Cohen

    I will recommend this site. I am a Ryan Newman fan, and I love what the foundation does to help kids, animals, and adults.

  • Lydia English

    I’m a NASCAR fan and a supporter of the Ryan Newman Foundation. They do important work, and are selfless.

  • Tim Smith

    I agree with Krissie that all we need to do is to educate people about pets, and then the rest comes naturally.

  • Johnny Marshall

    Great video, and Michele,I love your writing, but it is nice to have an occasional video too. Good story.

  • Carrie Pitkin

    Thanks to Krissie Newman. She is awesome.

  • Stacy Samuels

    Great video. The three-legged dog Krissie was talking about passed. The “dog” they were passing around at the BlogPaws conference was a stuffed toy. They sell these cute stuffed animals as a way to raise funds for the foundation, and also to raise awareness about orphaned pets.

  • Gabriel Anderson

    We need more people down south like Krissie. Thanks!@

  • Ellen McDonald

    Thanks for sharing Michele. They are doing some exciting things at the foundation. They are expanding, and the animals that live there have a good life. There is a lot of love at that place.

  • Sally Miller

    Great insights and great comments. thank you Michele for running this video on Krissie and the Ryan Newman Foundation.

  • Alex Jeffries

    I heard Krissie speak, and she is so inspirational. Thanks for posting this video.

  • Jon Grierson

    Krissie Newman is awesome, and so is her passion. We need more people like her. Thank you for sharing this video.

  • I am a huge fan of anyone that is out there actively educating the public! Thanks for sharing!

  • Danica Jones

    Thanks to Krissie Newman and her husband Ryan for helping thousands of people and pets.

  • Tina Lehn

    I’ve heard Krissie speak too, and in addition to her message of spay and neuter, she always advocates “adopting, not shopping.” In this day and age, I have no idea why anyone would buy a dog from a store–which is a puppy mill or even go to a breeder. I really have no respect for people who shop at stores that sell puppies or go to breeders–even reputable ones. There are too many orphaned pets at shelters. And if you want a purebred, go to a rescue. There are rescues for every breed. You just wrote a story about coonhounds, and the rescue and shelter pets cost a fraction of what a store or breeder charges. Shame on those who shop at stores or go to breeders when there are so many beautiful cats and dogs that need homes.

  • Caitlin Kelly

    I agree with the other comments–Krissie Newman rocks.

  • Marcie Fagan

    Great blog, great video. Thanks for sharing the message of spaying and neutering and about the Ryan Newman Foundation.

  • Tim Coleman

    One very important message that Ryan Newman Foundation spouts is to spay and neuter pets. A lot of people down south don’t follow that advice, but the foundation is opening up people’s eyes–thankfully!

  • Krissy Thompson

    I just got their book, “Pit Road Pets.” The photos are beautiful, and the stories are touching. Plus the money from the book supports the foundation.

  • Rupert Ingraham

    We love you Krissie Newman! Thanks on behalf of the animals.

  • Robert Ryder

    Thanks Michele. This is a great video, short and filled with important info. I especially like that the Ryan Newman Foundation is big on advocating “spay and neutering” pets.

  • Virginia Harman

    We are NASCAR fans and through NASCAR we found out about the Ryan Newman Foundation. It’s so great seeing people doing good for our country and for future generations. It’s also great to see articles written about them. Thank you!

  • Emily Forman

    The Ryan Newman Foundation also educates children and adults about conservation. It really is a great nonprofit.

  • Libby Anello

    Krissie really follows through. She is a great spokesperson and has a lot of fans. Thanks for the video and story. I just subscribed to your site. Pet News and Views is one of the best pet blogs out there. Thanks!

  • Nicholas Swanson

    Keep on spreading the word about spaying and neutering pets–as Krissie does. Thank you.

  • Ross Dusett

    Ditto on the other comments. Krissie you rock.

  • thanks for this great video on Krissie.

  • Vicki Lovett

    Thanks so much to the Ryan Newman Foundation for all it does! I have not heard Krissie speak but was on an AOL chat with Ryan once and thanked him for all he and Krissie do with the Foundation. He thanked me but quickly gave credit to Krissie as the one that does the most work!

  • Kate Wilson

    Krissie is an important spokesperson for a wonderful cause. Thank you for this story.

  • Krissie and Ryan, My husband and I are big fans of yours. Yes, we love to watch you drive, Ryan, but we also love the hard work you do for unwanted pets. We have been adopting for 14 years and will continue to do so. I haven’t bought a purebred dog since 1980. We also have an adopted cat. Keep up the good work.