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Why Cats Do the Things they Do

Cat behaviors: why cats groom people, why cats rub up against us, why cats race around at night, and more. […]

Dog Friendly Alexandria

Alexandria, VA, is a pet-friendly city. […]

Pets of the Homeless

Heartwarming story about Pets of the Homeless and Critter Alert Center. […]

Farm Sanctuary Adds Third Shelter

Farm Sanctuary to run Animal Acres. Farm Sanctuary is the largest farm animal protection nonprofit in the U.S. […]

Pet Fostering and Purebred Rescue

Pet fostering and purebred rescue video: a how-to. […]

Krissie Newman on Finding Families for Orphaned Pets

Krissie Newman shares tips on how to find good homes for shelter pets. […]

Coonhounds are the Pit Bulls of the South

The person who should consider adopting a young coonhound is someone who would also consider adopting a retriever or pointer. They do well with very active families, particularly those who hike or run a lot. They are less obsessively active than pointers and many retrievers, but have generally greater endurance. Most seem to be better at settling down inside the house than pointers, while being nearly as active when outdoors. […]

Rescues Make the Best Pets

A personal story from Michele C. Hollow of Pet News and Views about her adopted pets. […]

How Human and Dog Anatomy Differ

Fun facts about the differences between dogs and humans. […]

Do Pets Get Bored with the Same Food?

Pet News and Views concludes its Q&A with Iams nutritionist Dr. Marcie Campion. Readers asked questions about their pets nutrition. […]