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Pet Nutrition Questions and Answers Continued

Welcome to Part 3 of Pet News and Views’ Q&A with pet food nutritionist Dr. Marcie Campion of Iams. If you are just joining us, Pet News and Views hosted a contest with Iams a month ago. Many readers asked questions and in return, Iams donated food to my local animal shelter–Jersey Animal Coalition. Following are some of your questions and the answers from Dr. Campion.

Pet News and Views: We have 5 dogs and 2 cats—all were thrown away and we took them in. Some of our dogs have issues with food. I have two small dogs that have stomach issues with food. I have never fed them fish and wonder if the Iams Sensitive would be okay? Can you get that in small bag to try and see if they can eat it first?
Dr. Campion: We currently do not have any samples to provide. You can purchase a small, 5 pound bag of IAMS Sensitive Naturals to try out on your dogs. The formula contains Natural Prebiotic FOS and beet pulp for healthy digestion.

Aubry is shown eating his IAMS. (Photo courtesty of Iams.)

PNAV: We adopted our dog Buddy from JAC over a year ago and it is like he has always been here! He does not do well with high-fat treats. Do you have any recommendations for treats and food for him that won’t upset his tummy?
Dr. Campion: I would recommend our Iams ProActive Health Biscuits. They are low calorie treats that are made from real chicken protein.

PNAV: Can you recommend a supplement for an older yellow lab to minimize shedding?
Dr. Campion: A great way to prevent shedding is to ensure your dog is receiving proper nutrition. Thirty percent of a dog’s protein needs go toward hair growth. If a dog is not receiving proper nutrition, the dog’s body will put the protein he’s receiving toward maintaining muscle mass, leaving the coat to suffer.

Premium dog food like Iams ProActive Health provides dogs with the nutrients they need to keep their coat healthy, which means less shedding.

PNAV: Some vet’s recommend using liverwurst to hide a pill in to give to your dog. Yet, I can’t find liverwurst without onions and garlic in it which I have heard is bad for dogs. Is the garlic and onion that is in liverwurst then okay for dogs?
Dr. Campion: Onions and garlic can cause gastrointestinal irritation and could lead to red cell damage. An occasional low dose, such as what might be found in pet food or treats, should not cause a problem. (Cats should also stay away from onions and garlic.)

PNAV: What is the lowest carb ‘off the shelf’ cat food that’s good?
Dr. Campion: All cats should have some carbohydrates in their diet for lots of energy. I would recommend our Iams Healthy Naturals Weight Control Formula–it contains a balanced mix of proteins, grains, vegetables, and fruits to help keep the weight under control.

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10 comments to Pet Nutrition Questions and Answers Continued

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  • Mercedes Parish

    Thanks Iams!

  • Nicholas Swanson

    I got my dog from JAC. Thanks for helping them.

  • Devin Morrison

    I’ve been following this series, and enjoy it very much. I always learn a lot from your blog. Thanks for the pet nutrition info Iams!

  • Leslie

    I do alot of research on pet food after all the recalls in the past few years. I am convinced that a certain petfood was one of the major causes of the liver issues my yorkie had (mainly because he started going down hill after feed his this certain food). At the time I really wasnt aware of everything but I have certainly started educating myself after that. I currently feed my dogs Fromm Family food after trying several brand that they either wouldnt eat or threw up when they did. I have certainly seen a HUGE improvement in my dogs since I have been feeding them this food. It’s a little more expensive but not by much and SO worth it. It’s worth checking into.. believe me.

  • Leslie,
    Agreed. It does cost a bit more, but in the long run it will save you $$ in vet fees. Same goes for what we put into our bodies.–Michele

  • I completely agree with Leslie.

    It took me months to compile a list of what I felt are some of the very best all natural dog foods out there. Not like many other sites where they copy and paste the same information.

    I spoke with companies and talked extensively about their manufacturing process, where there products come from, recalls, etc. Fromms is an excellent food and is included on my list of the 10 best dog foods.

  • Thomas Cornett

    I’m looking forward to the other nutrition posts. Thanks Iams.

  • Amy Chin

    We also give our dogs Iams food, and am now switching to the natural brand. I hope Iams develops a formula for cats that is all natural too.

  • Bonnie Lazaro

    Great job Michele, Iams, and JAC!