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Closing Greyhound Race Tracks

Since 2001, the volunteers and workers at GREY2K USA have closed more than two dozen greyhound race tracks. Their dream is to make this blood sport a bad memory.

Orla and Niamh were adopted by GREY2K USA supporter Francie Murphy from the Greyhound Adoption Center of CA.

To learn about their mission and to see a new video about their latest campaign to end dog racing, please click here. If you can make a donation, please do so.

You can also read about GREY2K USA and it’s founder, Christine Dorchak, by clicking here.

6 comments to Closing Greyhound Race Tracks

  • I am a animal activist and keep pretty busy. Saveing domestic and wild animals, my new fight is to stop Greyhound racing for good. If you go to the web site above and join. You will find my Greyhound Group please be welcome to join my group in keeping up the fight for Greyhounds every where. Also very active with Grey2kUSA, keep up the great work Christine.

  • Mike Cruz

    I adopted two greyhounds. They are the best, and I applaud what GREY2K USA is doing. Thank you.

  • That’s awesome Grey2K USA!

    It’s people like yourselves who are making a huge difference everyday. I can’t say that I’ve never owned a greyhound (yet anyway) – but I love all dogs and breed means very little to me.

    I’m just happy that these furry guys and gals have so many good people pulling for them!


  • Emily Davis

    Thanks GREY2K USA! I own two greyhounds and they are the best.

  • Thanks for the encouragement and thanks for all you do to help the greyhounds. Go team!

  • Garland Tyson

    Greyhounds are such sweet dogs. To abuse them is criminal. I would never go to a greyhound racetrack.