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Helping Camels Over the Hump

Help In Suffering (HIS) continues to help animals in need. They recently created Camel Rescue Center. […]

Pet Nutrition Questions and Answers Continued

Pet Nutrition questions and answers from Dr. Marcie Campion of Iams. […]

Pet Nutrition Questions and Answers

Iams nutritionist Dr. Marcie Campion answers pet nutrition questions from readers of Pet News and Views. […]

NJ Animal Shelters Need Your Help

NJ Animal Shelters need help to battle S.2923. Call Governor Christie and tell him not to support this bill. […]

Answers to Your Pet Nutrition Questions

Dr. Marcie Campion answers Pet News and View’s readers questions about pet nutrition. […]

Phinney’s Friends Helps Elderly and Others with their Pets

Phinney’s Friends is a nonprofit that helps home bound elderly and disabled with their pets. […]

600 Million and Fix the Bitches Dream Big

600 Million and Fix the Bitches were started by Alex Pacheco to stop the stray dog and cat over populations. They are developing contraceptives to help stray animals across the world. […]

Closing Greyhound Race Tracks

GREY2K USA is working to close racetracks in the USA. […]

PAWS NY Helps People Help Pets

PAWS NY helps people help pets. This nonprofit works to keep pets and their owners together despite illness. […]

Maria Milito Shares Stories on Coping with Pet Loss

Maria Milito of 104.3 FM radio wrote the book, Clarice and Friends: How they Helped Mend the Hole in My Heart. She talks about pet loss, grieving, coping, and healing. […]