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Let’s Give 1,000 Meals to Shelter Dogs

By Michele C. Hollow of Pet News and Views

Iams, makers of pet food, approached me about doing a joint contest to help feed shelter dogs. If you are familiar with Pet News and Views, you may remember the last Iams contest, which benefited dogs and cats in shelters around the country. Many of you helped. This time around, I am focusing on my local animal shelter—Jersey Animal Coalition in South Orange, NJ.

For each comment or pet nutrition question that you leave following this post, Iams will donate 10 bowls of food to Jersey Animal Coalition. They will cap it at 1,000 meals. So, I hope you will leave a comment about your rescued pet or ask a pet nutrition question and I will forward it to Dr. Marcie Campion, a member of the American Academy of Veterinary Nutrition and the Scientific Relations Manager at P&G Pet Care. A follow up post will include answers to your pet nutrition questions.

Dr. Marcie Campion with Tucker

Iams just launched two new dog food products—IAMS Sensitive Naturals and IAMS Simple & Natural. “We got requests from consumers who wanted to purchase natural products for their dogs,” says Dr. Marcie. “We are buying more natural products for our families, and since our pets are part of our families it makes perfect sense that we offer an all natural product. I have three small kids at home, and my dog, Tucker, is my first child. I, like other people, want to feed our pets a better diet.”

The first ingredient in the IAMS Sensitive Naturals is fish. The first ingredient in the IAMS Simple & Natural product is chicken. You won’t find corn, wheat, soy, meat-by-products or names you can’t pronounce in these foods. What you will find are apples, carrots, peas, Vitamin E, and fish oil. Both products are dry food.

“Dogs are best fed as carnivores,” says Dr. Marcie. “You can tell by the way their teeth are shaped and their short digestive tract. So they need meat in their diets. The fruits and veggies provide vitamins and anti oxidants. These fruits and vegetables account for the fiber that is needed in their diets. The fish oil helps keep their skin and coat healthy.”

Dinner Time
Most people feed their dogs twice a day. According to Dr. Marcie, “what’s more important than how often you feed them, is how much you feed them. If you are feeding your dog and find that he is putting on more weight than he should, then you should cut back on the portion. If your dog is finicky, add a little water to the food. You can also microwave the food for a few seconds to bring out the aroma.”

Dr. Marcie would love to see all dogs—especially shelter dogs—eat a top quality all- natural pet food. “By eating a healthy diet, all of us–even our pets–reap the rewards,” she says.

Jersey Animal Coalition
Jersey Animal Coalition is an all volunteer not-for-profit that has rescued and placed over 10,000 stray and abandoned pets since it was founded in 1989. It is a no-kill shelter with the mission to preserve life. Their motto is “We make space by adopting, not euthanizing.” For more information about the shelter and about the pets that are up for adoption, click here.

The Contest
Iams has helped hundreds of animal shelters around the country—mostly through its Home 4 the Holidays program. This year the goal behind the program is for 1.5 million shelter animals to find their permanent homes.

Today’s contest helps feed dogs at Jersey Animal Coalition. It runs from July 11-15, but you must leave your comments after THIS post in order for it to count. I’m sure many of you are aware that animal shelters are in need of numerous supplies. So, please leave one comment about your adopted pet or one pet nutrition question in the Comments section of this post.

I also hope that you will take a look at Jersey Animal Coalition’s website, adopt from your local animal shelter or rescue group, and subscribe to Pet News and Views.

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238 comments to Let’s Give 1,000 Meals to Shelter Dogs

  • We adopted Buster off the street in Philadelphia – and we think he’s the best dog ever!

  • Joanne

    Wish there were no need to feed dogs in a shelter because they all had a home. We had both our rescue dogs for almost 15 years and are on our 3rd now. Glad Iams is willing to help!

  • a Maplewood resident

    Go Michelle! Go Iams! Go JAC! Great that Iams is donating food for the dogs. Let’s hope catfood is next! Here are some questions… how important is it to give kittens kitten food rather than cat food? And at what age does one stop giving them kitten food?

  • Mary Ann Wattles

    THANK YOU for helping the helpless beasts. How I wish I could help save them all. Bless the beasts and the children. :)

  • Linda Delaney

    Thank you for all you do!

  • Shari Baerenbach

    I adopted my wonderful dog Ella(Sunshine) from JAC and was so impressed with the shelter and the great job they do that I now voluteer there with my husband. What a fablulous place!

  • Michael Knudsen

    Labs rock. So does IAMS

  • John

    Thank you for helping out the Jersey Animal Coalition.

  • Jay

    Thanks to Jersey Animal Coalition, we adopted the most adorable pooch ever born. Hooray to them for their great work. They deserve 100000000 free meals!!!

  • Ramona S.

    I have a 10 yr old Shitzu/Mimi Pin mix female that is about 7 lbs over her ideal weight and I was wondering if I should continue using her regular food or should I place her on a more strict diet since she does not get much exercise due to some limitations with the use of her back legs. She has very bad arthritis. Any advice would be appreciated so much.

  • Melissa

    I adopted my cat when she was 2 yrs old from Linden Animal Shelter. She’s beautiful! Thank you Jersey Animal Coalition and Iams for this fundraiser!

  • Michele Wilkinson

    Thank you very much for all the work you do for animals.

  • My son and new daughter-in-law adopted two 4 month old cats – a brother and sister. I proudly show photos of my grand-kittens to everyone.

  • Thanks for helping the animals!

  • Gillian Columbus

    I have been volunteering at the Jersey Animal Coalition for the past 3 months and it is so rewarding! All the employees and other volunteers are so dedicated, it’s wonderful to be a part of their mission:-) Thank you Iams for donating the much needed pooch food!

  • Christine Knorowski

    Thanks for helping the animals.

  • Sue

    Do dogs ever get tired of having the same kind of dog food? Should I change it up or stick with what she likes?

  • Ken

    Thanks, IAMS! Very cool.

  • Jaime

    we have adopted 4 dogs for the Jersey Animal Coalition and one is better than the next. This shelter has amazing dogs and great people working with them.

  • Jaime

    I have a rescued Rotty from the Plainfield Animal Shelter. He is one of the best dogs i have ever owned

  • Louise

    We love our new adopted/rescued dog, Alfred. Happy, loving, playful addition to extended family!

  • I have never seen so much love that the animals receive from the JAC. I have taken 5 dogs from their, 3 pitts and a 2 little mix of somethings. They have been the best dogs we have ever had. The volunteers and dog walkers should be given a big Thank You for all that they do. Two of my dogs ended up with dietary issues from age and one was obese from being bred so much that I actually started a company because of them.
    Much love to the Jersey Animal Coalition.

  • Elaine

    I have taken a great Pitt bull from the Jersey Animal Coalition. Emma Sue is one of the best dogs I have every owned. She is 6 years old now, and Maybe one day she will be a watch dog. LOL

  • Jim Block

    Hi- My family is vegetarian. We have two dogs and feed them commercial vegetarian dog food (Natural Balance). Is this believed to be nutritionally adequate for dogs? The package states it meets the nutritional requirements established by AAFCO. I wish to continue feeding my dogs vegetarian food but do not want to risk their health. Thanks!

  • Fran Reid

    I have had eight dogs adopted through the Jersey Animal Coalition. All of my dogs would have been put to sleep if JAC had not rescued them. None of them were healthy at the time JAC took them in. Bear, Buddy, Bernie, Tasha, Kahlua, Sparkie, Mufasa and Brandy thank IAMS for all your support of JAC.

  • De Cunningham

    Thank you for all you are doing.

  • Alexis

    I have adopted my Brownie and Queenie from there. They are the best dogs in the world! The JAC has taken great care of them over the years, and I am a proud parent with my fiance of two wonderful pits that we like to call our babies!

  • Alexis

    RAMONA- about your comment with your overweight puppy- when I got two of my dogs they were overweight and felt bad giving them snacks. I started to give them
    “Just Because Dog Treats” that someone had recommended me and it helped tremendously. I order them online every month. They are very low and fat and carbs and the only treat out there for truly overweight dogs- and they even work on diabetics!!! I definitly recommend it!!!!!!

  • maria

    Thanks Iams for the help. The dogs really need it. I rescued a 4 year old Bassett Hound in January and she is doing great!

  • Shawna Mowery

    You have a really nice site. Thanks for hosting this contest to benefit your local shelter. All shelters need food and other items. Thanks.

  • Nichole Murdock

    Thank You!

  • sharon

    Thanks for having such an informative site.. hope this helps your shelter.

  • a JAC volunteer

    The dogs at JAC help me just as much as I help them. Great place to volunteer!

  • Amanda

    Thank you!

  • Great post! Thanks for sharing this post!

  • […] of you a virtual hug for helping feed dogs at my local animal shelter—Jersey Animal Coalition. A week ago, I put out a call asking for you to post a comment or pet nutrition question on Pet News …, and for each comment and question, Iams agreed to donate 10 bowls of food to Jersey Animal […]