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Let’s Give 1,000 Meals to Shelter Dogs

By Michele C. Hollow of Pet News and Views

Iams, makers of pet food, approached me about doing a joint contest to help feed shelter dogs. If you are familiar with Pet News and Views, you may remember the last Iams contest, which benefited dogs and cats in shelters around the country. Many of you helped. This time around, I am focusing on my local animal shelter—Jersey Animal Coalition in South Orange, NJ.

For each comment or pet nutrition question that you leave following this post, Iams will donate 10 bowls of food to Jersey Animal Coalition. They will cap it at 1,000 meals. So, I hope you will leave a comment about your rescued pet or ask a pet nutrition question and I will forward it to Dr. Marcie Campion, a member of the American Academy of Veterinary Nutrition and the Scientific Relations Manager at P&G Pet Care. A follow up post will include answers to your pet nutrition questions.

Dr. Marcie Campion with Tucker

Iams just launched two new dog food products—IAMS Sensitive Naturals and IAMS Simple & Natural. “We got requests from consumers who wanted to purchase natural products for their dogs,” says Dr. Marcie. “We are buying more natural products for our families, and since our pets are part of our families it makes perfect sense that we offer an all natural product. I have three small kids at home, and my dog, Tucker, is my first child. I, like other people, want to feed our pets a better diet.”

The first ingredient in the IAMS Sensitive Naturals is fish. The first ingredient in the IAMS Simple & Natural product is chicken. You won’t find corn, wheat, soy, meat-by-products or names you can’t pronounce in these foods. What you will find are apples, carrots, peas, Vitamin E, and fish oil. Both products are dry food.

“Dogs are best fed as carnivores,” says Dr. Marcie. “You can tell by the way their teeth are shaped and their short digestive tract. So they need meat in their diets. The fruits and veggies provide vitamins and anti oxidants. These fruits and vegetables account for the fiber that is needed in their diets. The fish oil helps keep their skin and coat healthy.”

Dinner Time
Most people feed their dogs twice a day. According to Dr. Marcie, “what’s more important than how often you feed them, is how much you feed them. If you are feeding your dog and find that he is putting on more weight than he should, then you should cut back on the portion. If your dog is finicky, add a little water to the food. You can also microwave the food for a few seconds to bring out the aroma.”

Dr. Marcie would love to see all dogs—especially shelter dogs—eat a top quality all- natural pet food. “By eating a healthy diet, all of us–even our pets–reap the rewards,” she says.

Jersey Animal Coalition
Jersey Animal Coalition is an all volunteer not-for-profit that has rescued and placed over 10,000 stray and abandoned pets since it was founded in 1989. It is a no-kill shelter with the mission to preserve life. Their motto is “We make space by adopting, not euthanizing.” For more information about the shelter and about the pets that are up for adoption, click here.

The Contest
Iams has helped hundreds of animal shelters around the country—mostly through its Home 4 the Holidays program. This year the goal behind the program is for 1.5 million shelter animals to find their permanent homes.

Today’s contest helps feed dogs at Jersey Animal Coalition. It runs from July 11-15, but you must leave your comments after THIS post in order for it to count. I’m sure many of you are aware that animal shelters are in need of numerous supplies. So, please leave one comment about your adopted pet or one pet nutrition question in the Comments section of this post.

I also hope that you will take a look at Jersey Animal Coalition’s website, adopt from your local animal shelter or rescue group, and subscribe to Pet News and Views.

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238 comments to Let’s Give 1,000 Meals to Shelter Dogs

  • Les

    This is a very good deal. We have two cats from a shelter (Bergen County in Lyndhurst) with whom we will celebrate the one year “birthday” of joining our family. And it has been an absolutely wonderful year.

  • Jennifer

    Love my adopted beagle! Just curious how to calm his barking down?

  • Dog Mom

    I have a wonderful “daughter” that I adopted 6 months ago and it was one of the best things I ever did! There is not one person or thing that could possibly ever make me change my mind about her…she’s funny, smart, adorable and a great companion! When I am able, I will adopt a sister for her…how can you say no to these wonderful dogs? I have a new appreciation for all the work that goes into taking care of and finding a homeless dog a forever home. Thanks to all those people, shelters, and companies that help to save as many of these dogs as possible!!

  • Antoine

    Great initiative, thank you!

  • nancy schetelick

    Shelter dogs at JAC are feed once a day. During the week they get very little exercise and on weekends all the dogs get walked for at least 20 minutes. Our dogs are overweight and just get dry food. To maintain a healthy weight how many cups of dry food should be given to (1) 25 – 50 lb dog; (2) 50 – 80 lbs and (3) 80 – 110 lbs? All our adult dogs get approximately 3-4 cups a day.

  • Tracey

    I have an 11 year old male German Shepherd Dog and I’ve been feeding him the same dry food twice a day every day for the past four years since I adopted him. I give him one cup in the morning and one cup at night, with plain yogurt mixed in, which he LOVES! He enjoys treats of grape tomatoes, cucumbers, bananas, and other vegetables, fruit, little bits of cooked egg and pieces of cooked meat when I have them, all these in small quantities. He’s very healthy and, in some ways, seems younger than his 11 years. I know there are better quality foods than the one I’ve been giving him, but I don’t know if it’s a good idea to change at this point in his life. Do you have any advice on whether it’s a good idea to change his dry food to something else?

    Thanks! This has been a question for me for some time since I read a survey about the best foods for German Shepherds, but I didn’t know who to ask. I’m also a volunteer at the Jersey Animal Coalition and would love to see my shelter win the food for the dogs at our no-kill shelter in New Jersey.

  • Robin Patton

    Yeah to good food for ALL dogs!

  • My Border Collie, adopted from NJ Animal Coalition Shelter, gets the shakes then heavy panting and becomes inconsolable during heavy rains and thunder. Is there a suggestion how to calm her down as i feel so badly for her?

  • jeanne fortin

    what is the best vegetable to serve to a mid-size elderly dog who really likes vegetables.

  • Carol Barnes

    I have 3 shelter rescue cats and 3 shelter rescue dogs. What has always amazed me is how different they look after a month or two on good food after being rescued from the shelter. I know the shelter does it’s best to feed them well, but being on a constant diet of a healthy food makes such a difference in their appearance. Two of our dogs were over 20 lbs underweight when we adopted them. One had been in the shelter for a very short time and the other had been in for 4 months and still was very thin. I can’t even imagine what she must have looked like when she came in. Good food like Iams, can make them look like a different animal after a month or two. Thank you for supporting the shelters.

  • jane

    We adopted our dog, now age 4, from JAC. While looking for a dog, JAC had a dog that was very aggressive and was passed over. I gave JAC the name of a trainer that helps aggressive dogs and finds them jobs. JAC immediately called Eddie. Eddie worked with this dog and then helped find him a job. thanks JAC.

  • I have two adopted dogs. One is from a shelter in South Jersey. I can’t imagine my life without these two animals. They are loyal and loving. It saddens me that people don’t have respect for animals and that they end up in shelters. Please consider adopting a dog or cat. You won’t regret it!

  • Annie

    What’s a safe amount if Ash in pet food that pet owners should look for before purchasing?

  • Margie

    Love the Jersey Animal coalition. We rescued both of our dogs from there. They are definitely overwhelmed though and could use the help…


  • gabriela alxander

    Adopted pets are the best!

  • Lesa Westerman

    My Bella, who was a shelter rescue was my blessing and someone else’s loss. I highly encourage anyone who thinks they want a pet to first visit the shelter!

  • Kim McGuire

    I would like to dedicate my post to our beloved Cleopatra, who we adopted from Jersey Animal Coalition 12 years ago. She brought us more joy & laughter than we could ever imagine. Cleo left behind her brother Boo, also a rescue from JAC & now just 2 weeks ago we welcomed Hank into our family (also from JAC). Jersey Animal Coalition is a wonderful organization to whom I will forever be indebted because of the love, happiness & laughter we have experienced through our dogs.

  • Tamara Schraiber

    I adopted two wonderful cats from the the Jersey Animal Coalition. One old gal that was feeling down and out and has thrived for the past year and half and a beautiful part main coon that had an unfortuntate dog encounter and as a result lost one of her front legs, she also has FIV. She too is doing wonderfully and both cats have acclimated very well with my other two cats that I rescued from my backyard. So that brings us up to a total of four so the inn is full..keep saving the animals!!!

  • Dan

    How many cups of dry food should a 60 pound mixed breed dog be feed per day?

  • maureen barrett

    my cat has not been himself for a few days. has been throwing up once in a awhile. should I be feeding him his regular food or give him something else until he is normal?

  • The JAC is a wonderful organization with incredibly devoted volunteers. They have been saving lives for over 20 years!!

  • Kim McGuire

    I would like to dedicate my post to our beloved Cleopatra, who we adopted from Jersey Animal Coalition 12 years ago. She brought us more joy & laughter than we could ever imagine. Cleo left behind her brother Boo, also a rescue from JAC & now just 2 weeks ago we welcomed Hank into our family (also from JAC). Jersey Animal Coalition is a wonderful organization to whom I will forever be indebted because of the love, happiness & laughter we have experienced through our dogs.

  • Diane Fish

    A year and a half ago my husband and I adopted a large, older, black dog from the JAC after losing a much loved dog. We weren’t sure if we could be as happy with a new dog but Rosie the Rottweiler has turned out to be the sweetest most lovable pet and filled our hearts with happiness.

  • Great post and great info here. Pet nutrition and keeping it real, honest and consistent is key for a healthy pet.

  • Oatsy

    Rescue pets are the best! Can’t wait to try the new natural Iams food. I hope it won’t be too expensive. Will it also be sold in stores such as Wal-Mart and grocery stores?

  • Audrey Perel

    I have a wonderful Labrador that goes everywhere with me. He is so smart. As he is getting older, I notice he has some trouble getting up. Is there a natural supplement I can give him? I hate to put him on medication if i can avoid it. Thanks.

  • Leslie

    What a wonderful initiative! Good luck making it to 1,000 bowls.

  • Patti Costa

    We adopted our dog Haley a little over 6 years ago. She is the sweetest dog ever. Just found out she has heart disease. What is the best type of food we should feed her. She is now about 7 yrs old.

  • Kit Katzz

    I have 4 rescue dogs, 2 border collies, 1 beagle/jrt mix and a golden/husky mix. I love my pack and enjoy the smile they bring to my face everyday. They have taught me alot of life lessons.

  • Bob Baerenbach

    I adopted my 2 year old pit Ella (formerly Sunshine) from JAC in February, she is a very sweet and loving dog, sometimes too loving. When we arrive home from work or from being out for an hour or more she is so excited that we have returned that she can not stop jumping on us. What is the best way to get a 75lb dog to stop jumping on my 95lb wife?

  • Nicole Schillizzi

    I love volunteering at the JAC! It’s a great feeling to be able to spend time with the cats and dogs at the shelter. They are all deserving of a forever home! But while they wait to find the right family, it is nice to know that they have a safe and friendly environment here at the JAC. The only issue is that we are always running low on something…whether it be food or supplies. We could really benefit from the food donation from Iams!

  • Meg

    I remember when my mom, little brother, & I went to adopt our puppy, Molly. She was brought into a room with her sister. Her sister looked like a German Shepard and had a wildly outgoing personality while Molly, who resembled a black lab, hid under a chair, afraid to come out. We had one of the shelter volunteers remove Molly’s sister from the room so that we could play with Molly. Upon taking her sister out, Molly ran out from under the chair and jumped up into my brother’s lap. We took Molly home with us and had an amazing 10 years with the greatest dog ever. The day Molly was put down, I was 8 hours away from my little brother, but I was on the phone with him throughout the entire process. No dog will ever be able to replace Molly, but I know the only way I will ever get another dog is through adoption.

    I have had the pleasure of volunteering at JAC during my time at Seton Hall, and a lot of my friends still do. They do an amazing job and have gorgeous dogs and cats that need homes. Open your home to an adopted animal, it will change your life.

  • Dayle C

    I have done rescue for many years and always try to educate everyone that inquires about one of our rescues. If they don’t adopt from us, I still like to recommend proper nutrition et. Thank you IAMs for helping keep shelter animals healthy & strong!!

  • Sandy

    Dogs may not be our whole lives – but they make our lives whole! We have four rescue dogs, that I find priceless – can’t believe someone else thought they were “discard-able”! Good luck in this venture to fill up some other doggies tummies!

  • Samantha Vanderhoof

    I adopted 2 wonderful dogs fromt the JAC. They bring so much joy to my life. I cannot thank the JAC enough for giving me these two angels! I also have a pug who is overweight. We feed him a little bit of dry food, wet food, and peas and carrots, but he doesn’t seem to be losing weight. Are there any suggestions on what can feed him to help him lose those extra pounds?

  • Deborah

    We are so grateful to the Jersey Animal Coalition, who rescued our border collie/lab mix from Georgia. If it wasn’t for the JAC, our beautiful, sweet, happy dog would have been euthanized. She is a wonderful addition to our family.

  • Gloria

    I rescue animals and love them all, they all deserve a chance to be love and give it back 10 fold. If I could I would adopt them all.

  • Carol

    Thank you JAC for our dog and two cats! Keep up the good work!

  • My wife and I adopted a male Maine Coon mix about fourteen (he has diabetes for the last two years) from the North Shore Animal League. And one-eyed calico (female of course) that we rescued from the garage we keep our car in about nine years ago. She’s as smart as a whip, runs around the apartment and quickly leaps onto the high bureau in the bedroom. Once in a while she gets to the top of the refridgerator by leaping onto the counter and then the microwave [amazing how she figured out how to do it)

    Anyway, watching their antics gave me the inspiration to write my children’s book, “A Lesson My Cat Taught Me” [http://www.createspace.com/3447169 and on amazon]

  • Phyllis Barbato

    My last two dogs were shelter dogs, the first, Skylar, was from Plainfield, and she was the love of my life. Unfortunately after 2 years she came down with CNS lymphoma and had to be euthanized. My current baby came from a shelter in Kentucky and I adopted her 7 years ago. I believe Skylar sent her to me, because she, is the current love of my life. Shelter dogs are the best, as are strays, who are also wonderful.

  • Jackie Herships

    I adopted my dog, Daisy, at the Jersey Animal Coalition. She’s a terrific dog and I love her.

    Jackie Herships

  • Leslie G

    I feed my adopted kittens Iams Kitten dry food & my adopted adult cats adult Iams dry food. At what age can I switch the kittens over to the adult formula?

  • E. Zamora

    I have a rescued feral kitten, actually she’s now domesticated, who’s favorite meals are all IAMS. Bella, has come a long way, from condition she was in when rescued. My little Bella is now a happy, healthy, mischievous and playful little doll!

  • Susan

    Just a great big thank you for all your help and advice with the feral cat colony. By trapping and getting them shots or neutering we now have it under control.

  • Tracy Ferrara

    I have a Shar Pei who is about 40 pounds. His name is Simba..
    I have started giving him 4oz of Raw Goats Milks a day…
    What do you think about Raw Goats milk for my pet?

  • Leslie Colyer-Brown

    On a daily basis, I am impressed by the care, dedication and love the administration, staff and volunteers show the residents of the Jersey Animal Coalition. From the older, long term residents to the newly surrendered, these dogs (and cats) get wonderful human interaction and bonding. The ultimate goal is the development of a more balanced and adoptable pet. As a volunteer and “foster parent” of a wonderful FIV Positive Tabby named “Red” (who needs a forever home) I can only hope that I give these animals the emotional comfort and satisfaction they give me.

  • Trish

    Volunteering at JAC for the last 4 years has been a blessing, It is like a walking meditation, you find so much peace and love in the moments spent with these animals. I am so grateful!

  • Tim

    I rescued my two cats and they have been the joy of my life. I am glad the JAC is in business and we should help them all we can. GO JAC!

  • A shelter dog to my mind, is a gift. My birthday present to myself from the JAC 4 years ago was my yellow lab Max. Never a day goes by without this 90lb lump of total heart melting love reminding me why I brought him home in the first place.

  • Patty

    Great blog and website! Don’t forget to think of your local shelter for donations too . . . towels, animal supplies, etc.

  • Leslie

    Henry is our 7.5 year old apricot-colored miniature poodle; he weighs about 15 pounds. He loves to eat dairy products (yogurt, cottage cheese, etc.), cooked green vegetables, fish and poultry. Is it okay to give him treats of these items?

  • I am a very lucky and busy doodle but always ready to lend a helping paw to help my less fortunate friends. It a major part of my life!

  • Pamela Couto

    I’m a subscriber to your wonderful site, Pet News and Views, and just love it. Thanks for doing this wonderful contest with Iams. I live in south Jersey, and have rescued feral cats.

  • Peter

    Adopting Keegan from the Jersey Animal Coalition was one of the best things we’ve done since moving here.

  • Linda Monformoso

    Our 9-year-old pug loves small treats of cooked salmon – is tuna OK for him, too? (I don’t cook it specially for him, it comes home in doggie bags after a dinner out!)

  • Arleen

    Nevada is our 13 year old shelter border collie mix. She’s given us more fun and love in her 13 years than we could have ever imagined!

  • fran skwarka

    My sheltie Buddy who is 11, does agility, was in a kill shelter in NJ at the age of 4. He is a awesome dog and I love him completely.

  • Terrie Carr

    Great cause……let’s feed the puppies!

  • David

    We’ve had our rescued dog Baci for nearly 15 years. She’s a nut & a great companion! Thanks to the JAC! Keep up the great work.

  • Sean O'Hare

    My Wife and I recently addopted a dog (Jeb) from the J.A.C. in South Orange. To say we couldn’t be happier is an understatement. They do wonderful work there and we are glad to support them.

  • Shari Selke

    Great idea – kudos to IAMs! I’ve been the proud owner of two wonderful, yet very different shelter cats. Both brought up from kittens…my first passed away at 19, my second (current) turned 13 this year. Thanks for the much needed support to shelters and wonderful nutrition for pets! Keep up the good work! 🙂

  • Connie Birch

    I’m in New York City, and I got my dog from Bideawee, another wonderful shelter. Shelter dogs (and cats) are the best. Thanks for running this contest. I’m a fan and a subscriber to your blog, Pet News and Views. I see you are up for an award. I hope you win. I voted for your blog.

  • Marcie Schneider

    Thanks for running this contest. I have a rescue dog, and I live in PA. They are the best, and I love your site–Pet News and Views. I hope you win the Pettie award! I voted for you.

  • Caroline

    We adopted our cat and dog and love them dearly! Everyone should support the JAC.

  • Nancy

    Thanks for all you do!

  • Jennifer D

    What a great cause, I have personally dropped off food and cat litter to JAC in the past…all of my cats have been rescues from the wild/outside. There are so many animals to chose from, I hope people make shelters, or rescue groups who foster in private homes, their first stop when looking for a new pet!

  • Adopted the cutest dog “Hank” so friendly and fun. Great with kids, other dogs and adults. Everyone should get their dog this way.

  • Helen

    Thank you IAMS

  • Karen

    We rescued Roxie to show her how a pet SHOULD be treated.
    Every dog deserves good meals and so much more.

  • Cheryl

    Great job Iams. Thanks for helping J.A.C.

  • ErinS

    What a great contest! I adopted my cat from a shelter and my dog was a “giveaway” from a friend of a friend who couldn’t handle his new puppy. Peanut the Maltipoo is an awesome dog…we are glad he was too much to handle for his previous owner!

  • Bob

    Give a meal for me and nice job well done

  • God Bless you for creating this wonderful blog, and more thanks than there are words for supporting JAC. Few people recognize that being a true no-kill shelter requires more than good intentions! Providing medical care for curing rather than killing, takes an unbelievable amount of money. Because our only financial support comes from donations and fund raisers, we are eternally grateful to you and to Iams! What a big help this is!
    Ruth Perlmutter
    President JAC

  • Dale reyer

    Jac has a constant influx of great dogs. In particular, as a volunteer I have come to really appreciate the much maligned pit bull. Though I gre up with purebreds I will only own shelter dogs from now on!

  • Jon Mondschein

    My 6 yr old lab/mix is Always hungry What low cal vegetables are good to feed her that won’t give her too much gas?

  • Esther

    I”m so glad this contest is being run! Everyone should support JAC, they’re truly wonderful people who help many, many animals in need.
    @Leslie- I would never suggest giving a dog any dairy products. Small treats of chicken or fish might be ok once in a while, but again, wouldn’t suggest giving a dog table food. I have a mini poodle too-she’s the best!

  • Hi!
    I rescued a doggie from a shelter as a puppy coming up on 6 years ago. For a while she exhibited signs of food aggression because she was very jealous of the other dogs in the house and acted very territorial around her food. When we moved into my mom’s house her food aggression went away. The lab mix that lived with my mom had a very relaxed attitude toward her food and it seems like my dog picked up on that. I am lucky that her food aggression went away very quickly, but what other tips do you have for dog owners who feel their dog is becoming aggressive about their food?

  • Linda Gross

    Thanks so much for running this contest. Thanks to Iams for providing the food and to Pet News and Views for publicizing this. So many shelters–all of them–are in need of food, leashes, cleaning supplies, kitty litter, and more! Bless you!

  • Zac Mondschein

    Volunteering at JAC has given me much greater appreciation for all dogs, including the old, the ugly, and the abused. Their devotion to people, despite having been mistreated, is amazing. I wish I could rescue them all.

  • Bev & Mike

    Tee was the “black cat” at the shelter no one else would adopt. She is sweet and loving.

  • We have 5 dog and 2 cats all were thrown away and we took them. Some of our dogs have issues with food. I have two small dogs that has a stomach issues with food. I have never fed hthem fish and wonder if the IAMS sensistive would be ok? can you get that in small bag to try and see if they can eat it first?

  • Adam & Rae

    We give our special needs kitty what he loves and deserves, love and good food !

  • Linda

    Jersey Animal Coalition is amazing! These folks do God’s work. No dog is turned away, regardless of age or health, as long as they have space. They are incredible, selfless people. We are blessed to have them in our community.

  • We adopted our dog Buddy from JAC over a year ago and it is like he has always been here! Have noticed that he does not do well with high-fat treats. Do you have any recos for treats and food for him that won’t upset his tummy?
    – Tracy

  • Sylvia Percy

    We have 8 rescue cats, 2 rescue dogs and 4 cats that we got from breeders. I guess we are the Crazy Pet Couple. I got the dogs recently when my husband took a job that required him to be out of town most of the time, but I had been wanting to get a couple of dogs anyway. Sundance, my golden retriever mix, is about 6-7 years old and has seizures and a low thyroid condition. He gets 2 pills twice a day, and he is doing really well. Spirit, my white German shepherd, was about 18 months old and was just finishing up treatment for heart worms when I got her in April. I tend to adopt pets that are harder to find homes for, but I am retired and have the time to spend with them. My husband found Mira, the Maine Coon, and she was from a breeder. She had physical anomalies that the breeder did not want passed on to kittens, and Mira was 18 months old when we got her. She has been a bit more sickly than the other cats, but she is almost 11 years old now. We refer to her as the Dowager Queen of the kitty family. Boris, our Nebelung cat, was born with a shortened tail and could not be shown in competition, and Natasha, a rescue who looks incredibly like a Korat, was around 2 years old when we got her. The other kitties were older kittens or young adults when they joined our family, and they all have very interesting personalities. They are our main source of entertainment, and we love them dearly.

  • Kathryn

    Recommended supplement for an older yellow lab to minimize shedding?

  • Jennifer

    I never have had to adopt from a shelter…I always seem to find my babies when they are in need of a home…but if I had to I would def. go to a shelter before anything else!!

  • Dawn

    So excited to hear Iams will be donating food! Here’s our story, we decided to just “look” to see if we found a dog that was something we both would like… I did not want a female, I swore I would never get a pitbull. Well, after walking 3 dogs we were heading out when these 2 girls walked in with the cutest black and white dog. We took her for a walk, and she gave us those sad eyes, needless to say I melted. My 1st dog turned out to be a female pitbull that we love! We have had her since March 2011. Best addition to our family!

  • Lisa

    Some vet’s recommend using liverwurst to hide a pill in to give to your dog. Yet, I can’t find liverwurst without onions and garlic in it which i have heard is bad for dogs. Is the garlic and onion that is in liverwurst then okay for dogs?

  • RML

    What is the lowest carb ‘off the shelf’ cat food that’s good?

  • Susan

    We love our pup, Rio, who we adopted from the JAC in November of ’10. I can’t imagine life without her! She’s 10 months old now. At what point do we switch to “adult” dog food. And how is the best way to make the transition?


  • Jenn

    My daughter donated all her birthday presents to JAC! They are wonderful.

  • Judy

    Good for IAMS donating food!! My rescue dog, Reba, is from Arkansas. She’s great, but eats everything. Yes, everything. Not just chews, swallows! Any suggestions??

  • Monty our rescue mutt has lost his girlish figure. Although he’s fed IAMs weight control he’s still hungry. I’ve heard you can mix vegetables into food to add bulk–like green beans, etc.–without adding calories. Is this a good idea?

    Thanks for the donation IAMs…we’re customers for life!

  • Dolores Margitich

    Our first dog Mitzi was the most wonderful dog ever. She had been given to us as a pup. After she was gone, I decided not to purchase when there were so many shelter dogs needing homes. Went to a local shelter and immediately saw my “Lucy”. As I was leaving, another dog was being brought in. She looked so awful, so I decided two are better than one. Will only rescue whenever I want another dog in my life. Cannot imagine life without 4 little feet trotting about.

  • Julie

    What a great program–thank you to the IAMS people for doing such a wonderful thing for shelter dogs!!

  • Julia

    Thank you, Iams! We love you, shelter doggies

  • Rita Orduna

    My girlfriend adopted her dog Moxie from the JAC over 14 years ago and she’s still going strong!

  • donna nitzberg

    Life has certainly been enriched since adopting my husky mix Z’ev (and it was pretty great with his predecessor, Teddy the chow/shepherd mix too). Wouldn’t it be great if every family could enjoy a shelter pet? Hope the guys still in ‘the system’ get lots of free grub from this contest.

  • Julie Pauly

    We have 2 shelter cats, both from Jersey Animal Coalition, and we’re insanely happy with them. One of them is a ravenous eater but has had chronic bouts of diarhhea. A trip to the vet, checking and (re)treating for worms and other parasites yielded no change. Cutting out wet food has seemed to be the only thing to help. We tried a low-fat canned food with little success. Any insights? The other cat seems to do fine on the same diet. Thanks!!

  • Dr. Ernie Ward

    thank you Iams for helping shelter pets!!

  • Amanda Munyon

    I adopted my beagle William in May of last year from the JAC after volunteering there for about half a year. He is an amazing dog, and I never would have found him without the JAC!

  • jeannemarie rennie

    All of my cats came from a shelter.

  • Eileen Jenkins

    All our cats have come from a shelter and we are very happy with our cats.

  • Jim

    Shelter dogs are the best!

  • Alice Headrick

    I adopted my poodle mix from a shelter in Bloomfield after seeing her on petfinder. She came to the shelter as a stray with a collar stating her name was Precious. We’ve changed the name to Sassy but she truly is Precious!

  • Irene Riley

    I adopted my older “boy” from JAC in 2008. I’ve had some ongoing medical issues, and I love how ” in tune” he is to the way I ‘m feeling, and how he attaches himself to me and comforts me until I ‘m feeling better. Dogs RULE!

  • Dianne

    Five of our 6 dogs were someone else’s throw-aways. That has been our good fortune! Shelter dogs are the best.(Our first dog was a neighborhood pup free too a good home.) By adopting from a shelter, you are saving the life of the adopted companion animal and well as the life of the animal who takes his/her place in that shelter cage. Adoption is the only way to go!

  • Susan

    Our coonhound mix, Corona, was adopted from a shelter in VA. She is a wonderful dog, so much fun and I can’t imagine our household without her. Thanks for helping the JAC.

  • Laura Davis

    Is it ok to feed an older male cat dry food and should I check for too much protein?
    the Jersey Animal Coalition has been hit hard by this economy- the 1000 pounds would be most appreciated!

  • Marc and I cannot imagine our lives without Sammy George, our beautiful, tuxedo, FIV cat who we adopted from the JAC in May of 2009.

  • Kara M

    We adopted a kitten from JAC last summer and we adore him. He was well cared for during his early weeks at the shelter and has grown into a wonderful friend! We have always donated supplies to the shelter but have recently started giving our time for dog walking and socializing so they’re ready for life outside the crate. I can’t have my own dog, so this is a great way to get a dose of doggie and help at the same time! JAC does such good work and they love each animal and know them by name. Thanks to IAMS for supporting Jersey Animal Coalition!

  • We adopted our kitten, Dewey, from the JAC. He’s a doll!

  • I believe in shelter adoption and rescue. I have been an animal shelter volunteer for around 7 years. Of course, all “my babies” are from rescue or the shelter (or just wandered in).

  • sonja

    incredible shelter….great dogs!

  • Sue Shannon

    Michele, thank you for all you do to help animals. You really rock, and thanks to Iams for helping our local shelter.

  • lori

    We have had 10 adopted dogs and cats over the years. To me, adoption is the way to go!

  • Deidra L. McLaughlin

    Thank you Iams for keeping our shelter dogs healthy. We adopted our 3 mo. old beagle-mutt pup (“Jack”) rescued from No. Carolina and fostered in NJ. What made it most special is we adopted him on September 11th. We changed his name to Prince, and he continues to thrive and be THE MOST lovable dog ever. His floppy ears are my weakness! He’s been the best thing to happen to our two boys, and for that we are thankful every day for our Prince.

  • Ruth S

    I adopted my cat Ari from the JAC years ago. He was the sweetest lap cat. My two current pets, Shadow and Ramona are also rescues. They are also wonderful and I would like to adopt more pets in the future.

  • Our new dog, Holly, is a 7 yr old border collie. They do need a lot of physical and mental stimulation as they’re intelligent dogs and traditionally working dogs. But if you have the time (working at home or living in the country is ideal) they make wonderful pets for the family and are very good with children.

  • I love volunterring at JAC where the pets are all treated with kindness & compasion

  • Judith Britton

    Hi, can you tell me if it is safe for dogs to eat grapes?

  • Dawn

    My dog is seven years old; does she need “mature” dog food? At what age would you recommend we change to that type of food? Thx!

  • diane

    THANK-YOU to Iams!!!

  • Jonathan

    Thank you Iams, for helping JAC

  • Nancy Siconolfi

    We have adopted two dogs from shelters. First had been terribly abused and never knew love. Unfortunately Lucy died of cancer after just 3 short years of having her. We are so glad that she was able to know love for those three years.

    Now we have Jack. We love him so much. It is a wonderful feeling to provide a home for such wonderful pets.

  • Natalie

    I adopted both of my dogs from the Jersey Animal Coalition 5 years ago and couldn’t be any luckier! They are the sweetest and most loving pets ever. I am so thankful for them and the JAC!

  • Oh my, 5 of my 7 pets are adopted. They are very grateful for all they have – peace, love, food. Nutrition question: is it true that eating dry kibble helps clean pets’ teeth?

  • Eileen

    Our dog loves her Iams food! Thanks for your contribution in keeping our pets healthy!

  • Salley Shannon

    We’ve had our rescue kitten, Bingen, for three weeks. Most of our rescue kitties have been geriatric types. He’s the first kitten we’ve had in at least 20 years. I’d forgotten how much energy they have!

  • JD

    take care of you’re pets remember the can’t do it themselves!!!!!

  • Toby

    Some of my best friends are from JAC – Toby

  • All of my pets are formerly unwanted. My cat Emma was from Mendocino Coast Humane Society and Muse is from PAWS in Lago Vista, TX.

  • amanda collins

    Shelter pets make the best pets!

  • jeannemarie ahrens

    does it matter if you feed you kitty dry food only?

  • Emily

    I just recently started volunteering at JAC after the death of my dog. The people are great and they do an amazing job taking care of their dogs and cats and working tirelessly to get them adopted. Such a great organization!

  • Diana d'Ambra

    I have adopted two of my four cats from JAC and the other two from other shelters. Adult cats make great pets and you see their full personality.

  • Darmon

    Thanks to Iams for helping with the food needs at animal shelters. The JAC shelter in Maplewood, NJ would be a great organization to support. I do not have a pet of my own, but go there to help walk the dogs when I’m in town. Every little big helps, from volunteers and good companies like Iams.

  • I don’t know what I would do without my boys – the sweetest cats in the world. They are so patient and loving and all they want to do is snuggle. Seriously, they make my day! 🙂

  • My nutrition question is this, Does eating this natural diet make a difference in the dogs eliminating, ie change the stools frequency, size, firmness etc?

  • I adopted my kitties when they were a year old. They are brothers and I have had them for 7 years. They look a lot alike but their personalities are totally different. They are wonderful companions and I cannot imagine life without them.

  • Jessica

    Thank you to everyone who volunteers at animal shelters! And thank you to Iams!

  • Leigh Ann

    I adopted my pit bull mix, Ollie, from the JAC and he has changed my life in so many ways. The JAC and all of its volunteers are amazing, and if it weren’t for them, I wouldn’t have my boy Ollie.

  • Joey

    Is there a special diet that can my dog, recuperating from heartworm?

  • Sam Friedman

    Hope you find homes for all your pets!

  • Wendy

    Thanks Iams! We love our shelter dogs!

  • Linda Paskovich

    I am morning the loss of my dog of 19 years and recently visited JAC and I am seriously considering adopting another dog from them. They are great and friently.

  • Sheila

    Lovely! I am a seasoned paralegal~ own, and operate my legal services business, and love dogs. I have amazing dog-training skills and my dog is a source of joy, laughter, and balance. Dogs live in the Now. I wish humans were able to master this concept.

  • Lauren

    The Jersey Animal Coalition is a wonderful shelter! Everyone involved in this shelter is so absolutely loving and compassionate! They truly care about the animals and do anything they can to make “shelter life” a little more like “forever home life”.

  • Steve

    JAC is home so many dogs bubbling with individual personalities. Until they get homes, they deserve to eat the best they can.

  • liz

    Excellent job you are doing>

  • Shannon

    Lets feed as money animals as possible! No creature deserves to starve, specially helpless animals.

  • I rescued my kitty Spice from a family that was going to put her in a shelter. She was upset by a new little yappy dog they got. She was 7 when I got her. She is a wonderful companion. She’s my baby, etc. I can’t imagine my life without her. Time for my baby and I to get ready for bed. The best to all you fellow rescuers!

  • Judy

    I recently started volunteering at JAC after the death of my dog Elle. I adopted Elle from JAC 14 years ago, she was the best dog you could ever ask for. She gave me many years of happiness and laughter. I will always be greatful to the JAC for bringing Elle into my life. Thank you IAMS for helping this great organization!

  • George Kiesel

    Our dogs have always lived long healthy lives eating Iams. Keep up the good work. George

  • rose

    Shelter dogs are the best! Thank you IAMS for helping JAC.

  • April

    I was rescued from Common Sense For Animals. My new home is wonderfull, good people and 2 cats as friends. Thank You

  • Prudy

    I have adopted two retired from racing Greyhounds. They are the nicest dogs I have ever owned. Twice a day, I see their playful side. Otherwise, they are couch potatoes. They are easy to train to be good canine citizens and will soon serve as therapy dogs. Thank you Iams for supporting the JAC shelter.

  • Ginny

    We adopted Blaze, our orange tabby cat from JAC 2 years ago. We just adore him!!

  • John

    Nutrition Question: Vet advised we add 2 Tbs of All Bran cereal to our 11 year olds food . . . your thoughts?

  • Burt Reyer

    JAC is a wonderful organization and could sure use the food. My daughter has a shelter pet and she is the most loving and devoted dog ever.

  • Doria

    The best part of my day is seeing one of our furry friends walk out the door with their new family. And as they look back at us for one last time…I say a prayer for them in my head and wish them the best of luck. Then I walk back into the shelter where I hear the other dogs barking away, wishing to be on the other side of that leash getting into a car. And I thank god for allowing me the chance to help make a difference in their lives. The JAC happened to save an animals life and Im part of that. So to that, I must say, that I am a proud and honored staff member of the Jersey Animal Coalition!!!

  • Stephanie

    We adopted our dog from JAC. Shelter pets are the best!

  • Anje Thompson

    I couldn’t think of a more deserving adoption than Jersey Animal Coalition. the staff os so helpful, and it feels wonderful to volunteer there.

  • Ronni Goddard

    I adopted my Shih-Tzu, Whisper, on Dec 4th last year. He was rescued from a breeder and had a broken jaw and broken paw, which had gone untreated. He is an absolute delight and has settled in with our other rescue, Jet. We are a happy family.

  • Christopher Ferdon

    Thanks Michele for hosting this contest. As a long time animal lover who agrees with you that the best pets come from shelters and rescues, you are doing a great job. I love reading all of your articles. Keep it up.

  • Jane

    Shelter dogs are great! Can’t wait to adopt one of my own!

  • Our family cat is from a shelter and I encourage everyone to support their local shelters.

  • Debbie

    Is trowing up hair balls something to worry about? Is there anything we can give our kitty “Pinot” to help avoid this?

  • Kc

    Thanks Michele and thanks Iams! Those poor unfortunate dogs who have not found new permanent homes will appreciate those bowls of food.

  • Brian Thomas

    JAC is a great local shelter! The dogs are great and everyone there is extremely nice and caring!

  • Valerie

    I am glad a large company like Iams is making a natural product for dogs. It makes sense that our animals should be fed quality foods.

  • I do feed kibble to my dogs and I supplement the kibble every meal with cooked meet, raw and cooked veggies, fruits, oatmeal, and dairy. Think about adding some whole foods gradually to your pet’s diet. You could start with a spoonful of cooked canned pumpkin and gradually, in small amounts, add variety such as cooked sweet potato, green beans, raw banana, like what you would feed babies. Remember that before the 1940s, there was no kibble; all pets ate whole foods.

  • Hope the comments keep pouring in!

  • Great thing you get going on. Hope many more people will come and help…

  • Sharon Knight

    We have 2 rescue cats, Gabby we rescued from the streets and Izzy we adopted. We also have 2 dogs we rescued from a back yard breeder at flea market. She was going to dump them on the road side if no one took them. Aly & Evy were in really bad shape when we got them. They have all grown up on Iams and show no signs of how they started out. All
    healthy and happy! Our little family of spoiled rotten furbabies. 🙂

  • deborah

    Thanks to Iams and thanks to Jersey Animal Coalition for feeding the dogs.

  • Jill

    Jersey Animal Coalition in South Orange is a great animal shelter with awesome volunteers.

  • On behalf of Owen, my adorable,rescued golden lab, I thank you for all your work in helping cuties like Owen to have a better life through your writing and website.
    I hope this helps.
    All the best,
    Mary Jo (Owen’s mom)

  • Jill

    JAC is a great animal shelter with awesome volunteers!

  • Carol Collins (Cee's Animal Rescue)

    It is my wish that no animal goes hungry. Thank you for your efforts.
    I admire your work.

  • Cee Resqz

    Thank you for what you are doing. May all the babies be fed and adopted by loving homes.

  • Excellent work spreading the news about the needs of the dogs in shelters!

  • […] JAC, Pet News and Views and Iams Contest You all rock! While the contest is still open, we have reached our goal of 100 comments. This means that Iams will donate 1,000 bowls of food to Jersey Animal Coalition. Thanks to all of you who left a comment and to all of you who helped to promote it. To see the results click here. […]

  • Connie

    Every can of dog food keeps a dog a live for another day. Thank you for all of your hard work.

  • Chris Martinez

    Thank you IAMS

  • hey Michele. Great work here. I just posted a new Green Light: Shorty & Sassy audio ditty featuring eco-pets and mentioned Pet News and Views!


  • Deb Green

    What a wonderful gesture on the part of IAMS.

  • Kathleen Sadler

    So happy that you are helping out the shelter animals.

  • Sandra Reynolds

    I have 3 rescue dogs and a rescue cat. I wish more people would consider adoption before going to a breeder or pet store. All 3 of my dogs are purebreed Papillon and came to me with no or easitly fixable behavior problems. Now I can’t imagine my life without them. Go get yourself a Jersey dog!

  • Kim

    This one is for the shelter dogs! :o) BTW… My boxer ONLY eats Iams. And, I can say that his coat is nice and shiny, his personality is bouncy and bright, and because he’s a 90lb boxer – he EATS A LOT of Iams!

  • Yay for Iams and Michelle!

  • Yay for helping dogs in shelters!! Cheers, Dorri Olds

  • paresh patel

    good work

  • Abbe

    Thank you to IAMS for doing this great service for these special animals. We will certainly look for Iams when shopping next time for pet food!

    Great work!

  • erin

    JAC, you are making such a difference in the lives of these precious beings. I hope you win!Either way, my next adoptee will be from you guys. Thanks for all that you do.

    Keep up the great work….

  • As a volunteer dog walker at the JAC (Jersey Animal Coalition) I’ve seen how wonderful and deserving so many of the shelter animals are. Thank you IAMs for helping us feed these guys!

  • Barbara

    So glad IAMS is jumping in to offer natural food for our dogs ~ Chicken or fish is great first ingredient.

  • Cathy

    Thank you Iam’s! You are proof positive that there really are corporate angels!



  • Jessica

    Thank you to the JAC for the wondeful work it does.

  • We adopted Buster off the street in Philadelphia – and we think he’s the best dog ever!

  • Joanne

    Wish there were no need to feed dogs in a shelter because they all had a home. We had both our rescue dogs for almost 15 years and are on our 3rd now. Glad Iams is willing to help!

  • a Maplewood resident

    Go Michelle! Go Iams! Go JAC! Great that Iams is donating food for the dogs. Let’s hope catfood is next! Here are some questions… how important is it to give kittens kitten food rather than cat food? And at what age does one stop giving them kitten food?

  • Mary Ann Wattles

    THANK YOU for helping the helpless beasts. How I wish I could help save them all. Bless the beasts and the children. 🙂

  • Linda Delaney

    Thank you for all you do!

  • Shari Baerenbach

    I adopted my wonderful dog Ella(Sunshine) from JAC and was so impressed with the shelter and the great job they do that I now voluteer there with my husband. What a fablulous place!

  • Michael Knudsen

    Labs rock. So does IAMS

  • John

    Thank you for helping out the Jersey Animal Coalition.

  • Jay

    Thanks to Jersey Animal Coalition, we adopted the most adorable pooch ever born. Hooray to them for their great work. They deserve 100000000 free meals!!!

  • Ramona S.

    I have a 10 yr old Shitzu/Mimi Pin mix female that is about 7 lbs over her ideal weight and I was wondering if I should continue using her regular food or should I place her on a more strict diet since she does not get much exercise due to some limitations with the use of her back legs. She has very bad arthritis. Any advice would be appreciated so much.

  • Melissa

    I adopted my cat when she was 2 yrs old from Linden Animal Shelter. She’s beautiful! Thank you Jersey Animal Coalition and Iams for this fundraiser!

  • Michele Wilkinson

    Thank you very much for all the work you do for animals.

  • My son and new daughter-in-law adopted two 4 month old cats – a brother and sister. I proudly show photos of my grand-kittens to everyone.

  • Thanks for helping the animals!

  • Gillian Columbus

    I have been volunteering at the Jersey Animal Coalition for the past 3 months and it is so rewarding! All the employees and other volunteers are so dedicated, it’s wonderful to be a part of their mission:-) Thank you Iams for donating the much needed pooch food!

  • Christine Knorowski

    Thanks for helping the animals.

  • Sue

    Do dogs ever get tired of having the same kind of dog food? Should I change it up or stick with what she likes?

  • Ken

    Thanks, IAMS! Very cool.

  • Jaime

    we have adopted 4 dogs for the Jersey Animal Coalition and one is better than the next. This shelter has amazing dogs and great people working with them.

  • Jaime

    I have a rescued Rotty from the Plainfield Animal Shelter. He is one of the best dogs i have ever owned

  • Louise

    We love our new adopted/rescued dog, Alfred. Happy, loving, playful addition to extended family!

  • I have never seen so much love that the animals receive from the JAC. I have taken 5 dogs from their, 3 pitts and a 2 little mix of somethings. They have been the best dogs we have ever had. The volunteers and dog walkers should be given a big Thank You for all that they do. Two of my dogs ended up with dietary issues from age and one was obese from being bred so much that I actually started a company because of them.
    Much love to the Jersey Animal Coalition.

  • Elaine

    I have taken a great Pitt bull from the Jersey Animal Coalition. Emma Sue is one of the best dogs I have every owned. She is 6 years old now, and Maybe one day she will be a watch dog. LOL

  • Jim Block

    Hi- My family is vegetarian. We have two dogs and feed them commercial vegetarian dog food (Natural Balance). Is this believed to be nutritionally adequate for dogs? The package states it meets the nutritional requirements established by AAFCO. I wish to continue feeding my dogs vegetarian food but do not want to risk their health. Thanks!

  • Fran Reid

    I have had eight dogs adopted through the Jersey Animal Coalition. All of my dogs would have been put to sleep if JAC had not rescued them. None of them were healthy at the time JAC took them in. Bear, Buddy, Bernie, Tasha, Kahlua, Sparkie, Mufasa and Brandy thank IAMS for all your support of JAC.

  • De Cunningham

    Thank you for all you are doing.

  • Alexis

    I have adopted my Brownie and Queenie from there. They are the best dogs in the world! The JAC has taken great care of them over the years, and I am a proud parent with my fiance of two wonderful pits that we like to call our babies!

  • Alexis

    RAMONA- about your comment with your overweight puppy- when I got two of my dogs they were overweight and felt bad giving them snacks. I started to give them
    “Just Because Dog Treats” that someone had recommended me and it helped tremendously. I order them online every month. They are very low and fat and carbs and the only treat out there for truly overweight dogs- and they even work on diabetics!!! I definitly recommend it!!!!!!

  • maria

    Thanks Iams for the help. The dogs really need it. I rescued a 4 year old Bassett Hound in January and she is doing great!

  • Shawna Mowery

    You have a really nice site. Thanks for hosting this contest to benefit your local shelter. All shelters need food and other items. Thanks.

  • Nichole Murdock

    Thank You!

  • sharon

    Thanks for having such an informative site.. hope this helps your shelter.

  • a JAC volunteer

    The dogs at JAC help me just as much as I help them. Great place to volunteer!

  • Amanda

    Thank you!

  • Great post! Thanks for sharing this post!

  • […] of you a virtual hug for helping feed dogs at my local animal shelter—Jersey Animal Coalition. A week ago, I put out a call asking for you to post a comment or pet nutrition question on Pet News …, and for each comment and question, Iams agreed to donate 10 bowls of food to Jersey Animal […]