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Helping Kids Help the Planet

By Michele C. Hollow of Pet News and Views

Kenda Swartz Pepper loves teaching children and adults about caring for the planet. Her new children’s book, Well Earth Well Me! is filled with ideas and solutions on how kids can create a healthy planet.

She even devotes space to showing children how to help animals, and her dog, Stella, is featured in the book.

Printed on eco-friendly paper, this hardcover book retails for $14.99. The photographs in the book, taken by Kenda, are stunning.

Well Earth Well Me! has been created to empower children to take little steps to make big changes,” says Kenda. “What are some of the choices you can make to help create a well earth and a well you? There are many options, ideas, and solutions!”

The book includes 15 tips for kids to maintain a healthy self and a healthy earth. The tips are easy to follow and will get kids talking and thinking about saving our planet.

Kenda, a Santa Cruz, CA, resident, learned early on about the importance of conserving natural resources from her father, who worked as a District Forester. She trained as an art therapist, and the beautiful illustrations throughout her book shows off her work.

Kenda spent 10 years providing therapy to children in urban settings and also to children coping with the challenges of an ill parent or the loss and grief of bereavement. She is currently self-employed as a staff and management development specialist with a number of organizations.

For the past 10 years, she has volunteered as a member of the Advisory Board for Hillel Stanford’s Camp Kesem, a free camp for children who have or had a parent with cancer. “I am committed to dedicating my spare time to encouraging, teaching, supporting and learning from children and to helping others help the earth by maintaining and sustaining the delicate balance between humans and the environment,” she says.

For more information about the book, click here.

We are Giving Away One Copy of Well Earth Well Me
This book makes a great gift, and Kenda has kindly agreed to give one away to a Pet News and Views reader. Leave a comment following this post on how you or your children are aiding our planet, and one winner will be picked through Randomizer.org. The contest runs from July 18-22, 2011.

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19 comments to Helping Kids Help the Planet

  • I have just one page on my site for kids, and it’s gotten a pretty good response, but I haven’t had the time to go more in-depth, so I’m extremely glad to see this book, and I will put a link to it so my readers have access!! Congratulations, and thank you for your great work!

  • Thank you, Meg, for your kind words and support!



    btw: website address shown is expected to be up and running in about a month

  • Carol Collins (Cee's Animal Rescue)

    Freckles and I are going green. We believe it is extremely important to protect our environment and nautral resources. We have been taking baby steps here and there.
    Conserving water by having high pressure, low flow toilets installed. New faucets which add air to the water to give greater pressure while using less water. Freckles loves water and feels it’s very important.
    We are waking more places, more often. I purchased a scooter, which is great for use around town. It gets 98 mpg and exceeds the emissions standards required by the state of Ca. It is also lots of fun to ride.
    We recycle and purchase products in recycled and recyclable packages.
    We use the new low cost light bulbs.
    We had energy efficient appliances installed, including a new heat pump. We now keep the air set on 73, which we find comfortable, and the heat at 68. Just a few degrees in temperature makes a huge difference in our heating/cooling bill.
    We are checking into solar panels, and would love to have had a geothermal heating/cooling system installed, but it was out of our budget.
    We believe that little changes make huge differences and we would love to have more ideas on how we can help.

  • These are great changes. Every bit counts Carol!–best, Michele

  • […] makes a great gift, and Kenda has kindly agreed to give one away to a Pet News and Views reader. Click here for contest rules. The contest runs from July 18-22, […]

  • Betty Landis

    My grandchildren and I started composting, and this would be a great book for them.

  • Peter Zamaris

    I’m 12, and would love to win this book. I have been picking up litter with my friends. I hate kids who litter.

  • Sara Heigel

    We have to start with our kids, and teaching them to care for the planet is the only way to go. Thanks for writing this book.

  • Warner Birch

    If I win this book, I will give it to my newphew who can share it with his class. He’s in 3rd grade, and he always talks about doing projects to help the earth.

  • Justin Munson

    Looks like a good book. I hope I win.

  • Marc Peterson

    My 6 year old daughter would like this book. If I don’t win, I will get it online. Thanks.

  • Jessica Conners

    My daughter and I planted our first vegetable garden. It’s so exciting to see our tomato plant. It’s almost ripe. And gardening really teaches children great lessons about caring for the planet.

  • Patti McCord

    I hope I win too. This looks like a good read with easy to follow steps for kids. We need to show them how to care for the planet, and in turn they will take better care of us.

  • Amalia Harris

    Love that Kenda focuses on kids. They can really make a difference, and we need to show them how. Even if we aren’t parents–all adults should set examples on how to behave well, which means how to care for ourselves, others, and our planet.

  • Douglas Daugherty

    My son and I have volunteered to walk the dogs at our local shelter. We also clean up after them. If everyone cared so much, there wouldn’t be dogs or cats in the shelters. We really have to care better for all creatures.

  • Kevin Johnston

    We love volunteering at our local no-kill shelter. We also clean up after dogs. The owners who don’t clean up after their dogs really give the rest of us bad images. thanks for educating kids Kenda.

  • Geri Bratten

    You go Kenda! Great idea for a book. Kids need to know how to care for the planet.

  • tiffany marizo

    I am going to get this book for my classroom. I teach 2nd graders, and it is never to early to teach children about caring for the planet. Our kids need and want to know. It makes this a better world. Thanks Kenda.

  • Hello all,

    I’m so moved by all your lovely comments! Many many thanks! While the book is currently in pre-release and not yet available in stores or on Amazon, it can easily be purchased directly from the publisher: http://www.eifrigpublishing.com/childrens-books/well-earth-well-me-hardcover.html

    Thanks for your support of my work and for all you do to help our planet.

    With gratitude,