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Ban Horse Tripping

Horses in Nevada need you. Senate Bill 364 could be resurrected tomorrow (June 3) with your help. This bill bans horse tripping, a barbaric event where a horse is released into a pen and the participant ropes the horse’s legs and brings him to the ground. It often causes fatal injuries.

According to my friend Laura Allen who writes the blog Animal Law Coalition, the legislative session ends this Friday, June 3. “But, if Senator Steven Horsford (D-Las Vegas), Senate Majority Leader, and Assembly member John Oceguera (D-Las Vegas), Speaker of the Assembly, both sign a waiver to resurrect SB 364, the committee can vote on the bill,” she explains. “If it passes, the bill could then be voted on by the full Senate and the Assembly.”

You Don’t Have to Live in Nevada to Help
Contact Senator Steven Horsford by e-mail at shorsford@sen.state.nv.us or call him at 775/684-1429; and contact Assembly member John Oceguera at joceguera@asm.state.nv.us or 775/684-8595.

Ask them to “Please sign the waiver to resurrect SB364. Emphasize that this bill would not affect American-style rodeo, and that nine other states have already passed similar legislation. It’s time for Nevada to follow suit.”

For more on horse tripping, S.B. 364, and others in Nevada to contact to help with this bill, read Animal Law Coalition’s original report.

19 comments to Ban Horse Tripping

  • catheirne ignatowski

    If you men think that you’re men by horse tripping, come to my home and I’ll tie you up and watch you trip. You are sick and twisted individuals, get help.

  • Shame on Nevada or any where else in United States or Canada fpr abusing any animals, especially horses !!
    Tripping horses , that is so sick …
    Shame on the Government for letting abuse on animals persist and sit back and pass no law to protect them !!!!

  • Karen Beliveau

    no more animal cruelty just for the perverse pleasure of man.

  • I love your passion Catherine!–Michele

  • Debbie

    What the hell is wrong with Nevada? Who in their right mind would consider this a sport? If so, maybe if they got real good at it, they could advance to the senior nursing home and see how many walkers they could rope out from under the seniors? Think of the thrill that would bring!

  • I know you are angry Debbie, and I totally agree with you, but this made me laugh out loud. Cheers, Michele

  • David Kane

    Why don’t you politicians do this to each other? If it’s good enough for horses it should be way good enough for you jerks. Sadists is actually a more descriptive and accurate word for you bunch of unfeeling assholes.

    Take the gloves off and kill each other. Do us all a favor.

    Let the horses live, do what your constituents want, and stop being craven, chicken hearted (actually chickens have greater hearts than yours) whores for industry.

  • LittleStar

    Nevada seems to have a vendetta against Horses.THIS is the Old West of Cowboys?
    Yeah…well, no wonder we Indians just shake our heads….

    It is so cruel to down a horse when any idiot knows it will induce multiple fractures and they will NOT treat the fractures, but instead send the horse to a Feed Factory.
    They DISGUST me.

  • This is so truly sickening and shame on the government for allowing this to take place, What in the world is wrong with people that they feel like they have to abuse any animal and call it a sport, This just makes my blood boil to think that people can even call this a sport.

  • Thanks for posting this. I just left messages on the two lines.
    Even Texas and New Mexico have outlawed this practice. NM for many years actually.

  • this is disgusting and needs to be stopped Urgently

  • Linda

    people are so hard-up for entertainment…it’s disgusting and inhuman…maybe we should have “horse-tripper tripping”!!!


    abogo por la prohibicion total del caballo de disparo

  • Gracias Maria, This translates to” advocate a total ban horse tripping.” You are absolutely correct!–Michele

  • Kim O

    Unreal the idiotic ideas people come up with for entertainment!!! GRRRR!!

  • Wow, that’s really absurd! How can humans be so cruel??

  • This is disgusting. Why would someone actually consider this a sport? I’m submitting this cause to BtC4Animals.com to see if it can be featured as one of their Weekly Causes.

  • Thank you so much Amy! It is disgusting. Michele

  • I am truly sorry that the reders of this post seem to believe that horse tripping is acceptable in our sport. Please review the following information and the video links provided for you, and the follow up story on my news 4 by Cassandra Duvall..



    2. Please explain to us if you object to the events you see. They are the true depiction of how we practice our sport.

    3. What is horrific about the video I provided and the events we do.

    4. why do you insist witnesses lied. We stand by what we say. We do not trip horses in our events. What you saw in the Winnemucca video was an isolated and accidental incident as far as the fall.

    5. Are you opposed to all rodeo roping events or just Mexican Roping events.

    6. Are you aware that official Charreria voluntarily banned the tripping part in all of the United States.

    7. Have you been watching videos that were made in Mexico and mistakenly believe that Charros intentionally trip horses in the U.S ? Thank you for your time. Toby de la Torre. CEO Charros Federation USA Inc.