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Wendie Malick Lends Support to Farm Animals and Wild Horses

By Michele C. Hollow of Pet News and Views

Ever since she could remember Wendie Malick has loved animals. She currently has two miniature donkeys, three horses, and two dogs–all rescues. She has been an active volunteer with Farm Sanctuary, and recently served as a host at the nonprofit’s 25th anniversary gala.

Wendie Malick of Hot in Cleveland.

The Hot in Cleveland star, along with her co-workers Jane Leeves, Valerie Bertinelli, and Betty White, all share a passion for animals. “Animals can’t always defend themselves from a life of cruelty,” says Wendie. “They need our help–whether it’s dogs, cats, horses, farm animals, or wild animals. We need to be their voice and to see that all animals are treated humanely.”

“Farm Sanctuary does so much to educate us about the plight of farm animals. It’s a wonderful organization and I feel very hopeful. People are realizing that animals have feelings. I see a brighter future for animals and for all of us.”

In Defense of Wild Horses
The Hot in Cleveland actress will star and produce a Hallmark Channel movie called Wild Horse Annie, a movie about the life and work of Velma Johnston, animal activist who wanted to stop the removal of mustangs and burros from public lands.

The movie, based on the book Mustang: The Saga of the Wild Horse in the American West by Deanne Stillman, is scheduled for completion of filming in 2012. “Velma Johnston, also known as Wild Horse Annie, grabbed hold of me from the moment I read about her in Deanne Stillman’s fascinating book,” says Wendie. “Despite physical and emotional challenges, Johnston committed her life to getting federal protection for our wild horses and burros.”

For more information about Farm Sanctuary’s gala, click here.

Help Wild Horses and Burros
My friend Laura Allen, an animal rights lawyer and blogger at Animal Law Coalition, is asking readers to contact legislators in Nevada about A.B. 329, a bill that would deny wild horses and burros an appropriation of water. You can read all of the details here. Contact Nevada senators and Nevada Governor Brian Sandoval, and urge them not to deny wild horses and burros water. If you don’t live in Nevada, you can contact the state’s legislators and tell them that you won’t visit. Tourism dollars are important, and by not visiting the state, you can influence the vote.

For specific details visit Laura’s site.

This just in: A.B. 329 didn’t pass. The government in Nevada has a big heart. They won’t deny wild horses and wild burros water!

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