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National Hairball Awareness Day

By Michele C. Hollow of Pet News and Views

Every time I brush Earl Gray, my cat, I always tell him that I am going to build another cat from his hair. Earl is a short hair, and in all honesty he doesn’t shed that much. I’m just not the best housekeeper. So, Earl’s hair winds up on the sofa, the carpets, and on my clothes.

Earl loves it when I brush him. When I take out the FURminator, he purrs. He lies down with his eyes shut tight purring.

A Fur Ball Critter
A few weeks ago, I was approached by Caroline Golon of Romeo the Cat blog and BlogPaws to write about National Hairball Awareness Day. Caroline asked a few bloggers to create a creature from their cat’s hair. So here is a photo of a mouse, which looks more like a rat, from Earl’s fur. Please note that on Earl, his grey and white fur look amazing; but like all fur off the animal, it doesn’t look good. (I never liked fur coats.)

This mouse is made of Earl Gray's cat hair.

National Hairball Awareness Day
According to research from the folks at FURminator, cats spend 30 percent of their days grooming themselves. No wonder they look so good! When they ingest their fur, hairballs form.

Hairballs are compacted fur and can also include food and a coating of mucus. The bad thing about hairballs is that they can cause your cat a lot of discomfort, vomiting, constipation or diarrhea, intestinal obstruction and loss of appetite.

So daily brushing is essential. By removing loose hairs with a brush, you reduce the formation of hairballs. Traditional hairball treatments include lubricants. These are used once the problem has occurred. Brushing can prevent hairballs.

In my house, brushing Earl is a daily ritual. I enjoy spending time with Earl, and I love hearing him purr.

This is my handsome Earl Gray. The fur looks better on him than on the fur critter.

11 comments to National Hairball Awareness Day

  • Nice mousie! I *knew* that you were a crafter.

  • Wow, Earl! Your fur really looks like a mouse!

  • I love the name Earl Gray for a kitty! I like his chin “beard”! Cute!

  • That is so cute, Michele. I have a pet sitting business in Seattle and once added a fake cat to a client’s family from the fur I “Furminated” out of their three cats during their two week vacation. It was quite a hit with the client. I didn’t know others had the same whacky sense of humor with their daily supply of cat hair.

  • Ha! I love the cat fur mouse! Earl Gray is so cute!!

  • Helen Vassos

    Dear Michele
    I brush Sophi my persian cat every day- they shed a lot of fur- i have done this from day one and she sits back and lets me brush her all over. In order to avoid her getting restless I sing to her slowly any old tune (usually its a song about her) and this immediately relaxes her- so brushing is no problem despite the length of her hair- I recommend the singing even if you don’t have a good voice- the loving tone does it all!

  • Helen, Sophi is a lucky cat.–Michele

  • Thanks Daniela,
    I really believe that the fur looks best on the animal–and I know you do too!–Michele

  • Thanks! And I love the tea too!

  • Michele,
    Your Cat Hair Mouse is outstanding! I might need to take lessons from you. I created Penelo-peep but poor thing isn’t very attractive. hahahaha! Your mouse is super cute! Sending a nosetap to the super handsome Earl Gray.

  • Thanks! I like yours better. I’ve done a bit of crafting, but my husband, Steven, is the artist in the family. I think my mouse looks more like a rat! I hope my charity, Hope for Paws, wins. It is a great grassroots nonprofit in CA that rescues cats and dogs.