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5 Tips to Help Your Pet in an Emergency

By Guest Blogger Vicki Holt of Animals Reign, LLC

1. Take Care of Yourself First
You can’t help your pet if you are hurt.

2. Call a Friend or Neighbor Immediately for Help
If the emergency is serious, you might need help, and you’ll definitely need someone to drive to the ER while you continue to administer first aid.

3. Assess the Situation before Acting
Look around for clues as to what happened, to determine what aid to administer. Is something blocking your pet’s airway? Is a limb fractured? Is there bleeding or signs of seizure? Does an empty container suggest poisoning? Take any physical evidence (empty cans, bottles, diarrhea/vomit samples, etc.) with you to the vet.

4. Know your Local Poison Control Hotline
The ASPCA (1-888-426-4355) has the best resources, but also charges a $65 consultation fee, so have your credit card handy. If you live in a state with a poison control hotline for humans, they will usually be able and willing to advise about animal poisoning too. Keep these numbers posted near your phone.

5. Confine your Pet
Use a crate, a bathroom, a walk-in closet, or a leash to keep your pet in a confined space. This way you can keep a close eye on her.

You can listen to Vicki talk about Pet First Aid and CPR on April 21 at 8 p.m. Eastern. The talk is free and is run through The Evolution of Animal Healthcare, a free teleconference speaker series that focuses on animals. To attend the call-in conference, sign up for the free newsletter by clicking here.

Vicki Holt owns Animals Reign, LLC, in Seattle, WA. Through her company she provides pet first aid and CPR instruction, pet sitting, and consulting services for pet care entrepreneurs.

2 comments to 5 Tips to Help Your Pet in an Emergency

  • Wonderful tips! Thank you for this, Michele. Most of us try not to think about emergencies (of course it’s not a nice topic) but planning ahead is what can make us all safe.

  • Great tips for emergecnies. Please check out my new book GUIDE TO PET SAFETY – it cover many topics on how to safeguard all your pets, all year long 24/7 and protect them BEFORE, DURING & AFTER a disaster. Also include a medical emergency instructions for many situations. All the best Camy