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National Hairball Awareness Day

National Hairball Awareness Day at Pet News and Views […]

Greyhounds Need Your Voice

Tell Florida senators to support SB 1594 to end greyhound racing. […]

Good News for Greyhounds

More greyhound race tracks are closing. […]

Fighting for Pit Bulls

BAD RAP rescues pit bulls; they are advocates for pit bull breeds and mixes. […]

The Easter Bunny and Me

Why getting a bunny rabbit for Easter is a bad idea. […]

Driving with a Dog on Your Lap

By Michele C. Hollow of Pet News and Views

A survey from AAA (American Automobile Association) found that one in five respondents admitted that they drove with a dog on their laps. One of those drivers is Amanda Parsons.

This dog is safely secured in a harness. You can also use a car seat […]

5 Tips to Help Your Pet in an Emergency

Top 5 tips to help your pet in an emergency. […]

Did You Cut Your Cat or Dog?

Stephanie Downs and Dr. Kellie Heckman formed Fix-it to teach people on the island of St. Croix about the benefits of spaying and neutering cats and dogs. They plan on taking their research to animal welfare groups and government officials in the United States. […]