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Wife Makes Husband Eat Dog Food

By Michele C. Hollow of Pet News and Views

Dr. Janice Elenbaas occasionally feeds her husband, Jeff, dog food. She eats it too, has had dinner parties where dog food is the main entree, and has even served dog food at a few restaurants. She isn’t tried of cooking. She and her husband, Jeff, founders of Lucky Dog Cuisine, do this to raise awareness and dollars for several dog-related charities. They also know that all of the ingredients in Lucky Dog Cuisine is tasty and good for you and your dogs.

Bugsy is the spokesdog for Lucky Dog Cuisine. He gets to eat Lucky Dog every day!

“We were hosted by Bistro 17,” says Janice, a local restaurant in Hilton Head Isle, SC. “Anna, the owner, is a big animal lover and has supported us and our fundraising efforts since day one! She was our first restaurant to be involved with our dog food menu, three years ago. Anna donates $3 of every dog meal to Best Friends Animal Sanctuary. She also gives to other local groups especially if we are involved. In September, we raised over $750 for Chain Free Beaufort. We also have supported Jasper Animal Rescue Mission and Maranatha Farms.”

At a restaurant in Savannah called Sol, Janice organized a wine pairing event. “Tim Rutherford writes a food and wine column in the local paper,” Janice explains. “He came up with some fun wine pairings with our dog food and they were featured that night. The theme of Sol is upscale Mexican and we had Lucky Dog in a taco. It was paired with a lovely Spanish red wine.”

Dinner Parties at Home
“We invited some friends of ours over for dinner,” says Janice. “They were also customers of ours. Their dogs love our food. Tami and Kathy usually take a little bite every time they feed their dogs so coming for dinner was not a stretch for them.”

Using the meat from Lucky Dog Cuisine, Janice rolled the beef into tortillas, added a sauce of green chilies, cheddar cheese, and sour cream; then baked it in the oven, and served it with Spanish rice, sliced avocados and salsa. “They were darn good and we all had seconds,” she says.

The Charities
The money she and Jeff raise often go to one of their favorite charities–Canine Cancer Awareness. “It’s a grass roots organization that helps people who have financial need when their dogs need treatment for cancer,” she says. “They started as a support group of seven women–their dogs all had had cancer.”

Another favorite charity is For Paws Hospice. Run by friends Harlan and Nancy. “For Paws Hospice is an unusual organization that helps with issues like terminal care and compassionate euthanasia,” Janice explains. “They also help financially with folks who cannot afford treatment for their dogs. They assist those who just cannot look after their animals anymore due to health, financial or other circumstances. Nancy and Harlan also foster dogs and help with the homeless. They are working towards obtaining a free mobile vet clinic for those in need. They also put people together with others across the country who make wheelchairs or other devices to aid injured animals. Their work and devotion are amazing.”

If that weren’t enough, Janice and Jeff donate $1,000.00 worth of Lucky Dog Cuisine every month to help feed homeless dogs in various shelters across the country.

About Lucky Dog Cuisine
“We use real food, all healthy ingredients and nothing else,” says Janice. It’s food so good that you could eat it too. We feel that if you cannot pronounce something, you probably should not eat it.”

For more information about Lucky Dog Cuisine, click here.

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