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Country Music for Dog Lovers Contest

By Michele C. Hollow of Pet News and Views

One of the perks of writing this blog is hearing about product releases. Some are good and some are not worth mentioning. And then there are those that truly stand out. Steve Christopher, music publisher and songwriter in Nashville, sent me samples of a new CD called Dog Country.

All of the songs on the album focus on our relationships with dogs. The tunes are penned by some of Nashville’s hit songwriters, Craig Morgan, Kerry Kurt Phillips, Jason Matthews, Mark Nesler, Chris DuBois, Wil Nance, and and Shawn Camp.

“Being here in Nashville as a songwriter, once in a while I’ll be out at the Bluebird Cafe and hear a really great song that probably won’t ever find its way onto the radio,” says Steve. “I love dogs, and I love country music, I thought it would be great if one album brought them together.”

Steve, who wrote two of the songs on the album, “Half the Man” and “Treat Me Like the Dog” is publishing the CD through his company Cloud 10 Music.

I like all forms of music. Sometimes, it takes me a while to warm up to a song. In this case, I immediately liked what I heard. I know many of you will relate to these songs. Some will bring a tear to your eyes. Others will make you laugh out loud.

“We wanted to take you on that whole emotional journey-make you laugh, make you cry, and make you think,” says Steve. “I think we did a really good job of that.”

You can order the CD online by clicking here. And I am proud to say that thanks to Steve, I am giving one copy of Dog Country to a reader who leaves a comment about their pet (I know many of you have cats, birds, and horses too).

Contest Rules
Leave a comment about your pet after this post in the Comments section. I will gather all the names and put them into Randomizer.org to pick one winner. Deadline is next Tuesday, March 29.

You can listen to samples of the album by clicking here. Following is one of my favorite songs on the CD. It’s called “Lucky Dog.” Enjoy, and let me know what you think of the songs. Click on the highlighted link “Lucky Dog Master.”
Lucky Dog Master

19 comments to Country Music for Dog Lovers Contest

  • Sherry

    I’m listening to the clips right now and what a neat CD. NOw if I could just get the guys in the office to be quiet so I can really enjoy it!

  • My Berner boy Geppetto had surgery this week because of an obstruction. He’s at home, recovering, full of stitches in his belly, very weak and not as hungry as I would like him to be. I hope we can win a copy of this CD, so I can cheer him up! 🙂

  • I wish him a speedy recovery Daniela!–Michele

  • Turn it up Sherry, and let them listen too. –Michele

  • When my dog Ebony died about a year and a half ago. My friend made me a tape with Guy Clark’s song, Queenie’s Song. Look it up; you all will love it.

    What a great idea for a CD. Kudos to the makers of CM for Dog Lovers. Hope I win it! Dingo and Ruby will want to hear it for sure.

  • Definitely a very unique product – I’m keen to hear!

    How’s this for a comment about my pet? Clover is enjoying the rainy day by spending the early hours of the morning curled up in my bed (without me!), and now has moved to her own bed. She is in a tight little ball. If her tail was any longer, it would cover her nose.

  • What a kick! I love my dogs, and cats! The CD sounds fun!

  • I hope the fact that I live in Nashville won’t disqualify me. If it helps, I am stuck in the house with two cats, a pit bull and a brand new litter of kittens. It’s officially haywire around here 🙂

  • I’m trying to type a comment here but one of my 6 cats is in front of the monitor. I think she wants me to play those great tunes again 🙂 They all seemed to enjoy the song samples…I know I did! Thanks!

  • Diane

    This album is a great idea! Hope I’m that “lucky dog” that wins one!!!

  • The critters at my house have spent more time at the vet this week than at home. First Shakti Paw Love Monkey got his dental done and five extractions. What a little trouper, at 15. He’s deaf, but claims he’ll be able to feel the beat to the CD. Next Was Gus’s turn on the examing table — well, floor, because neither the vet nor I was prepared to heft his 95 pounds to the table. A culture revealed that Gus has three differernt bacterial infections in his penis. No wonder the poor boy has been groaning. Last, and in his opinion most definitely not least, Rico The Boss Cat had a dental and while under anesthesia a little probing that revealed he too has an infection in his private parts. Everyone is on the mend, but they all chime in to say, “That CD would sure help us take our minds off all our problems, and it might take Mom’s mind off her credit card bill.”

  • […] Editor’s Note: You can still enter Pet News and Views contest to win a free CD of country music songs for dog lovers. Click here for details. […]

  • L.B. Lyon

    Sure would like to win the CD. I lost my full time job back in July of last year after the recession was too much for the company to overcome and they went out of business. I had only worked for them for 8 months after losing another long time job due to cutbacks. The bright spot in our economic turmoil came when a friend told me she had to give up her German Shepherd female dog named Storm. If I wanted her I would be the fourth owner of Storm in her two years of life. I felt sad that she had been shuffled around that much and said I’d meet with her despite having the feeling that there must be something wrong with her or she wouldn’t have gone through so many homes. My job situation had led me into some stormy times and I thought it was interesting that I’d be presented with a dog named Storm. When we met there was an immediate bond. Storm is now my constant companion…follows me everywhere…sleeps next to the bed (or on it) and is always looking out for me. One little odd thing about Storm however is that she is afraid of storms. When the weather turns bad she runs to me and wants to hide. I had another German Shepherd that was killed a couple of years ago and I feel as though Storm is the angel that came to me to fill the void that was left when Mercy was killed. Storm is almost identical to my other Shepherd, Mercy. All I can say is all of us need a Storm in our life.

  • […] Editor’s Note: Tomorrow is the last day to enter the contest to win a free CD of country music songs for dog lovers. Click here for details. […]

  • […] And on Another (Musical) Note Today is the last day to win a country music CD for dog lovers. Click here for the details. […]

  • I work primarily with the dogs at New Rochelle Humane Society in NY; I consider them all to be my pets away from home (can’t have dogs in my apartment building, so four former shelter cats share the space at me), & playing this CD in the kennel would be absolute fun for both the dogs, the staff & potential adopters!

    Good luck to everyone! Thank you for this free offer, Pet News & Views, & especially to Steve Christopher & the other talented artists!!!!

  • Shelly Marie

    Here’s to a CD that was a marvelous idea, & no doubt will be much fun.
    I also wish to pay tribute to all ‘shelter dogs’ – those who survive the experience, & the heart-rending numbers that do not!!! One of my beloved canine companions, Denny – was a ‘survivor’ – of a puppy mill – & a breeder who was about to kill him after discovering he had 5 legs…
    It would be wonderful for some country artists to dedicate a CD – to helping America’s Animal Control & shelter ‘victims,& educating more of America about the horrendous plight of our homeless, abused, & neglected companions!
    If I were to win a copy – I would like to dedicate it to this very worthy cause – use it to start a fund specifically for this purpose!!!! THANKYOU, All!!!!

  • WONDERFUL Post.thanks for share.