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Why Trap Neuter Return Works

Why TNR (Trap Neuter Return) works. Studies show that managing feral cat colonies is good for communities and for the cats. […]

Outdoor Cats or Wildlife Conservation? Pick One

Effects feral cats have on wildlife from The Wildlife Society. […]

Keep an Old Dog Young

Tips on keeping an old dog healthy and young. […]

Stop Excessive Barking

How to get your dog to stop barking. […]

Small Paws Rescue Contest

Bev VanZant is hosting a fundraiser for Small Paws Rescue. […]

Wife Makes Husband Eat Dog Food

Lucky Dog Cuisine is healthy food for dogs. The owners, Jeff and Janice, eat the dog food, and raise money for animal-related charities. […]

Country Music for Dog Lovers Contest

Review of the album Dog Country, a selection of country songs for lovers of country music and dogs. It’s produced in Nashville. […]

Alternative Medicine and Your Pet

Alternative therapies for dogs and cats. […]

5 Tips for Helping Kittens During Kitten Season

What to do if you find stray kittens. With kitten season upon us, Alley Cat Allies suggests ways to help feral cats and kittens. […]

Behind the Scene at the Real Pit Bull

The Real Pit Bull, a nonprofit that rescues and re-trains American Pit Bull Terriers, has several dogs up for adoption, including Sedona, a lovable rescue. […]