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Born Free USA establishes Trapping Victim Fund

Born Free USA, a nationally recognized leader in animal welfare and wildlife conservation, estimates that over 300,000 non-target animals are the unintended victims of body-crushing wildlife traps set each year. Cats and dogs are often severely injured or killed as a result of the remorseless jaws of traps set for wild animals by trappers who plan to capture them and strip their fur. Born Free USA says that for every target animal trapped an estimated two non-target animals are brutally captured.

The latest non-target victim reported to Born Free USA is a resident of Atkinson, NC, whose dog Dozer got caught in a trap on a neighboring property and suffered broken bones, wounds in his leg, and had to have his tail amputated after painfully releasing himself from the trap. To help with veterinary costs for Dozer and other victims, Born Free USA has established the Born Free USA Trapping Victim Fund.

According to Dozer’s owner Rose Kirby, “I contacted the North Carolina Wildlife Resources Commission and they informed me that what happened to my Dozer is perfectly legal and that nothing could be done because it is trapping season. This happened very close to houses, and if a child was walking in that area of the woods, they could easily have become a victim as well.”

Thankfully, Dozer's leg is healing--but this should not have happened.

According to Will Travers, CEO of Born Free, “Dozer is one of the many thousands of unintended victims of the horrifying trapping industry, captured each year in brutal traps, the sole purpose of which is to slam ruthlessly on a wild animal with bone-crushing force. Traps don’t discriminate and can put family pets and humans in serious danger. We plan to help Rose Kirby urge local lawmakers to, at the very least, make it mandatory to post signs and notify neighbors when and where traps are set.”

Born Free USA receives hundreds of heartbreaking reports from victims who have seen their cat or dog severely injured or killed in these traps, and keeps an online database of incidents to help bring attention to this public safety issue. Threatened and endangered species have also been found caught in these deadly traps.

Born Free USA would like your help. If you witness an animal in a leg trap, log onto their database and fill out the form online or call 916-447-3085, ext. 210.

Safety tips:
Learn humane ways to coexist with wildlife so they do not become a nuisance in the first place and utilize humane, non-lethal methods to alleviate conflicts.

Warn friends about the possibility of hidden traps, especially if they hike with their dogs.

If you own property, clearly post signs prohibiting trapping on your land and prosecute any violators

Avoid buying anything made with fur. Consumers can help eliminate the financial incentive to trap animals.

Join Born Free USA’s Action Alert Team to help support stronger laws and to challenge the trappers’ efforts to weaken existing laws.

For other stories of the Born Free Foundation, click here.

9 comments to Born Free USA establishes Trapping Victim Fund

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  • Jill Vickerman

    Thats wonderful that the Born Free Foundation does this…

  • What a wonderful idea to give away a Pet Trust! Please include me with the other contestants. Thanks so much–I’ll keep my fingers crossed.

  • Joseph Boyle

    Born Free is a wonderful organisation. I am very glad to hear they are working in this field

  • rose kirby

    I am so thankful to BornFree.org for getting our story “out there”. maybe this can be avoided in the future. just so people don’t think i’m not a responsible dog owner, Dozer is deaf and he got away from me and couldn’t hear me calling out for him.

  • Henriette Matthijssen

    I oppose any type of traps to animals. They have a right to life & humans must find other means to make a living without putting any animals in danger’s way! Animals are here to share the planet with humans & they respect/protect Mother Earth! All we do is pollute/destroy our resources! We should be setting traps for those who abuse/destroy.

  • I don’t think any of us thought of you as irresponsible Rose. Leg traps should be things of the past. Many people hike with their dogs, and traps should not be set. It is one of the cruelest forms of hunting. Many animals have been known to chew their legs off to escape the traps.–Michele

  • So sad – what happened to Dozer. I’m glad to see he’s recovering.

  • We here at puppurrazzi are all about the care and safety of all animals and try to support as many organizations as possible to prevent cruelty. Awesome foundation!