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By Michele C. Hollow of Pet News and Views

Joey and his business partner Jesse are on a mission to end overpopulation of cats and dogs. Each time they read the stats about the thousands of cats, kittens, dogs, and puppies that are euthanized in shelters each day, their hearts break. Both have done their share of rescue work. And now they are taking their message a step further. Through humor, they created, an online video site that teaches about the importance of spaying and neutering cats and dogs. Their goal is to get all pet owners to spay and neuter their cats and dogs.

“Talking about the thousands of dogs and cats that are euthanized in shelters each day is devastating,” says Joey. “So we are taking a humorous approach to spaying and neutering with our videos. We love animals and hate to see them euthanized because of overpopulation. Spaying and neutering is the humane approach. It is also healthier to have a spayed or neutered pet.

Their latest online video, Purity Collars, gets cats and dogs to resist their urges to have sex. I promise you will laugh out loud.

Joey got the idea for creating online videos about spaying and neutering after his wife rescued her sixth cat. “It was getting expensive taking them off the streets to spay and neuter them,” he says. “I thought we just need to stop dogs and cats from having sex. Just look at how crowded shelters are and how many strays there are on the streets.”

Jesse is also an animal lover. He organizes the shoots and gets actors and animals for the videos. Joey, whose full time job is at an advertising agency, is the on-camera personality who comes up with the ideas and scripts for the videos.

The pair recently joined forces with the ASPCA. “I had just stopped two lust-driven labs from doing the sex, when I got the call from the ASPCA,” says Joey. “I was so psyched and frankly, surprised, maybe I’m not as crazy as I thought. Now with the ASPCA’s help, I’ll have the support I need to get a whole army of folks out there helping me stop the humping. With them in our corner, we’ll be able to help so many cats and dogs.”

The ASPCA is excited to announce its partnership with and are eager to offer the spay/neuter tools and resources needed to bring this creative campaign to a whole new level. plans on posting a dozen episodes in their first season. You can see all of their videos by clicking here. My favorite, Purity Collars, follows.

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