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A Lesson My Cat Taught Me

In his book, A Lesson My Cat Taught Me, author Saul Weber tells the story of how a cat teaches a young girl about tolerance, acceptance, and friendship. Jennifer is a young girl who lives with her mother and a Maine Coon cat named Mr. Tickles.

Jennifer plays and takes care of Mr. Tickles. She misses him when she is at school, and talks to her mother about adopting a second cat to keep Mr. Tickles company when she is away. That’s where Uno comes in, a one-eyed cat that Jennifer and her mom find on the street. Uno is quite affectionate and bonds with Jennifer almost immediately by rubbing against her legs.

Jennifer convinces her mom to bring Uno home. Mr. Tickles and Uno get along and despite Uno only having one eye, Jennifer learns that her disability doesn’t stop her from being a normal cat–playing, jumping, purring, etc.

Jennifer knows that Uno is a remarkably wonderful cat with a handicap that doesn’t hold her back. That lesson carries over to school when Jennifer meets a new student in a wheelchair. The friendship between Jennifer and her new friend are the heart of this book.

Saul’s book is geared for children ages 4 through 8; parents will enjoy it too. It retails on Amazon and at Createspace for $6.95. A Lesson My Cat Taught Me is illustrated by Nancy Lepri.

5 comments to A Lesson My Cat Taught Me

  • Steven

    I am definitely buying this book for my child.

  • This is a lovely story and Saul is a super nice man too.
    Thank you for sharing the review with all of us Michele.

  • A nice review. I love cats. Congratulation on your book, Saul.

  • Beautiful and what a wonderful way to teach about our ‘innate perfection.’ My youngest kitty is deaf and he in no way misses out on the joy of life!! (I write this as he lies sleeping as close as he can get…) Best of luck.:)

  • My first pet was a cat, while I was married. I found Toby at a animal shelter.I had my mind set on a kitten to grow with. But my mother-inlaw convinced me otherwise. I was scared of my new cat when I brought him home. In truth we both were, after we warmed up to one another. Toby was my best friend he knew when I was down or just having a bad day. Being newly married and adjusting to my surroundings Toby was my new confidence. He never left my side and where ever I went he went. He would take long walks with me, even letting me take him for rides with me in the car. I often wondered who would give up such a loving animal? Even the neighbors wanted Toby. He is one of the happiest times in my life. Toby taught me a lot about myself in those days. He taught me to love unconditionally and that love is a partnership. And not to judge a cat by its looks or disability.I love cats but after Toby I was never the same I still think of him often. I cannot have cats in my home because my son is allergic to them. Toby grew old and passed in his sleep. Congratulations on your book Saul. I will look to buy this book for my granddaughter. For all the cat lovers out there!!!!!!!! Hooray

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