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Five Essential Tips for Traveling with Your Dog or Cat

Taking a road trip with your cat or dog? Here are five tips on keeping you and your pets safe in the car. […]

Rehabbing Puppy Mill Dogs

Dogs from puppy mills can be rehabilitated. The ASPCA rescues and trains puppy mill dogs. […]

A Lesson My Cat Taught Me

In A Lesson My Cat Taught Me, Jennifer and her mother find a friendly abandoned one eyed cat. Jennifer learns that despite Uno’s disability, Uno is capable of doing more things than her other cat, Mr. Tickles. […]

For the Love of Senior Dogs

Grey Muzzle is a nonprofit helping senior dogs across the country. […]

24,650 Bowls of Food Feeds Hungry Shelter Animals

Subscribe to Pet News and Views and you can help animals. […]

More Cuddle Time

Help your pet adjust to the time change of standard time from daylight savings time. […]

Pets Can Get Breast Cancer

Cats and dogs can get breast cancer. Their risks are close to zero is they are spayed before the first heat. […]

AniMeals: A Program for Pets of Homebound People

AniMeals provides food for dogs and cats of homebound people. […]