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Feed Shelter Cats and Dogs

Up Coming Contest to Feed Shelter Cats and Dogs
On Tuesday, I posted a story about Iams Home 4 the Holidays program. Iams has teamed up with Helen Woodward Animal Center and 3,500 animal organizations worldwide to help orphaned dogs and cats find homes and to provide 5 million bowls of food through their Bags 4 Bowls program.

Photo courtesy of Susan Goldman Photography

Bags 4 Bowls
Pet News and Views is participating in the Bags 4 Bowls program starting October 19. So if you adopted a cat or dog from a shelter or rescue group, please leave a comment in the October 19 post. For every comment posted (only one per person), Iams will donate 25 bowls of food to a shelter in need. The contest will run through October 25, so if you miss the post on October 19, you still have a few days to leave a comment. Please check back here on October 19, and leave a comment. Shelter cats and dogs and I will be truly grateful.

12 comments to Feed Shelter Cats and Dogs

  • Liz Johnson

    All my pets are rescues. Currently down from 16 cats and 2 dogs to one ancient 20 yr old Moggie (had her snd her two siblings since she was 3 weeks) and Florence the 3rd Gt Dane (locked in a garage for her first 2 yrs and on her 3rd home when I took her in). Also feed 28 feral cats outside trapped and neutered them and released them back to the elderly owner who was selling the kittens to the local pet shop to help feed the cats. Why do I work?… To feed everyone!!

  • ErinS

    My cats have always come from shelters. Well actually, they’ve come from veternarians that take in strays. My current cat Fitzy came from Dr. Cameron in Montclair, NJ. He’s been our family vet for over 20 years and when my cat Pywacket died, his staff suggested I adopt a new cat from him. On the 2nd floor of the practice, they have a “cat room” full of strays they’ve taken in. The staff escorts you up there and you just pick out the cat you want…its a cat buffet! I always joke that the cat room is like the final scene of the movie “The Birds”, when the hero gingerly escorts the heroine through a sea of birds. Except with the cat room, its a sea of cats and every cat lover’s delight! At the time my son was about 4 years old and I decided to let him pick out our new cat. There was one perfect cat that was following my son around the room. The cat was declawed and young…met all my qualifications. But my son wasn’t interested. Instead he chose Fitzy, the cranky cat that was in a cage because he bit a chunk off the back of another cat!! Almost 6 years later, we still have Fitzy, he’s still cranky 80% of the time, but he’s ours and we love him.

  • Alicia Hoover

    Earlier this year, I was diagnosed with Fibromyalgia and RA. After having to quit my job of 5 years, I became nearly housebound due to pain and stiffness. I started begging my husband for a companion animal.. someone to keep me company. I looked on local shelter websites trying to find that perfect fit. About a week before our 1 year wedding anniversary, I found Jinx, a 1 year old Maine Coone Mix at the Humane League of Lancaster, Pennsylvania. We went to meet him the next day. He was a little scared and hissy at first, but we knew he only needed a little love. He has since evolved into the most loving and affectionate kitty I have ever known. He seems to sense when I am having a bad day, will curl up on me and just purr. He follows me through the house trilling and chirping, so my house isn’t as empty and lonely as it once was. I still have the sad pictures of him in his cage at the humane league, just staring out at the camera. Adopting a shelter animal IS one of the most rewarding acts of kindness for both parties involved!

  • Noreen

    All 4 of my cats were rescues… Dusty and Twinkie were from vets who had taken in strays and they were with me for 21 and 20 years respectively! My Smokey Moon makes me laugh daily… he & his best friend “Ariel” (a well-loved mermaid cat toy) talk for hours!!! And alas… Spooky aka Spooky the Kooky Kitten aka Spooky-Lou aka Lou and I met October 10th 2004 – I was in the process of getting divorced and it was my wedding anniversary – as I was thinking that was a bit awkward, I saw a pet adoption sign! I went in and said I was interested in a female black kitten… the vet tech headed off and brought up the tiniest, blue-eyed baby… As I took the kitten from her I realized she was a HE…just as the vet tech said, “WAIT, I’m sorry that’s a male” AND at the very same moment when MY Spooky nuzzled into my neck and purred! Needless to say my new pal and I headed out the door and have been together ever since!

  • Carol A

    My most recent adoption was an 8 year old cat named Nickodemus who made me smile every day of the eight years I had him. The Home for Friendless Animals, now located in Waynetown, IN is a great organization with over 100 cats and 300 dogs. They let their animals live out their lives there if not adopted. Please consider adopting an older pet. They are often well socialized and you know what their personality is like and whether it will fit in with your family. Thanks Iams!

  • Ellen

    Way to go Iams, shelter pets are the best

  • Terri

    When our 16 year old Animal Rescue Force (East Brunswick, NJ) beloved dog passed, we immediately went to PetFinder and found a GoldenDoodle in the Sayreville Animal Shelter, Sayreville, NJ. We adopted him, crazy as he was, nearly two years ago and couldn’t love him more. This is our third adopted dog and we wouldn’t get a dog any other way.

  • Sy

    In 1992, I persuaded my wife to adopt the “pet of the week” that appeared in the newspaper courtesy of the York County SPCA as my birthday present to her. “Siegfried” was a black, part Siamese cat that looked just like our beloved “Stormy” who walked into our lives in 1970 and who departed from our lives in 1983. A week later, we adopted Brunnhilde and the first Siegfried from a private party. When the first Siegfried passed on, we had only one cat until the second Siegfried was adopted. The parallels between this Siegfried and Stormy were amazing and he gave us years of pleasure until his passing in 2009. We are currently cat-less, but earlier this year I wrote a book using Stormy’s voice called “Life Is A Hammock; mewsings of a traveling cat” about our numerous camping trips with Stormy and Princess. The book even has photo cartoons to add to the humorous stories. Any profit from direct sales of the book are split between our local humane society and library. I am also making the book available on consignment to humane societies who wish to use it as a fundraiser. Stormy would like you to visit his blog at http://lifeisahammock.blogspot.com/

  • Roz Diamond

    Of my current three cats, one was adopted from the Jersey Animal Coalition in South Orange, NJ about 15 years ago. Another came from a neighbor cat’s litter, and my third was a stray. I adopted my first dog, also from the Jersey Animal Coalition, about two years ago when she was 4 months old, and just after I retired. She keeps me active, takes me on walks for exercise, and is also there to cuddle, whether I need it or not!

  • Jo

    I adopted my first dog from Battersea Dogs Home in London. She was tiny and ill, but pulled through. I named her Pillow. She was my constant companion and the delight of my heart for the next eighteen years! I still miss her sorely.

  • Pat Noll

    Both of our pets are rescue animals. Seven years ago, Jack, our one-eyed pug, was found by a neighbor. We fell in love with him and decided to give him a home rather than let him go to a shelter. Two years later, Sadie, our asthmatic Siamese, was abandoned by her owner while at the vet’s. We agreed to foster her, and eventually decided to adopt her. It breaks my heart to think how many animals aren’t as lucky as ours were. Please consider rescuing an animal! You’ll be glad you did!

  • Sharon Balloch

    I got a phone call and was told an elderly lady could no longer take care of her dog and she was worried about him, he was not getting any walks and had started crossing the road to get pats from other folks. He had always been free but now it was looking like that was over. She wanted to find a house in the country for him. Well I live in the country so in I went to meet this dog. He was a giant.. biggest dog I had ever seen. He was a german shepherd rottweiler mix and just fit in the back of my car. He was eight, and he was the best dog I have ever had, the most gentle of giants. He needed a full size mattress to sleep on, and ended up owning the covered screened deck on the end of our house, but loved the walk way in front. The birds got so used to him being there that they could walk right in front of him. You had to drag him in when it got cold as it would snow on him and he did not care. I sent the lady some pictures of Buddy in the tall grass, sleeping on his bed, and playing with the other two dogs. For two months I sent pictures of Buddy and then she passed away. I think she was just waiting for him to get settled so she could go. She loved him so much. As did all of us, especially my Mom who is 93, I never worried about her opening the door to strangers as long as Buddy was standing behind her. I mostly take in older dogs, and have yet to find one I did not love greatly, and all have been blessings. Funny thing is that so many want young dogs but when they come to my house they want my dogs, old dogs. Lots of them out there for adoption, beautiful old souls waiting to love someone. Best dogs of all.