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Feed Shelter Cats and Dogs Contest

Have you adopted a pet from a shelter or rescue? Do you have an amazing story to tell about your adopted pet? Tell us the names and types of pets you adopted and why they are so special. You can also mention the animal center or rescue group where you got your pet. Please share your pet adoption story in my comments section under this post now through October 25 and Iams will donate 25 bowls of food for each post!

This beautiful Cocker Spaniel is from Helen Woodward Animal Center. (Photo by Susan Goldman Photography.)

Only one post per person please. Let’s feed those hungry cats and dogs.

Iams’ Bags 4 Bowls is hoping to provide 5 million bowls of food to shelters around the country. It’s a wonderful program, and it’s in conjunction with Iams’ Home 4 the Holidays, a partnership with Helen Woodward Animal Center, 3,500 animal organizations worldwide and–proudly–Pet News and Views.

These adorable black and white kittens are from Helen Woodward Animal Center. (Photo by Susan Goldman Photography.)

Iams’ Home 4 the Holidays is hoping that 1.5 million dogs and cats will find their forever home.

On a personal note, my birthday is coming up (November 11); I can’t think of a better present than knowing that shelter cats and dogs will be fed. I know that many of you are well aware that shelters are in need of food and supplies. So, please spread the word among your family and friends and leave a comment under this post.

Thank you on behalf of the animals,
Michele of Pet News and Views

532 comments to Feed Shelter Cats and Dogs Contest

  • Lisa

    What a worthy cause–so glad that dogs and cats at shelters will get feed. I urge more people to leave comments and thank you for doing this, Michelle!

  • Andy Garfinkel

    This is such a wonderful idea. All my cats have come from animal rescue shelters and they are the cuddliest, most lovable cats of them all. Good luck with getting Iams to contribute lots of food.

  • Jodi Godfrey

    What a lovely effort! Given the skyrocketing home foreclosures and divorces, I fear there will be many more pets needing a nourishing meal. What better way to make sure there’s food for every cat and dog who needs it than to demonstrate my support with this post.

  • Adopting a rescue dog has changed my life. I no longer feel that I found a pet to love me, instead I love them for being brave, loving and still happy despite their horrible beginnings. I have a little poodle mix who was scheduled to be euthanized on Sept 7, 2010 and I everyday I think about how his life could have been cut short if it weren’t for local organizations that recognize every animal should have a second chance.

  • I volunteer at the Jersey Animal Coalition in S. Orange, NJ and love working with the dogs there. We are a no-kill shelter, so some dogs have been weith us for years. Nothing’s better than when one of those old-timers get adopted!!

    At home, I have 3 St. Bernards that came from Saintly Bernards Rescue in PA. They are a handful, but we love them to death. Adopting from shelters & rescue groups is the only way to go!!

  • Joyce

    Thank you for doing this..Rescues need all the help they can get !

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  • […] Feed Shelter Cats and Dogs Contest « Pet News and Views […]

  • […] Feed Shelter Cats and Dogs Contest « Pet News and Views […]

  • […] Feed Shelter Cats and Dogs Contest « Pet News and Views […]

  • […] Feed Shelter Cats and Dogs Contest « Pet News and Views […]

  • Laura

    Five years ago, we adopted Ira from the local SPCA as a Christmas gift for our son. Our energetic, 10-lb puppy has matured into a 45-lb affectionate seeking missile. We love her to bits! :)

  • Jaci

    My Moose from Pima Animal Care Center in Tucson is the best dog ever. Part border collie, part shepard, part wild pig, he is the most loving little dog I could have imagined.

  • Mary Ourada

    We got a full grown cat through a shelter in Denver. We had to take him before they could fix him because there was a feline cold virus going around the shelter. When I brought him home his nose was encrusted with mucus and I had to keep wiping his nose with a warm wash cloth so he could breath. My husband was horrified and said “What in the heck did you adopt?” But once our cat was better he turned out to be a great and loving member of the family.

  • Vickie Sneddon

    I have a beautiful Kelpie/Border Collie cross that was rescued from the RSPCA in Perth, Western Australia. She is the sweetest dog on the planet!
    Thank you Iams for doing this.

  • Retha

    I have never “adopted” from a shelter or rescue but have “adopted” all my cats because they were just dumped somewhere. Kittens in a box by the mailbox, dumped at my vet’s, dumped in a local park, etc. Don’t know how somebody can do that. There wasn’t anything wrong with any of them.

  • Martha M.

    I am the proud Mother of 2 lovely, sweet Feline Daughters. They were basically strays the 1st year of their lives with only each other (they are biological sisters) to depend on. However, they started coming over in our yard and would climb up on our deck. Then, they wormed their way into the house for a brief visit. Well, the visits became longer and longer until one day I didn’t have the heart to let them back out into the cold. I lived with dogs all my life (until out last dog died in 20004) and had NO CLUE on how to care for a cat. But I bought books, got on line, and learned quickly. My 2 girls are happy, healthy, spoiled, pampered….and very much INDOOR CATS. I only 1/2 joking when I say they adopted us because all they wanted was a Mommy and a family (which also includes “Nana” and “Pa”). They are the joys of my life and yes, the world DOES revolve around them. :) Perhaps they didn’t come from a shelter or rescue group but, IMO, IAMS should count this toward a donation. My Girls are fortunate to have good food and a warm place to live. So many poor kitties/puppies don’t have that. So, PLEASE IMAS, please make a donation in our names for those poor souls who don’t have a Mommy, Nana, and Pa.

  • Sandra

    My kitty Benjamin is from the Las Vegas shelter. Las Vegas is a horrible place for animals and the shelters are so underfunded. Since the econonmy has failed millions of people have abandoned their animals. Anything anyone can do to help makes a huge difference. EVERYONE SHOULD ADOPT TODAY!

  • Jen B.

    4 amazing cats (all rescues) that have changed our lives forever, in a wonderful way. Felix (a tuxedo, who recently passed away at the age of 15), Lucky (a black, naturally skinny boy who is also 15), Blue (a big & beautiful 13 year old Russian Blue) & our newest addition, Jonas (another solid black, feisty 1 year old boy).

  • terry

    my mom got her cat roger from a shelter in NJ- he was days away from euthanasia and desperately needed a home. he’s had a rough life- his previous owner was elderly, got alzheimers and then died. he spent over a year in a cage in the shelter, and got cystitis from the stress. my mom was also old, and when she died this past june i spent a lot of time with him telling him he would be my cat. he is happy with me and my three rescues (a feral mama who was a street rescue and 2 of her kittens) and i am happy that his life was saved and he can enjoy his old age in peace. i love my roger-boy.

  • Kathe

    I have 6 cats and 1 new puppy. 4 cats are from shelters and the new puppy is as well. He was rescued from a shelter that was going to put him down due to overcrowding. He was abandoned, starved and beaten when I took him in 3 months ago. He has gained weight, is very healthy and sweet and lovable as can be. He is happy with his 6 cat family and is very sociable and loved. Thanks for donating food to these deserving animals.

  • Cathi

    My beloved Katie cat is snuggled up to me and my laptop as I type this. She rescued us when we visited our local Humane Society in South Burlington, Vermont. Thank you, Iams, for donating food.

  • J. Logan

    I adopted my best bud, Jacob, from a high kill shelter. They had managed to hang onto him for four months…..they knew he was special too. To add to the amazement, he’s a boxer/newfonland mix, one of those Big Black Dogs. I’d die foe him in a skinny second.

  • Karen P.

    All our pets are rescues and we wouldn’t consider having it any other way. Our old man, a black lab named Ziggy, has brought joy into our lives for 13 years. He wants nothing more than a scratch and a place to nap beside us, and his eyes smile every time anyone looks at him! I can’t imagine not having shared his life. We love Ziggy!

  • Gemma Davies

    I adopted my tortoiseshell cat Shadow from the RSPCA in Perth, Western Australia about 5 years ago now. As is so common, she was the one in the shelter that came up to the front of the cage and wanted us to take her home! She has made a wonderful companion for my other cat (Claude) who is about to turn 17, and who I have had since he was dumped under a wood pile when he was 3 weeks old. I couldn’t imagine a life without my cats, and urge anyone thinking about pet ownership to do the right thing and help out an abandoned animal from a shelter…they really do make life worthwhile!

  • Pat

    4 out of my 5 dogs were rescue dogs – best of the best, two lived to be 16+ years – they just want to be loved and they give so much…lost both of my babies same day in ’09, rescue corgi mix was 16.5 yrs, rescue corgi was 5 and came down w/lymphoma – I miss my babies but now have my 5th, Sebastian, Thanks to North Texas Corgi Rescue…and North Texas Cocker Rescue for all you do…

  • Nicole

    I adopted my dog spike from a shelter in Maryland 9 years ago and he is the best friend a girl could have. He is the most well behaved loving dog, to think someone left him on the side of a road breaks my heart. He has been there to make me smile and let’s me wipe my tears on him when I need to. he is my road trip buddy and listens to me think outlook so I feel less crazy.

  • Suzanne

    Grey (a Manx) and Big Jing (a DSH) were rescues from the local shelter. They are much loved members of the family. We wish all shelter pets could find a furever home-and thank Iams for giving them a good meal for the holidays!

  • Cathy Ginder

    All my dogs are rescues. Norton, my pit bull mix came from the Oceanside shelter, he was 2, and now is 16! He is still going strong! We recently adopted two German Shorthair pointers, one from Waggin Tales in Idaho, and the other from L.A.

  • what a wonderful post. I hope all dogs and cats get everything they need.

  • […] Feed Shelter Cats and Dogs Contest « Pet News and Views […]

  • […] Feed Shelter Cats and Dogs Contest « Pet News and Views […]