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Feed Shelter Cats and Dogs Contest

Have you adopted a pet from a shelter or rescue? Do you have an amazing story to tell about your adopted pet? Tell us the names and types of pets you adopted and why they are so special. You can also mention the animal center or rescue group where you got your pet. Please share your pet adoption story in my comments section under this post now through October 25 and Iams will donate 25 bowls of food for each post!

This beautiful Cocker Spaniel is from Helen Woodward Animal Center. (Photo by Susan Goldman Photography.)

Only one post per person please. Let’s feed those hungry cats and dogs.

Iams’ Bags 4 Bowls is hoping to provide 5 million bowls of food to shelters around the country. It’s a wonderful program, and it’s in conjunction with Iams’ Home 4 the Holidays, a partnership with Helen Woodward Animal Center, 3,500 animal organizations worldwide and–proudly–Pet News and Views.

These adorable black and white kittens are from Helen Woodward Animal Center. (Photo by Susan Goldman Photography.)

Iams’ Home 4 the Holidays is hoping that 1.5 million dogs and cats will find their forever home.

On a personal note, my birthday is coming up (November 11); I can’t think of a better present than knowing that shelter cats and dogs will be fed. I know that many of you are well aware that shelters are in need of food and supplies. So, please spread the word among your family and friends and leave a comment under this post.

Thank you on behalf of the animals,
Michele of Pet News and Views

532 comments to Feed Shelter Cats and Dogs Contest

  • Emmett and Lucas both came from shelters: Emmett from Friends of Homeless Animals in VA, and Lucas from the Washington Animal Rescue League in DC. I can’t even begin to describe how special they are – I guess that’s why I’ve dedicated a whole blog to them – but they give so much love and joy to me and John. We’re so lucky to have them in our lives!

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  • My cat was a street kitty — we’ve had each other for more than a dozen years. She is the greatest cat I’ve ever known and I’ve always had cats — since I was about eight years old. Now I’m about 55.

    She is so sociable and warm. Every time a cat goes I swear I’ll never get another. But I somehow wind up doing it again. I’ll never learn I guess.

  • Aloha friends,

    My dog, Jazz—now 9 is a rescue mutt! He is a German Shepherd/Lab/Pitbull mix. Although fierce looking, he is as sweet as a cupcake!

    Jazzie was 8 months old when I adopted him from C.A.R.E. Pets here in San Jose, Ca. He was a handful, always running/jumping/moving furniture—super high energy dog. No matter what, he strived everyday to make you laugh with some of his doggy-ness.

    That dog brought so much love to me and my boys. My son Sam was instantly best pals with Jazz. They would follow each other around in the yard finding goofy ways to entertain themselves. It was always nice to find them napping together like two puppies. Later when the two of them got a little older, they would hunt varmints in our very rural backyard. Those two were their own pack.

    At the time, I had no idea that Jazz would be the inspiration for Island Dog Gear. Soon after he came into my life; and a trip to back to Hawaii—Island Dog was born simply because I had to bring home something for the dog. The dog who was part of the family.

    Today, Jazz is a healthy and happy dog living out his days in a grassy backyard being spoiled my grandparents. He’s a good boy, still does some tricks and has too much energy for a dog of his years.

    Having a dog is one of those very simple things of life—they bring love & joy without a whole-lot-of string.

  • I got my 2 shelter dogs and two shelter cats from different shelters in Dallas, TX, Irving, TX, St. Joseph, MO and Houston, TX. They are every bit as beautiful as any pure breed, and have gentle, grateful temperaments. God bless all the shelter workers and adopters everywhere.

  • Agnes Hall

    I adopted 2 cats at different times and both were called Tiger. They were special to me as they gave me company and knew when I was feeling down! One was in England but unfortunately had to be put down due to having cancer and I couldn’t bear to see him suffer. He came from the Pound. The other Tiger was here in Australia and he was half wild but took to me. I knew from the start something was wrong as he didn’t bury his poo at all and he had cancer of the bowel, so unfortunately didn’t have a long life! They were special to me as they gave me company and pleasure as I miss the animals I had when I was younger!

  • I adopted my beloved Jessie dog from North Shore Animal League. The last thing I was looking for was a 100-pound shep mix, but she had the saddest eyes and just seemed like a dog who wouldn’t have too many prospects (think Cujo in a crate). She may not have been what I thought I was looking for, but it turns out she was just what I needed. This smart working dog taught me more about dogs (and life) than I can begin to express here, and the training, work and activities she involved me in lead me to create a sideline dog vacation business, Canine Club Getaway. So she has been life changing not just in the love and support she gives me, but also in taking me in new directions in life. Not surprisingly, in my work with Canine Club Getaway, I’ve partnered with various rescue groups and dog charities to help raise funds for homeless animals and other worthy animal charities — more proof that our pets make us aspire to be better people!

    My two cats, Cody and Casper, are also shelter rescues — on from Last Hope, the other a street kitty who found her way into my home and never left, and most recently, I ended up with yet another four-legged family member, Lexie, a lab/malinois puppy who continues to teach me about what really matters in life.

    Rescues, I’ve come to believe, are the most amazing pets, friends and companions, and they are invaluable in teaching us about life, love and friendship. I feel very blessed to share my life with such amazing four-legged buddies, and appreciate those who work for the welfare of these animals who are unable to speak out for themselves.

  • Elaine Bloom

    My then-husband and I rescued a tuxedo cat from the streets of Jersey City. Smart, curious and loving. I developed an allergy and when my husband I split up she went with him. I still miss her. She was great company.

  • I almost wish I could say my my beloved kitties came from a shelter, We seemed to just find them in their time of need,Or They find us before the animal control officer finds them! Thank goodness! We have 2 adult black cats, My two male kitties are about &months old now and needed a home badly, We took them intending to adopt them out, separately if need be, Well that never happened, They are so sweet & loving and hungry! I whistle for my cats when I put out cat food and they come running in like puppies, truly adorable, They are so strongly bonded with us and each other they are a part of our family.

  • There was flu virus running thru our local shelter 9yrs, so when a box of 5kittens was dropped off, we had to find homes for them immediately. Of course I was the weakest link in the volunteer chain & took in all 5. Tho’ 4 of the kittens were black/white, one of them was a calico. That’s the first time I ever heard that cats can have different fathers in the same litter. I still don’t understand how that happens!!

  • Melissah

    My cat Simba came from a local shelter. Being a 7 year old I felt sorry for the all ginger cat in a cage full of black cats and he stood out instantly. I put my finger through the wire and immediatly all the black cats were clawing at me desperatly want to be free. Simba just very gently patted my finger and I fell in love with him instantly. I’ve had him for almost 14 years now and he’s just a wonderful cat. He has survived being hit by a cat 3 times, has been lost from home many times and even been trapt under a house. He is wonderful with all my baby neices and nephews who pull at his fur but he has never bitten or scratched them. I will ALWAYS buy shelter animals.

  • Marna

    I found my Sadie on petfinder.org. She was 4 years old, 40 lbs, and a lab rottie mix. When i went to meet her I was shocked to see that she was actually EIGHTY pounds because her foster family had clearly not taken care of. She was the sweetest 80 lbs of love I’d ever met so I took her home and we started walking and walking and walking. Well, 4 years later here we are still happily together and she’s 20 pounds thinner and WAY more enthusiastic on her walks and her arthritis isn’t an issue anymore. As much as I have helped her she has helped me more. I never knew I could love an animal so much!!

  • Hope this helps make your birthday wishes come true.

  • Elizabeth M

    We adopted our first dog, Watson a black Lab mix, from a shelter where his mother had been taken in as a stray, then she had her litter there. Watson joined our family before our children were born and he was always terrific with them from the start. We used to have to send him out of the room so HE had a break from the kids, never because he would do something to them. He was a terrific dog and we were so sad when he died at age 13.

    After having a great dog for so long, our family was not complete without one. So we contacted a local rescue, Puppies and More, and met an adorable fuzzy puppy named Bella. She and her brothers had been rescued from a high-kill shelter in North Carolina and driven in shifts by volunteers to NJ. We met her at her foster family and fell in love. We knew it was meant to be when we realized that the house she was living it was around the corner from Watson St. (the name of the dog we’d lost). Bella is (we think) a mix of an Australian Shepherd and some from of terrier. She’s a wonderful part of the family. She’s a scamp sometimes, but we’re so glad she’s part of our family.

  • When I was in graduate school, my 16 year-old cat passed away. I was extremely distraught and went to Animal Friends to socialize cats as part of my grief therapy. Of course, I found another kitty while I was there who came home to live with me for another 16 years!

  • Henriette Matthijssen

    I am in Canada & I got my male cat “Minoo” just over a year ago from a shelter when he was just 6 weeks old! He was so tiny & fragile that I almost had to make sure he ate, & it did not take long for him to learn. Now over a year old & he is one of the most beautiful cats I’ve seen. Minoo has white fur underneath & charcoal on the outside. If you part his fur he is white & he is charcoal when we pet him! He loves to hunt for mice on our farm & keeps me company wherever I go! He is so loving & affectionate! A treasure to have him in my life.

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  • Sanja Lalic

    My new dog is at my place for 6 months. He came from the killing shelter. Eventually he become more and more himself. At the beginning he was frightened, smelly and wondered but now he is happy with my first dog and my younger doughter. He whines when they leave the room without him and then waits. Very glad to have him, he is a good soul.

  • heidi

    the dog that I presently have, as well as my previously one are both rescues. the previous one came without any issues, but this last one behaved like a demon from hell the first year. eventually he came around, and he is now the best dog in the world:)

    rescues are definately worth saving! they usually turn out to be the best pets ever!

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  • My older daughter, 7, has been asking for a dog for years. When the time is right, we’ll be sure to look into a local shelter. Thank you for doing this Michele. http://www.judiesjuice.wordpress.com

  • I used to volunteer at the Humane Society of NY working with their cats, for 6 years. Needless to say, I adopted several babies from them, at different points of my life. I adopted a 9 year old female who had been there all of her life and was feral; I adopted a tough guy, and a mush.

    I also adopted a 10 year old cat who someone threw out on the street in the dead of winter. 🙁

    I have never even had kittens at home – I have always taken in adults – they are the hardest to place.

  • Gloria Cathey

    About 10 months ago I found my angle. There was a flyer at my gym offering several dogs for adoption, on the list was one that caught my eye a small white poodle. I called the number listed and went to see the little girl. When I arrived at the house the lady who was caring for her and several other shelter dogs told me that she was a breeder dog that have been given up by her owners because she was no long useful to them. She was frightened and skitish and the lady said she had not been eating much. I picked up the little poodle about 8 lbs and said “hello angle” The women who was caring for her said “Oh that’s her name” She has been my angle ever since, she has adjusted beautifully and is now my little lap dog. She has found here personality and is completely and totally happy now. Sje has deffinately stolen my heart.

  • Cheryl Sarfaty

    I am getting ready to visit a shelter to adopt a cat!

  • Michelle, I applaud your efforts! As an animal lover, it disturbs me to see how our society throws pets away. Only through the efforts of people like you can we hope to stem this tide.

    Best of luck!

  • Madison and Abigail are both rescue kitties. I am so glad you are doing this contest, the rescues and shelters need all the help they can get!
    Both of my cats are doing great and have lived very happy healthy lives, a shelter pet seems to be so extremely loyal and grateful.

    Lisa, Madi and Abi
    PS – my birthday is on November 11th too! Happy Birthday :<)

  • surendra prasad

    All my pets till now have been strays. I reared nearly 30 cats and 7 dogs. My first cat was called Chinnu, a white female with tan patches. She was very playful and intelligent. Never a dull time when she was near. She used to sleep on my chest when we were resting. Then I brought in 2 kittens which were abandoned in a garbage dump. I named them Lalu and Mimi. Mimi was the female-a black and grey one with tiger stripes. Lalu was the same design, but reddish in color. These two were so young that I had to feed them with an ink filler the first few days. Lalu being a male slowly moved to some other house as ours became too crowded with Chinnu, Mimi and their kittens for his own liking. Later Chinnu too moved off with her kittens (this was her third batch) and Mimi came to be the queen of the house. She was very fussy and always wanted meat. We are vegetarians, but for her I had to tolerate going to the butcher’s and getting her what she liked, otherwise she would go on a hunger strike. Neither would she touch her milk nor eat anything resembling a vegetarian meal. She was with us for 9 years until she passed away.
    My last pet was a dog, which was abandoned by someone on the roads with a wound on his side. Lallu was reddish brown in color, the size of a big pomeranian, but of mixed origin. He was with me for 7 years and passed on to the happy hunting grounds in June this year.
    We had 5 very good enjoyable years. Lallu used to love his morning and evening walks with me. we used to go to a new place daily; a different park, a new route, an empty stretch of road, or some hilly place. He loved riding in the car too, never missing out on any opportunity.
    The last 2 years of his life were not so good, as he had contracted mange. The doctors couldn’t diagnose it in the early stages, and later on as it became severe and they found out what it was, the cure was beyond them and they had him put to sleep because of internal complications and we didn’t want to let him suffer more (he was suffering from the disease for nearly 2 years because veterinary facilities are not that advanced in India). Right now, I have adopted 16 dogs on the streets and feed them daily (not to mention 3 cats which stay near my apartment). My pets were always special because they were rescued and given love and a home, which a lot of poor unfortunate animals don’t see in their lifetime. Let’s all come together and strive to provide a good life for our forsaken friends.

  • What a wonderful thing this is. I got my two cats from a shelter as well as the two before that. Shelters need the help since the animals cannot help themselves in today’s world. Thanks!!!

  • Angelika Roll

    Unfortunately I cannot contribute my own story as I no longer have any pets.I used to have cats which were each just offered to me from friends and neighbors when kittens had arrived there.
    However,if any comment here would be good for free feeding shelter animals I will say this:PEOPLE PLEASE PLEASE AVOID PET SHOPS, DON’T SUPPORT CRUEL BREEDERS;PUPPY MILLS,TRADERS etc. If you are considering getting a pet, PLEASE PLEASE VISIT A RESCUE OR SHELTER, you will be much rewarded!

  • King was rescued from a shelter 6 years ago. He is now 7 years old. He is a pitbull lab mix with the build of a pitbull and the personality of a lab. He is a great dog!

  • Faith

    July 8 2009 I went into my local shelter to do my volunteering. It was then I saw a 15yr. old Brittany Spaniel sitting in a crate. He was skin and bones with watery eyes from a serious eye infection. He was the saddest thing I have ever seen. I talked to the shelter vet about him and she said he probably has 2-4 months left to live. It was then I decided that he can come and live with me until he crossed the rainbow bridge. Since then Oliver has put on 20lbs. his eyes are clear and alert and he’s the happiest dog I’ve ever met. It’s been 15 months and my ollie is still going strong.

  • I am hosting a free lecture in Oct 21st on The Faces of Change in Rescue. Please consider joining us to do more to spread the word on the many facets of rescue. Go to http://theevolutionofanimalhealthcare.com to sign up.

    I have several re-homed animals. They are wonderful members of our family.

  • Nancy Solomon

    In August my 13-year-old son and I adopted a four or five month old puppy from the Jersey Animal Coalition in South Orange. We walked in and asked if they had any puppies, were directed to a room off to the side, and the cutest thing came bounding out of her cage and sat at our feet, wagging her tail and looking up at us with plaintive eyes. We were smitten. My son had wanted to get a pure bred dog, but now I think he’s sold on the joys of a shelter mutt.

  • Shelter pets need the help of professionals and the compassion of families to get them out of the cages and into homes. We just donated our services here at the hospital to get two little girls ready for adoption. One is in a home and one is waiting. Pictures are on our fan page at http://www.facebook.com/crawforddogandcat

  • Mary

    I got my German Shepherd, Lady–who passed on August 30th of this year–from a rescue in VA. I was quite young when we first got her, so unfortunately I don’t remember the name of the rescue! But I do remember the first time I saw her. She was about 2 or 3 years old and sitting in a doggie crate in front of a Ukrop’s where the rescue was adopting out animals that day. My mom, sister and I drove past and I begged to go out and have a look at her. We brought her home a couple days later. She was a faithful, protective, loving, loyal girl and she is sorely missed. Lady brought so much joy into our lives.

  • Brian Busby

    This is a great cause and I applaud your efforts. It makes me very sad that these animals are hungry and homeless. I have 2 dogs myself and wish all the other cats and dogs out there had food, a home and love that they deserve.

  • Jen

    All 8 of my cats were adopted from the Bristol Animal Shelter in RI. They are all very special and unique…all with their own personalities. Briar was a feral kitten that I took home to tame, but she never left, now 11 years old. Elmo Kitty was a 7 day old orphaned kitten that I hand raised…he lived with us untill he was 2 years old before passing away from a rare disease. Then came Trixie, she was a 5 day old orphaned kitten that I hand raised, now 9 years old. Then Siam and Lucky came along. Lucky was a feral kitten that almost lost his leg from a bad infection and Siam was a kitten that needed to be hand raised after his foster mom cat became sick….I had taken both home to socialize them because I had a potential home for them, that fell thru and they have been with us ever since, now 5 years old. Then it was Demetrius…he was a feral kitten that I took home to socialize…he bit a volunteer when I brought him back to the shelter for adoption, so after that I decided he needed to stay with us…he is now a 4 year old love bug! Then came Baby…another orphaned kitten that I hand raised…she had severe scarring on her eyes…she also had a potential home that fell thru…thought she was going to be blind, she she stayed…she is now 3 years old and appears to have now issues with her sight. Last there is Tabitha…she actualy came from my backyard…adopted out her two siblings and decided to keep her…she just turned a year old. Love all of them very much! Thank you Bristol Animal Shelter for the opportunity to help out and in the end giving me my great cat family!

  • We adopted Idgie from a private rescue group through an adoption display at a PetSmart store. She was born with anopthalmia — no eyes — so is completely blind. We adopted Weaver after I scraped him up off the pavement of the road where he’d just been hit. He consequently has nerve damage in his rear spine, and a heart murmur. We adopted Winkie from Bucks County Vets, where one of the volunteers had brought him after he wandered into her yard with one of his eyes hanging out. It had to be removed, so he’s partially blind. And we adopted Boo Kitty from a foster home through our vet. Boo was bitten hard on the spine by an unknown creature, and so has a little hitch in her git-a-long. She was being fostered because the SPCA to which she was brought has a hard policy on euthanizing cats and dogs that have been bitten, since they can’t guarantee the bitee won’t become rabid. So glad they didn’t destroy our little Boo girl.

  • Puma was 5 years old and a shelter resident when she rescued me. She ultimately became the inspiration for a BIG dog clothing collection, Tailored Dog. She is also considered the “unofficial mascot” of NBC/Chicago Morning News and is seen weekly on TV.

  • Of course you know about Buster, our GSD. He was abandoned in Philadelphia, and he found us in May 2008 when we were returning home from our morning walk with Ty, our Shar Pei. We adopted Buster before he even got into the rescue system (we did, however, make a valiant effort to find his family).

    When we realized how hard it was to travel with 2 dogs, Buster became the inspiration for GoPetFriendly.com. People tell us about how lucky Buster was to find us … but we know that it’s us who were lucky to find Buster.

  • Our cat Diva was a foundling who wandered into our local post office. We live in the mountains, and lots of city folks who come for the summer will acquire pets for the summer then let them loose into the wild in the autumn, when the summer (and their vacation) is over. It’s criminal. Loved animals set out to fend for themselves, just as the weather is about turn cold, become feral and dangerous. Diva was frightened and starving, and it took a long time for her to trust again. But she was young and apparently only about a month on her own.

  • A person doesn’t have 5 cats by accident. I think “Free to a Good Home” pops up on my forehead when I walk into anywhere with cats and kittens who need homes. We had two. One died leaving Scootie Pops as an only child. She needed a sibling. My sons played the “I want to name it” “No, I want to name it” card and we came home with two more – Smokey and Bumper. Scootie Pops died – 22 years old – a grand life! Enter Cleopatra Queen of Denial. After Bumper and Smokey shorter but significant lives – maxed out at 14, we adopted Samson and Peaches from someone who developed allergies. It was us or the pound. Then, because my sons left for college and my nest felt so empty, we adopted ButterCupOfTunafish and Zorro. Currently, our brood of 5 have temporary sibling/cousins, my son’s two cats, Marley and Sadie, who are living with us until the economy improves, and I just know when my son takes them with him to his own apartment, our nest will be feeling empty. Yay! Room for two more.

  • We get all of our pets from the Norman (OK) Animal Shelter or Second Chance. By adopting Kip from the shelter, we saved TWO dogs: Kip, plus the dog we made room for at the shelter. Most shelter animals have suffered traumas, and it’s enriching to give them a safe, loving home for the rest of their lives.

  • Melanie

    My brother has had several rescued cats, and he has adored them all. They have been his family, and I don’t know what he would do without them.

  • Steven Levy

    My yellow lab was not adopted, but is now 14 1/2 years old and still doing pretty well. She’s hard of hearing but her eye sight is still excellent. Her arthritis is handled with Chondroitin Sulfate and Aspirin and she is a very loved member of the family. In part I attribute her longevity to getting another smaller dog about 3 years ago- the competition seemed to inspire more activity!

  • Steve

    When my friend tragically drowned in his hot tub, his relatively newly rescued Australian Shepherd stayed by his side for hours until he was found – to the point where the dog couldn’t walk properly and had to be treated medically. That’s devotion.

  • I was rescued by my parents from the local dog shelter. Some mean person dumped me in the middle of winter before I was even fully weaned. My parents were super lucky to find me!
    Now they are loved by me every day. I am also lucky because I have a warm, safe, happy home. I am also showered with affection to tell you the truth. Thank you for helping to feed shelter cats and dogs. xoxox

  • We adopted our sweet boys, Romeo and Pugsley, from the Forgotten Persian Rescue in Marysville, OH. They have brought so much joy to our lives and we are forever grateful to the wonderful people who work so hard in the rescue trenches every day.

    Romeo was a 2-time rescue – turned in to a shelter TWICE in Kentucky before he was saved by the Persian Rescue. I think it was because of his litterbox problems, poor boy.

    Pugsley was an 11th hour rescue from a shelter in Indiana. The shelter thought he had a contagious, fatal disease and he was scheduled to go to the Rainbow Bridge the next day. This was based on observation only. One shelter worker wasn’t so sure he was sick so that wonderful person called the Persian rescue who came to get Pugsley that day. Turns out that he is FINE and wonderful and such a good, sweet boy.

    I’m the luckiest cat mama in the world!

    Thanks for helping more shelter and rescue pets, Michelle and Iams! xoxo Caroline

  • D. E-Platt

    Two of our pets came through shelters & have brought us much joy as a family.

    Our oldest cat Elven is a Maine Coon who was in 2 different homes before us. He came to us via a foster cat group that I found through PetSmart. No clue as to why they didn’t keep this huge beastie boy – he’s been just the best and has become the self-appointed guardian cat of the house with a kingly pride, that goes straight out the window when he’s all sprawled out belly up without a care in the world. He will reach up & wrap both paws around your hand & wrist to “request” his just due of pets on demand – no one can accuse him of being shy about asking for what he wants! He’ll tolerate nearly anything but being picked up & belly rubs – do that & Elven declares he is outta here! One must retain their dignity after all 🙂

  • Dr. Ernie Ward

    our dog, sandy, is a beach-mutt animal shelter rescue!! our two cats, itty bitty kitty and freddie the 25-toed cat are also resuces!

  • Love, love, love ferals and street kitties. Mwah. So glad many caring humans are helping this cause.

  • We don’t have a dog currently, but our treasured dog growing up is still in our hearts. I remember visiting the shelter when he ran away once. He was gone a week, in a snowy, cold area. He ran a few miles and someone picked him up and brought him to the local shelter a week later. He was very skinny and weak, and we were grateful the shelter was there for him.

  • Our sweet girl, Stella, was dumped off in a box with her litter mates (on the side of a road nonetheless) in the eastern part of California. Fortunately our local SPCA in Santa Cruz took them all in. She is supposedly part Aussie part Lab and likely has a little Border Collie too. While we may not know the specifics of her breed, one thing is certain; she is 100% love and joy. We feel so fortunate to have her as part of our family.

  • Mercedes is a Siamese kitten who came to us from an awesome local cat rescue group. She was a baby suffering from a cold when her foster family adopted her. We found Mercedes after suffered a horrible loss in our family. Our beloved Amelia, a 13-year-old calico, died after suffering from inoperable kidney stones and cancer. Mercedes is the sweetest little kitten–playful and affectionate, and we couldn’t be more thankful for the love of the foster family who rescued our sweet baby.

  • Karen Lane

    Dorothy is a gorgeous calico cat that we adopted last Thanksgiving. She is six years old and came to us through City Critters, a volunteer-based rescue group here in New York City.

    I was told that Dorothy was found as a kitten on a street in Long Island City on a Sunday when “The Wizard of Oz” was aired on television. Hence she was given the name, Dorothy. Her rescuer had many other cats, including several male cats who attacked her constantly. As a solution, the rescuer decided to keep Dorothy in a cage on top of her refrigerator!

    Dorothy has been returned to her rescuer twice by would-be adopters. Most likely it is because she is reclusive, stand-offish and prone to disappearing into her secret hiding places in the apartment. It’s been nearly a year, but she won’t let us pick her up or pet her unless she is in her “safe place” — underneath my desk. There, she rubs against my legs and sometimes even purrs. Five minutes later, I could pass her in the hall and she most likely will turn and run the other way, as though she has encountered a stranger.

    It’s a challenge, to be sure, and a little disappointing to not have a warm, easygoing affectionate cat. But we see lots of progress for Dorothy and we are hopeful, patient and blessed to have the opportunity to take care of her. Always.

  • My two pups are pound puppies. Got Othello from BARC, in Houston, and Cookie from Red Collar Rescue in Houston.
    I have always told folks that shelter pups are grateful pups and are always showing that trait. I wouldn’t trade them for anything, as they make my days bearable and my nights peaceful.
    I was once told that black dogs are the last to be adopted. I can happily say both my dogs are black, and happy, healthy, and loved.
    Thank you for all you do for the puppies and cats. God loves those who do.
    Shari Greer

  • Tracy L

    I adopted Nero over 10 years ago or should I say he adopted me…best decision of my life. He is in a word – Awesome.

  • tina

    these poor animals need our help… I want to thank all the loving humans for taking care of them!!!!

  • All of our animals are rescue’s, mostly from the street or unwanted . We recently took in 3 Chihuahua’s that were homeless and didn’t have anyone looking for them.
    So they have a home now and we just love them.
    One of our dogs, Sweetie, was a rescue from a water channel area and it took me 1 year to get her trust . She finally trusted me enough to let me pet her and bring her into the yard. The whole time I looked out for her and provided water , food and treats to gain her trust.
    We have many great shelters in the area including
    Living-Free in Idyllwild.
    Thank you, Michelle for all you do for animals.
    Lynn Bayless

  • Sandie Bell

    We adopted Tinker Bell from Rural Roads shelter in SC after losing our beloved Maltese, Boomer. Our chocolate lab was lonely and our family needed a little something to cheer us all up. I found Tinker (Then named Gretchen) on Petfinder.com and just couldn’t resist. Her mother was a little beagle who was picked up on the street, just before giving birth to 7 puppies. Six of them looked like beagles! Tinker does not. We aren’t sure who daddy was, but I think he was a rock star! She is the sweetest little girl and Jeter, the lab, will even let her take toys away from him. We were truly blessed when we added her to our family.

  • Trish B

    Our rescue dog Mia is the best dog ever. Everyone who meets her says she is an exceptional dog. Gentle, loyal, smart,funny, obedient, good manners,loving, beautiful in every way.. .she is more than we ever hoped for in a dog..we are so thankful for finding her..

  • Charlotte

    We just recently adopted (or got adopted by) a three-month-old blue Russian kitten through a local adoption group. We had adopted another cat, a one-year-old black cat about six months before, who had been found abandoned on our street, and we weren’t “planning” to expand our household. Now that we’ve got Harry and Ralph, named by our 7-year-old after the Harry Potter and the Ralph S. Mouse books …. we’re staying far away from an adoption events!


  • Surrey is a tortoise shell color feline friend. I adopted her from the wonderful Helen Woodward Animal Shelter in the San Diego area. When I was ready to adopt a cat 14 years ago after a former feline friend disappeared, the only cat at this shelter was a little weeks-old kitten. She’d been rescued by someone after she was thrown from a moving car on the freeway. Her paw pads were still healing. How can people do this?? When I held her in the medical hold area of the shelter, and she nuzzled into the crook of my arm, the attendant said they hadn’t seen her respond that way to anyone. I named her Surrey for survivor, and knew we had found each other.

  • Jill Vickerman

    My first dog that I ever had came from the SPCA, and she chose me. Tam-lin, she was a brindle mix of mischief, a bit of Staffie, maybe some Labrador, loyalty and love. She was also extremely cheeky, when my friend and I used to ride our horses through our town, Tam-lin would push open gates and go and chase the dog who lived there around the house, then come running out wagging her tail….and smiling away…happy as anything… her job done!

  • We adopted our tabby mix, Tori, 3 years ago at Petsmart through a foster care program. We were getting to know him in the office. Once we brought in the pet carrier, he jumped right! Even though he’s a big fan of chewing up all my favorite flip flops, he is the smartest and coolest cat I’ve ever had.

  • My little baby, my angel, my everything was a rescue dog from the SPCA, I saw her and fell in love, I was in a Domestic Violence relationship at the time and with the help of baby who kept me going through it all, we ran away, stayed in shelters and hid from the abuse, She was my light, my little trooper, and unfortunately on the 4th of October this year she passed away suddenly from IMHA at the age of 6, I am still in shock as we had three wonderful years of freedom without abuse and I was hoping to share many more with her but it was obviously not Gods plan for us.
    R.I.P. my little darling Mommy missess you

  • I rescued one of my yorkies from an irresponsible breeder in PA. Upon arrival to pick her up she was covered in crust, vomiting, and had severe diarhea and was underweight. As the runt of her litter she wasn’t connecting with any of the other puppies and I knew that if I didn’t take this little girl home she would surely die. After months of special care and gentle grooming she developed into a happy, healthy, and feisty little girl that weighs a whopping 2.3 pounds. Every day I want to go get more animals from the shelter and give them a loving home but my husband and drawn the line at two dogs (for now). Thanks Iams and thanks Pets News and Views for posting about this important contest!!

  • We adopted two rescue cats from Animal D.R.E.A.M.S of Pittsfield, Massachusetts. It is a feral cat catch and release program, but they also catch abandonned pets (that would be Charley) and kittens (that would be Lilly, although she was 6 months, so somewhat beyond the age when kittens can usually become pets.) But Lilly bonded with Charley, and started acting like she could at least behave herself inside a home, so we adoopted them both. They have been with us nearly four years now, and Lilly has finally gotten it through her head that she loves being petted. Unfortunately, she forgets this every day, and has to remind herself. But when she figures it out, she asks to be petted. We feel lucky they are in our family.


    If only if we can give foods for them every day for rest of their life…would be so happy for us and happy for them!! I just wish all those dogs and cats don’t die for hunger!! There are millions of foods out there human and animals!! We need to share for each other!!! Let’s please help dogs and cats!!!


  • I hope you get tons of comments! My dog came from a breeder but just thinking of her waiting and wishing for a family, stuck in some shelter is heart-wrenching. Good luck!

  • Edwin J. McGrath

    Both of my cats were abandoned my oldest Sophie born in August of 2003 was one of a litter of 7 but she and two others had been abandoned we brought one home,and our niece brought the other two to her home. She was only a few days old so we fed her with a baby bottle until she was old enough to eat on her own. Sophie suffers from epilepsy and has had some pretty bad seizures but fortunately she has not had a major seizure in the past 7 months although she had two mild seizures during those months; which is very good compared to the frequency of past seizures. The Veterinarian had her on Phenobarbitol but she hated it and after a discussion with the vet he said I could wean her off of the medication to see what the result might be. I noticed that most of her seizures occured when she came down the stairs from the bedroom, so I purchased a gate preventing her from going upstairs and perhaps it’s a coincidence but as I stated she has only had two mild seizures since. My other cat Max appeared around mid october in 2006. A friend of ours rang our bell and said that he could hear something that sounded like kittens in our hedges. It was a cold rainy day and I went out to investigate and found two kittens only a few days old in the hedges. We brought them in and went to the feed mill store for formula for the kittens. Over the next couple of days I looked to see if the mother of the kittens would show up but she never did. They were wet and cold and we cared for them as best we knew how, but one of the kittens sadly did not survive. Max the kitten that did thankfully survive the ordeal has now taken his rightful place with Sophie as the supreme rulers of our household.

  • We have two shelter rescues, a 5-year-old pointer/pit named Stella through NJ’s Rawhide Rescue, and an 8-month-old beagle/coonhound named Blue through PA’s Lulu’s Rescue.

    Blue, we recently discovered, was saved from a North Carolina animal control facility that kills 92 percent of the dogs entrusted to its care–and with pain and suffering, in a gas chamber. We are horrified about our precious baby boy having been there, and we feel terrible for all the other dogs still facing such a horrible, horrible death.

  • Feed Shelter Cats and Dogs Contest « Pet News and Views…

    Here at World Spinner we are debating the same thing……

  • Susan

    We have adopted a number of cats from the SPCA. One was on the list to be euthanized and we rescued him on his last day. He turned out to be a sweetheart. Two others were homeless stray cats who were found on the streets and they also became pampered and welcomed in our family. We were fostering cats for some time to help the SPCA but found we had to stop because it became too disruptive to our own. I highly recommend fostering cats for anyone who has it in their heart to do so. It is very rewarding. Thanks for sponsoring this.

  • Susan Pernot

    We adopted/rescued Umlaut (Umy) 5 years ago. At the young age of 2-3 weeks; he was literally thrown from a moving vehicle into an open garage door on the Ute reservation. Suffering from malnutrition, covered with fleas and ticks. Someone inside had the heart to take the puppy to the local animal shelter.
    The shelter already at over capacity took him to a veterinarian who went out of the way to de-flea and de-tick his tiny body put him on an IV because he didn’t have the strength to suck from a bottle. He was kept at the vet for just over 2 weeks. The vet then took him to one of the local animal bed and breakfast facility that often took in animals that the shelter had no room for.
    I had just lost my other dog and in hopes of finding a replacement visited the B&B who happened to have the funniest looking pup I had ever seen. His body was so very tiny and his head was twice the size of the rest of him. When I first walked in he was all wiggles and totally beside himself. It was love at first site from both of us. I signed all the papers etc. to adopt this funny looking pup. I made him a bed in the house with his own pillow, he slept on his pillow, and he never had an accident inside. After a full year of a special diet of hamburger/oatmeal/liquid vitamins. He finally began to grow into his head. He turned into a lover of everyone, people, cats, and dogs; he is a pure joy to have around.

  • We have three rescue dogs: Daisy (off-white mini cockapoo) Pugsley (pug/chihuaha) and Foxy (fox terrier mix) they are our fourth generation of pups adopted from animal shelters.

    We adopted Foxy in October 2004 after a previous terrier, the very brave and sweet Spikey, was killed in a home break-in when she chased the suspect. We never knew she had it in her.

    In December 2005, we lost our older cat Peach and in October 2005 we lost our cocker Curley, so it was sad around here for a long time. Foxy needed some company, so when we felt ready, we began the search of animal shelters. I wanted a little, fluffy, female dog, which my husband maintains meant I really wanted a cat.

    Walking around any pet adoption center is heart-rending. You can’t save them all. We like the Orange County Animal Care Center, the staff and volunteers are very helpful and friendly there, and the animals are very well treated.

    It was at OCACC that we first spotted Daisy. She had a very bad haircut, almost bald in spots, which probably means she came in with her fur all matted, and they had to trim her. She also had three prospective owners on a waiting list, so although it was love at first sight, we thought we’d never get her. But, we came back on her adoption date, and she was ours. She’s been sweet and well-behaved ever since we got her, on March 16, 2006.

    We really only came in for one dog, but when my husband saw Pugsley, he was a goner. That adorable little pushed-in face grabbed his heart, and we got to be first on Pugsley’s waiting list. We were there the moment Pugsley could be officially adopted, and she was ours. We were able to bring her home on March 18, 2006.

    When we brought the pups to our wonderful Long Beach vet, Dr. Grain, for their checkups, Pugsley wagged her tail the whole time she was getting shots, temp taken, and checked over. Dr. Grain says she knew she had been saved from death row, and landed in the lap of luxury.

    We know their lives are short, and we intend to enjoy every possible moment with them. Foxy has her new playmates, and once again, we’re a happy family.

  • Darlene Therrien

    I have 8 rescued dogs 3 rescued cats and 2 rescued horses . All are incredibly beautiful inside and out. All animals need our help. They deserve a good life and we must be thier voice to do what we can to better thier lives.

  • What an amazing opportunity to help shelter animals, Michele: so happy to know about this. Looks like you’re going to be feeding so many deserving future-pets. Thanks for being you!

  • Robert D

    I adopted my lil KatyBear from PetRescue a local organization in NY. She is perfect!

  • I will share the abbreviated (LOL) version of the story of my last adopted “pup”.

    Last year I was laid off from my job and within a month had also lost my beloved Morby – a senior Sheltie/Pom mix that I had adopted at the ripe old age of 12. She was 17.5 and was my canine soulmate. She was succumbing to the affects, I believe, of rimadyl because other than her arthritis she was in perfect health despite her age.

    I was mourning so terribly but being out of work I didn’t think it was so responsible to adopt another dog. Long story short, I came to fall in love with 7yo “Lady Grey” as she was known in the shelter but I had no experience with Pitbulls but I have a soft spot for the seniors and just knew I had to at least check her out because I was afraid they would put her down. I had a lot of support about the decision not only from my husband but also from the wonderful angel who was facilitating this adoption. Hubby and I went to meet her but we couldn’t even connect with her because when the staff took her off the leash…she bolted straight through the facility to the front gate…she just wanted out and I couldn’t blame her. The cacophony alone in the shelter was enough to make anyone want to run for the hills so for this poor girl being their day & night…OMG! I told the shelter I would like to take her but then they told me I couldn’t take her that night because she had to see the vet for some diarrhea. I was a bit relieved because I felt it gave me a little longer to make a decision. The next day…I started to get cold feet but I called the shelter and told them I wanted her but couldn’t make it that day. I knew this at least bought her another day. By the next day my husband told me to go back and get her – he had to work. I went back and it was basically the same response from her…she was so terrified to be in the shelter I couldn’t even make eye-contact with her but I adopted her anyway. The minute we stepped outside of the shelter I knew she was mine and I was hers…she stopped right outside the door, looked at me and proceeded to lead me to my car which was parked about 2 blocks away. Within in a few weeks we renamed her Suede which she took to very easily.

    She is my 75lb lapdog. She will not hesitate to place herself in my lap and “cuddle” up despite the fact that there is not enough space. I don’t regret adopting her one bit.

  • Ira

    I’ve got my cat from the street, and he’s with us for more then 5 years now.
    What a great cause! 🙂

  • ErinS

    My cats have always come from shelters. Well actually, they’ve come from veternarians that take in strays. My current cat Fitzy came from Dr. Cameron in Montclair, NJ. He’s been our family vet for over 20 years and when my cat Pywacket died, his staff suggested I adopt a new cat from him. On the 2nd floor of the practice, they have a “cat room” full of strays they’ve taken in. The staff escorts you up there and you just pick out the cat you want…its a cat buffet! I always joke that the cat room is like the final scene of the movie “The Birds”, when the hero gingerly escorts the heroine through a sea of birds. Except with the cat room, its a sea of cats and every cat lover’s delight! At the time my son was about 4 years old and I decided to let him pick out our new cat. There was one perfect cat that was following my son around the room. The cat was declawed and young…met all my qualifications. But my son wasn’t interested. Instead he chose Fitzy, the cranky cat that was in a cage because he bit a chunk off the back of another cat!! Almost 6 years later, we still have Fitzy, he’s still cranky 80% of the time, but he’s ours and we love him.

  • Carle Welter

    Many of our cats and dogs are rescue dogs but the most notable is Scruffy. Abandoned as a 3 month old puppy by the side of the road with his sister and a pile of dog food, Scruffy wasn’t looking forward to a very good life. A good Samaritan picked up the puppies and delivered them to the local shelter. We adopted Scruffy and a friend adopted his sister, Cuddles. Cuddles is waiting at the Rainbow Bridge for her owners and Scruffy continues to work as a certified therapy dog. Scruffy is now fifteen and has some trouble walking, but tell him that he’s going on a therapy visit and he is all smiles. Way to go, Scruffy!

  • I live in India and here cats roam freely in our residential society. I feed two cats who come to my house every morning. I love animals and am always willing to help their cause.

  • Shelter dogs are the best! The Hankster had obviously been abused before being dumped in the desert. He was eventually picked up and taken to the pound. Since the pound had a kill policy towards the end of his allotted time he was taken by a rescue organization. I adopted him 4 weeks later. At that time he was still only up to 40 lbs. Nowadays he is a very healthy 60.

    The rescue place I got him from gets some of their food from Iams. Though it is publicity for them, they are also helping with a really great cause.

  • Judith

    My wonderful, white, blue-eyed Turkish angora came from the Santa Rosa, CA, SPCA. He is loyal, lovable, and handsome even with a damaged left ear. He comes when called and knows some commands, such as “under the covers” and “lap.” Lance is fourteen years old and sometimes still frisky.

  • Lisa W

    I have two rescue babies — Sophie, my complicated little “kitty dog” (she’s a Golden mix but sometimes I think she has cat genes) is from Lake Norman Animal Rescue in Mooresville NC. Oscar is a Pyr/Golden mix and is my sunshine, who helped heal my heart after my heart dog Bailey passed away. He came from Indy Great Pyrenees Rescue. Yes, I drove from NC to IN to get him, and it was worth every minute!

  • Sherry

    We always try to adopt from a shelter or a rescue. We currently have 7 cats – while most were rehomes, we have one from St. Huberts in Madison, NJ and one from Alpha Vet in Alpha, NJ. We had a wonderful pit mix from the Easton, PA shelter who’s currently missing and we’re now long term fostering another pit mix for a friend. Shelter pets are the best!

  • Elaine

    We have 4 cats and all of them are rescues, some from an animal shelters, one was an older cat with health problems and the other was from an over flow facility which I know if we had not taken these 2 cats they would have been put down, one is very expensive to maintain and the other is not friendly, the other 2 cats we have one was raised in the wild and the other some one threw away on a main highway, we love all them dearly and wouldn’t part with any of them, I am just glad we could make a difference in their lives.

  • Michelle van Soelen

    Made a pledge to from now on only adopt pets, they enrich your lifes so much! How can one live without a furry friend!
    Have 3 doggies – Percy, Chloe en Missy 🙂

  • We adopted our male Maine Coon (DR> SEUSS) a little over 13 years ago from the North Shore Animal League. He’s has diabetes now [so it’s insulin 2/day 2units], yet he still loves to run after, make tries to lick our one-eyed calico (UNO) [and yes she’s female = normal for the breed], which rescued from the garage will kept our car in four years later. We love the love/hate relationship their have, with Uno smacking him when he gets too annoying. Watching their antics, and following my wife’s suggestion I wrote a children’s book {A Lesson My Cat Taught Me) I hope this endeavor turns out to be a HUGE SUCCESS. Please pass the word.

  • Bev

    A couple of good Samaritans found 2 puppies by the side of the road. They were starving and nearly comatose. They took them to the Humane Society where it was discovered that the puppies had parvo virus, which is very infectious and usually fatal. So these 2 puppies were put on death row. Luckily, someone at the shelter knew about Small Paws Rescue–a rescue group that specializes in Bichons. Derek, the Small Paws regional team leader, rushed to the shelter. He got both puppies to a wonderful veterinary clinic, where they were treated and made well. Then I got an email: “We have a puppy, are you ready to be a new mom?” OH YEAH!

    That’s how Tyler came into my life nearly 5 months ago. He’s a little stinker and the best little dog in the world! (The other puppy also found a forever home with a loving family.)

  • I hope you get loads of comments and so get lots of bowls of food!

    I got my puppy from a breeder but am thoroughly intending on getting a rescue dog when my wee lad gets a bit older, maybe in a year or so and might even just rescue from now on as I am becoming increasingly more aware of just how many unwanted animals there are out there and that I really want to help.

    Much love and wishing you luck with the comments and bowls of food,
    Annabel and Ralph


  • Alison Arnold

    I have a lionhead rabbit named Misty, here is her story.

    My other rabbits were boarding at my local Rabbit Rescue when I saw this little girl in a cage, Kris (the owner) told me that she came in a few days before, her owner had brought her in and even though Kris had told him that she had no room, Misty’s owner said that she was ‘nasty’ and she will be out of his hutch ‘one way or another’…. so Kris had no choice but to find room for her.

    As soon as I started to stroke her she instantly buried down in a very contented position and looked so content, she was very trusting for a rabbit which is quite unusual, so instead of boarding, my other rabbits were bonded with their new friend.

    Now I am not going to lie and say she hasn’t caused her fair share of problems, she nips my other bunnies when they are in her way and has destroyed every bit of material that she has got near… she loves to chew! But that is her, we accept her in the same way as we accept our family and friends, we all have our faults and pets should not be expected to be any different, but she is NOT nasty, she has never bitten a person (only a rabbits bun!), she loves to be stroked and will lay with me for ages.

    Some animals just need time, patience, security, love and attention, and what they can give back to us is worth so much more than that!

  • Pamela Toler

    Dali is a rescue cat: taken in from the ally as a kitten and tamed with love. She caught on really quickly that inside is safer than outside: now she fusses at me to come in whenever I’m sitting on the porch.

  • Hi everyone
    We used to have 2 dogs and 3 cats, over the years we lost our gang apart from a cat called Jess, not related to our other 2 cats we had as a pair of sisters, anyway, my office was in a ground floor block of 12 flats, this cat I found that lived under the eves as it turned out, belonged to this old chap, he hardly let her in, she had hair balls on her belly the size of chestnuts, her skin ripped, her ears infected and sore, her left eye was all sticky and horrid.
    I met Jess a few days after I moved in and set up work, I took her to a vet and asked her owner if I could have her I couldnt believe the state she was in, under fed was just not the words to use..she was a mess and the worse thing was she has long hair.

    I had an accident and fell from a two story building, I had Jess brought to my house some 30 miles away where she lived, people had said that when I was in hospital Jess would cry at the main door to be let in and 8 years on I can honestly say I can hear that cat purr from another room…and we both feel great. She has a garden and trees, hiding holes and tops of cupboards to be safe but..lol she usually sleeps stretched out in the middle of the dinning room carpet or in the middle of our bed lmao classic cat trick you bought me 3 beds which I stick my finger up at but I love your bed…purrrrrrrfect!

  • I have 3 small dogs, all pedigree mongrels!! we bought from the local pet shop, but they had been there for weeks and weeks………they enrich our loves, give us unconditional love, keep us healthy as we walk along bush tracks every day. Can’t imagine my children growing up without them. Sydney,Australia.

  • Where to start with our menagerie? 4 of our 5 dogs are shelter dogs, 3 of the 7 cats are (the others adopted us, and 1 was kept from going to a shelter), and 3 of the horses are rescues. For nearly 30 years we have adopted from shelters because of our belief that the shelter animals are in need of someone to love them. Our first purebred Mastiff came from the Kansas Humane Society 2 years after we left our names if they should get one in. He was the most incredible dog, definitely showed some signs of abuse, but Ottis was our big baby for 10 1/2 years. He was very afraid of thunderstorms and the smallest rumble of thunder would send him hiding under our feet. We lost him last year in early November when he had a “cerebral event” likely a brain anuerism that disabled him.
    Our Lab/Mastiff Boomer is the sweetest dog, who got to the Caring Hands Humane Society in Newton, who had been at the shelter for three weeks waiting for his owner to claim him when they took him to PetSmart one Saturday. My son and I just happened to be at PetSmart to pick up supplies while Caring Hands was there. Being a sucker for big dogs, Boomer came home with us. He didn’t come with the name Boomer, but anywhere he was near and wagging his tail (which he does all the time), it would go “boom, boom, boom.” I don’t know how anyone could have abandoned this dog on the streets, as he was trained to sit, and he will even, when asked, put his paws up and “hug” you. Along with Boomer, Max came home with us. My son just had to have this Aussie cross who has turned out to be our ADHD dog. He was a bundle of energy at 3 months and is still that way, he’s always moving, even in his sleep. Except when he’s watching the bunny in the yard out the back window. Then he is perfectly still. So, when we want Max to sit and be still, we say “bunny” and he goes to the window and sits, watching for the bunny. Then there’s Buffy, and Cisco our oldest and youngest dogs, neither of which grew up from puppies as expected. But we love them dearly for their very opposite personalities.
    Of the adult cats we’ve adopted, there is one who stands out as the real “character”–Issis, a 2-year-old Siamese who is “ninja cat” from Cats and Dogs. She will leap at any 4-legged or two-legged animal, throws herself in the middle of the rug and rolls over for a belly rub, and even when she’s just laying down near a traffic area, she will bat at you with her paw (always soft paws, no claws) to make sure you pay attention to her. She came from the Kansas Humane Society when I stopped by after we lost our tortoise shell to feline leukemia in March. I really only stopped to “look,” but it had been a long time since we had Siamese and Issis has turned out to be the cat that always makes us laugh with her amazing leaping antics.
    While we’ve been down to one income the past 12 months, while the animals definitely strain the budget, they also make the uncertainty, the stress and the sometime feelings of hopelessness seem less onerous. We’ve been fighting to save our home, not so much for us, but because of the animals–they’re part of the family.

  • Great idea and a wonderful cause! This is a wonderful thing you are doing. I will help by posting this on our facebook page and tweet about it.


  • Robyn Lamoreux

    I adopted Callie from the Harbor Animal Shelter for my mom this past Mother’s Day. My mom is elderly and I didn’t want her to be alone all day while I work. She is also on a fixed income so as part of her present I am also paying for all of Callie’s vaccinations, vet care and food for the rest of her life.

  • P. Elizabeth

    I have adopted three little dogs. The most amazing one was Grace, to whom I dedicated a book. I miss her every day. She was my forever and perfect girl. DNA testing was not available, so I have no idea what breeds she represented. Weighing in at only 8 pounds with black and brown silky hair, we suspected Maltese, Silky, or Min Schnauzer. She had the expressive face of an angel. I was doing volunteer work at an animal shelter when the animal control officer brought her in. She was so small that they brought her to the office as a stray. She walked over to me and stood up on her hind legs and waved her little front paws. I picked her up and set her on the filing cabinet where she sat watching me all afternoon. I called my husband to tell him that I had something he had to see. He knew where I was calling from so he said, “Bring her home.” The shelter let me take her home while I waited three anxious days for someone to show up. No one did and she became ours. She was a runner and the first time we opened the door at home, she took off. She did it only once, thank goodness. She was a perfect lady, traveling with us and staying in hotels in the U.S. and Canada, and behaving better than any child on the airplane. She was my little soul mate. She lived with us for 14 incredibly wonderful years, as our child, before dying unexpectedly while under anesthesia to have her teeth cleaned. I was completely and profoundly grief stricken. The vet’s office where she died had never had a death before and they established a fund in her memory to provide vet care for homeless animals. I still can’t think this much about her without crying and it’s been 8 years since she died. People simply do not realize how spectacular animals are who end up in shelters and rescue. They deserve homes and love, not a needle. They deserve a second chance. I live by these mottos: DO NOT BREED OR BUY WHILE HOMELESS ANIMALS DIE. MAKE AMERICA A NO-KILL NATION. Thank you Michele for giving us the opportunity to tell these stories. I hope never to live without a dog in my life and if I am unconscious, my husband has strict orders to put one in my bed. 🙂

  • matt brent

    Recently adopted ‘Taz’, a 10 week old black cat. He’s awesome. Quickly bonded with ‘Mo’, our 21lb tuxedo cat. After a few days of hissing and warning swats, they are now best buds and share the same dog bed.

  • chris b

    I only have one kitty at present he is a very independent Golden Persian rescued from a breeder of Siamese and Burmese cats, whose queens were giving him a lot of harassment being a neutered tom! He has acquired many Siamese type vocalisations. He had his teeth removed by the notorious Grimsby vet (only days before I rescued him) who takes animals teeth out as a jaw cancer prevention method. Apparently his previous owner had taken him and his sister to this vet for their first year vaccinations and when collecting them was presented with a bill for £275 for dental work rather than the £20 she was expecting for their shots. I can only assume this surgery on both cats was also carried out without consent or she would not have been surprised at getting a bill for dental work she had not requested! My own vet told me he had once had an anesthetized cat brought in by it’s owner, who obviously had misgivings about the procedure to take such drastic action as removing a cat prepped for surgery for a second opinion on it’s teeth and there was nothing wrong with them so he simply revived the cat! Can’t believe this tooth pulling vet is still in practice!

  • Mervi Rantala

    We have seven cats, ages raging from 12,5 to 2,5 years, and all are adopted and/or rescued.
    They have brought us so much joy and I can´t even imagine my life without them!
    Always adopt, never buy!!!

  • Vallee Rose

    I adopted Baby – a lab, Corgy, German shepherd mix. You could tell she had been abused – she lay there so quiet and serene at just about 2 years old. My disabled husband wanted a dog for protection and companionship. She is always there for us, protecting us and also knowing that we will protect her. She is a doll – though the cat and her are so territorial that it is funny to watch the two follow me around the house. My husband had been abused as a kid – so she is special to him… he doesn’t say much – but one can tell. We rescued her from the Pueblo Animal Shelter in Pueblo , CO in 3/10. The guys were scared of her when I brought her back to be spayed – all she does is lick us…. she knows who to trust.

  • Krista

    Kudos to Iams and Pet News and Views for doing such a tremendously good deed! Please spread the word and share the link to Michele’s post via your updates on LinkedIn, Twitter, etc!

    I adopted my black lab pit bull mix, Abbey, from the Cortland NY SPCA nearly eight years ago. That dog is the best $25 I have ever spent and I can’t imagine life without my shelter rescue. 🙂

  • John Rogers

    I moved to Spain on 6th June 2007 and adopted a shy and very timid little dog (about 3 years old) from a shelter in Mojaca on 10th June.He was called “Champ” at the shelter and his carers told me that he had been left tied to the gate of the shelter by a piece of string. This little dog was not a complete stranger to me as I had seen him on the web page of the shelter before relocating. I couldn’t resist going to see him and having made contact I couldn’t leave him there. This little fellow (I think he is a cross between a Yorkshire Terrier and a Sheltie) was afraid of everything and clearly had been abused. If I lifted an arm or a leg, he ran away and hid. As a part of his rehabilitation he was renamed “Buddy” and, over a period of 3 months, he was taught to play with toys without being afraid.

    In September of that year we were joined by “Honey” who came from a shelter near Albox. She had been found as a puppy and had remained at the shelter until she was about 2 years old. She had none of the problems of fear or having been abused. She might be a retriever/ collie cross. Buddy and Honey quickly became firm friends. Honey quickly settled in to her new home. It was as if Buddy was showing her the ropes. In return, Honey helped Buddy to become more confident and out going.

    Probably not a very unusual tale so far. What is special is that these two amazing dogs have in the past 3 years located a number of abandoned puppies and kittens while we have been out walking in the hills. They have refused to leave until we have the pups or kittens safely in our care. The outcome is that we now have 4 cats sharing our lives and our home.

  • Sue

    I adopted my best friend, Zenobia, through a small, private rescue in Kentucky. She is a wonderful dog.

  • Carles

    Zola at work: My previous job was with a dog friendly company. Zola, our Vizsla, would join me in the office 2 or 3 times a week. Our company had offices all over the world, and we had tele-conferences in a dedicated room. Zola would come the room, hoop up on a chair and go to sleep, which put her below desk level and out of view of the people at the other end. Every so often she would sit up, stretch, give a yawn and curl back up and return to sleep. The would invariably bring a smile to everyone at the other end of our connection, and served as a good ice breaker.

  • Jen

    When my rescue kitty companion of fourteen years had to be put to sleep two years ago, I knew that it would take some time before I could welcome another into my life. But within the year, while taking a stroll through an NYC Petco “just to see” the adoptables from the Kitty Kind rescue org… I saw the most beautiful calico in the corner cage. She stood out because of her markings, but also her quiet, understated sweetness. When I (cautiously) reached in to say hello, she offered a love bite, and the rest was history. Since then, I’ve seen Shelby’s quirky (totally calico) side, too, which makes her even more wonderful.

    Prior to my adopting her, this poor girl had been abused, sustaining a fractured hip that has since healed, and left on the streets of New Jersey. She was then attacked by other cats at two foster homes. I’m just so happy to be able to give her the happy forever home that she deserves!

    Thanks for

  • I have never adopted a animal from a shelter, all my animals have been strays that I have took in and care for but when I get another dog it will be from a shelter. bless all of you animal lovers.

  • Jocelyn

    I adopted my cat Raz from the Nebraska Humane Society 3 1/2 years ago. His entire litter had been placed in a cardboard box next to a dumpster and a local interstate truck stop. They were all turned over by a wonderfully caring person to the Human Society. The Humane Society then placed them in a local PetsMart for adoption. Raz has been a wonderful addition to my family!

  • Jon Burke

    I found my 120lbs lab/rott mix, Jake, on Petfinder.com. He’s a 120lbs lapdog, and its a riot when we let him up on the couch, and amazing at just how small he can make himself so he can ‘fit’.

  • Jen

    To finish that thought…

    Thanks for this great opportunity to help shelter animals!

  • Lisa

    All of my pets are rescues – I rescued them from the street and abandonment! Or maybe I should say they rescued me!!! 🙂
    I think that the love that these animals give you is even greater – what loyalty!
    Thank you all for what you do to help these wonderful souls.

  • Jerilyn Capaccione

    We adopted a yellow Labrador Retriever from a kill shelter in Ohio in December of 2005. We drove between 300-500 miles to get him. He would have died in a gas chamber if we hadn’t adopted him. He died from lung cancer 7 months later and we adopted a black male Labrador Retriever (he was 6 years old) a month later. He almost died at the hands of the vet who neutered him (she botched the neutering up and he almost bled to death and if we hadn’t taken him home when we did and adopted him, he would have bled to death in the shelter where we got him from). He is the sweetest Lab (on the same level as our sweet Titan who passed away from lung cancer 7 months after we had him in 2006). His name is Midnight and he is just the pride and joy of our lives. We have other dogs (we have a part lab and he is special also. He had an accident in the house when he was 4 years old (he ran into the kitchen cabinet and twisted his neck to the point that he started taking seizures and we worked with him with this for almost 5 years before realizing that the problem was from him hitting into that cabinet and his neck was messed up and that was why he was having seizures. We started making his food for him (all natural) because if he ate any kind of store bought dog food or ate anything with coloring in it, he would have a seizure right away. We went through this with him for over 5 years and now we make his and our other dog’s food up ourselves and Hercules doesn’t get anything with coloring, flavoring or preservatives in it. He is fine as long as he stays on this diet. Midnight follows my husband around everywhere because my husband helped him through the time when he was bleeding (right after we brought him home from the shelter) and he had to take him to an emergency hospital and he had to be completely neutered (the other vet only did a partial neutering and left a whole there too large so that he actually bled from that hole). He adores my husband because of him being there for him after he went through the rest of the surgery and the bleeding that happened. We love both of these doggies so much.
    Jerilyn Capaccione

  • Brenda

    I adopted the Evil Fat Cat Morlock from the SF SPCA. I was told that he may never warm up to me and act like a “normal” cat as he had been feral for some time and showed signs of anti-social behavior. All these years later, not only does he love a good cuddle, he and my 100 lb Rottie are best friends and are often seen playing, sleeping, and grooming together. 🙂

  • Ambrose and Dog II are retired greyhounds we adopted from Auburn, CA’s Greyhound Friends for Life in March, 2009. Ambrose is a huge goof, and Dog II is sweetly loyal. They couldn’t be more different from one another in personality, but they get along beautifully and love to chase one another and play in the backyard.

  • Rudy guards me whether I want it or not.
    Rudy is a 70-pound lap dog.
    When Rudy’s first parents got divorced,
    No one wanted Rudy.
    We did.

    Maggie is a beautiful black dog.
    We couldn’t even touch her head when she came home with us.
    Maggie grew up in the SPCA until she was a year old.
    Rudy taught her how to be a dog.

    Prince was tied to a gasoline pump and abandoned.
    He was afraid to do anything but hide in the corner.
    Prince learned to trust people.
    He liked me best.
    I miss him.

  • Great cause. I adopted my pet Rusty from the local humane society. My dog brings joy to my daughters eyes.


  • Megan Tutera

    I adopted two little black kittens eight years ago from a pet smart adoption day! These two little brothers were so cute and got into so much trouble, thus their names Lenny and Squiggy. They have been the joy in my life and are siblings to three other cats that adopted me.They bring a smile to my face every day!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Kay

    I adopted my dog Lefty from a foster mom who rescued him from a shelter. I found him on Petfinder. He will be very happy to know that 25 bowls of food will be donated in his name!

  • We adopted our dog from a rescue in Los Angeles around 2 months ago. He’s doing great; a little neurotic about hoarding food, and a little anxious around other dogs, but he’s learning and rebounding. he fits right into our family. As long as he doesn’t eat the pet bird, he’s 100% great.

  • Alexandra, LVT

    All of my life, we have rescued/taken in strays as our companion animals. My first cat, Figaro Newton, came into my life when I was 12. I had volunteered at a local non-kill animal shelter (Little shelter, Huntington NY) and they needed a foster for a litter of kittens that was abandoned at their door. So, at 12 I spent my summer caring for the litter of 5, 1 ½ week old kittens. They needed everything done for them. When it was time for them to go to the shelter to be adopted out, obviously we couldn’t let them all go. We wanted to keep them all, but it was unrealistic, given that we had a couple of cats and a dog in a rental home as it was. We kept two, named Figaro and Killer (an affectionate name). One night, Killer died tragically choking on some food. I was devastated, but at least I had Figi. He was my best friend for the next 16 years until 2009. In 2005, I was in veterinary technician school during my final year, first internship. I was looking to adopt another cat. So, one day I went in and the girls at the animal hospital asked me if I wanted to take home a kitten. She was found in a puddle, roughly 3-4 weeks old, weaned and even using a litter box. That settled it, she was coming home. Figaro, was a very neat and clean cat, never urinated or defecated outside of his pan even with a urinary tract infection, and figured another neat and housetrained cat would be perfect. He was 12 at the time, but when Thalia came home it brought spunk and joy back into his life. By 2007, I was ready to have a dog. I wanted to adopt an adult, being that I work in veterinary medicine I knew they were always the ones in need and besides they usually come with basic commands in place as well as their temperament is fully known, something that cannot be determined with any puppy. What I did know also, is I wanted a large dog to be able to jog, and hike, and be active with. Well, naturally in came a puppy. A goofy bugg-eyed black and white little creature that was also disabled. She was rescued from a backyard caged day and night, and only was known due to her crying that a neighbor wouldn’t stand for. Her disability is commonly referred to as Swimmer Puppy Syndrome. This basically means a puppy that never learns or is able to stand and walk, and is flat on its belly with fore and rear legs splayed on either side. Their chest cavities flatten and their legs grow splayed. If not corrected, they can die. The physical therapist she was brought to in my hospital said she was one of the worst cases he’d ever seen and was worried about her. She quickly won everyone’s heart at the hospital, and daily people kept saying “ali take her, she’s a doll and homeless”. For weeks I replied “I don’t wanna do the puppy thing, and besides PUPPIES always get homes”. As time went on, there were no takers and when she was finally ready to go to a home, her condition being corrected and her on way to a fully recovery, again I was accosted by co-workers. Needless to say, I was won over and took her. Her little right leg still bowed out a little and her ribs weren’t totally normal, so I was worried. The PT tech told me all I had to do was allow her to be a puppy, and run around, that would be the best thing for her. She was 13 weeks old, and 9 pounds when I adopted her, her name became Luna. She had energy and spunk, with love for all creatures great and small, human or nonhuman. She is truly a joy in my life, and when given the chance is loved by those she encounters. I have lost count the number of people asking me to bring her over to play at their house, with their kids, with their dogs or volunteering to dog-sit if I should ever need. There is not one person I know, where she IS NOT welcome. That is of course unless you count places such as Denver, Colorado. Yes, the darling of the neighborhood and my work is a pitbull terrier. She has affected my life on many levels. Being a life long sufferer of anxiety and depression, she has helped me find my voice, a reason to stand and be counted. On behalf of her, and dogs of her breed or type I stood in front of a town council to speak, when rumors of a ban were being whispered. For the record, my dog is not a ticking time bomb, nor does her jaws have the ability to “lock”. She enjoys jogging, fetch, tug o war the same as any other dog. Even my cats love and adore her, one in particular, which brings me to my other cat Sam. He came into my life 2 ½ years ago as a six month old kitten from a friend who could no longer keep him and was terrified he would be put into a shelter. He stole my heart when I gave him a chance, and he is deeply bonded to my pitbull Luna. If I am too busy to pay attention to him, he RUNS to the dog and rubs all over her and sleeps with her (as well as on top of her). He will play with her, but being that she is 60lbs and he only 10 wrestling is not his favorite past time, that is of course if dive bombing her from above, chasing her tail or playing with her face – even biting it, counts (yes folks, the cat bites the pitbull in play, pulls the skin and bites hard, and all the pitbull does is wag her tail faster). They all have made my life more enjoyable and in dark times are my reason to keep going.

  • Hi Everyone, it’s very important we help this cause together! I know there are allot of cats and that need food. This is a quick and wonderful way to help just jump on & help by just filling out some info. We came to this world because of handsome puppy we found on the street named Louie G Pup – he was our everything and showed how much love can really change you and your life…For him we always try to help all of the pets we can. He’s at the top of our site – he’s guiding angel.Please push this on twitter and facebook – we will do the same lets help.. Let’s see how many wonderful cats we can feed… thank you!!

  • Kim O'Connor

    All of my animals have been adopted except for one feral kitten. Always using IAMS!! Great product!!!

  • de adney

    Emma and DeeDee are two greyhounds I rescued from the shelter with the help of Greyhound Pets of America Senior Sanctuary in Dade City, Florida. The girls have been together all their lives and don’t like to be apart. Through unfortunate circumstances, they ended up in the shelter. It was difficult to find someone to take them both, so they would have been separated or put down. Either way would have meant death for these wonderful doggies. I had another greyhound at the time, also from the rescue, who was dying of cancer. I had decided that when Dolly crossed the bridge, I didn’t want anymore doggies, due to my age and health issues. But, when I found out Emma and DeeDee would be separated or put down, I couldn’t say no. They’ve been with me over a year now and are doing greyt! The irony in the situation is that, although I’m in Florida now, I come from Oklahoma. My name is De. DeeDee has ties to Oklahoma and I had an aunt named Emma. So, it’s like we were destined to be together. They are now on permanent foster till death do us part.

  • toni harrison kahn

    what a wonderful idea…..leave a comment and in so doing 25 bowls of food will be donated to animal shelters. I live in the UK and have always adopted dogs from animal shelters…it would be good if we could set up something like this in England.

  • Tim

    I know this little black lab mix nicknamed the Abinator that came came from a shelter and has done some amazing things so far in her life… including running amuck through Target, getting peed on inadvertently by a larger dog, and jumping like an Olympic medalist into the pool . The best is yet to come.

  • Deidra

    The first rescue was Zeus, our yorki mix. My husband found him at a pet store that obviously shouldn’t have been in business since Zeus was kept in a hamster cage. My husband felt so bad for him and instantly brought him home. He’s now approx 9 years old and while he’s getting up there in age quickly, he’s aging gracefully. Secondly, is Jack. He’s a 110 pound yellow/chocolate lab mix that we rescued as a puppy from Brookes Legacy Animal Rescue in Naples, FL. He was the last one left out of his 2 sisters and boy did we get extremely lucky! He’s now a 4 year old huge ball of love and we just couldn’t be happier with these 2 as part of our family. I’m also VERY proud to say that I helped and actually went with 3 different friends that all adopted 3 different dogs within the past 2 weeks from 2 local shelters. These dogs have found their forever homes.

  • All of my current crew are rescue babies.

    My dachshund, Phoebe, was “rescued” from a breeder who was mistreating her. My friend wanted a puppy but bought her instead because she couldn’t stand how pitiful she looked.

    I adopted my cocker spaniel, B’Elanna, and my Golden/Labs, Chassie and Ginger, from Hope Humane Society of Texas.

    JoJo was found on the side of the road in AR. My friend brought her home, but JoJo drove her dogs nuts. She’s about the same age as Ginger and Chassie, so we thought they’d be a good match – and they are!

    Callie Sue is the dog I’m currently fostering for Hope Humane Society. She’s a Brussels Griffon/Yorkshire Terrier mix and is such a sweet little thing.

    I also have two cats who adopted me. They were both abandoned at apartment complexes where I lived.

    I couldn’t ask for a sweeter group of girls. They get along so well and they do such a good job of loving me. I just hope that I can measure up!

  • Phil V.

    I rescues Felix from a shelter in Louisiana about 6 months ago. My girlfriend found him on dogs in danger. he was 6 lbs when i picked him up. He’s a chihuahua min pin mix. it was a 3 hour drive from where I am in Texas and worht every minute of the drive both ways to get him. he was heartworm positive but my vet did a great job of curing him and he is the happiest little guy now. Between us we have 9 dogs right now. All of them rescues and a couple that have terminal illnesses and are living out their final days in comfort and with love…..

  • Mary

    I have 2 cats, and 4 dogs that I adopted from our local shelter in Hamilton, Ont. I found 1 cat hit by a car on valentines day 14 years ago, the second was thrown out of a car with her four 8 week old kittens. My dogs are 2 pit bulls,a schipperke/border collie and chihuahua. They make everyday interesting. I recommend always adopting from a shelter, when you adopt one, you are really saving 2 lives.

  • angella russell

    i adopted my little lady, stella, through ugly mutts dog rescue in hamilton ontario. stella came to me at a very crucial time in my life. i already had oliver as part of my family and had lost my great dane to my ex on christmas eve so both oliver and i were very lonely. it took me a few months to move beyond the heartache of losing an animal to a cruel person and oliver was heartbroken and depressed without his buddy to play with every day. so the time came for me to choose a new family member. i chose stella as she had similar colouring, size and energy levels as oliver. she came from a kill shelter in ohio and was only seven months old. stella is a jug (jack russell pug cross) and is gorgeous. she’s extremely smart, understands full phrases quickly and fast became the love of both oliver and my life. stella took some time to train for toileting but her manners were instantaneous and she’s grown into a gorgeous dog with a happy, joyful disposition who speaks and cuddles and is loved by all who meet her. i am so happy that i was able to give her a forever home. my life is infinitely better with her in it.

  • Stephanie

    I remember the day my boyfriend (now husband) and I decided we needed to add a pet to our lives. We looked at some of the websites of the shelters and decided to go to Animal Care and Control in Manhattan. I was set on giving an older cat a home. We went through the rooms of kitten after kitten and then we saw our little Dannyboy sitting nervous in his cage. Owner surrendered and very frightened we took him home and he sat under my futon for 3 days only coming out for meals. After his first vet appointment 2 days later we found out he was diabetic and required insulin. That was almost 7 years ago and we are caring for and cuddling with our furry friend everyday. This animal has been an amazing and irreplaceable addition to our family. I truly believe he knows all the things we do for him to make him feel better with insulin and other medications…and he thanks us for it every single day. Adopt a pet…it will change your life.

  • Brenda

    We found and brought home our first lab mix babies the week after we were married, a black male, Caesar, a light yellow female, Sasha, brother and sister from the same litter. They blessed our lives for many years. They traveled with us, went swimming with us, and made our house a home. We lost Caesar 3 weeks before his 14th birthday, Sasha on January 2, 2011, 3 months before she turned 16. We missed them so much, and still do. But it didn’t take long for us to realize we were tired of an empty house. We found a black lab in a DHS lab rescue home that was 2, looked like a smaller version of our Caesar, and he needed a home. We couldn’t get him out of our mind. We completed the Denton County HS application to adopt him. The day we sent it in to his foster mom, he had been adopted. We were heartbroken, but decided maybe it wasn’t the right time. Before midnight that evening, his foster mom had notified us that a litter of 7 black labs had been abandoned on city hall steps, and were only a week away from being ready for adoption. Because of our application answers, realizing how much Caesar and Sasha were our kids (her quote, “you need babies’}, she sent everything on to the puppies’ foster mom while we slept.

    We were given the privilege of being adopted by our Cole and Cassidy in March, 2010, the only two of that litter that got adopted together (all were adopted). They have made our house a home again…they are characters…but we are so thankful to the DHS in Denton County, Texas. I only wish we could add a photo…they are such beautiful black labs (especially when they are wearing their Kansas State Wildcats jerseys)! Rescue foster mommies…you are the best! Thank you for saving our babies until they found us!!

  • Cay

    I have adopted two beautiful black mini-poodles from a local shelter. They are both beautiful sweet girls, but the first one is very special. She was born blind.

    I discovered Valentine online at petfinder. She was only 6 months old. I had never been on there before, but thought I would check it out. One look at Valentine’s beautiful face and I knew she was meant to be part of our family. I had never had a blind dog so I didn’t know what to expect, and read every book I could find on the subject before we brought her home. Apparently, Valentine had never read those books either, because she proved most of the theories wrong. Valentine runs, plays, goes on walks, goes up and down stairs, and acts just like the other poodles in our household. Being blind does not slow her down.

    She loves to lie in the sun in our backyard. We have lots of trees around the house, so the sun isn’t always in the same spot. That doesn’t bother her, she seems to know exactly where to stretch out to take full advance. When she gets too hot, she gets up and comes inside. She has favorite napping spots all over our three story house. Stairs aren’t an issue.

    Watching her has taught me so much about life. She is so amazing. Nothing is impossible for her. She doesn’t see herself as handicapped. She is the most gentle loving spirit that enjoys life to the fullest.

  • Kim

    I adopted Hobbes, my crazy, loving, spunky cat about 3 years ago from a shelter in Orlando. He’s the first pet I’ve ever had, and I can’t imagine coming home to a pet-less house now! He’s been a great addition to my life, and I look forward to many more years of random meowing from him :-).

  • Robert R

    i have rescue a few dogs and cats from the streets but if i could i adopt a dog or cat from dead row.

  • Krissy

    I am the proud owner of 8 rescued dogs. Rescue is the only way to go.My dogs are life, I couldn’t imagine not having a rescued dog to wake up with everyday. Don’t shop adopt, don’t breed or buy while shelter dogs die.

  • jenn

    lets see…. got 13 pets total…plus one more that i am “taking care of”….
    we will start with the dogs:
    bailey came from the camarillo shelter…she is 7 now and is a cattle dog/ german shepherd mix… and has survived blood poisoning (cost us 10k in hospital bills) and kidney cancer (3k in hospital bills) right now she is licking her foot…lol….
    avery a borgi (corgi/border collie) was abandoned in riverside somewhere….and ended up with a rescue organization called best buddies…. my husband saw him at petco in camarillo….he is 3 now…
    and for the cats:
    peppermint came from a shelter many years ago…. he is going to be 17 next february….
    shasta was bought at a pet store…someone left some kittens there….she is siamese… she is 7
    savannah and her babies herschel, dodger, ava, mayer (and coco which doesn’t live with me) were abandoned at the local home depot…well savannah was and she had her babies there…. took me half a day to catch savannah in a “have a heart” trap…. then another free weeks to “tame” her…. she is the sweetest cat ever and her babies are very loving too…
    the rest of my cats aren’t rescues but babies of the babies from home depot…. got savannah fixed right away but the others were either to young or had the wrong flea medicine and where i was going i could only take 2 at a time…. had i been smart would of done ava first… but then i wouldn’t have jackson, peete (who has a hard time seeing due to his tiny eyes… i forget what the vet called it) lucy and oliver aka chunky
    the last cat is another stray that showed up a lil while ago…. while i can’t keep him i feed him everyday and give him water…. and i hope to get another “have a heart” and take him up to the humane society….

  • Marsha B.

    Both of our puppies joined our household from the Animal Rescue League of Iowa (Based out of Des Moines). Lillie is now 2 years 4 months and is a Japanese Chin who joined us at about 12 months in May 2009. She was fixed when she was found a stray, but would not walk on leash, would not walk on sidewalk or grass and did not know how to play with toys. Our child, who was 10 worked very hard to help her learn to enjoy toys, walking and playing in a backyard and taking a walk! We were first time dog owners so we took a class from the ARL and in the Spring of 2010 kiddo and Lillie started 4-H training. They ended Polk County Fair with Blue Ribbons in Obedience, Rally and Showmanship! Lillie is not snuggly but is kind, she is not hyper but loyal (sleeping near my bedside). She “snarfs” and snores and loves our kiddo. At 11 our kiddo, under the training of PetCo. staff continued the training and Lillie is now a Canine Good Citizen! We are so pleased! My parents big black Leader Dogs (Strider/Poodle and Ivey/lab) love her and think she is a cool girl. She plays with toys now! She travels well and loves making new friends! Lillie is also a big sister to Captain, who joined our household in June. He is a mutt (maybe pug/terrier/unknown) and he can jump! Captain can span a 4 foot space between beds in a hotel without even thinking about it! He loves picking on Lillie and tries to take each of her toys! Captain loves to give kisses and snuggles up to each of us. He loves playing fetch and works well for treats. He still is in a kennel when we are not directly supervising him, but at 10 months he is doing great and has taken and passed a Basic class. We are planning on more 4-H classes and fair and hope to work well enough with Captain for him to pass the CGC too! We all get out and walk more now that the “puppies” need us. With the backyard fenced in it is fun to watch the puppies run and play and make sure the deer do not come too close to the house! Captain is so little, 11 pounds, but he does not tolerate deer in the yard! So, with the help of the ARL we’ve added to our home with the puppies (and guinea pigs in the past as well as Wendy – the old lady of our home who is now 17 years young and our only feline). The ARL staff, Iowa Pet Foods, PetCo and 4-H have all enouraged us and helped us learn about dogs and learn how make the most out of our relationships with our puppies!

  • Amber

    I adopted both my pups from a Boston Terrier rescue out of Rhode Island; Friends of Homeless Animals.

    My first was a 9 year old, dominant aggressive male who I re-named Fred. He was my first dog, so I wasn’t quite sure what I was getting into. We had a rocky first couple of months but we slowly got around to good behavior and fun times. He’ll be 12 in December and is still going strong. (Seniors are the best to adopt!)

    My female I adopted a year ago. She was five years old and very under-socialized. Well, actually, very under-everything. She wasn’t housebroken and didn’t even know how to sit. It was as if she were still a six month old puppy. She picked up everything remarkably well. All she needed was attention! She’s a 100% Post-It pup (she never lets me out of her sight, always stuck to me).

    I won’t give them up for the world and if my boyfriend would quit talking so much sense into me, I’d have a bunch more. =)

  • I adopted my dog Sophie from the Jacksonville, FL Humane Society shelter 9 years ago. She’s a champagne blonde with black eyeliner and long blonde lashes and at 20 lbs, she looks almost like a miniature golden retriever, but I have no idea what dogs are actually in her makeup. I call her a plume-tailed blondie. She’s a low-to-the-ground type of dog with a body that is a little long and legs that are somewhat too short, and a wonderful plumy tail that curls above her back. At 11 1/2 years old, she still has a puppy look and people often think she is one. I had actually gone to the shelter to look at another dog–I’m a travel writer and travel frequently, and I wanted a dog that was small enough to fly with me in coach. But when I saw Sophie in her pen, with her beautiful tail wagging so hesitantly, I had to stop and say hi. And when I saw a little card affixed to her cage that said “Loves to ride in the car”, I knew she’d be my dog.
    We’ve been inseparable ever since. When I moved to San Diego 6 1/2 yrs ago, she was a wonderful companion on the long trip from one end of I-10 to the other, perched on her bed atop a big box in a car so crammed with other boxes that she couldn’t move out of her “seat”. This summer she had some serious health issues–pancreatitis, a tumor that became infected and ruptured, surgery to remove the tumor, etc., but she’s doing great now and is as happy and active as she ever was.

  • I have rescued my 4 cats and one of my dogs. My first cat, Gaijin, was living in a home as a kitten and was about to become a street cat. I took her home. Then I got another kitty that was going to be dumped, but fortunately she was taken to my vet. She is now called Phoenix. Then I rescued Crosby after he was found still a kitten in a snow storm, almost frozen, and Graffiti came to us after his owner became disabled and could not care for him anymore. He would end up in the shelter for the fourth time if I didn’t bring him here.

    Then my dog Lola, a Saint Bernard, was on death row in Tennessee when we adopted her. She’s now happy and healthy. We love them all.

  • Stacey

    I adore my rescue pets – ted the tabby cat and larry the black lab/border collie (who get along surprisingly well!). I wish I could adopt more – and one day we’ll add to our family. Thanks to Michelle for spreading the word and helping to donate food to shelters!

  • Laure

    Izzy is a long-haired yellow tabby-cat we found in a local shelter. Her euthansia date was getting close because she had been there a long time. She cuddled into my arms without a moment’s hesitation. She loved all of us, even the dog, at first glance, and she is a constant, dear, and loving friend.

    Spencer came to us from a different local shelter. He is a beautiful short-haired white cat with yellowish spots and a yellow 3 in the hair on his back. His wide eyes always look worried, even when he says brrrrooooowwwwwnnnnn in his long, drawn out happy voice. (It’s a fun coincidence that his food is brown so I can ask him what he wants and he can say brown and get fed.)

    My shelter pets have brought so much pleasure, and friendship, and affection with them when they came to my home… It’s just a really beautiful thing having them here, and they have given more than they can ever asked in return.

  • Christine Rominger

    I have 3 wonderful rescues from the humane society where I volunteered till they closed 10/31/08. The 1st Bailey is 9 she was adopted at the Wiggle Waggle Walk a thon in 4/2002 to put some zest in my 10 yr old dogs, CHelsea’s life and get her to lose some weight. Than as my Soulmate Chelsea aged I had my eye on a very shy and fearful dog that was turned in to the shelter in March of 2007- it took me 3 weeks of going up there every day and climbing into her cage till she would come to me Harley was a yr old and loved other dogs but people frightened her obviously she was neglected and probably abused. The problem was my older dog was hanging on she was tough and lived to be 17 my husband wanted to keep a par level of 2 dogs she was to take Chelseas place in the family as he thought we only had room for 2 pups both were 70# and 50# and the new pup was 50#. After watching her misery for 6 months and having to leave her behind every day I convinced my husband that we had to bring her home as she was too scared too live there another day so she met and got along with our 2 dogs and as Chelsea was 15 we took Harley home too. 3 were ok and all 3 girls were happy. Than in January 2008 there was a lab mix 3 month puppy returned for supposed food aggression to his feeding owner that was a 8 yr old boy. He was not temp tested he was thrown into the bite kennel and isolated and I could not even walk him my heart broke for this poor sad lonely puppy and the limbo he was in from Jan- March. It took me that long to talk my husband into letting me bring home pup # 4 as we still had CHelsea. The deal was we would foster this puppy and find him a home. He got along great with the girls and after 2 months of isoaltion and no playtime or interaction with people or pups I got to bring him home 3/15/2008. Our Chelsea died 9/30/08 and its taken all 3 to even begin to fill the hole in our hearts left by losing CHelsea at age 17. I love my pups they are better than people they are our children and I could not imagine my life without them. I look fw to the day when their are no more homeless pets I hear the goal is 2015 yeah I will do anything to help make this happen thank you for your help and support too pawsome :)!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Marie Albert

    Shelters are a labor of love. Thanks for setting up this plan so that they can keep animals happy and healthy while they wait for a home to call their own.

  • I adopted my Golden Retriever Riley from St. Hubert’s Animal Shelter many year ago when I used to be a dog trainer there. He was the most amazing dog and a pure bread. They found him running around a parking lot with a color, no tags. No one would claim him. So I took him home. Good thing I was a dog trainer, he was still a puppy and chewed and chewed. But he cleaned up nice and was an amazing companion. We sadly had to let him go two years ago, he was 12 and lived an amazing fun life.

    So then I went to pet finders and found Lily, from this wonderful animal rescue in PA. She was one of 6 puppies rescued from a kill shelter in South Carolina. She was the runt of the litter, but so cute and sweet. She’s 3 now and is a wonderful addition to the family. I work at home now and she’s my terrific silent partner, get’s me through each day… No need to get a well breed dog, when there so many wonderful dogs at the shelter who just need a little extra TLC.

  • Cornelia Hanning

    Although our beloved dog ‘Scamp’ is no more – she was adopted from a family who could no longer keep her ( the youngest in the family had an allergy against dog and cat hair ) and were potentially going to have to put her into a shelter if they found nobody to take her – she found me one morning when she had accidentally got out of the frontdoor and taken herself for a walk and watching her I followed her back home….. and the rest is history! She was 7 when she came to us and we had her for 7 wonderful years, loved her to bits and there will always be a hole in our hearts where she is missed terribly.
    When our lives allow it again we will adopt another, the oldest and sickest and most desperate one in need of love and help!
    Adoption is the only kind for us to have another family member of the four-legged sort and I urge anyone to do the same, it is as if the love is magnified on both sides through the sadness/trauma that has been experienced before. Try it and you will never be the same again nor do any other way.

  • Amanda

    We adopted Iggy four years ago from our local shelter when he was about six months old. He stuck his paw out of the cage door and grabbed my husband. He’s a black cat, looks like (and sounds like!) he’s got some Siamese ancestors, but he is pure Igglet. He is now a hefty 21 lbs with the best purr ever and he loves to give and receive hugs.

  • Michelle Vermeulen

    I adopted Skipper 4 yrs ago from Paws 2 Help in West Palm Beach Florida. I wasnt planning on getting a dog just went over to donate some money and there he was. Big brown eyes and soo cute. It was love at first sight and he wanted me as much as I wanted him. My boyfriend (who has since passed away) was allergic to animals & wouldn’t let me have him, but after 24 hrs of begging ( the captain morgan and cokes kind of helped too) he gave in and fell in love with him as much as I did. I also found a dog that I named Penny because I found her just like I have been finding Pennies from heaven from my Boyfriend. Skipper has been a God send and has helped me get thru alot of tough times. Dogs are the best creatures on earth and thank you for having this contest to help so many other dogs!

  • Philippe

    My cats were either strays or adopted from their
    previous human parents, so I never adopted from a
    shelter. But I’m a supporter of the SPCA of Luzerne
    County, PA. If I could bring another cat home
    from there, I would…

  • Jillian Ewaschuk

    What a great idea! Our cat Harley was adopted from a shelter. She is the most vocal cat I have ever known, and so full of personality!

  • Karen

    Glad to help out the animals at shelters. Out dog came from a shelter and we just adore her! This is a great service you are providing – thank you!!!

  • I have a wonderful border collie named Kylie. She is a southern belle coming from the shelter in Houma, Louisiana. I had a border collie before I got Kyle and wanted another one. I went through the rescue site and clicked on what I thought was the link for dogs in the Northeast – I had actually clicked on the Southeast. I saw a picture of a sweet, scared girl with the description: can someone pull this girl? She’s in a high kill shelter. So, I called Houma, arranged for the adoption, paid my fees, got in touch with a “known shipper” (because of 9/11, shipping anything cargo requires a “known shipper” and I wasn’t one of them) and had Kylie flown up to NJ.

    This dog is just wonderful – I had no idea what her temperament was as I hadn’t met her beforehand. I trusted that she would be a great dog and she is – she had to trust that her new home would be way better than her original home. Kyle is epileptic, which I didn’t know when I adopted her, but that hasn’t had any affect on her wonderful disposition. She takes her meds without any resistance. Her “hobbY’ is doing the laundry – she is somewhat obsessed with the clothing going into the machines and having to make sure that the machines don’t go “walk about.” She even knows how to spell laundry and fluffing, which is our word for drying!

    I’ve had 4 other dogs before Kylie and all but the first were rescues. It’s the best way to save a dog’s life – or kitty’s life, or parrot’s life or any other life that someone thinks is worthless and tosses away.

  • Ramona

    I adopted Sadie, a Boston Bull Terrier, from a shelter.

    She’d been used as a breeder and was worn completely out. Her puppies were all adopted out but she was scheduled to be killed because she was old, hairless, infested with fleas, and no one wanted her.

    I learned about Sadie when I went to shelter to ask about adopting a puppy. When I learned they would put Sadie down as soon as her puppies were weaned I had to have her.

    I took her to the vet and she had a psychotic breakdown episode in his office. The vet said she had been horribly abused and was not used to being around people. He said we may have to put her on psychotropic medications or put her down. I told him I wanted to try to love her through it first if I could.

    (We caught her up to date on her vaccinations and spayed her so her weary body could get some well deserved rest from producing one litter of puppies after another.)

    The vet was right. Sadie had been abused terribly with cuts over her body and someone had even kicked her in the rear end at her little stump of a tail so hard that it broke it and she could never wag her tail again.

    I have had some very difficult things happen in my life recently. Sadie has been there for me no matter what, with her smiling face, wagging her whole body, and I love her so much. She has given me so much more than I could ever give her.

    Sadie is a good example of why we should give shelter animals a chance and not use puppy mills. I thank God for my dear Sadie.

    Thank you for giving me this opportunity of sharing my love for Sadie. Her once sad story now has a happy result. I am proud and honored on behalf of Sadie to provide food for other animals that need it.

  • Julie van Niekerk

    All my dogs I picked up from the street – they are now happy home dogs!

  • Elizabeth Hoefer

    My very favorite dog came from a The Sarasota Humane Society. Everyone was a friend to him even the cats. He was a boxer/lab mix names Rudy. We had him for 12 yrs and still miss him everyday…

  • K.C. came to us as a stray, but we have adopted pets from our area shelter and always try to help them when ever we can.

  • Steve

    Back in the late 80’s I adopted Monty, my ginger cat. When I first saw him in the rescue centre in Birmingham (UK), he was still shaved up to his middle having been in a car accident and broken his leg and pelvis and dislocated his left leg. They thought he’d be there for months, but I couldn’t resist that ginger face.

    I took him home and he settled in easily. We all got used to his right leg sticking out in front when he sat down (they’d put pins in his knee so it was locked). He negotiated stairs with ease although it was rather like a controlled fall rather than walking down stairs! Running often ended up with his back-end catching up with his front end so sideways running was the order of the day!

    Despite the disability, he was every bit the active cat, regularly fighting (along with the subsuquent visits the the vets for various wounds) and regularly bringing home offerings including a scotch egg, mice (one of which once released tried to burn my house down by chewing on cables), various live and dead birds and to cap it all, a string of sausages. But once at home, there was nothing he liked better than to curl up on a lap or lie in front of a log fire.

    He coped with several house moves including a 4 month stint in a cattery where he got so fat, I hardly recognised him. At one address, the local Cats Protection League decided he was a cat with a broken leg and should be caught – a letter through my door told me so. Having confirmed it was Monty, I put the record straight and they sent an update letter through the door telling everyone who he was and where he lived – he was famous in the street from that moment on!

    Then Monty discovered Catnip, my goodness, I’ve never seen such a full on reaction to catnip, and in the end his catnip cigar was his favourite toy.

    In the end, in mid 2007, this by now old cat got in to one more fight which turned out to be his last. Shortly after treating the superficial wounds, Monty went blind, we think due to a stroke, and along with other bad symptoms appearing the vet and I decided to put him down. I will never forget that day, but it was for the best – he was one of the best companions through thick and thin I’ve ever had.

    Of course the new cats (yep, two this time!) had to come from a rescue centre, so now Jennie and Winston (mum & son) roam the house that Monty used to call his own. He will always be remembered though, there’s a picture on the stairs.

  • Thank You all at these Shelters for helping feed and find Fur-ever Loving homes. God Bless you all, I click everyday to help shelters. Hug and Kisses to all the Fur-babies out there.

  • We went to the SPCA to find a dog. We walked every row taking in the names of each dog and wishing we could take them all home. The last row and only a handful of dogs left to see, we saw a black lab pup and a white pitbull in side by side cages. The lab put his paw through the opening of the cage, then the pibull did the same thing!!! Her name intrigued me because it was also my sisters name. So we thought we would take one of our choices to the family room to get acquainted. My husband asked if I wanted to take the lab… I looked at how long their profile sheets said they had been there already, and saw the pibull had been there 5 weeks compared to the labs 2 weeks…. I said she has been here longer. So we took her outside and she did her business then rolled over on her back in the grass!!!! She was listed as 5 years old, and had protruding mammary glands. She had been used to produce puppies and was found as a stray in a parking lot. So we adopted our dog! We found out 2 days after adopting her that she was ‘in heat’! So we got through that- and 6 weeks after her heat ended she was spayed. We were obligated to do so, but also because she had not been able to heal properly between litters, her belly sagged and we felt she had been through enough. It was time for her to be pampered and doted on! She has proven in every situation she has ever been in to be more wonderful and endearing than we could ever have imagined. She is tolerant and loving and cuddly and everything positive one wants in a dog and companion. When we brought her home she didn’t know how to walk on a leash or how to play. She had never been walked on a street. She doesn’t like water hose sprayers! We named her Lily. She has filled our lives with her happy sighs and silly smiles! She has us trained just the way she wants. We socialize her, because she demands it! Walk daily, sometimes twice a day! When I went looking for a dog I did not plan to bring home a pitbull, even though I thought they wre nice looking dogs. I had also had friends who had owned pitbulls and they were well behaved sweet natured dogs. I think I still was unsure because of the media surrounding them. I am so glad we adopted Lily. I will always own a pitbull. They have so much to offer. Pitbulls and bully breeds are the total package!!!!

  • colleen vanaernam

    hope this helps feed the poor kitties. There is a stray that keeps coming to my backdoor. I keep feeding him too

  • I have multiple rescues of the years since I was 7 yrs old. Most of the dogs we have rescued have been from abusive homes. Baby who is a rot/shepherd mix is now 13 yrs old. It seems the appreciation they have for a loving home lends to being some of the best friends I have ever had.

  • Sharon K

    Gabby was some one’s throw away, he showed up at work at the middle of Nov. very thin & with no winter coat. He ate anything people would give him and he talked to everyone. I took him home where he was the only pet for almost a year. Sept. 11, 2005 I went to an adopt-a-thon with mom not planning on adopting. But there was this little orange tabby that just spoke to my heart, I had to take her home! The shelter people assured me she had been tested for everything and come up negative. I took her home, she instantly bonded with my husband who was just OK with pets. He named her Gracie. Gabby was smitten with her too. Just to be on the safe side I took her to our vet a couple of days later and had her re-tested. She immediately came up positive for Fe Leuk. The vet wanted to test her again in 2 weeks just to be sure. Again it immediately came up positive. He said she was probably born with it and wouldn’t live past a year old. She was 4 monhts old at the time. All was good until a week before Christmas when she really went down hill. For the next two weeks I didn’t do much more than hold her. She crashed the week after Christmas and we let her go to Rainbow Bridge the day before New Years Eve.
    My husband really took it hard, he hadn’t let go of the pain over the loss of his parents, his grandmother or our granddaughter. He had buried it deep inside where he hid everything that caused him pain. But his grief over losing Gracie helped him grieve his other losses and he let go of much of his pain. I believe God sent Gracie as his Angel to help him heal. We miss her terribly and are so blessed to have had her in our lives.
    We did adopt another kitten a couple of months later, Izzabelle who has taken over ruler-ship of this domain. And last year we added 2 Lab pups to our family. Poor Gabby, sometimes I think he wishes he was still our only furchild.

  • We adopted our first dog from Pets Unlimited in San Francisco, and so we call him Uno. Our second dog came after pleading with my husband for us to rescue a pit bull. After weeks of maybes, he finally agreed. We call her Maybe.

  • Aliza

    I adopted Toffee from Furry Friends Refuge, a no-kill shelter in the Des Moines, IA area. She was at the shelter for a while because she’s older- she was seven years old when we adopted her. Toffee is the sweetest, most loving cat in the world, not to mention gorgeous with her long orange and white fur. Thank you Iams for being so generous and helping cats like Toffee!

  • Terry Disney

    My daughter was in her third year of college, sharing a house with three other girls and desperate for a dog (we have always had at least one dog). While home visiting she came across a picture of a puppy on a rescue site (Society of Humane Friends) that had a deformed leg that was going to be amputated. She exclaimed from upstairs “That’s him, I found the dog I want!”. She emailed her application that night and did not hear back for a couple of days. On the third day she got her acceptance email and made arrangements to pick him up the following weekend. She and her dad went and picked up this adorable cuddly ball of white fur. Poor little guy had been neutered, had a hernia repair and had a huge incision half way around his little body where his front, right leg had been amputated. Tres, was now in his forever home. After a few months we became concerned because he seemed so clumsy, our suspicions were correct, he was completely blind. When he was a year old we took him back to the pet store where the rescue group held their adoptions just to show off what a beautiful, loving dog, Tres (60 lbs.), had become. There in the middle of all the chaos was a kennel with a big fuzzy black dog, not making a sound, just sitting there taking in all his surroundings. Tres walked over to the cage, ran into it of course, and managed to stick his nose between the bars, and this black dog gave him a sweet lick on the nose. You guessed it, Bear (now 80 lbs.) came to live with us that week too! He joined our 14 year old Sheltie, and 3 cats (all had been rescues). We are forever grateful to the Society of Humane Friends in Lawrenceville, Georgia, for enabling us to have these two beautiful, loving fur friends, and all they do for the rescued dogs and cats in our community.

  • I adopted my cat Sebastian from Wayside Waifs in Kansas City, MO back in February. He is very sensitive and knows just when I need a good cuddle!

  • I adopted Tiffany, a Maltese, from the Naperville Area Humane Society 2 years ago. I was actually there to look at another dog, but he turned out to be bigger than my condo association allows. But then I saw Tiffany. She had just been put up for adoption that day. She was there with one of her puppies. I asked to meet her and as soon as I held her in my arms, I knew it was love!

  • I was working in the Republic of Georgia for a few months. Came home one day to find a weeks-old puppy in a basket, who quickly clambered out upon seeing me. I scooped up her tiny, squirmy body and held her in my arms, where she fell fast asleep. I sat on the stoop, her face buried in the crook of my arm, her breathing exhausted. I was afraid to move for fear of waking her.
    She “belonged” to the neighbors, but she was gravely ill with worms, and being abused (kept outside all the time, locked in an outhouse for 24 hours at a time, used as a ball, rocks thrown at her for “fun.”).
    I snuck treatments for her at the vet, and when she was well, I bribed the bad neighbor and boarded her on a plane out of there.
    She turns nine in April. Her name is Remi. She’s a gorgeous Jack Russell terrier. She’s mine.

  • laurelei

    I have adopted all my cats as either rescues or from shelters.. some as strays have found me!

  • Jen

    Thank you, Iams, for your generous donations!

    We JUST adopted a third cat yesterday, three months after losing our beloved boy of 14. We picked up the new guy, a British Blue, from our local vet, where he’d been languishing for EIGHT MONTHS waiting for a new home. (Can you even imagine?!) There’s no way he’d have survived that long at a shelter.) Our other rescue was a feral black cat, whom we brought home from the same vet on Friday the 13th. 🙂

  • We had just moved from Oregon to Red Bluff, CA and were looking for a companion for our lhasa-poodle mix, Frisco. We went to the Redding animal shelter, and they only had one small dog, a black and white terrier mix. It was her first day of availability and she seemed very timid, but we decided to take her. She trembled in my arms all the way home, but once there she calmed down. We were discussing a name for her and I said, well, she’s a terrier, how about Terry? I put my hand down and called, “Here, Terry” and she came right to me! Wow! It must have been her original name or something close to it for her to answer to it so readily. We eventually added Ann to her name so she was Terry Ann. It just sounded more complete. She and Frisco got along famously for more than 10 years and died within a year of each other.

  • Having just lost my beautiful persian cat, I was feeling more than a bit sad. I went with a friend to our local pet supply store and wandered over to the adoption center while she shopped. I asked the lady there if it was OK for me to handle a gorgeous black long hair kitten. I told her about losing my persian that day and explained that I was not looking for another cat but just felt the need for a little “kitty therapy” and this little one reminded me so much of my lost boy. She cautioned me that 4 other people that day had tried to handle this kitten and she had wanted NOTHING to do with them. I decided to take my chances and picked her up. She immediately clung to me and refused to be removed. I succumbed to the inevitable and let myself be adopted by this feisty little bundle of black fur and had 10 wonderful years with her before I lost her to cancer last year.

  • Donna Ganley

    My buddy ‘Butch’ was found wondering the streets of my hometown in PA. He was a very tiny American Straffordshire beautifully brindle colored. He was tiny and appeared to be about 4 months old and very scared as his front legs would shake in fear, to our surprise the vet told us he was closer to 6 months old as he had all of his permanent teeth. Since Butch has entered our lives he has doubled in size, he is friendly, loveable, and ever so playful. His two best friends are the boxers who live next door, Rocco and Bella. They run and play all day in the fenced in yard. Whomever put this beautiful always kissing you puppy in the street to survive on his own will never know the loving, loyal, silly, enjoyable companion we love very much.

  • Enka

    Hi!!! I’ve adopted several pets, one beautiful dog and my little kitty princess. I don’t live in the U.S., so the shelter’s are unknown for you 🙁 Anyway, I adopted a beautiful golden Retriever, which I named Jonouchi (yes weird names are my specialty). He was very playful and intelligent, but no one adopted him at first because his fur was not the “standard” light blond color, but rather a golden-red color. Later on, he was “too old” to be adopted (we are talking about seven months, but many people want a little puppy, so…). I lived with him five years, until he finally lost his battle to stomach cancer.

    Later on, I adopted Noah, now called Princess Noah, a beautiful black kitten. She was at risk of being left to fend for herself on the streets because her previous owner just had too many cats and the kitten shelters here are scarce. I adopted her, but I was also very doubtful because I’ve never cared for a kitten before. She won both my heart and all of my family members’. She has grown up from a scrawny kitty to a beautiful house panther.

    Hope you like my story! Donate 25 bowls to homeless kitties and puppies!! (and dogs and cats too!)

  • Neil

    Seven years ago, I adopted an adorable tan and white female terrier mix from the Bide a Wee organization in New York City. She came to Bide a Wee pregnant after being hit by a car. She needed extensive work on her right-front leg and still has scars. Casey had her puppies and recovered from the injuries with essentially no lingering effects. She also made the cross-country journey with me from New York to Los Angeles. She gets comments for her looks on almost every walk, and for a dog who had serious leg injuries, she would make a great agility competitor. She is whip-smart (sometimes a little too smart), and a fantastic companion. I don’t know how I lived without her.

  • Evelyn Badeau

    This is great to Click and feed the animals..Everyone should adopt a shelter pet…

  • I love what you’re doing with Iams, what a great idea!
    We adopted our first dog from a shelter that was run by the MSPCA. It was about 21 years ago. His name was Kelsey and he was a great dog! We got him for my husband as a surprise for his Birthday. He was a Golden Retriever/Lab and brought years of joy to our whole family!

    It is so important to save dogs from shelters!

  • Susan K. Nagy

    I adopted my Golden/Husky mix as a puppy from the Wood County Humane Society in Bowling Green, Ohio. Her mom was a white Husky and dad was a Golden-both parents were on site and the 8 puppies were born at the shelter after mom and dad were relinquished due to a housing problem for their humans. We got to watch the puppies grow until they were able to go into their homes-all 8 were adopted out! If I ever adopt again it will be from a shelter-

  • Happy early Birthday and may all the animals of the world in need be saved, adopted, and well fed. THAT is my holiday wish. TY for posting this, Michele. FIDO Friendly is happy to paw-ticipate, too.

  • Our family adopted a Siamese kitten from the Inland Valley Humane Society & S.P.C.A. in Pomona, CA. His name was Tek but we changed it slightly to Tek-No because we were always telling him “no” and because we are a technology family. Although in overall good health, Tek-No’s breathing was raspy the first year of his life. He has a small kink in his tail that you can feel when you pet him. He has light stripes on his legs, so we know he’s got a little something extra in his Siamese genetics. He has the most endearing qualities. Tek-No loves to be held on his back like a baby which is very popular with our 4 year old daughter. He barely makes any noise at all, most of the time when he meows, all we hear is a tiny squeak. He is attracted to water and has accidentally taken a bath on more than one occasion. He also fell into our turtle tank and sometimes sleeps curled up in the bathroom sink. His favorite toy is the plastic cap from a sport bottle of Sunny Delight. He carries the caps in his mouth – we find them everywhere! He plays furiously with them in the bath tub (a favorite mid-night routine). The most unique characteristic of his personality is the way he keeps our two beagles in line. The dogs will cross the family room (a big no-no) to eat Tek-No’s food when no one is looking. However, Tek-No isn’t stupid and keeps his eyes on the dogs when they’re in the house. If they start to wander toward his food, Tek-No bounds across the room smacking the dogs with his paw. The beagles always retreat – proving Tek-No is the real leader of the pack. We love our little Tek-No and nothing proves this more than at bedtime when the family fights over who gets to sleep with him. It’s really a pointless argument because he ends up sleeping wherever Tek-No wants. Our family is fortunate to have been blessed with this special soul.

  • Heather

    I adopted our almost 3 year old Weimaraner “Buford Blue” from the Seattle Humane Society almost 2 years ago. He had been bought as a puppy by a couple living in an apartment because they thought he was cute. They did no research on the breed and ended up surrendering him right before Christmas and his first birthday because he “had too much energy”. He has proven to be an amazing companion. We have a 4 1/2 year old weim female that we purchased as a puppy from a breeder and while they are best friends, he far outshines her in natural manners. He is much calmer than our female, content to lounge most of the day. He heels naturally and doesn’t bark except to alert. His biggest flaw is wanting to be in your lap or share your pillow. We love him so, so much and couldn’t imagine life without him. His first family really missed out on a special dog!!

  • kimkats

    We have 18 wonderful rescue kitties. They are my babies. Some came from different shelters and some just came from the backyard. We live in arural area and it’s not uncommon for strays to be running around. a few years ago we had a momma kitty have 2 litters in our backyard before we could catch her to get her*fixed*. The kittens and momma got to move inside then. We even have one lovely fellow whose parents abandoned him when they moved away from a farm down the street. We love them all and wouldn’t know what to do without them.

  • Lisa

    We adopted Haley (actually she adopted us) from the Parsippany Animal Shelter 4 years ago. We could not have found or asked for a better dog. She has changed so many people’s views on her breed. She is the most gentle, loving, well behaved dog anyone could ask for.

  • Bonnie Beeson Layfield

    We adopted a beautiful Golden/Black Lab mix male @ 6 months old & named him Ace. Found out that he had been abused before we got him & that did explain his distrust for men he didn’t know. But full of love!!!!!! We adopted him from Heavenly Acres Pet Rescue in Okahumpka Fl. He was such a good time & we were DEVASTATED when he passed away suddenly @ 6 years of age. We will forever miss him & love him! R.I.P. Ace of Spades!!! WE LOVE YOU ALWAYS!

  • Chris Eirschele

    Of the four dogs and six cats we have taken in over the years only one dog was not from a humane society, but she needed a home just as badly. Each has given us a heartfelt lifetime of memories but it was only Sadie who had so many physical aliments.

    Sadie was a Dachshund and, what we now think, Corgie mix. She had long silky beautiful strokes of black brown and cream colored hair across a long low riding body. Sadie had very short legs, her front paws turned slightly outward. Sadie had long ears and flirty eye lashes that fluttered over big brown eyes.

    We saw her on an impromptu visit to the local humane society. Sadie had been surrendered minutes before and now sat in a holding kennel waiting.

    The day we walked around the corner and saw her, it was February 14th and, at nine monthes old she was already being turned in at a shelter. Sadie came to live in our home for 10 years before she passed away.

    She suffered with allergies, scratched corneas, from those beautiful curved lashes, and had arthritis much of her life. But she never stopped loving life.

    In my mind’s eye, I can still see her racing along on a green lawn chasing a new found squirrel, only to come to a full stop and look straight up as her query escaped up a tree, again.

    We loved Sadie and will never forget her.

  • I adopted my Lisa six years ago in four days! She came to the anti-cruelty society in Chicago and visited with me, and then I found my way into her home. When she picked me up after getting fixed the next day, I hopped into the car and rode home like I’d been there a thousand times before. I’ve had rocky moments (including escaping from my grandma’s fenced in back yard, running seven miles along interstate 57 and then getting hit by a car, rescued by nice people and a former K-9 state policeman) but overall have been such a joy and inspiration in my Lisa’s life.

  • Sarah

    I adopted a cat and a dog, our cat’s name is Phoenix and our dog’s name is Toby, we adopted them from an animal shelter in Okinawa which is where most Military members got their additional family members. As soon as I saw Phoenix I knew she was mine as soon as she saw me she tried to grab me, there were more cat’s I wanted to take with us too, but my husband told me to wait because he wanted to take a look at the dog’s and that was when we found Toby, his previous owner was mean and labled him a man hater of which he is not it is just that tall men scare him especially in uniform all except for my hubby, Toby is a corgy with long fur and the most loveable boy, it is hard for me to think that anyone could label him. The woman that helped my hubby and I adopt our cat and dog was happy but also in tears because she had just finished Toby’s death paper’s and said that we really saved his life because the very next day he was going to go bye bye. I love my little girl and boy as soon as I can I fully intend to adopt another cat or dog into my family. Both Phoenix and Toby are very happy and know they are very much loved.

  • Jen

    Sunshine was adopted from the Rancho Coastal Humane Society in Encinitas, CA a little under four years ago. He is the sweetest, most loving companion and has become a very essential member of our family. He would love to know that his story will be feeding other shelter animals waiting for their forever homes.

  • We have two former shelter dogs and three former shelter cats (along with a four cat who was a stray) and we can’t describe how much joy they each bring to our home. I think many people are reluctant to visit a shelter because they are afraid it is going to be a depressing place and they’re worried that they’ll be overwhelmed with the entire experience. I really urge people who might be considering getting a new pet to at least make a trip to the shelter, even if you don’t wind up getting a pet that day. Please go by and have a look at a few dogs and cats; you’ll break up a boring day for them and, with each dog or cat you visit, you’ll better know just what you’re looking for in a new pet, whether that’s an energetic pup, a relaxed senior, a small dog you can pick up or a big dog who can keep up with you on a daily jog. Every time a shelter dog or cat gets a visitor, he’s becoming more socialized and stands a better chance of being adopted in the future. There are so many great pets at shelters everywhere waiting for a loving home!

  • Daisy came to live w/ me as a big surprise. It was Thanksgiving, I was recovering from a broken ankle, and my daughters, who were coming home for the holiday, called to ask if they could bring a friend. “Of course,” I said, thinking nothing of it. They arrived w/ boyfriends in tow, one of them holding a sweet half-grown puppy. “Where’s your friend?”, I asked, “and whose puppy is that?” “Yours,” they chorused, and “this is our friend.” She’s just what you need to get your (broken) ankle back to normal. That was four years ago and Daisy’s now a big part of our family. She’s not doing a great job of teaching me to walk again because she pulls, but she is teaching me to hug again and that’s a very big deal.

  • patricia

    i adopted ethel mae potter mertz from the south central l.a. shelter. well, i should say she adopted me. i had gone in to see another dog but was told that she was getting prepped to be an event dog, which meant that people were sure she would be adopted quickly. but as i had driven up to the shelter i had seen this little dog getting walked by a volunteer. not thinking that anything would come of it, i asked that volunteer to take me to that little dog. poor ethel was in a cage behind the door so noone could see her. the minute our eyes met, she started working it. she barked and barked at me and as i looked at other dogs (crying of course) she barked louder. i couldnt resist asking them to let me hold her. she was a doll and when i tried to put her back in, she howled like a child. what she didnt know was that she had already taken hold of my heart. i returned early the next morning and she went to her forever home. she is still very vocal but she is the most cuddly dog i have ever had. when im watching tv, she puts her little head on my face and falls asleep. she is the light of my life and i am so grateful she adopted me. and OF COURSE, she joined lucy mcgillicuddy, my beautiful little girl dog that i rescued from going back to the shelter. they rule my household and i wouldnt have it any other way. my life would not be as fullfilled without both of my wonderful, beautiful sweet girls. (they are terrors though 🙂

  • Amber

    I fostered a cat for almost a year until she found a forever home. Serena started out like a little ex-con, hiding in the closet and skittish, but by the end of her stay she had gotten used to being around people and had turned into a basically happy, well adjusted cat. I still miss her, but I’m glad she found a stable, happy home.

  • Edith

    I adopted my sheltie mix Bandit from the Worcester animal rescue league. He’s a sato, a street dog from San Juan, Puerto Rico. He is now one and a half years old and will soon be going for his therapy dog test. He is the best dog I have ever had.

  • dena verdesca

    I was convinced I was going to find a short-haired tuxedo cat at the shelter in NY, and I’d seen several on the website that I was excited to meet, but none of them turned out to be what I was looking for. After spending quite a bit of time with each available cat, I was about to leave without adopting and decided to take another spin through the back where cats were in cages. As I walked by Murphy, a long-haired black and white with emerald-green eyes, reached out and hooked his paw in my sweater. He picked me, I did the paperwork and we’ve been happily together for the last six years.

    Thanks, Iams, for supporting shelter animals!

  • Oooh… forgot my pets name! Pimp is a sweet little boy and Moo is my cowcat. Both are rescues — and both are the best things that have ever happened to me. 🙂

  • Laura

    We have 4 Shelter Dogs and Five Shelter cats at our Arctic Getaway, we Adopted our first Cat Mr Squbbitz a very handsome Ginger and White British Long Hair in Cambridge, England when we first got married, he has travelled around the work with us, from England to the US through Canada and he is now in Alaska ruling his own 10 Acres of farm… to accompany him on this lifelong journey he has Dunston and Gunther, both with their own stories from the UK, Gunther was almost eaten by a dog as a kitten and was removed from his home as the owner couldn’t afford vet care. We took him in three weeks before we left for the USA… my own slice of home with me always.
    We got our first Dog from the local shelter, which I eventually worked at and saved two more dogs, Luton has a heart breaking story, he was on the line to be euthanized as he was showing adverse behaviour (Kennel Charging) we took him right out of the line and home. He turned out to be a very loyal companion, and although has some special needs. He fits right in with us. Their other companions include, a standard poodle, Bart, A flat coated retriever Baked Bean and two more cats Sebasitan and Pob a hand reared manx mini.
    from nine apparent imperfect pets come nine personalities that keep me safe and warm in the Arctic!

  • My dogs & cats, past & present, are my babies. They are the only ones that have not judged me, given me unconditional love, and truly helped ME to survive. I have never owned a pit bull breed, & where I live now does not allow dogs. However, I support the shelters in my area. I wanted to write something so that food would be donated. Thank you so much for doing this! PETS CHANGE LIVES FOR THE BETTER! 🙂

  • Jamie

    I rescued my Pitbull about 5 years ago, i went to my friends cousins house to pick up her baby cousin and didnt notice the puppy for the first 15 mins i was in the house! she was only a few months old and hiding underneath of a chair against the wall in the dining room. when i saw her i called her like “commere puppy!” and i was squatting down. she wagged her tail vigerously but didnt come out. that’s when i realized something must be wrong! so i pulled her out myself to pet her. she was such a sweetie! then after she felt comfortable she started to walk around a little bit. the owners and their children were all HORRIBLE to this poor puppy. they were poking her with golf clubs and spraying her with a water gun for NO REASON! they picked her up by her scruff and threw her across the room! I was so shocked and i didnt want to upset my friend i just asked the family how they got her and they said they found her. so i asked them ‘how much for the dog’ and they said “that stupid thing, 100 bucks” so i came back the next day with 85 cause i was only 18 and was broke and they gave her to me! she is now my daughters best friend and the sweetest dog anyone knows, and im so glad to have gotten her out of that horrible home. i dont know how people can treat animals like that and raise their children to think that it’s okay.

  • MJ

    The first “official” foster dog I ever had was a big black mix of a dog name Sarah. She looked part lab, part wolfhound, part shepherd. The shelter director told me that Sarah wasn’t doing well at the shelter’s kennel. Sarah’s naturally sunny, goofy disposition was rapidly being replaced by depression. She needed a foster home pronto, so I agreed to take her home. I didn’t realize until I picked her up at the shelter how really huge and spastic she was. I was accustomed to my dogs, all of whom were good about sitting quietly in the back of the station wagon. My biggest dog was Charley, a lab mix, at fify pounds. Sarah must have weighed about ninety. She filled up the back of the station wagon. But Sarah didn’t want to be in the back. She wanted to be on my lap. This dog did not seem depressed to me. I made her go in the back again and tried to get her to stay. I pleaded with her. She lunged at me, licked me, and tried to crawl into my lap. “NO, Sarah. Stay back there. STAY!” She licked my hand and wriggled her entire body. But she stayed.

    I made the mile and a half to the highway steering with my left hand and holding Sarah back with my right. I wouldn’t have minded if she just wanted to sit on the passenger seat, but she wanted to sit on me. I tightened her collar, re-hooked her up, and we made it back to my house all in one piece. I learned then and there to carry strange dogs in a kennel in a vehicle. In fact, I now carry all of my dogs in kennels. It’s a lot safer.

    At the house, I put Sarah on the leash and led her up to the front door. Sarah could hear my dogs, and she was tremendously eager to get into the house. The door opened and she raced inside, yanking the leash out of my hand. She was sniffing and wagging and saying hi to everyone and sniffing and oh, my, look, kitties, sniff, sniff, sniff, doggies everywhere, oh my, sniff sniff, what? A kitty running? Chase sniff sniff sniff.. She filled the living room. I put Sarah and Charley into the back yard. I showed Sarah the doghouse, the water and threw a ball for them for a few minutes. Sarah got excited and started chasing Charley, who was still young enough then to oblige, and a figure-eight game of chase started, with me at the pivot point. I remember thinking to myself “uh, this can’t be good.”

    After about ten minutes, I heard Charley snarling and barking her “Get away from me, you dang puppy!” bark. Sarah had worn Charley out, but was still going at a hundred percent. I went out to rescue Charley and Sarah spotted me coming out the door. Her floppy ears flew straight up and you could just see her say “Oh, boy! A person! Wooohoo!” She came flying at me and leapt at me, knocking me to the ground. I blocked her with my knee, telling her NO! NO JUMPING! A tenacious dog, she tried it again and I blocked her again, correcting her with my voice. This time she seemed to get it.

    I brought Charley into the house, and threw the ball for for Sarah, hoping to wear her out. After twenty minutes, I went in to take care of some chores. I checked on Sarah and saw she was wolfing down some food. Good, I thought. Exercise, food. Next on the agenda should be a nap. Instead, Sarah came to the back door and howled a mournful cry. Sarah bounded back to where I was and sat down instead of jumping on me. Good girl! Good Sarah! She was so happy she did something right! She leapt up.

    Sarah bounced around the house while I started dinner. Someone went past the house walking a dog and with apparently no effort at all, Sarah broke through the screen door to meet them. I heard the screen ripping and rushed to the front door, hollering for my dogs to stay in the house. There was Sarah on the sidewalk, bouncing around the neighbors’ dog, big black ears straight up, tongue hanging out, but not jumping on the people. Even though I was aggravated, I was impressed that she sat when they reached down to pat her. I hauled her back into the house and showed her the broken screen. “No, Sarah. No, no, no, no no!”

    I took Sarah by the collar and put her in the back yard. It took her about ten seconds to start howling. I went to the window and yelled “I’ve had just about enough out of you, Sarah!” and the tone in my voice must have registered, because she quieted down. I stood at the window looking at her, wondering how in the world I would ever find someone to adopt her.

    I left her to her search and put on some water for pasta. When dinner was ready, I let her back in the house and started the no-begging-at-the table training with her. It didn’t take her long. She seemed to learn by example quite quickly and my dogs had never been fed from the table and so showed no interest in what I was having for dinner. Just a few corrections on my part and she laid down quietly by my chair. After dinner I washed up and was pleased to see Sarah sacked out asleep in the living room. I removed everything breakable that was within her tail range and we spent a pleasant quiet evening, most of it with Sarah’s head on my lap while I read a book.

    I put a dog bed, some food and water, and about ten chew toys in the guestroom and called Sarah in. She settled into the dog bed with a chew bone and I patted her for a few minutes, then left her for the night. It turned out to be more like thirty seconds. She started howling and clawing at the door immediately. I went back in and told her no, patted her bed and told her to come and lie down. She complied, happy to be with me again. I stroked her head and told her how pretty she was and then told her to stay as I left. Immediate howling and clawing. This time I didn’t go back in. I stood at the door and told her to stop it and go lie down. Amazingly, she did just that. I peeked in on her before I turned in for the night and she was sound asleep, a rubber teddy bear between her enormous paws. I didn’t hear another peep out of her during the night.

    The next morning I was awakened by Sarah howling and clawing. I went to her door and told her to settle down. And she did. Once she was quiet I opened the door and told her good morning. She sat to be petted. I was impressed. Sarah seemed to learn very quickly.

    The first day the ad ran, a man came to see Sarah. She sat prettily while he patted her. “She’s awfully big, isn’t she?” he said admiringly. “Just look at those paws, they’re huge!” I agreed and spouted off some of Sarah’s more attractive qualities. That evening he brought over his wife and his two twin nine year old boys. When Sarah saw the boys her ears flew up and she bounced up and down. The boys squealed with laughter. The twins were fun and sweet and completely hyperactive, which meant they were a perfect match for Sarah. The family answered all my questions, seemed like nice, sweet people, and after I checked their references, I was satisfied that if they wanted to adopt Sarah, I would let her go with them on Friday evening so they could spend the weekend together getting acquainted. They were looking for a dog to go running with dad, big enough to make mom feel safe alone in the house, and to play nonstop with the boys. They called the next morning and said they really just thought Sarah was perfect and asked if they could fill out the adoption papers and take her home on Friday. Friday came, and off Sarah went with them.

    The next morning the dad called to report on Sarah. It’s a kind thing to do that when you adopt an animal from a foster home. “She’s kind of a big old goofy girl, isn’t she?” I could hear the smile in his voice. “Yes, she is certainly that,” I told him. Then I told him that if she did bad things, she would only do them once if he corrected her by showing whatever it was to her and telling her no. He said she was doing fine and slept in between the boy’s beds in a big dog bed of her own. She seemed happy.

  • Andrea Salzer

    I have 4 dogs, 3 of which came from a shelter. Charity is an 8 year old Cairn Terrier, that came from a puppy mill. I’ve had her since she was 4 months old and she is the family “baby. The second is Flash. He is a 2 year old Fiest. I got him from the Waverly , TN shelter as a foster because my dog Ozzy , also a shelter dog ( from South Bend, IN) had a seizure on the rail road tracks and got hit by a train. When Oz died, Charity almost grieved herself to death and my vet suggested I get another dog, so I got Flash. I adopted him after 2 months of fostering and couldn’t imagine my house with out him. And last , but certainly not least, is Spike. He is a 2 year old Red Nose Pit Bull. At this time he is a foster, but I will be adopting him in the very near future!! My boyfriend and I had gone to the shelter , in Waverly, TN just looking and saw Spike. He had been relinquished by his owner because her landlord wouldn’t allow Pit Bulls. They had had him about 3 weeks , which really surprised me, because our shelter usually puts a “pit” down within an hour of them being brought in. I called Angela , the lady that runs the shelter, the next day and told her to get the paper work ready, I was coming to get Spike. He has been with us for about 2 months now and is the most loving dog of them all!! He really is a 90 pound lap dog!! Bella is the last of the 4. A lady I know had her and couldn’t keep her. She was getting ready to take her to the shelter when she asked if I would take her. She was 7 weeks old when I got her and she just turned 1 on Oct. 1st. She is a pekanese/dachsund mix.

  • Robin Lane

    I have currently a Hurricane Katrina cat, Mombo; a barn stray, Zeek; a kitten Jingle and a formerly abused Siberian Husky Keisha. I absolutely love each of them immensely and I don’t think our family would be a true family without them!

  • Ashley

    My family adopted a 2 year old American Pit Bull Terrier from the Burlington, Ontario Shelter 4 years ago. He is the best dog anyone could ask for. It breaks my heart to know that there is such hatred out there against this breed. I’ve owned other dogs in the past and none of them have ever been as well behaved as my APBT. He is great with adults, amazing with kids and the mentally disabled and he loves socializing with other dogs. We also have 2 cats and he is great with them too. It really does show that ALL breeds of dogs are a reflection of their owners. If you are a good owner and treat your dog with respect and train them well, your dog will be good as well. If you are a bad owner that treats your dog like crap and trains them to be aggressive, then that is what your dog will do.

    If the ban against American Pit Bull Terriers is ever lifted in the province of Ontario, I wouldn’t hesitate for a second to own another one!!!

  • Genevieve

    My 14-1/2 year old Golden Retriever/Cocker Spaniel mix Sadie is from a shelter; I’ve had her 13 wonderful years. I also volunteer at a shelter, and they always need extra food and supplies for the hungry animals.

  • Camarie

    Our male kitten, Princess, was abandoned with his mother and siblings and found by a cat rescue person in a nearby town. He’s the best cat EVER!!! He’s beautiful, sweet, loving, playful; he’s white and is gorgeous. He has a wonderful personality and has brought a great deal of joy to our family.

  • Elizabeth

    Shelter animals need and deserve proper nutrition. I am encouraging others to participate in this promotion, as well. Anyone seeking to adopt a pet should get an animal from a shelter.

  • brenda

    kudos to Iams for supporting animal shelters!

  • Connie

    My dog walked up to me at the shelter. He then stood up
    very gently and gave me a kiss. He adopted me. I’m so lucky to have him in my life.

  • Margie

    Thank you Iams for helping shelter pets!!

  • Laura

    I adopted a puppy from a puppy rescue in Colorado about 9 years ago. He was a little love bug who grew into a 95 pound love bug. He had the black tongue of a chow, the tail of a huskie, the coloring of a german shepherd, the head shape and double back dew claws of a great pyrenees. Unfortunately, he passed away last month and I miss him every day. So for Rowdy, thank you Iams for noms.

  • Adony

    All the cats my wife and I have had during the last 18 years have had been ferals that we’ve reformed or dumped strays. Harry Harry, the most recent, was injured, emaciated and ~4 months old. It took awhile, but he’s turned into a wonderful kitty. We love them all.

  • I actually have an amazing adoption story about someone else, as a result of a request for my blog readers to submit a picture of their cats for my site (www.zeezoey.com). I got a picture of a cat named “Heat Cat 5.” Turns out he was adopted by a base by the US Army stationed somewhere in Kuwait. Heat Cat was save from certain euthinization and will be finding his way to a new home in the states (MA) in the next week or so. I could not believe what an amazing story this was!

  • Dave

    Abbey was an adoption that has been a wonderful friend for my daughter for about 8 years. Where else can $20 offer so much joy while saving a lab-pit mix?

  • Kathleen

    All of our animals have been rescued from shelters, or saved them from wandering all over, lost. Since we were a military family, I can’t really remember the names of the shelters. Great idea for feeding the shelter animals.

  • JackyO

    My first dog Andromeda adopted Mum and me from the RSPCA shelter in Brisbane. I was intent on catching a cute little black and white collie cross when Mum said, I think our dog has found us. I looked around and this little red scrap was sitting at Mum’s feeting looking up at her. All the other puppies were keeping out of range. Needless to say she went home with us, and proved to be the smartest, most lovable dog I have known. Thanks to Iams for supporting shelters and helping pups and kits find forever homes.

  • Colleen Frank

    This is awesome! We have received two wonderful little girls from the shelter; Corkie & Pumpkin. Best fur babies ever!

  • I began using Save-A-Dog last January. I was so happy that by virtually fostering dogs, (since I already had 3 other dogs) that I could send kibble to shelters in need. I started looking for foster dogs in my area on the site. Several of my virtual foster dogs were adopted.

    At the end of January, I found a little doxie-chi with the sweetest face I have ever seen. His name was Hudson. I talked to my husband about how cute, and sweet he was, and wouldn’t he fit in with the rest of the pack, a Boston Terrier, a Schnauzer, and another Doxie-Chi.

    Six years ago, we had taken in a pair of doxie-chi brothers from a friend that died from cancer. In September of 2009, one of the brothers Chimi, died from renal failure. His brother Buckeye, was devistated. They had never been apart since birth. So, I thought this sweet little doxie-chi would do the trick to keep Buckeye company.

    So I e-mailed the rescue group, Pet Connection, of Falmouth, KY and asked about this pup’s story. He had been taken to an animal shelter in Athens, OH with his brother and another dog mate, because the family was moving and couldn’t keep them. While in the animal shelter, they all came down with kennel cough and pneumonia and were going to be put to sleep. Tammy from Pet Connection took all three dogs in, got them well, and put them up for adoption.

    I went down to Kentucky from Ohio on a cold February day, bent on bringing Hudson home with me. I took a dog bed and collar and leash. I was so happy to see him after looking at him for so long. He immediately curled up under my coat and licked my face. On the long trip home, he sat next to me on the seat of the car and seemed so happy.

    When we arrived home, Hudson met Buckeye and the rest of the pack. They all get along fine, and Buckeye and Hudson curl up either against each other or on top of one another and sleep in our big chair. They sleep together at night too. They are inseparable.

    I continue to virtually foster dogs though Save-A-Dog. Anyway I can help, I will. Hudson has been with us 8 months now, and we are so happy that he has found his forever home with us.

    Thanks to you and Iams for donation, the blog, website, and kibble for those dogs still needing adopting. Always adopt your dog from a Rescue Shelter! They have stories to tell!

  • Janet

    Shelter cats are the best.

  • Denise Lytle

    I have a pit bull mix who was adopted from a shelter….the poor thing has been through so much (we have an idea of what she went through, but there’s no way to know everything). She was found eating out of a dumpster in Jersey City, NJ & pregnant. She gave birth to 9 puppies, but 8 of them died from parvo. My grandfather picked her from a PetSmart adoption fair because she was calm & already about 2 yrs. old. But it’s obvious she was abused by men, since she is afraid of them & took a long time to warm up to my grandfather (I’m glad that her fear never turned into aggression) She’s my baby girl & it feels like we rescued each other-we entered each others’ lives when we needed each other the most! I was going through an ex-boyfriend harassing me & she stayed by my side & would even warn me (when she slept she had to have at least a paw touching me) when something was about to happen! It’s like she was psychic! She’s my heart & I love seeing how everyday, little by little, she conquers her fears. We’ve had her for about 5 yrs. & I cherish every minute of it!

  • Laura

    We adopted Floyd the cat through ECAH Animals rescue group in Tallahassee, Florida. One weekend earlier this year a young volunteer rescued Floyd and 17 other cats from death row at an animal shelter in a small rural community about 70 miles away, just a few weeks before we saw his picture and profile on Petfinder.com. We expressed interest in Floyd because his profile stated he was good with kids, and has that ever proven to be true — he is my 7-year-old’s best friend. They love to play with Matchbox and remote control cars together. He has brought lots of laughter into our home thanks to his clownish antics. Not a day goes by that we don’t think about how lucky we are that ECAH rescued this special cat.

  • Melissa

    Nothing better than finding beautiful furry friends who want to make yours their forever home. My two boys found their way with my son and me like that, and life hasn’t been the same since; it’s been amazingly wonderful, fun, and full of love. Bless those who choose to follow the same path and to those who want to give in any way possible. <3

  • Lynn

    I adopted HERBERT THE WONDERCAT from Friends of Animals in Atlanta, GA, via petfinder.com. He was very feral and shy; and it took months for him to even tolerate being in the same room with me. In time – lots of time – he has become trusting and even allows much petting and rubbing and brushing. Over seven years together, and we’re still going strong!

  • I had to have one of my dogs put down because she had tumors all throughout her body. It was a hard choice but I didn’t want her to suffer. Now left all alone, was my 11 1/2 yr old German Shepherd, Sage. Just by luck, I met a greyhound rescue group. I fell in love with the breed and ended up rescuing one. He made the last year and 1/2 of Sage’s life better. She had a big brother named Lucky. After Sage passed away, I adopted another greyhound, Sadie. It just so happens that she has the same birthday as my shepherd, Sage.Any kind of rescue no matter what the breed is good in my book.

  • Ma

    Great idea and wonderful effort Michele! In memory of Mittens, Boomerang, and Gilda, I am happy to post to feed others who are currently waiting for their forever family because shelters once fed and cared for my companions until we could find each other. Have a very happy birthday too, Michele!!

  • Daiane

    I have a black cat named Phoebe. She is 2 years old, actually almost three and we got her from the shelter last year. She was a stray cat and was very sick when we got her.

    She is a very special cat and it is amazing to see how much she has changed (for the better). She is everything we could ask for in a cat. Funny, adorable, playful – sometimes too playful. She loves to stalk and pounce on me. We always play hide and seek, balls, tag – she chases me up the stairs. I guess she thinks she is an actual panther.

    We are hoping to adopt more animals when we move to a new house. I can’t wait for Phoebe to have some roommates.


  • sherry

    I have many animals that I’ve adopted. My address must be written on the walls somewhere, because countless animals have been dropped off here throughout the years. I’ve heard cars stop in front of my house in the wee hours of the morning, and the next day I find a new animal with no collar. I can’t not feed them, so I just take them in and treat them as my own. The way I look at it, I never have to make a trip to the shelter because I seem to be on the receiving end of a stray animal delivery service. 🙂

  • Penelope Ryan

    My little black Persian cat is now 15 years old. For many years she was shy and hid when people came to the house. 1 day short of being killed she hissed when I opened the cage door. I said don’t bother, I know your scared. She now lights up the house with her many little habits and quirks. She has a Barbie blanket and that is hers. Pink and she is black what a pair. So pretty, then she also likes to sit on the stairs with you. If you call out stair time she will come running. She has a whole routine she does on the stairs. She is a bright spot in my life and the truth of the matter is there are thousand of bright spot in shelters all over the world just waiting for someone to to love.

  • After my beloved Siamese cat, Sam, died, I grieved for over two years. I missed him terribly and decided, one day, to go to a rescue shelter to adopt another Siamese. Once there, I checked out two Siamese cats and liked one very much. However, next to the cage was a Tabby with the cutest face and big golden eyes and he seemed to be speaking directly to me with his low meow. I asked the assistant to take him out of the cage so I could see him even closer. That very moment, as she held this 4-month old cat in her arms – I absolutely had to have him. He was adorable and still was looking straight into my eyes. I adopted him rather than the Siamese and haven’t regretted my decision. He is now 4 years old and likes to snuggle up to me, but remains ‘;independent’ – snuggling when he feels like it, not when I want him on my lap :). He is wonderful with my grandchildren, and since he followed my husband around from day one, we named him Buddy. I still miss Sam tremendously, for we adopted him at age 2 from a woman who thought he was too ‘needy’ and he lived with us for 18 years. . . wonderful fun years.

    The rescue shelter we got Buddy from was in a flea market which, unfortunately, is no longer there because a housing development came up – but we hope they found a new place and are making more happy homes for cats with people who love and will always care for them.


  • Kim

    We have a border collie named Levi that we rescued from the Montgomery Human
    Society. He is a love and is spending the rest of his life on our farm chasing whatever he wants. We also rescued an English Bulldog from the Lee County Humane Society (Haley) She (as all of our pets) was a part of our family and went on vacations, camping, fishing with us. She passed away last December after having a wonderful life with our family. She is missed greatly.

  • Suse

    We share our house with a wonderful array of the most wonderful animals,all adopted some were rescued due to cruelty,neglect or people didn’t want a special needs animal.At the last count we had 2 Dogs,2 Cats,7 Ferrets,3 Bosc monitors ,3 bearded Dragons ,2 Iguanas,1 parrot and a never ending supply of whatever Mother nature brings us.If we can we always return wildlife but this isn’t always possible so we do the best we can untill we can find a sanctury for them.

  • Shilla

    We have 2 babies: Simba, a 3-1/2 year old black male who was adopted as a tiny kitten from Oceanside shelter & Princess, a 2 -1/2 year old beautiful Tabby female who was abandoned by her humans when their home was foreclosed on!

    We adore them:)

  • Tia

    I adopted my Chihuahua from my vet. Maggie had been abandoned at the local pound/shelter because she had some severe medical issues. The folks at the pound recognized that she was a wonderful dog and called my vet. My vet agreed to take Maggie, treat her medical problems, and find her a new home. Thankfully, my mom wanted a little lap dog at about the same time. We went to the vet to see what was available there. Maggie was the only small dog. She was shy, but so very cute. Because I had cats, we worked out a transition for Maggie to come to her new home. Everything went well. She has been the best little dog. She became my dog since I took care of her, but she loved her “G’ma”, too! She has really been a joy to me and so many others. She loves to go to nursing homes and other Senior facilities. She is a very sweet Chihuahua. I’m glad that I was able to bring into my home!

  • SunshineWmn

    When I moved, a friend kept two of my cats. In gratitude, when my two babies came home, I took two of her rescue cats as well. Mesmer and Jack are sweet and wonderful. I feel that I got the best of the bargain.

  • Great idea! Thank you for putting so much time into helping feed the animals.
    This is a worthy cause.

  • Connie Crumpton-Armijo

    I have three dogs rescued from the Humane Society and two stray cats. Love them all.

  • We at our Fur-ever Loving Home just want to thank you for doing this for the Animals. I have rescued cats from shelters when I lived in Manitoba and they were Loved. Hats off to you for caring…^_^

  • Animal shelters everywhere need your support. This is a great promotion. I hope those who are writing comments to earn 25 bowls might look for ways to continue to provide food to rescues and shelters. A special kudos to pet food pantries such as Duffy’s Pet Soup Kitchen in Georgia! Please consider starting one in your metro area.

  • I inherited my “Princess”, Miss Mia from a neighbor who adopted her from Marblehead Animal Shelter (local shelter) where she volunteered. Miss Mia had been rescued from a hoarding situation. While cleaning out cages Miss Mia just meowed at Sue (my neighbor) and she couldnt resist. How could one? I am so grateful every day to have Miss Mia in my life. She as with all animals are incredible companions and provide unconditional love. NO JUDGEMENT WITH ANIMALS….just we humans could figure that one out…

  • Amy

    I adopted my white boxer, Mono, from McKamey Animal Center in Chattanooga last October. He had been found in an abandoned house with about four other dogs. The shelter described him as wonderful in their ad. They weren’t wrong. He is the sweetest boy I’ve ever loved. He still bears some scars and patches of missing hair from his life before us. And he still drops to the floor if you approach him with something in your hand. But I hope he knows we would never ever hurt him. I do so love that dog!

  • Christine T

    I adopted my cat Sammy 4 years ago from Whiskers Rescue in Sayreville, NJ. Her and my daughter are the best of buds! She is a great litte cat with such personality, and we love her to death 🙂

  • Shannon Edinger

    We have been involved with cat and dog rescue for years. Last year we were volunteering for Fancy Feline Rescue in GA at the Petsmart where they have the 24/7 adoption center there. While cleaning the cages my husband thought one of the girls that had been there a few weeks and kept getting looked over, just did not look like she felt good he said. So we called the director of our group and said we would take her home and foster her, give her some meds/vitamins and alot of TLC and then bring her back for adoption days. Well Amaretto had a different plan. She knew my hubby was a sucker and she had him wrapped around her paw from day 1. After several months went by and she was never “well enough” to go back to any adoption days, our director laughed and said I have her adoption paperwork already filled out for you. Failed foster attempt number 10,001 +++ 🙂

    Fancy Feline Rescue has been a part of the Home For the Holidays Program for several years and we greatly appreciate IAMS for helping out so many animals and promoting adoptions.

  • liz findlay

    i have 4 rescue cats,they each have very different personalities and i love them dearly and i lost my beloved cat “TOM” on 28/08/2010 who was a diabetic,a beautiful black cat that everyone fell in love with,he had to have insulin twice a day but never made a fuss he was a gentle giant,i miss him each and every day,one day we will be together again as i love him so much,my latest cat is a real cutie,a 3 year old fluffy grey in colour,who was rescued from a house where they had 30 cats in awful conditions,she has had 3 kittens,one sadly died as he was so poorly,she has had cat flue and has now been neutered and is a bundle of fun,she trust everyone even though she has been through so much,such an adorable little cat.animals give so much love and ask for nothing in return,ilove them all.thank you liz findlay.

  • My neighbor adopted a gorgeous dog from the Humane Society – we went there for a Halloween contest a few years ago and my dog entered the contest, won a prize – and my friend came home with a new lovebug in her life.

  • Donna Kessler

    We have been adopting pets thru ARF for years – 2 dogs and a cat so far. It gives me such a warm feeling inside when I know I have made a better life for one of our 4 legged “children”. It’s a wonderful feeling knowing you have enhanced their lives but they have also enhanced mine.

  • From time to time we donate products to St. Hubert’s Animal Welfare Center – North Branch
    Branchburg, New Jersey. These are passionate caretakers who always extend a their thanks
    for the support they receive from the local community. Organizations and folks like these
    help to keep the pet industry alive and well. My rep agency depends on it!

  • michaela dalton

    after the loss of our beloved whippet in may, i was devastated. he had AIHA and we all fought so hard for close to a year, he had the heart of a lion. after he passed we moved to the beach for the summer while our home was undergoing renovations. i was completely heartbroken, i’ve had pets before, but this dog and i had a connection. my husband and i thought it would be a long time before we could make this sort of commitment again. when we came home at the end of the summer, the renovation was done, the house looked great. but… there was an emptiness. i started looking at greyhounds on the Greyhound Friends of NJ website. i’ve always loved greyhounds. this went on for weeks and then one day, i saw him! something about him reminded me of my beloved monty, without hesitation – i called right away. it was impulsive as heck! i just knew when i saw his face and my husband was in complete agreement. the wheels were in motion. in a week we would drive to the mountainview correctional facility where our greyhound was being trained commands, how to walk up stairs and led on a leash by an inmate. this program is incredible, so great for so many reasons. we picked up our greyhound about a month ago, he is a perfect gentleman. we love him to bits! we are so lucky to have him. we were so impressed by the people at Greyhound Friends of NJ. Their dedication to these beautiful dogs is outstanding! i would encourage anyone who wants a calm, easygoing pet who just wants to be loved to rescue one.

  • Veronica Goddard

    We rescued our dog, Jet, who is an absolute heart-breaker. Everyone that meets him wants to take him home!
    He has been a delight since day one. He had been hit by a car and I picked him up and took him to the vet. No-one claimed him so we were allowed to keep him. Best thing I ever did, rescuing him.

  • Jenn

    We adopted our cat from a shelter in NJ over 13 years ago. Dusty has the best personality of any cat I’ve ever met; he seriously thinks he’s a person and tries to talk to us- he’s forever grunting and meowing like he’s trying to tell us something!

  • three years ago our nikki was adopted as a 10 old week puppy in nj when she was brought with her mother and litter mates from a virginia kill shelter. we got her in part to keep our older dog active and boy did it work. She is sweet, caring, and a great listener. most shelters and their workers are amazing.

  • Karen Ratzan

    I adopted Tobey, a collie mix of some sort, from Blumig Kennels in East Brunswick, New Jersey. He had been brought in as a stray. According to a trainer and a vet Tobey displayed behaviors of a mistreated animal. Almost from the beginning, any time he was alone, Tobey dug holes in my walls, always by a door, among other less distructive behaviors (the idea was that he was trying to escape). I found I had to keep Tobey in a crate when there was no one home or when we were all asleep. It broke my heart to keep him cooped up so much of the time, but I couldn’t stop the digging! Tobey is a smart pooch and learned quickly that we we said “crate” he was to go into his crate. One day as I was leaving and I said “crate” Tobey went half way in and then backed out and looked at me. I decided to give him a chance and left him out of his crate, alone in the house. He didn’t dig at all, that day or subsequent days, and other bad behaviors also ceased. I am convinced that when Tobey felt loved and safe from harm he no longer needed to escape and he settled in to be a sweet, loving animal. Karen Ratzan

  • Jenn Miller

    I adopted 2 of my kitties from a shelter after seeing a news report on over crowed shelters (My third cat was found on the side of the road). I had seen one kitty that on tv was very cute; so off to the shelter I went. When I got there the cage was jammed packed with kittens. The first one out of the door basically jumped into my arms and meowed that I was taking her home. My other one was too pathetic and too adorable not to take. She’s my special one; she was so small, the runt she could fit in the palm of my hand, and was sitting at the open cage door with the saddest most heart breaking look I’d ever seen. While the first one was in the box ready to go home, the second one I held while filling out paperwork b/c she had fallen asleep in my arms. (The cute one on tv wasn’t so cute or nice in person; sorry little guy.) I named them after one of my favorite movies, The Big Lewbowski; so I have The Dude and Walter. Walter was the one that jumped out of the cage, and being the more vocal and pushy one, her name fits. The Dude is still my special girl and she is the embodiment of The Dude. She is laid back, doesn’t meow or make too much noise. Neither of them are the most affectionate and they like lovin’ when they want it; don’t even try to pick them up. But when I don’t feel good they are right there to watch over me. And when some major awful stuff happened in my life; I came home and just started crying on the floor one day after work. Well, my Dude came over and pushed her way onto my lap, kneaded, and pawed at me and meowed more than I’ve ever heard her meow (even when she broke her tail) and I swear she was telling me that everything would be alright and to do what The Dude does best, Abide. I cried some more and she let me hug and squish her, and after I calmed down she nuzzled my face and hopped off my lap to her normal spot. I have no idea the difference between a non-shelter/rescue animal and one from a breeder; but I am thankful everyday for all three of my rescued furries and I wouldn’t change them for anything; and when the time comes to add to my cat lady persona, I will be right back at a shelter.

  • Fulvia

    I’m an animal right activist here in Italy and helping animals in sheleters to find a good adoption is one of my main committments. Mizar is a tiny mixed breed dog and I found an adoption for him a couple of years ago. I still remember my first flight with a pet 😀 ! I took him to his new home 1000 km away by plane! My friends told me I was crazy to spend a lot of money (the flight tickets were on me) to save a single dog. And I replyed : “I cannot save all of them, but I can save this one!”. Mizar is very happy now, and I’m happy too!

  • Sharon Fusco

    I adopted a cat from Petsmart. I had a cat (15 years old) and my husband had a cat (6 years old and many dogs). This was a second marriage for both of us and I wanted to get a cat to be “ours”. Then I saw this cat that just called to me. His name was Michael which I changed because my husband’s name was Mike. I changed his name to Mickey and when I got his papers, his original name had been Mickey and someone changed it to Mike. He has made life very interesting. He is really a Dennis the Menace cat but I love him. All three cats helped me get through the rough time after my husband’s death.

  • Marie-Anne Duhem

    What a great initiative! My family and I adopted dogs and cats. We would never buy. There ere too many sheltered hearts waiting only to love you… Thanks IAMS!

  • Bella’s been with us for six years, since we rescued the scrawny black cat from a tree in my friend’s yard. How he managed to survive in the wild for almost a year (according to the vet) was amazing, since our area has more coyotes and mountain lions than pets like cats and dogs. He is safe with us now, and though he still enjoys a romp outside, he has chosen to go no further than our fence line, and really prefers to be with us indoors. He was a true friend to my recently departed pup and took walks with us every day. I can’t see myself ever buying a pet from a breeder again, as there are so many strays who need our shelters and love.

  • Bridget

    Thank you Iams!

  • YasL

    I adopted all my dogs from shelters. Cupcake, may she rest in peace, from the North Shore Animal League and my latest additions, Lucy and Oliver, from the Jersey Animal Coalition. All of them are great dogs who just need someone to love them. Cupcake was my loyalist friend to the end and I know Lucy and Oliver will be the same. I may be tired as heck taking the pups out every few hours but it’s worth it to see their sweet faces.

  • Katya, our Husky, came from a shelter – about two years old, they told us, and nobody knew how long she’d been running wild in the woods and fields before they brought her in. She wouldn’t even come for food; they had to trap her. She was half-wild, half-starved, half-dead from heartworm and with a head full of bad wiring from abuse we could not guess at. From her I have learned patience and perseverance, and faith: that love can conquer fear, if you keep it up long enough.
    – – – – – – – – – –
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  • Diane

    I have adopted all My cats from shelters, My first two were bro and sis and i couldn’t have asked for a more loving duo sadly my baby boy cat passed just 8 months ago..we did go back to shelters after and adopt more cats and that is all thanks to my first two cats lestat and louis.

  • Kristina Lilova

    I adopted my dog, Tarra, from YSPCA after I saw her pictures on their website. She is adorable and incredibly cute maltese/shih-tzu mix, but at this time, coming from the shelter, she was sick, skinny girl, who was missing an eye. The poor little thing was so scared, that just growled at everybody with a tail between her legs, trying to protect herself.
    We had very difficult first months together, both learning from each other. Tarra was trying to regain her thrust in humans and I was trying to stop making a comparison between her and my first dog, who passed away 2 years ago. Then we spent quite a long time to get used to collars, leashes and walks.
    Now Tarra is a happy girl, the princess of the house, who is running around with her favorite slipper and giving kisses. She is still sometimes grumpy and growling, but who wouldn’t be :)? Especially early in the morning, when her annoying human friend is dragging her outside for a walk.

  • Debra Bottalico

    I adopted Taffy from Townlake Animal shelter after my yellow lab had passed. It took me some time to get over Trixie. She was a registered yellow lab but I thought I would go by the shelter and see what they had. I found Taffy who is part yellow lab and border collie. She has such a cute face and sweet disposition. There were two puppies in the kennel and she came over to me.

    Needless to say, that was seven years ago and she is very healthy and brings me so much joy that I would be lost without her.

  • Lynne Fagan

    We have two adopted dogs. One was on “Death Row” and was saved by PAL of Virginia. We adopted him from his foster home 11 years ago and he is the center of our lives. Getting old now as we are so we all don’t get up the stairs as fast as we use to but we still have such a good life together. The most recent addition is a Chessie from Virginia Chesapeake Bay Retriever Rescue. He is the happiest dog I have ever known and he so often makes us laugh. Hard to imagine life without them.

  • sarah

    i adopted each of my bully breed dogs from local individuals who rescued each of these animals from neglectful and abusive situations. although each comes from extremely difficult early living conditions, both have grown to be loving and friendly family members. because this breed has received so much bad press over the years as being aggressive and dangerous, it takes a lot of communication to educate people about just how loving and loyal these dogs really are, and my two rescues have done wonders to change people’s minds about the negative preconceptions they had about the breed. i am proud of my babies’ courage and strength.

  • Karina

    My boyfriend and I rescued a pitbull puppy and although she is a bit rough around the edges we are training with her everyday and know she is going to grow up and be a great adult dog. Her name is Bianca and she is a great addition to our family and she complements our other dog, Sonny, another adopted pet. It is so nice coming home to them despite the countless number of pillows they destroy, but hey, at the end of the day it is another dog’s life that we saved.

  • My pit bull mix is a sweet little girl named Hazel. She was in a foster home through the Philadelphia Animal Welfare Society because she was having a hard time finding a family that wanted a 65 pound pup that jumped a lot when she was cooped up in the kennel all day.
    Every time people meet her, she does wonderful things for fighting against the stereotype of the mean pit bull. After some hard work and a whole lot of cheese and treats, she is a well behaved girl who barely jumps and loves every person she comes in contact with.

  • We didnt adopt our pitbull Titan from a shelter but we found him advertised on the internet. He had been left by his former owner at a truck stop and picked up by someone whose brother had pitbulls and thought maybe he would take him in. But his brother said he had more than he could handle so they advertised him on the internet. A friend of ours found the ad and text it to us. We called the number and said we would come look at him. We had to drive about and hour and a half to get there. We brought our other pitbull C. C. (Curious Cutie) with us. Titan and C. C. got along really good. So not only did Titan get a new home, he got a girlfriend, too. We have three dogs altogether and they get along really well and are all wonderful members of our family. They know they are loved very much.

  • Barbara

    I have three rescue cats. I call them my kitty girl trio!

  • Martha Kennedy

    My 8 year old am staff seemed a bit lost when her friend died from cancer, so I adopted a pit mix, Ziggy, from Colorado Pit Bull Rescue – he’s a big handful, but a love – has his CGC and is doing great in agility. I also started volunteering at the Santa Fe Shelter, eventually fostering an 8 month old pit mix pup who was begining to shut down after 5 months at the shelter – she perked up over night, played wildly with Ziggy, then went back to the shelter after a few weeks and was adopted 3 days later. We still run into her at the dog park. When Gentle Souls Rescue & Watermelon Ranch contacted me about fostering a one year old pitbull, I said “sure”. This time I absolutely failed at the foster part – she’s now named Vixen, is a wild child, but got her CGC and is starting agility – once she settles down in a few years I think she’ll make a great therapy dog. Adoption is the only way togo!!

  • Christin

    We recently lost our first adopted apbt to kidney failure at the age of 3, she was our pride and joy and we miss her very much. We decided to adopt another apbt to help fill the void. She is a blue fawn brindle, absolutely beautiful and smart too!! Everyone should adopt, its just the right thing to do 🙂 Not to mention- they are the best dogs ever and truely appreciate their fur-ever homes the most!!

  • Lady Ilea

    I watch my son’s two dogs while he’s at work. Actually, it’s more like they watch over me. He used to be an Animal Control Officer and saved two dogs. The first one was a black and tan part Rottweiler and part Labrador. His name is Norahc and has been part of the family since he was about 6 months old. The other is half Doberman and half Husky, black and tan. Her name is Misha and was born within months of Norahc so they are about the same age. Where Norahc is calm, serene and mellow, Misha is not. Misha will actually bark at the Animal Control Officers, almost taunting them. These dogs go with us where ever we travel and are quite adept at traveling. We bring their own food and water on trips along with treats, toys, pillows and beds. It’s almost like traveling with infant children. Misha is very intelligent, curious, and adventurous. She likes to wander, run on her own (which is not allowed) and go exploring. Norahc is very content to remain with us. To help keep Misha under control while traveling, they are both hooked together on a dual lead leash. Norahc acts as an anchor for Misha as he will not run and she will. During our last trip, Misha learned how to get to the car fire extinguisher, pull the pin, and wedge the lever against something so all the elements sprayed out all over us inside the car. Needless to say, I had to clean the dogs, and the interior of the car right away, worry about how much we had inhaled, and we had to stop and buy a new fire extinguisher for our car. This one is now kept away from Misha. It’s not that she is trying to be destructive, but she is curious. We’re learning and we are trainable. So our dogs have a safe, healthy, happy home with their own fenced yard to run around in when they want. They have brought so much happiness and love into this home.

  • Malla

    I am a high school teacher. My classroom sits up against a hill in the middle of the city. It is a very rough area. We started to see a small black dog on the hill. It looked as though she had just had puppies. The small black dog would limp on 3 legs up and down the hill several times a day. We would watch her through the windows. We figured out that her “safe place” was a bush at the top of the hill. Two other teachers and I started leaving food and water for her. She only ate and drank a bit of it because the larger stray dogs would beat her to it. After a week I really began to worry about this little dog. We could not get within 30 feet of her. Because the temperatures were over 100 degrees, my family and I went up the hill on the weekend to check for puppies (there were none) and to make sure she had food and water. I was amazed that the fox or coyotes had not gotten her and that she had not left the hill. Watching her, feeding her and stressing over her turned into 4 long weeks. During the fourth week I got a call from one of the other teachers. The dog had stayed under her car after school and let her pick her up. I raced back to school and took her straight to the vet assuming that she was sick. No!!! She was perfectly healthy (except for the mal nutrition, worms and fleas). We named her Bailey Perris Hill-Top. The hill is Perris Hill and the theater next to the hill is Bailey Bowl. She is the friendliest dog that my family has owned. She was the perfect match for our other dog and both are spoiled rotten. I figure that after 4 weeks of survival mode, she had just had enough. I am so glad that we did not give up on her!

  • Tammy

    I have adopted all four of my dogs. All are also special needs. My first is a 8 year old epileptic Jack Russell Terrier that spent the first year of his life in a little cat carrier. My second is a 11 year old Min Pin who was surrendered when the former owner discovered he had diabetes, instead of being put to sleep the owner made the decision to turn it into the adoption program. It was soon discovered that he was also a biter and food aggressive so was marked unadoptable, however I took him home and he is no longer food aggressive and the biting has improved in the 3 years I have had him. My third is a 4 year old Rat Terrier who was severely underweight and had chronic diarrhea. Also deemed unadoptable due to her medical issues and aggression issues. Now after being in my home for 2 years she is healthy, and has social skills! My final is a 6 month old Minpin/Chihuahua mix who had a cherry eye that needed to be repaired. We have had him for 1 month and he and my Rat Terrier are best friends.

  • Sy

    In 1992, I persuaded my wife to adopt the “pet of the week” that appeared in the newspaper courtesy of the York County SPCA as my birthday present to her. “Siegfried” was a black, part Siamese cat that looked just like our beloved “Stormy” who walked into our lives in 1970 and who departed from our lives in 1983. A week later, we adopted Brunnhilde and the first Siegfried from a private party. When the first Siegfried passed on, we had only one cat until the second Siegfried was adopted. The parallels between this Siegfried and Stormy were amazing and he gave us years of pleasure until his passing in 2009. We are currently cat-less, but earlier this year I wrote a book using Stormy’s voice called “Life Is A Hammock; mewsings of a traveling cat” about our numerous camping trips with Stormy and Princess. The book even has photo cartoons to add to the humorous stories. Any profit from direct sales of the book are split between our local humane society and library. I am also making the book available on consignment to humane societies who wish to use it as a fundraiser. Stormy would like you to visit his blog at http://lifeisahammock.blogspot.com/

  • Soon after my husband I retired we decided to adopt a dog for a companion as we would have enough time to spend with it. We visited many pounds and shelters in our area but could not find a suitable pet. Finally, I began searching the internet and found a local rescue organization, Big Heart Rescue Society, and on their website was Ellie’s photo. It was love at first sight for this 5-year old sweetie, even though we knew nothing about American Eskimo Dogs. We emailed our application and were contacted by the president to make an appointment for a home interview. We passed, and an appointment was made for us to pick up Ellie at her foster home, a doggy day care, where Ellie had been placed since she was rescued. That was 4-1/2 years ago, and we have never looked back. We are a very happy “pack.” Everyone who meets Ellie admires her, and she has learned many “tricks,” as her breed is very intelligent and she is a quick learner.

    Just lately I have joined the Best Friends Animal Society, which helps animals of all kinds that are abandoned or rescued from kill shelters, puppy mills or abusive homes. Through their Network I now write a blog in Ellie’s name. Here is the link:


    We hope you will take a look and enjoy reading about Reskie Ellie’s adventures! I think Ellie is very special because she has influenced me to become involved in helping other rescued dogs find forever homes through social networking and to spread the word about adopting rescues through her blog.

  • kim

    we adopted to dogs from our locak spca well we extally adopted 4 in the last 22 years, after our older ones passed away we couldn’t be happy to we found 2 more that need homes. all were mixed breeds but we loved them all.

  • Jill Davidson

    Both my cats are rescue animals; both came from Bideawee (www.bideawee.org). Munchkin is part bengal, and quite a diva; Percy is an adorable and impish shorthair. They are special because each has their own personality. I can’t imagine my life without them.

  • Three years ago following the death of our beloved 14 year old dog we adopted a 2 1/2 year old cocker spaniel through an animal shelter in NJ. The first time we met him he was so scared and just shook with fright. he was At the time he was not very socialized and unkempt. After a bath and grooming, we realized that he was a beautiful dog but then the hard work began. At first he was scared and withdrawn but with lots of love and attention he has become the sweetest most affectionate pet one could imagine. All he wants to do is to stay close and give kisses. Six months after welcoming him to our home we adopted from a shelter another cocker spaniel, just four months old, and despite our concerns the older dog welcomed her and immediately shared his favorite toys. These dogs have been a true blessing and a source of constant pleasure and companionship.

  • Three years ago following the death of our beloved 14 year old dog we adopted a 2 1/2 year old cocker spaniel through an animal shelter in NJ. The first time we met him he was so scared and just shook with fright. At the time he was not very socialized and unkempt. After a bath and grooming, we realized that he was a beautiful dog but then the hard work began. At first he was scared and withdrawn but with lots of love and attention he has become the sweetest most affectionate pet one could imagine. All he wants to do is to stay close and give kisses. Six months after welcoming him to our home we adopted from a shelter another cocker spaniel, just four months old, and despite our concerns the older dog welcomed her and immediately shared his favorite toys. These dogs have been a true blessing and a source of constant pleasure and companionship.

  • We initiated a campaign, “A Modest Proposal,” that provides a step-by-step blueprint for enlightened pet store owners and rescues to create a mutually beneficial relationship, resulting in the saving of lives. The Adoption Headquarters established in our own store acted as the working model for the campaign. Four years of planning and refining led to all of the material provided FREE of charge on our site. In an industry that, unfortunately, holds on tight to their “secrets” we need more pet store owners to see the larger picture and SHARE their success so that we can grow as an industry. One way they can accomplish this is to consider working with and not against rescues.

  • Megan

    Just this May (2010), I adopted my sweet pitbull mix. She and her brothers and sisters and cousins were left abandoned in Philadelphia at 3 weeks (my pups litter) and 6 weeks (her cousins) old. They were fostered through the PSPCA and all of these wonderful puppies were adopted. My sweet girl has changed my life and is the most wonderful thing in my life.

  • In January of this year I decided that I needed a dog in my life. My mom told me I was crazy, and so did many of her friends. My friends were excited about the prospect of having a dog around, especially the 5 friends I share a house with. I am in my senior year in college, which may not seem like a great time to have a dog, but our campus is dog friendly so Finnley, my dog, and I both attend 12 of my 15 credits of class together (one class doesn’t allow pets). I finally found him in July on petfinder.com, and yes, I had pretty much been going to the site everyday for 7 months, and I knew August was the month I could finally have a dog! So July 31 I drove 7 hours to meet him, and his foster mom had told me over the phone if we clicked I could take him home with me. August 1st I drove back the 7 hours with my dog. Don’t worry, home inspection and calling my vet and all of that was in order and such 🙂 I got him from treasured K9s which is an organization that specializes in Jindo rescue, because they don’t do well in shelters… http://www.treasuredk9s.org They were great to work with, and made sure Finnley and I were the perfect match 🙂 He’s such a good dog! No idea why anyone would abandon him, but I’m glad he has come into my life!

  • Krissa

    In the last 10 yrs we’ve had six rescue dogs, three have crossed the rainbow bridge. My husband rescued Boo from an acquantaince who had the idea to use the dog for target practice, he lived for 18 yrs. We have pulled three American Eskimos from rescue and shelters, Alex, Queenie, and Mya. We have two “mutts” of the short stature long body variety, Ted and Tahoe that we got from rescues at different times. The dogs are our kids. They have varied personalities and issues (Alex hated Men, Queenie hated other dogs, Ted hates to walk on tile, Mya hates Tahoe, Tahoe hates mini blinds) but we love them all and they make us so happy. When we vacation, every day we check in on the dogs to make sure they are doing OK wherever they are staying.

  • Joann

    I adopted my dog Charlie from Animal Haven in NYC where I volunteer. He is a beagle/bassethound mix and is the nicest dog ever. He smells anything and everything, and walking him can be a bit difficult but its in his blood! I am currently fostering a Pit Bull/Boxer who is also from Animal Haven and was rescued from the ACC. The moment I saw her I fell for her and am hoping to make my home a permanent home for her. She gets along great with Charlie and is the biggest cuddle bug in the world. Her favorite place to be is cuddling against your neck. My family has always adopted and never bought, and I encourage everyone to do the same.

  • i have TWO shelter cats. Okay almost three…well I guess three. I foster and I have a “permanent” foster but I cannot bring myself, as a single woman in her late 30s, to admit to having THREE cats!
    I love my boys (and girl) and even tease my mom about her four-legged furry grandchildren! Go SHELTER CATS!

  • Ginny Osewalt

    When my son, Robbie was quite little, he was a big fan of Cynthia Rylant’s “Mr. Putter and Tabby” early reader series. Mr. Putter is an elderly man who, after living alone for some time, decides to adopt, very specifically, an old cat to keep him company. He becomes the owner of an old orange tabby cat, whom he simply names “Tabby.” Mr. Putter and Tabby have many delightful and poignant adventures together which are chronicled throughout these early readers.

    Many years later, as Robbie was about to turn 12, he asked me and his dad if he could adopt, very specifically, an orange tabby cat — as he had remembered from his Mr. Putter and Tabby days, for his birthday. Open to that possibility, on Robbie’s birthday, we all walked over to the nearby Jersey Animal Coalition (JAC) in South Orange, and immediately fell in love with a 5-week old orange tabby kitten with a big, fluffy tail. He fit cozily and sweetly into the palms of our hands. We adopted Blaze that day, with Blaze earning the title of “the best birthday present ever.”

    However, when Blaze was exactly one-year old, he went missing. After ringing doorbells and putting up flyers all over town over a period of a week to no avail, we were sad and discouraged and did not expect that Blaze would ever return home. Then on the eighth day, which happened to be the day before Robbie’s 13th birthday, before leaving for work, I stepped out on the deck for a quick look around, as I had become accustomed to doing several times daily. Only this time, my heart skipped a beat — shocked to see a bright orange pillow amidst the overgrown grass in the back yard. Blaze was back! I called his name several times, but he did not come. I ran down to get closer to him — it was then clear that he could not get up. I scooped him into my arms carefully, brought him into the house and called our vet, who was able to see him immediately. After x-rays, it was determined that Blaze had a broken pelvis. His front claws were worn down to the bit — we surmised that Blaze took so long to come home because he had literally inched his way back over a period of days. After one long but necessary month of confinement in a large dog crate, which was his only treatment, Blaze made a complete recovery — and right on schedule, he returned to his jumping, climbing, playful and curious self. We still remain truly in awe of our brave, strong, story-worthy orange tabby cat, Blaze. And who would have thought that Blaze could be “the best birthday present ever” twice!!

  • Linda Gavitt

    I love animals, but have a real soft spot for cats and bunnies. I have cats all rescues from the streets although one is a retired breeding cat, but still a rescue from a life in a cage. I have no bunnies right now but have in the past. My grandchildren have some bunnies and they are very sweet. I try to set a good example for them and encourage them to be gentle and patient with their animals. They are doing very well with their pets. My daughter is a great teacher for them. They are learning responsibility at a young age.

  • Steph

    Volunteering at NYC Animal Care and Control (http://www.nycacc.org) in Brooklyn, I wound up fostering an amazing pit bull whose family lost their house due to losing their jobs. I had Coco for about 10 seconds before I knew I could never give her back!! Her family never returned to the shelter for their dog – and I am so glad!!! She is amazing – smart, unendingly playful and energetic, funny, well behaved, great with kids and dogs and cats – she is the perfect family member and I am so lucky!! She is the best possible advocate for pit bulls all the world over and I am so grateful!!!!

  • Barbara West

    Our two little special needs adoptions came to live with us last January 7th. We got them at the Nevada SPCA. They are just little mixed breeds with some very sad backgrounds. How people can be so terrible to such loving little friends, I have no idea. We are still working through some of their problems but there is light at the end of the tunnel. I can say that they are most definately in their forever home! We will never let them go!

  • Katrina M

    In 2002, we adopted Snowy, from a Shelter in Quincy Ma. Him and his sister (who was adopted before he was) were left in an apartment for up to 3 weeks with no food. He was extremely skinny in the shelter, where you could still see the bones in his tail! We loved him at first site, he would reach out under the cage in the shelter to touch your hand with his paw, and he nearly did a back flip when we played ball with him at he shelter.

    The very day that we moved in to our home (which qualified us to be able to adopt him) we picked him up. He’s been the best dog ever! He’s the most outgoing dog you’d ever meet – he’s still full of energy and people think he’s still a puppy. When we had our daughter, we were a little worried about how he would react to a baby, but we did some training beforehand and he was amazing. He’s been poked in the eye – when our daughter was too quick for us to stop her – and things of that nature when she was smaller. But he would just look at us, and we’d praise him for being so good, and he’s as happy as a clam. 🙂

  • All three of my personal dogs were adopted at different times form the same high kill shelter in Hammond, Louisiana. Lobo was an owner turn in because they were moving. That is the number one reason pets are turned in to most shelters. Gigit is a cute, fat, short legged heeler/corgi mix girl. BooBoo is a crooked tooth yorkie/rat terrier mix girl with an attitude. Check out their photos here: http://picasaweb.google.com/AnimalNewsInfo/MyShelterDogs#

  • Rachel

    A couple of years ago, i offered to foster an older dog who had been surrendered to our local shelter – Logan County (CO) Humane Society – i especially hate to see the old ones in the shelter. She was already 11 and kind of an escape artist, but was living with people who didn’t want her and she probably knew that.
    Even tho there were some people ‘maybe’ interested in adopting her, she showed her preference to stay with me pretty much right away.
    Honey is a beautiful strawberry blond mixed breed, maybe spaniel mix, maybe has some Aussie or ??? in her. She has pretty white markings but is anything but a lady-like dog! She is a total tom-boy and her nick-name is Lucille Ball; and she makes me laugh that much too. Now 13, her vet says she is doing great; even with an old injury she is the first one up the trail and shows no signs of slowing down!

  • Janet

    I have one darling shelter cat. Penelope.

  • My best cat ever, Oliver, was adopted from the local shelter. My son wanted a cat and we visited a shelter event at the park and he found a beautiful gray and white kitten. We had him for 10 years until he died of kidney failure.

    Both my dogs were rescued by me, one from the park, where I found him cold, wet and tick ridden! I was unable to locate his owner so this beautiful, affectionate, Pomeranian became mine. The next dog I rescued was a too young mixed breed puppy that was being given away at the grocery store. He is a lab-chow-maybe shepherd mix who is so sweet! He is protective but melts when someone pets him. The Pomeranian runs herd over him and he loves cats.

    Love all these wonderful stories! Keep up the good work Michele!

  • Ela

    I have two cats. We got Jack from my vet. Years later we found out that a woman was looking for homes for kittens she’d found in her yard, and we took home five-week-old Misty. I noticed Misty didn’t look too well, and I took her to the vet to learn she had conjunctivitis, sinusitis, and a bad case of ear mites. Of course we treated her for all of the above, to the tune of $300, and that’s even before she could get her shots! She’s been worth every penny, but after volunteering in an animal shelter I’ve realized what a great service they provide. Sometimes people ask why shelters charge a small fee for the animals. If people realized all the care that these animals receive before they are put up for adoption. Cats have come in with various diseases and injuries and shelter workers make sure they get proper veterinary care, and their vaccinations as well.

  • Duncan

    We live in Hungary and have a cat called Cica. Which means ‘cat’ in Hungarian :-p

  • Vibeke

    We’ve adopted all our cats from shelters! Chatham has now been with us 16 years and still is as cute and affectionate as ever. Sam is now 11 (or so) and we got him at three. He’s a tabby cat but don’t tell him as he thinks he’s a dog – he comes when called, puts his head on your lap and loves to follow the order “roll over” to get his tummy rubbed! Princess is our youngest, at 7 and she lives up to her name and is very demanding but loves to cuddle when she wants.

  • Catherine

    We adopted to kittens in 2004 that were found behind a dumpster. I went to an adopt a pet day sponsored by Cause for Paws shelter in NJ. These two sisters, Maxine and Maya, immediately crawled all over me in the store. They’ve been the source of such fun and love over the years, we can’t imagine life without them. They greet us at the door when we come home from a long day, and hang out with us in the evenings. They love being around people and really fill our home with warmth and energy. They’re sweet as can be (even when they’re chasing each other around the house). They’ll be 7 this December – can’t believe how the time has flown.

    I’m glad we took them both together – they keep each other company.

  • Susan A Rogers

    We have adopted 4 cats – the first 2 came from a shelter in Boston at about 6-8 weeks old and have the most dramatic story. One (Eliot) had a malformed digestive system. The Angel Animal hospital in Boston performed a surgery that they had only done on dogs before – never on a cat and never so small. Eliot subsequently recovered completely, and lived to be 14.

  • Our first rescue mission was a 2 year old astralian sheperd mix. Her name is Summer. We rescued her in Apopka Fl while living there for four years. She had been left in a yard chained to a fence. A young girl named Summer found her and called her mom to come get the dog. The dog was bleeding from it’s coller being embedded in her neck. Summer is now 8 years old and a joy to have in our live’s. Summer has enjoyed two cats which have passed away and many different homes. Our next rescue was a golden lab mix named Krammer, this story is beautiful and sad all in one. They told us he was 4 when we rescued him which was a lie. He and Summer became fast fiends, buddies it was a wonderful relationship. Krammer suffered from extreme anxiety and seperation. He brought so much love to our home but also destroyed it. With much love, patience and doggie prozac there was hope. Though it didn’t last long we loved him and no we gave him the best 3 years of his life. He died on January 26th 2008. He will never be forgotten and we still miss him. We only have Summer now but the memorie’s of those two best friends stay in our hearts forever.

  • DebB

    Both of my dogs are rescues — one we adopted as a puppy and the other when he was about 2-3 years old. They are now 12 and 10 — little fluff balls who share our couch, our food and even our beds. I will never “buy” a dog again, when there are so many loving pets waiting for homes.

  • Michele

    All of my pets have been rescues. Our latest rescue is an amazing Pitbull mix. When we went to the shelter to get a dog, she stole our hearts immediately! When we came back a couple days later (after our references were checked)she got all excited as if she knew we were back to take her home. We tell her all the time that we are so lucky that she picked us!

  • My first and only pet, April, was adopted from a shelter in NY over 30 years ago. She was a mixed breed puppy dog barely six weeks old when my family adopted her. My sister and I (we were 4 and 7 at the time) saw her in a cage with a few other dogs and immediately fell in love with her. She and the other dogs, who already knew they needed to put on a show for the people who would come by to look at them, were leaping over each other and bounding against the fence that separated us to attract our attention. April was smaller and got buried underneath and pushed aside by the other dogs in the cage. We knew imnmediately we wanted her. She was a loyal family member for about 15 years, and she was one of our best friends. I miss her every day.

  • Genoveva

    I have a beautiful rescued chihuahua from the Humane Society. He was rejected by three different owner before I found him. When I saw him for the first time and had the paper ready for him to come home with me, my first words for him were: “I love you, you wont ever have to worry about having a home.” Then he reply with a big lick on my face. He has been with me for two years, and become my loving companion. Now he is 3 years old, his name is Lucky.

  • […] a campaign from now until October 25, 2010, whereby every comment posted on their lead article (here) will result in a 25 tin food donation by Iams to a dog or cat animal […]

  • Megan

    I contacted the Elmsford Pets Alive shelter about a dog I saw on petfinder.com. Unfortunately he was given away to another family before I got to visit him. They suggested I come visit the shelter anyway to meet the other dogs. While I was standing at the front desk, I noticed a cute little dog in a crate behind the desk. I asked who she was, and was told that just that morning, when they came to open up for the day, that dog was tied up outside. I visited some dogs, but none struck me, except for the one I had scene in the crate. She asked if I wanted to take her for a walk, so I said sure. I immediately fell in love with the bundle of energy! I told them I would take her, and I was going to name her Tonks (after a Harry Potter character). Three days later, I picked her up, and she has been home ever since! She has some anxiety issues, but is getting stronger every day! She is so fun, and her personality keeps coming out. I am so grateful for Pets Alive in Elmsford!

  • I have an adorable little cat named Charlie, who I adopted from Elmsford Animal Shelter/Pets Alive West, in Elmsford, New York. I adopted him almost three years ago now, and it was the best decision EVER! He was born in Yonkers and rescued by Elmsford/PAW with his brothers and sisters, around a few months old. The shelter’s site manager Lucy was really helpful and made the adoption process go very smoothly.

    The greatest thing anyone can do is adopt a Shelter animal. They are so loving and all they want is a forever home. Thanks Elmsford! Charlie is very happy and I couldn’t be happier! He enjoys watching the birds, squirrels, and bunnies roaming the neighborhood (and the UPS delivery people, they actually wave to him, and all my neighbors know his name and ask after him when I see them in the morning!) 🙂

  • Nancy Adams

    All the pets I’ve had were adopted from shelters. From Lollypop Farms in Western NY when I was a kid to the Jersey Animal Coalition here in Maplewood, NJ, I’ve had 5 dogs and 2 cats from shelters. The most recent is now almost a year old, we adopted “Georgia” when she was 5 months and had been in 4 foster homes by the time we met her. She is still VERY afraid of people she doesn’t know well and loves other animals. It’s been a challenge but she’s a sweet girl..definitely NOT a guard dog; in fact she runs under the table when the doorbell rings. Oh well, she’s still so happy to have been saved; we believe she didn’t have much time left before she was put down.

  • Bill D

    I have adopted two Pits through PitsPlus (which became A RottalovePlus). The first, Miss Pitty, was found in a dumpster in St Paul, MN in the middle of January. At the time she weighed 18 lbs – her leg had been broken 3 times, her ribs were cracked or broken and a majority of her teeth were missing. She even had heart damage because of blows to her chest. Even throughout all of the abuse, once she was rescued, she was the perfect example of what a Pit could be – she was never aggressive – she loved kids, people, other dogs and even cats. She was a beacon of unconditional love. I had the privledge of her in my life for 11 years. When she passed in March of this year, she was almost 16 years old!
    The other Pit mix I have is Bezerk – he is jumpy, exhubernt love. He was surrendered for being “too hyper”. He was kenneled for almost 20 hours a day. I have had him for 9 years and he is still my perfect boy – he loves all people and other dogs.
    I am currently fostering a Pit – Buttercup – for Midwest Animal Resucue – she is a sweet girl looking for a forever home. She has a couple of videos on YouTube – look her up. 🙂
    Thank you IAMs for contributing food to the shelters – it makes me even happier that IAMS is the food that I am giving to my wonderful dogs.

  • Pris Aliberti

    I have a few rescued cats; One of them is called Vicky. I was hearing this tiny meowing coming from somewhere across the street for a whole day, and it was night, so I went to investigate. It was coming from somewhere on the top of the neighbor’s rooftop, where they had a huge bouganvillea tree. Next morning, the meowing was still there. I tried to ring the doorbell, but no one was home. I broke into their backyard door, and discovered that the kitten was INSIDE the rainpipe coming from the roof. I didn’t think twice, picked um a saw at my father’s garage and went at the pvc pipe. When I removed the pipe, the kitten wasn’t there anymore, probably scared by all the noise, it had gotten down the drain. I was desolated and went outside for a few minutes to deal with the police (yes, they noticed my breaking an entry) and when I came back, the poor thing had crawled outside the pipe and was trying to find her way out. She was all covered in filth and smelled like feces, so I took her home, gave her a bath, and was thinking of a way to find her a home… she’s with me ever since, for 9 years now.

  • Jeanne H

    I adopted a young Siamese mix kitty in 1986 from a rural shelter in upstate NY and named her Christine. She went to college with me, moved to Hoboken, NJ with me, was there when I married. Move again to Maplewood NJ, saw 2 children born, and put up with numerous animals that I rescued and fostered. She was outgoing and playful until July 2007, when she had a stroke at the age of 21, only 2 months away from her 22nd birthday. She was an amazing kitty!

  • My husband and I adopted a 3 year old Chihuahua/Min Pin named “Sasha” earlier this year from Northwest International Pet Rescue in Seattle. She has transformed our lives in so many ways I can’t even count them all.

    Sasha settled into our family immediately. We feel like she’s been with us forever and ever. She has a heart of gold, a sweet, loving personality and never ending desire to join into every adventure we dream up.

    Best of all she has turned us into a morning people. Sasha wakes up early (5am most days)with a huge doggie smile and demands to cuddle and play. We get up with her because we can’t stand missing even one moment of hanging out with her.

    We rescued Sasha and in turn she has resuced us!

  • Judy Wagner

    We adopted our pooch an English Shorthair Pointer about 8 weeks ago, from the Ocean City Humane Society in Ocean City, New Jersey. Her name is Minnie she is a little over a year and a half old. She is a crazy playful gal who has unconditional love for whichever family member she is with at the moment! She has become wonderful addition to our family!

  • Christy

    I have the most lovable, adorable and funny pitbull, named Sato. He came to me through one of the most incredible organizations – BADRAP (Bay Area Doglovers Responsible About Pitbulls). I adopted Sato 4 years ago, and he has become such an integral part of my life and our family. Sato is my second Pitbull, and quite frankly, I don’t know if I would ever consider sharing my life with another breed! To know the breed (TRULY know) is to fall head-over-heels in love with them! Being the ‘mom’ to a Pitbull takes great responsibility, thick skin, and the need to always educate others who are ignorant about who these amazing dogs are.
    Buying a dog is not an option for me. All of my pets have come from the shelter – why buy a dog where there are so many just waiting for you to take them home?
    Thank you so much to Iams for this generous donation of food!

  • Cynthia Sanford

    Just this week, I adopted a very special cat from the Washington (DC) Animal Rescue League. WARL was one of 30 shelters that rescued 200 cats & dogs surrendered by a research lab in Gates Co, North Carolina in mid-September 2010 after a PETA worker infiltrated the facility and submitted testimony and a video to the USDA revealing nightmarish medical testing which inflicted suffering on the animals, cruelty, pointless abuse by the animal “caretakers” and inhumane living conditions. The USDA has opened an investigation into the lab that WARL says perpetrated the worst abuse on animals they had ever seen. Cyclone (now known as Sweetie Pie), a beautiful beige male with amber eyes, was one of 10 cats and 20 dogs rescued by WARL. He is shown in the PETA video receiving some of the worst treatment at the lab, and when he was brought in, the shelter was afraid he would never be able to be adopted because he was so traumatized. He was there less than a month before I read a blog post by the director of WARL entitled “Sometimes Forgetting and Forgiving is Hard Work”. The article mentioned the difficulty Cyclone was having and immediately I knew that I had to do something. He came to live with me this past Sunday and in less than 8 hours in a quiet, loving home he started to blossom — exploring his new surroundings, playing, allowing me to pet him, and beginning to relax. Now, five days later, he has begun to let me to rub his belly, fall asleep without being afraid and has found his meow again. He is incredibly sweet, sociable and playful. He never shows his claws or teeth, even if he feels stressed for a moment. It is remarkable that an animal, which has known only cruelty and torture, can put his horrific past behind him, and trust a human being again. It has been a rewarding experience for me, and a reminder that love and compassion really can help us rise above the most difficult circumstances.

  • monich

    Before I immigrated to the USA, during a measuring and shopping trip, I chose a little kitty to be my permanent companion in the new world.
    The she was 4 weeks old, in a litter of 7 – she was the smallest and her survival chances in the crowd of hungry mouths very small. However, when I first visited the litter she immediately climbed from my hand up to my shoulder and started licking my neck. I knew it then: This baby would be mine respectively I’d be hers. That’s 10 years ago. She’s still my wonderful baby and so feminine and wonderful – she’s just an aristocat!

  • Victoria

    I have my sweet, gorgeous, smart, well-behaved girl from Virginia German Shepherd Rescue — she’s 10 y.o. now. We also have 3 cats, each from a different place. Cleo and Lila have all black fur and might’ve been more difficult to adopt out but not to me! I’m lucky to have all members of my ‘fur family’ and even better, everyone gets along extremely well together.

  • Always happy to help get free food for shelter animals. Our Ellie, a mini American Eskimo Dog we adopted over 4 years ago, was never in a shelter. She was rescued from a bad situation by the RCMP after someone reported her poor living conditions. The Big Heart Rescue Society in British Columbia arranged for her rescue, and she was fostered for 2 months and had proper vet care and was a happy little girl when my wife and I met her. She has been a daily bundle of joy and companionship ever since. My wife even writes a blog in her name. This is the link:


    Hope you read it, enjoy, and adopt, don’t shop, when you are looking for your next pet.

  • I currently have two dogs. Dingo was adopted from the Santa Fe ANimal Shelter in Santa Fe New Mexico. Ruby was adopted this year through Dripping Springs Animal Hospital.

  • I have five cats. Muse was adopted from Paws in Lago Vista, TX. Emma was adopted from Mendocino Coast Humane Society in Fort Bragg, CA. Smudgie was found beside the interstate in Santa Fe, NM. Socks turned up on my front porch in Blanco, TX and Skeezix was rescued from a Shamrock Station in Johnson City.

    I also have a horse who was adopted from Four Winds Equine Rescue in Central Tx. And four BLM burros and 2 BLM mustangs. Don’t give the BLM any free food; they are not doing good things for our nation’s horses and burros right now. That would be a good blog post. Let me know if you need resources.

  • Rachel

    I have 3 cats: Murphy, Mallory, and Mr. Gray Guy. All were stray kittens from 3 days old to 8 weeks that I saved from the streets. They are all now healthy, happy kitties who rule the house… especially Murphy! He’s going to take over the world someday! And he’s going to appoint his friends Mallory and Mr. Gray Guy to educate people to spay and neuter their animals!

  • Outi Aromies

    Hi! I have adopted dog from Romania,Calarasi. His name is Paolo and he has lived here in Finland since 2008. Sara Turetta from Save the Dogs saved my Paolo. My firts dog taavi died 7.3.2008 in age of nearly 17. It nearly killed me also. Then Paolo came to my life!
    Please, adopt a dog or a cat and safe a life!

    lots of hugs from Finland

    -Paolo and Momma-

  • Kelle Evans

    I had a rottie 4 years ago that I had to put down because he had cancer. The hardest choice I had to make. I was numb for quite sometime. Coming home without him there wasn’t the same. 4 months later we went to the Humane League to look around. And there he was. A 6 month old pitty pup named Koal. They didn’t know much about him. He was a stray on the streets. I wasn’t to sure if I wanted to adopt a pit because of all the bad things said about them. But I looked at this little guy and I thought we would give him a try. I am glad I did. He’s crazy, goofy, prances, plays, kisses, hugs, snuggles….he makes all of us laugh. Someday, he will pass too, and I will definately welcome another from a shelter into my home. PITBULLS RULE!!!!

  • Petrie

    Please be a voice for the voiceless, they depend on us.
    Happy mom to a beautiful Corgie and Pompoo rescue.

  • Julie Mullins

    I have 3 dogs and 1 cat. All of them were rescues of one type or another. The very best though is my little girl “Sweets”. She is what we call a “Pitweiler”. She is built just like a pittie but with rottie clothing. And she is wonderful. When we found her she was 8 months old and eating an old, nasty burrito behind a
    7-11. We brought her home and found that she was most likely a bait dog. She had scabs running from her shoulder blades all the way to her hips. She knew imediately that she was safe, I know this because the next day when a very aggressive rottie busted through our fence she took 3 HUGE bounds and plowed the side of that dog. The dog cartwheeled and landed on her side. Sweets put her mouth over the dog’s throat and held her there until we were safe. We contacted the dog’s owner to retrieve his dog……….there was not a single scratch on that dog. Sweets just held her. Almost 12 years later she is still our protector and no one, I mean NO ONE is allowed to be rough with our 4 year old or they must answer to her!

    Thanks for rescuing any and all that you can!

  • Gail Hall

    Have 4 indoor cats…all rescued from the street…one porch kitty…she loves to be outdoors…vetted and spayed…she will come in for me on a cold winter’s night and sleep in my office

  • Jez

    I have a house full of rescues 🙂 and one kitty given to me looong ago (she is 16).
    11 cats- 2 feral rescues, 2 from Siamese Rescue of VA, 1 angry shelter kitty because I knew no one would adopt her… she is now a ginormous love bug, 1 super smart oriental from the shelter, and a surrogate mom and her 3 nursing babies… mom was just a baby herself and all are all grown up now.

    Last but not least my ADHD pit/ lab mix who I picked up the day she was going to be put to sleep. Lots of energy, but so smart and so loving!

    Cannot imagine life without my furry little ones.

  • Cathy Montez

    This is such a wonderful opportunity, it was difficult to go ta a shelter to adopt a dog, and know I can only take one when so many need a home.

  • Gerard

    Our first rescue was not from a pound but was dumped outside our house with a prolapsed rectum due to being starved and beaten. Got him sorted out and 5 years later he is still going strong. Our other was a stray at a neighbors house and they were sending her to the shelter. Still with us after 4 years lying in front of the fire at the moment.

  • Laura H

    We don’t have a shelter pet but we do foster dogs whenever we can. It’s wonderful to help out and save another pet from unnecessary euthanasia.

  • Karla

    I have one dog that was adopted out of the downy shelter in LA county. He was skinny, starved and scared; now he’s beautiful and so sweet to everyone! I can’t believe he ended up in there in the first place. My friend says he’s the best, even though he bought a $700 dog from a breeder. He stills think my dog is smarter and calmer than his. I have another rescue, we got him when he was 5 months old. he must have weighed less than 10 pounds. He was being abused by his owner and left outside with 2 big dogs that picked on him and hurt him. My friend got the owner to relinquish him and I offered to foster him. LOL, I of course, we ended up keeping him. He is so sweet and loves to cuddle. I encourage everyone to adopt instead of buying.

  • Terry Waite

    Let’s stuff those bellys of those animals

  • Gabriele Hartel

    My two adopted dogs are wonderful, Scrappy Doo the Weaten Terrier mix was rescued on his last day, only 3 months old and I adopted him from the rescue group.
    I got Weasel Boy from the shelter, he was not easy in the beginning because he would not stop barking at men but he got much better and is a lovely addition to our family.
    They both bring so much joy, we would not want to be without them. Shelter pets deserve a second chance in life.

  • Carla Lynch

    Although I’ve volunteered over the years, I have never had the opportunity to actually adopt an animal from a shelter. Our first family cat was a sick feral kitten found in an abandoned barn. I rehabilitated her to give her a better chance at adoption, but she had already decided she preferred to stay with us. With our dog, his original family had a new baby on the way and decided they wouldn’t have time for him. With his separation anxiety, I knew he wouldn’t do well in a shelter environment, so he came home with me. He had some special needs and no perspective family seemed good enough, so he stayed as well. Our other two cats, Siamese-mix toms, I raised after getting a panicked call from a family member. They had a stray female cat in the area that had been very pregnant and had given birth somewhere in the woods during a particularly cold May. A few days after giving birth, my brother found her on the road struck by a car. It took me an hour to get there and another hour to find them. They were in a little den in a hollow tree. Five kittens had been born, but three had succumbed to the elements. I took the other two home with me, where my rehabilitated feral cat did all the mothering and left the feeding to me.
    That’s my little furry family and aside from the occasional foster pet, this is as much as we can fit comfortably in our house =)

  • Candy

    Eldad Hagar of Hope for Paws and Randy Grim of Stray Rescue St. Louis are my heroes. God has a special place in heaven for them and all the babies they’ve helped and lost. I have 5 rescue cats that are just the most wonderful joys and I would rescue every dog and cat in need if I could. But since I can not I am so grateful there are people like Eldad and Randy.

  • Tom D.

    Solomon is a 13+ year old shih-tzu, and was adopted 7 years ago from the Animal Welfare League in Voorhees, NJ… There are numerous reasons why I would adopt a mature or senior dog. They are house trained and will absolutely become enamored and attach to you after an initial “getting to know you” period. They also have a sense of knowing what a swell person you are for having created a new home for them and will find every opportunity to reward you for it. My little guy,(all 13 pounds of him) recently climbed to the peak of Devil’s Courtyard (Blue Ridge Mountains, NC). NO lap dog here… He’s got the heart and stamina of a 5 year old retriever. God Bless Him – He’s gonna out live us all!

  • We agreed to foster four kittens last fall. Frankie and Pauly found an excellent home together, but we ended up failing fostering and we kept Vickie and Tony Rings. They are beautiful little black and white kitties, and as they grew up, they grew on us!

  • Diana

    My very first cat was Sylvester. He lived to be 20. He was the love of my life.

  • Carol G.

    I adopted the most precious kitty Sebastian about 6 years ago from the SPCA in Mariposa. He’s the best ever. Such a beautiful cat. I also love the SPCA in Mariposa. They are awesome!

  • Randall

    A few years ago a beautiful cat had kittens under my front porch. I fixed up a wooden box and left it there for her. She put her kittens in it and took care of them there.

  • Diana

    I adopted a little black cat and named her Sasha. She followed me around the house like a puppy. At night she would jump on the bedroom bureau and steal my jewelry and hide it. It drove me crazy.

  • Randall

    My favorite dog was Cody. He was a beautiful chocolate lab.

  • All of my animals are rescues and NOW I am a rescuer of animals.
    My dog Rex ( who is a border collie/aussie mix) was pulled from South LA shelter as he was being drug in by his metal collar that had grown in around his neck.
    Rex is a tough dog and was returned to the rescue group 3 TIMES before we fell in love with him on PETFINDER. He is my first dog and even though he is a smart and hard dog, he is the love of our lives. Since then we have rescued MANY dogs,cats and even a cockatiel off the streets on Long Beach. I currently have 5 kittens I rescued from a HOARDER who lives next door and are up for adoption.
    Rescuing is very rewarding and I just do not understand anyone who would abandoned their family member or dump them in a shelter.

  • Janet Planet

    I have 3 dogs & 3 cats…all rescues.
    *My Catahoula Leopard Hound is a Katrina survivor who came from Aussie rescue
    * My little Jackahuahua came from Avenging Animals
    * I adopted my Luckydog from the Camrillo Shelter in California in Dec 2009, he was 13 years old and almost completely blind & deaf. His parent had been arrested and sent to prison and didn’t tell anyone that Lucky was in the house. Poor blind & deaf Luckydog lived for over a month without any food or water until a neighbor rescued him and brought him to the shelter.
    * I adopted my 12 year old Siamese girl from the East Valley Shelter, also in CA.
    * And I just – about 3 days ago – adopted 2 girls, Siamese mixes, from the Downey Shelter after they had been rescued from a terrible hoarding situation…300 cats & 100 dogs were sent to that shelter.

    Please adopt seniors everyone…they don’t deserve to die because their humans were inhumane idiots or didn’t take care of them!

  • Janet Planet

    I have 3 dogs & 3 cats…all rescues.
    *My Catahoula Leopard Hound is a Katrina survivor who came from Aussie rescue
    * My little Jackahuahua came from Avenging Animals
    * I adopted my Luckydog from the Camrillo Shelter in California in Dec 2009, he was 13 years old and almost completely blind & deaf. His parent had been arrested and sent to prison and didn’t tell anyone that Lucky was in the house. Poor blind & deaf Luckydog lived for over a month without any food or water until a neighbor rescued him and brought him to the shelter.
    * I adopted my 12 year old Siamese girl from the East Valley Shelter, also in CA.
    * And I just – about 3 days ago – adopted 2 girls, Siamese mixes, from the Downey Shelter after they had been rescued from a terrible hoarding situation by Saving Grace Animal Rescue…300 cats & 100 dogs were sent to that shelter.

    Please adopt seniors everyone…they don’t deserve to die because their humans were inhumane idiots or didn’t take care of them!

  • louisebear2

    Share our home with 3 rescued dogs, all adopted as adults. Wouldn’t do it any other way! Thanks for feeding the homeless 🙂

  • MaiPeanut

    We have 4 rescue dogs, 7 rescue cats, and even 2 rescue donkeys. Rescue pets are always so grateful and show their love in more ways that you can imagine. Thanks for being so generous, Iams!

  • Jen VG

    My Mom recently adopted two special needs dogs from the shelter near where they live. We are very happy that two pups who might otherwise have not made it, now have a loving home.

  • This tale really begins in 1994 when I fostered a litter of kittens for Kitty Angels of CT, a non-profit, no-kill cat shelter. Two of the kittens, Sammy and Shadow, brothers who looked nothing alike, won my heart and I adopted them. They were my children, my babies. Sammy (the fluffy one) in particular tugged my heart strings hard and we had a strong bond. My brother used to joke that they would have to put me in a straight jacket if anything happened to Sammy. Shadow lived to be 13 and passed away from cancer in 2007. This was tough on Sammy as he had lost all of his prior feline friends as well and he was, for the first time, the only cat in the house. The day after Christmas 2009, Sammy passed away in my arms. He had been slowly going downhill since his brother passed and the vet could really find nothing serious wrong. I believe he just needed to be with his brother again.
    December 28, 2009; one day without a cat in my home was too much. A friend whose horse was boarded in the same stable as mine told me about a little feral kitten that had been trapped; her husband was the animal control officer and they wanted me to have the kitten. I went to see him and he was so skinny, full of fleas and worms and so scared, I took him home. He stayed hidden pretty much most of the time, but I pet him as often as
    possible as I worked to get rid of his parasites and put weight on him. I named him Binx, after the cat in the movie Hocus Pocus. Another kitten had come to my attention. Also at the stable, the owner informed me of a cat (or kitten, she wasn’t sure) that had just appeared in the hay barn and was living amongst the bales and seemed afraid to come out, though he meowed a lot and seemed friendly enough. On January 1st 2010, I went into the hay barn and found him; a cute Maine Coon cross about 7 months old. I brought him home hoping he would help
    Binx to socialize. I named him Jake; Binx and Jake were instantly best friends.
    Since that day, I have fostered quite a few more cats and kittens for Kitty Angels, but I was still searching
    for that one that would make me feel as Sammy did.
    A female cat named Misha, with pretty fur, an adorable face, and grey and white markings a bit like Sammy’s came into the shelter in March 2010. Though I was not going to adopt her, I discovered she was pregnant and I told the shelter owner that I would foster her and maybe keep one of the kittens if I drew any special bond to one.
    On May 3rd, 2010 Misha had her kittens. Two boys and two girls, all long haired. They had the soft fur, the look and were both born right here. I named them Ariel and Elisabeth.
    It took close to two months, but I decided to adopt them both! I have since adopted an ex-barn cat and a foster of mine who came to me as a pet that had been thrown out to fend for himself and had lived on his own so long and had sustained so much abuse he was vicious. Now, he is one of the sweetest cats I have ever owned. It’s amazing what love will do for an animal!

  • Penny Flitcraft

    I have 2 rescued pitties… a 3 yr. old champagne brindle male and a 6 mos. old female chocoalte brindle and white sweetie. My male had his akc good citizen and is registered with Therapy Dogs, inc. as a therapy and reading aid dog. I will be taking the little female the same way when she is a year old. I love these dogs and am becoming an advocate for the breed in Alliance, OH. People see me coming and start showing me pics! Spay and neuter…. Always rescue! Know real love… adopt a pit!

  • Campngirl

    I have 7 dogs and 5 cats. All but two dogs were rescued from bad situations not a shelter but they have a cushy life now and are spoiled rotten

  • Julie

    I adopted my kitty, Cookie, from the Orange County Animal Care Center in California three years ago. Of all the many cats there, she was the only one who approached me and licked my fingers through the holes in her cage. So the saying is true — that cats pick their people instead of people picking their cats. Even before I knew that I wanted her, she let me know that she wanted me! So how could I refuse? During the entire time I’ve had her so far, that affectionate nature that she exhibited at the shelter has never waned. She loves cuddling and licking my face, and her purrs always soothe me whenever I’m in a bad mood. I just can’t imagine my life without her!

  • B Vega

    Have 7 rescued kitties, they know they were saved and reward us with their unconditional love daily.
    Thanks for helping feed the hungry homeless furry angels

  • Liz Podolski

    I adopted a beautiful Maine Coon cat 6 years ago from Strays Halfway House in Schaumburg IL. He is such a gift to me….I am privileged to have him! Thank you for feeding animals in need!

  • Fulvia

    I have three dogs, all rescued from the street! The girl had been abandoned in the yard of an elementary school, shortly before the school closed for summer holidays. My sister worked there and decided to take her home not to leave her there alone starving. She’s a German terrier, but when she got home she was so skinny that it was not possible to understand what kind of dog she could be. And she was hungry, terribly hungry…
    The two boys enter some months later. One of them was hit by a car and I took him to the vet, where he got an eye surgery. he didn’t want to stay to my home without his friend. And so… I adopted his friend too!

  • We adopted Ebony from the pound. She was about five mos. old when we got her. She was a border collie/sheltie cross. I still remember the day we took her home. She came right up to the cage door and snuggled right into my fingers, then she stared in my eyes. That was it, she was ours. Ebony lived to the ripe old age of 15yrs and she brought a smile to my face everyday.

  • Jack Nazarian

    I rescued Jane at months, she was a then, tiny Vizla Mix… A rescue, from Bidawee here in NYC. She’s grown by leaps and bounds, and is now 40lbs. Very smart, and VERY easy to train. She’s got the basics down, now we’re getting a little fancy 🙂

    She’s changed my life in so many beautiful ways! Am i the rescuer? or the recuee? that’s the question 🙂

  • Kathy

    All of my pets – 3 cats and a dog – are rescues of one type or another. My first two cats, Rena and Osita, came from personal rescues. Friends took a litter of kittens in from a stray cat and had to find homes for them. My cat, Dieter, came from Stray Rescue of St. Louis as did my dog, Riley. All my pets have given me so much more than I’ve given them and I’m grateful for every day I have with them! Rena is a sweet cat who just wants to cuddle. She’s shy with strangers but super-affectionate with her family. Osita is the typical cat, beautiful, mysterious, elegant, and is the best lap cat you’d ever want to meet. Dieter the cat is more like a dog – he is totally outgoing, loves everyone he meets and goofs off with gusto. And Riley the dog is a joy – every day is the best day of his life and he can’t wait to find out what adventures and what trouble he can get into. I am blessed with a great, furry family!

  • Esther

    Lots of lovely, wonderful animals from the shelters – all have brought much Joy to our lives. To the memory of Elsa, Samson, Elfrieda, Sophie, Funny Face, Rosa and Yoda. Thomas, Alaskan Husky mix, age 14, is still with us and we love him very much! We found each other in the Marin Country Humane Society shelter 12 years ago.

    Happy Birthday, Michelle, I hope this projects helps lots and lots of animals.

  • All the pets in my life have been adopted, some through shelters and some rescued from the street. Currently, I have 2 dogs and 2 cats that were shelter animals. My third dog is an assistance dog from Dogs4Diabetics (www.dogs4diabetics.com) Our oldest dog (she’s 15) was adopted from Hooterville, now Homeward Pet in Woodinville, WA, our 6 yo dog was adopted as a puppy from Seattle Animal Shelter, and our two cats were adopted from Oasis Pets out of Whidbey Island at the local PetSmart in Woodinville.

  • Kevin in VA

    I adopted a dog from a shelter three years ago and have three others. Please adopt or find a rescue group!

  • Anna

    Our kitten was adopted from a shelter; he is so nice and lovable! We adopted his brother as well, but he sadly passed. 🙁 Wouldn’t get a pet any other way than adopting from a shelter!

  • Victoria M.

    My cats Emily and Ursula were from the pound. Emily came from Tallahassee Florida as a kitten, and Ursula came from West Palm Beach as a three year old but we think she was a little older. Both were black and white cats, and Emily was called Kato from the Pink Panther movies because she would always be waiting in the wings to karate chop you! Ursie lived to be 20 and Emily lived to be 13. Emily had feline leukemia her entire life, and when the vets found out as a kitten, they wanted to put her to sleep. I said no, and had 13 wonderful years with her. During that time she had a brother named Henry who was given to me by a coworker whose boyfriend abused him. Henry had been declawed but he was a purebred Himalayan. Imagine my surprise when I first saw him, because I had no idea what he looked like when I agreed to take him! He was beautiful!! Henry died of old age too and now I have three cats. A black cat, a white cat and a Grey Tabby. All rescues again! I love my cats and would not want to live without having a cat!!

  • My 5 year old Blacken was adopted from the San Pedro County Shelter!!!! He’s the best and bring us a lot of love! He is 1.5 Standard Dachshund and 1.5 Pocket Pit. He looks like a baby Lab. Please adopt black dogs in the shelter and dont buy into the black dog syndrome of overlooking black dogs in the shelter!!!!!! Blacken is the best and I shiver to think he probably would have been put down.

  • D Dotson

    All my many cats and dogs over the years have been strays or rescues. I’m down to 2 cats (18,11) and one dog (13) now but I’m feeding a couple of stray cats too.

  • Laurien Sirianni

    I have 6 pets. I will tell you about Bailey. She is a cocker mix I rescued from Miami Dade. I was not looking for another dog. I went with a friend. She was literally the first dog I saw in the shelter and I knew I had to get her out of there. I couldn’t allow a great dog like her to be put down. I found her great home (mine) and she is the best dog ever. I wish I could get them all out. Bless the puppies and kitties out there that need someone to love.

  • Jessy W

    We’ve recently adopted the sweetest young dog from the shelter here in Florence, SC. She had been abused apparently, as her left front leg is a little handicapped, but she does very well and is very happy. She is a German shepherd mix. We just adore her! 🙂

  • Deb P.

    My 2 fur kidletts, a white boxer and a fawn pug are both rescues. Any dog I have in my home will always be a rescue as there is just such an incredible need. One day I hope to be able to run a dog sanctuary where I live. Cheers to everyone with a rescuer’s heart.♥

  • Sarah

    I have two dogs that were both rescued. One of them I rescued myself after finding her on the freeway. She’d been hit by a car. Or thrown from a car. I’ll never know. I took her to the vet and although it was touch and go for several days she survived. She’s a little angel who fell from heaven and had a bit of a rough landing.
    My other dog was a foster who I ended up falling in love with. He was pulled from a shelter where his time was up. He’s the perfect little doggie companion. I am truly blessed.

  • John Kelly

    Have three adopted cats from feral strays in NY. One was rescued by a landscaper just as he was about to run over him with a lawnmower. He was barely 3 weeks old. he is a big, beautiful happy orange Tabby sleeping on my bed as I type this. Also had rescued a pitbull puppy from a crack area in Queens. She lived a happy, healthy life with me and sadly, passed in 2009 at the age of 13.5.

  • michelle grasso

    I am an animal rescuer we rescue all our dogs from the pounds of Los Angeles.

  • JMG

    I’ve adopted a few dogs but most recently – a Yorkie/Lhasa mix from New Beginnings Pet Rescue in Orlando, FL. She came into animal control as a stray – underweight and having injures to indicate she had been hurt. New Beginnings nursed her back to health for a month before including her in their weekly Petsmart adoption events on Saturdays. I saw her there and fell in love immediately! Her name is Molly now and she has been the most loving, AMAZINGLY SWEET dog! I already knew but was reminded again that SHELTER dogs make the BEST dogs!!!

  • Nicole Reist

    I have 4 dogs of my own, 2 foster dogs, 3 cats, and a fish named Macaroni. =)

  • I’ve rescued cats for over 30 years! This is a great site!

  • Susan K

    Currently we have 7 dogs and 1 arriving next week! Out of the 7, only 1 was planned!! The others are all rescues or what I call permanent boarders. The come temporarily but never leave!! The last 2 plus the one coming are from shelters in Georgia and North Carolina. Not a cheap proposition with transporting and being Heartworm positive but they are very sweet and loving!! Did I mention all the dogs are German Shepherds except for our oddball the Rottweiler!!! LOL

  • lori zech

    my black female pug nicoal, was dumped by a breeder when she was 7 mos old because she had a white mark on her chest, she was never allowed out of a crate in that 7 mos, when she came to my house she was so shy it took her months to be ok not to have her open crate in the office, 9+ years later she is the love of my life, if you tell her to go get her monkey she brings you this disgusting stuffed monkey she has had since she came to live with me 🙂

  • Barbara

    We currently have 7 dogs, 6 cats, all rescues from shelters or rescue groups. In no particular order, Shiloh: husky/rottie mix, now about 10 yrs old, rescued from the pound by ARF. Gracie: 9 yrs old lab/pit/? mix rescued from the pound by FAIR. Skeena, 7yrs old, rottie/shar pei mix rescued by ARF. Jasper: afghan? mix adopted from MCACC with the help of volunteers from AAWL in Phx. Bailey: hound mix, 7 yrs old, ARF rescue from the pound. Farley: about 7 yrs old, border collie adopted from AZ Border Collie Rescue. Penny: short-haired mix all the way from Puerto Vallarta via some very caring people that couldn’t leave her there to be poisoned by the police – dogs are treated like vermin there. The cats are Louie, orange tabby, 8 yrs old, rescued from No AZ fires by FAIR. LeMew, grey tabby, also a FAIR kitty, about 7 yrs old. Gio, 6 yrs old, big Siamese boy obtained from Casa Grande/Pinal Co shelter via Pima College vet tech program. Bella, 8 yrs old, black/white tuxedo cat, another FAIR rescue. Molly, 3 yrs old, tortie, from Casa de los Gatos, along with her “sister” Giselle, dilute calico. This list doesn’t include the ones that have passed on: Gypsy- retired racing greyhound, Lucas, Shadow, Scarlett, Polo, Charlie, Kallie, Jonah- wisest cat on earth, Stumper, Oscar….all still so dear to my heart and still with me in spirit each day. I love this rag-tag bunch of critters so much, cannot imagine my life without them.

  • Ali Claire

    All three of my cats are rescues. I’ve always adopted my cats from shelters and rescue groups. I also post a lot of dogs and cats from various shelters and rescues on my facebook page. I’m hoping that someday everyone will get their next pet this way. In the meantime we must get the word out to spay and neuter all dogs and cats. Cheers.

  • Rachel

    Both of my girls are rescues. Shiloh’s 10 & Nestle is 7. They have had such a positive impact on my life. I now can’t imagine life without them!

  • Magda

    I adopted my Great Dane, Angie, from the Humane Society of Hamilton, MT. Great dog! She has been thriving since we got her and. She made herself the top dog of our canine pack. Despite being 130 lbs, she thinks she a lap dog. She like to seat on our laps when we are on the couch 🙂

  • Sylvia B

    I appreciate the fact that you are feeding shelter pets. I have participated in dog rescue for years, try to help out on line and try to find shelter pets to place with friends if I know that they are looking for a particular breed. I sure wish I could foster dogs, but I have three of my own and can’t add any more.

  • Crystal Hartsell

    I have 3 rescues and 3 fosters. Volunteering and working in rescue has changed my life. Please share your home with a shelter dog or cat. Thank you for feeding these animals!

  • Jennie

    I have always had only rescued animals. I go to rescues and when they ask what colour/breed etc, I say ‘I want the one that needs the home the most’. The ones who’ve been there longest, who have been ignored, who have long term health problems ie diabetes that’s easy to deal with but puts people off.I truly have had the most amazing friends who join our family this way. I love getting to know each animal, watching them realise that they’re safe now, they’re home, that they’ll always be warm, and fed and treated by a vet if poorly, vaccinated etc. I have this saying’ I want to keep you safe, well and happy and know how loved you are’. that’s my family saying and I do all I can to fulfill my promise to my guys. I find it very difficult to accept that I can’t save every animal I need, that I can’t ensure that all animals are safe, well and happy and loved. I do all I can for my guys and every animal I possibly can help. I fundraise and send food and help animals in need I find. I am so blessed with my family. They are my world.

  • Christie S.

    I am a volunteer for the organization Cinnamon Trust and have the pleasure to have my personal trainer, Sally a mixed Lakeland terrier. She was adopted by a loving elderly couple and has brightened up their lives and mine for almost a year now. Even though Sally is 11 years old and has grey hair to prove it…she still seems to think she is a puppy and in our walks always jumps around in the fields like a bunny!!!

    I wouldn’t trade my buddy, she is just a cute sweetheart -full of energy!! She must have some great genes…and a very particular one …the Gene Kelly ..boy, do her paws dance in the rain!!!!!

  • Lindsey

    I adopted my dog Kelso from N.O.A>H shelter in crestview florida. He is a rottweiler mix, and has truly been one of the best dogs that i’ve ever had. My dog Luna is a Maltese. My dad found her abandoned outside of a boarded up house inside of a bird cage. I’m so glad that he saved her, because there was an ice storm that night. I also have a chihuahua named sebastion who I got from a breeder, at the local flea market in gulf breeze. I love my dogs, they’re my babies. Actually I love all dogs, and animals for that matter.

  • I am an animal rescuer.My foundation is http://www.theforgottendog.org
    We have saved hundreds of dogs, many of them “red listed” from the shelters. All are now in loving forever homes.

  • Fran Wickham

    I went to Tennessee last January to rescue a little dog from the Blountville shelter. She has been the best addition to our family. Scarlet is my shadow and follows me everywhere. She knows that I saved her from that awful place. She pays me back every day with unconditional love.

  • Amity in CA

    Both of my cats are rescue pets adopted from Zara’s List animal rescue. One is a southern belle from Savannah, GA and the other is a “dumpster” cat from behind Walmart in Corona, CA. Both cats have given us so much love and entertainment over the years. They have the perfect life of luxury and they deserve every bit of it. My husband and I have foster cared animals for local rescues for many years. Today is the grand opening of the new shelter here in Wildomar, CA. We are off to go visit this new facility and to see how we can assist in helping them.

  • Denise LaChance

    I’m remembering Clara today, a 17 yr old cat adopted at age 10 from a family that had to give her up. She was feisty, spunky, bossy, wonderful. She died this past Monday.

    And last Sunday was the one-year anniversary of Ben’s death. Ben was a black & tan Cocker Spaniel, named for “Gentle Ben”. He lived with one family for 8 yrs of his life, in the back yard, until they moved to a place where they didn’t have a yard. They left him at the Carson Animal Shelter. I adopted him and enjoyed his gentleness and sweetness for 5 years. He was not housetrained when I got him & had a lot of typical Cocker-Spaniel medical problems, and he was worth every moment of time and every $ of veterinary care that he needed. I loved the way he wagged his entire body when I came home from work.

    At my feet right now are Mia & Skipper. Mia was a street dog in Compton, rescued by Downtown Dog Rescue when she was about 18 months old. She is named for Mia Hamm the soccer player because of the way she runs and turns and dribbles a ball with her front paws. She is probably a Cockapoo Terrier mix, with lots of emphasis on the poodle part. With her big eyes her face looks a bit like a baby harp seal.

    Skipper came after Ben’s death. He was pulled from the Devore Animal shelter by Working4rdogs the day he was to be euthanized. He is a terrier mix – definitely terrier, about 5 months old based on the registration date of an early microchip found in him. The contact phone number had been disconnected. He loves to run around the house with anything he can carry in his mouth – preferably something a bit too big for him that he can shake or something that squeaks – and if both – heaven!

    There are more stories of course – Francis, found under a car in San Francisco, Tuli who ran after me down a road in Raleigh North Carolina, Delta Lady who saw me through one of the most difficult times in my life (and who was killed when a neighbor let her out of my yard because she was barking too much – I was 18 and starting college and didn’t know and …)

    All wonderful.

  • Laura Leydes

    We found our dog Ollie on Petfinder. Tailwaggers911 was fostering him. The moment he burst through the door into the backyard, romping around we knew he was ours. I started volunteering for Tailwaggers911 a few months later.
    Ollie is a special dog, he is very gentle and loving with me and the whole family. He always makes me smile.

  • We adopted our girl Bonnie from Norcal Aussie Rescue one year ago. When we got her she wouldn’t come into the house & wouldn’t let us touch her. She had been rescued from an inhumane breeder and thrown in a pen with 30 other dogs. With love and patience she now is mostly an indoor dog with her own special couch to sleep on and can never get enough pets and tummy rubs.

  • Lisa Sardijn

    I have rescued several animals from kill shelters… we need to make America a NO KILL COUNTRY!

  • elliana

    i have 1 dog she is a cocker spaniel mix. i found her on holloween night the year of 2007 at 12:00pm. i brought her to my house. the next morning she ran ourside and peed blood so i took her to the vet.they said she had a 10% of living.if we took her home and it would cost $2000 if we kept here there. so i asked what she needs and took her home. i did everything they told me to do.she lived and she is the cutest 3 year old dog.

  • robin shepherd

    my daughter and her dad drove to the other side of new zealand (botom of the south island) to get a fox terrier for my daughter. we called her lexi. she was a handful. she needs so much exercise! when my marriage broke up we sent her to her grandparents horse farm to live. she loves it up there. she plays with five other dogs. she never has to be tied up. i miss her but her life is perfect. i would love to adopt an older dog at christmas time. 🙂

  • Lindy

    All of my cats have been adopted from shelters. They have become valuable members of my family, and we wouldn’t know what to do without them. I don’t know why some people prefer to buy from pet shops. My cats are very healthy. My first adopted cat is actually still with me after 10 years! I always have a tough time deciding which cat to adopt because I always wonder if the others will find happy homes. I’m glad at least that my comment will help feed those animals who are still waiting for their forever homes.

  • Hali

    All my kitties are rescues. I guess you could call me a “foster failure”, ’cause I fall in love with them. Currently, I have Lucy, who is now the oldest (11), I have a brother and sister (Bob and Gwen) who were born on my patio to a feral mommy, and I have Punky, who was dumped into a feral colony a friend feeds. RIP to Snow, Dino, Buster, Emily and Ernie – all sweet, loving members of the family.

  • Cindy

    My family and I adopted a beautiful Golden Retriever three years ago from our local shelter. She had been abused and was not socialized properly. She would not walk on a leash, play with toys, and was afraid of anyone that came near her. Today I am happy to report that she enjoys 3 mile walks, loves everyone that walks in the door, and will at least play fetch with a tennis ball. Please help rescue other animals like ours. A shelter pet may come with some baggage, but with time and love your family will reap the rewards.

  • Véronique in Paris

    My cat Saphir was a stray my sister found on the construction site she was working at – he was small enough to sit in the palm of my hand. 16 years – and lots of memories together – after, he is still with me, in spite of a diabetes that went undiagnosed for a while, he is doing splendidly now and I am hoping to have many more years with him!

  • Janet

    Give me a shelter cat any day. They are the best.

  • Jenny

    We adopted our first kitty from the Humane Society in Salem, OR in January, 2000. Our Evita was picked up as a stray and was as skinny as can be. The H.S. guessed that she was 6 months old when we adopted her. Now, 10 years later, Evita is fat and as happy as can be. Interesting thing about fat former-stray cats. Our vet said that it really takes a toll on them, mentally. For the rest of their lives, they tend to eat as if it will be their last meal because living on the streets that is the reality. So sad 🙁 I In 2001, Evita got a kitty sister ClaraBelle, who’s Mama cat was a rescued stray when she was pregnant. The entire litter was adopted out and the rescuers kept the Mama.

  • CM

    Love love love my 3 rescued boys! Bodie joined the family by way of Beagles & Buddies and was a former inmate at the Orange Cnty Animal Shelter. Miles, a Bluetick Beagle, came from the South Central Shelter with help from Ace of Hearts; Tex, a Lemon Beagle, from the North Central Shelter with help from Hope for Paws and Ace of Hearts. All amazing doggies with very different personalities – they make me laugh everyday. Heading to the Downey shelter this afternoon to spring another doggie with the help of Diamonds in the Ruff and taking her to a foster in Bakersfield tomorrow. Every year for my birthday I get to rescue a dog and the Downey pup is my bday “gift” for 2010. I, actually, plan to make it two this year with Harris from Harbor 🙂 SO MANY great doggies need out of the shelters ASAP – please adopt from your local rescues and shelters or consider fostering if you can’t adopt!

  • Angela

    All of my babies are rescued from the shelters!
    Sweet Angels….I wish I could save them all!
    Spay Neuter ADOPT!!

  • My dog (rest in peace Maggy) was adopted from the ASPCA in NYC. She provided me with 11 years of smiles. I also have had 8 cats so far and all of them were/are strays. I am addicted to reading about the rescued cats in my local paper each week. I could become a cat lady if not for my husband. Good luck and Happy Birthday!!!

  • My two cats and dog were rescued from the streets. After putting out several posters on all 3 – no one ever claimed them. I was putting on free summer art classes for children and eventually because they knew that my pets came off the streets, they started telling me about animals they’d found that were sick or had been harmed and insisted they come with me to help the ones they’d found. This lead to the start of our animal rescue – we now rescue in rural areas, where so much goes on – unseen and un-noticed because it is rural. THANKS PET NEWS & IAMS for all that you are doing!!!! xo
    I thank my first 3 furbabies who gave me unconditional love, that inspired me to save as many as we can and teach children to help the innocent.

  • Kristine Clayton

    RESCUE IS THE BREED WE LOVE! 3 dogs, 1 cat, and counting! Love our rescue family…

  • Karen Gorman

    All nine of my adult pets have been rescues, from shelters in Dallas and Irving, TX and St. Joseph, MO, or from the fields around my office. With Proposition B looming Nov. 2 in Missouri, we are fighting to educate the public about rescuing rather than buying from breeders. Thank you for donating food to shelter animals!!

  • Pat

    I have a rescue dog and she is now 14 yrs old and doing really well we love her dearly.. I would not hestaite getting another dog from the shelter..

  • Kim clark

    Those who love animals,love with a genuine affection that truly from the heart.Saving an animal proves that we are all sentient beings who care and relate to each other. Making a connection with another life other than human shows compassion and intellect.

  • I am “Mom” to 4 cats and 2 dogs and love them all with heart and soul! The one I would like to introduce you to here is Francesca (aka “Monkey” due to the little ape-like sounds she makes when excited. “ooohhh….ahhh…. oooohhhh…ahhh” (That last piece for those of you who appreciate ‘sound’ along with your stories.) She, to the best of my knowledge, is half chow, half border collie. (This last breed inspiring her to make guests in my house sit down very quickly, less they be nipped gently on the bottom…)

    Anway, I adopted Francesca in Nashville from a shelter called “Love at First Sight” and the organization could not have more fittingly named… We met one day when I went in to visit the other ‘occupants’ and was JUST on my way out when a gentleman walked in carrying her in his arms… all 3 pounds of her. She had been abandoned in a box and left on the side of the road. It’s hard for me to even write that because such cruelty is almost impossible for me to understand. Nevertheless, this kind man had found her and already had 6 doggies at home so was unable to keep her. I also had a house full, but knew she was meant to be mine.

    She is now 11 years old and made a cross-country move to northern Washington state at the age of 2, where we still reside. She is still a bit mistrusting of anyone she doesn’t know, but all in all a bundle of love. I’m so happy we discovered each other that serendipitous day.

    Thanks to everyone who takes rescues into their homes and hearts.

  • Joan N

    My most recent acquisition may be my most amazing. She’s a cat named Phoenix who was set afire by her mentally ill children. She survived and was surrendered to the local shelter after her recovery. When I went to the shelter, I would see her and she would always reach out to me. It didn’t take long for us to know we were meant to be together. She makes me laugh every single day. Love my little melted cat.

  • Debby

    I have a new baby! She was found on the streets almost two weeks ago – the teacher who found her posted pictures, notices around the blocks, and a notice at our brand new Animal Center. I took her this past Thurs and just love her! I named her Meg and she is a doll! My cat, Midnight, is also a rescue cat – she is a Hemmingway Cat, pure black and isn’t too sure about sharing her house with another one. Here’s to those who rescue!!

  • We adopted two cats this past August from the Michigan Human Society’s Detroit shelter. We had planned on adopting once we were settled in our new house.

    We went to the shelter with the intention of adopting one cat. When we started to get familiar with him we were told that he and the cat he was sharing space with came into the shelter together and that when the staff tried putting them in separate cages they both cried ridiculously, so they put them back together. Of course, I didn’t have the heart to separate them and the thought of what they would both go through if they were separated bothered me, so we came home with two cats instead of one. We’ve learned over the last few months that we adopted a couple of characters!

  • The Ippoliti Menagerie

    6 pets, all rescues! Pet Assistance League, Beagles &Buddies, Cuddly Canines, Seal Beach Animal Care Center, Huntington Beach SPCA, and a private adoption from a rescuer who saw a man toss the kitten out of his truck window into some bushes!

    Love all our pets…cannot imagine our lives without them…pet hair, allergies, and all. Xoxoxoxoxoxox

  • Minnie

    We adopted our Diego over 6 yrs ago from a Shelter, and we LOVE him!!!!!!! He is one in a million, and everyone who meets him, falls in love with him!!!!!!!!

  • Laurel

    My dog Buddy was adopted from the city pound in Gallatin, TN he is lab/pyrenese mix aand was only 52 lbs when i adopted him he was sitting in the cage in the corner literally hiding from the male employees (they said he was left tied to a car bumper no food water or shelter)and had been beaten by a male. this guy was clearly not going to get another chance at life and LOVE unless i adpoted him i asked the employee to go out of sight so i could go into the kennell and see how he reacted to me well he came out with a smile so big and i could tell he had so much to give as so did i…..without hesitation i adopted him he is now a healthy weight happy and trusting dog with men as my boyfriend has spent the last year gaining his trust now they dance together Buddy gets on his hind ffet and it almost 5 and 1/2 feet tall he is almost as tall as me on his hidn legs will put his 2 front paws on your shoulders look at you with those big brown eyes and you can tell he is so greatful for a 2nd chance at love and life… I hope that they can get the maximum food donations to help these animals in shelters,, some are lucky to get out some arent…I love my BUDDY and so happy i stopped at the pound that day it changed my life forever…..love you big guy!

  • Beatrice my Beagle got herself adopted. I was driving through Hannibal, Missouri with a friend and her young daughter when we decided to stop for lunch at a restaurant. When we came out this darling Beagle was sitting next to the car apparently waiting for us. She was clean with no parasites and seemed to have been just dropped by the car.

    I went inside to see if she belonged to anyone inside and was told she had been there for three days. After getting my friend’s okay to put the Beagle in the backseat with her 8-year-old daughter I opened the door and in jumped Beatrice. During the conversation the daughter had named her. As we drove north to Iowa City we called every no-kill rescue we could think of looking for one where we were going.

    The upshot was that Beatrice started out as a foster dog and, well, never left. She fit right in with the other canines in the family. She’s made all our lives better. And just because I opened the door and let her in.

  • Katzenwoofers Pet Rescue

    My first dog was a rescue, a deaf English Setter adolescent. She got me started as a rescuer, and now I run my own rescue. We rescue, rehabilitate, and place discarded puppymill breeder dogs.

  • my baby Dino was rescued from a very unfriendly family and both my cats were rescued as strays, love them more than anything!

  • Tina

    Please help all the homeless dogs….

  • Alex

    My pet is named Debbie, She’s adotped by me since 2002, i love her so much

  • Tami M.

    All of my animals have been rescues. Sometimes I went looking for a furry friend, sometimes they have found me. Either way I will always go to great lengths to save animals and spread the word about rescue.
    I am the go to girl when people are looking for fur friends.
    I tlike it that way.

  • Bettina Bergh

    My 11 year old 3/4 tiger/1/4 Siamese mix is from the CSRA Humane Society and is a wonderful pet. She is near me all of the time, and likes to frequently get on my shoulder and purr as she getss petted when I am at my computer each day. She is typically Siamese in hat she comments on everything we do!

    My 1 1/2 year old Cleopatra an orange and tiger mix with white legs and belly [Caliger] was rescued by my roommate on a pouring rainy day as cars were literally going over her in the middle of a busy intersection in 5 pm traffic. She was tiny, starving and had pneumonia, but immediately started eating and with good veterinary care has grown into a lovable, independent and very energetic cat who purrs much of the time! We generally call her Cleo, as her dignified moments are few and far between, but she is slowing down and letting us cuddle her more now as she approaches 2 years old.

    Cleo hardly ever meows, but lets out little trills of greeting when she sees us. But, when a cat jumped onto our outside window sill, she was hackles up and yowling and hissing and put on a wonderful display of territoriality on our inside window sill!

    Cleo is also special because she arrived a few days before we had to put my 17 year old black Maine Coon Cat, Merlo, to sleep. She helped to ease our grieving for Merlo by watching her antics as she grew from a tiny kitten to adulthood.

    All of our cats that are now dead, had been adopted from shelters or were strays that we had adopted. We will always fondly remember Maggie and Merlo, Amber, Junior, Thomas Shaker, Thomasina Pipsqueak, Squeaker Cat and Sebastian whom I shared with my late sister, Annette. All were delightful cats that we will never forget.

    And, our late dog, Phoenix, was also a beloved pound dog who had 1 crippled leg, that never, ever slowed her down! She came to us from a Pet Smart Adoption Event and had been rescued from a abusive situation. She also was a good actress who would limp much worse than usual when she had to go to the vet’s office or outside on a rainy day, but the limp vanished when she was ready to leave the vet’s or was ready to come back into the house! Phoenix was a Chow/Shepherd/? mix who did not like getting wet, but who was wonderfully patient with our cats, who often played with her food by dropping dog chow pieces into her water bowl and then playing with them!

    When we get our next dog, he or she will be a pound dog, and I am sure that she or he will be as much fun and as loyal as Phoenix was.

  • Jr messimer

    We have 2 dogs and a cat. All of which were going to be put down if someone didn’t do something. We rescued all 3 of them and now they are spoiled.. They actually run the house :o) We love them and they have been with us for 10 years now.

  • Bettina Bergh

    I must add my thanks to Iams for donating food to the many shelter animals out there who need adopting! All of my future pets will be shelter animals, for sure!

  • karen schaffer

    My first dog, Scooter, was born when my dad was building Truman Libray, by a stray Cocker Spaniel that came on the jobsite. He was my best friend and inspriation! All my pets are rescues and I wouldn’t have it any other way!

  • Margie Thomas

    My son who has c.p. adopted a little dog from the Lake Elsinore Aniaml Shelter..LEAF. We made many visits to the shelter before we found the right dog. The workers knew us by name and knew that the right dog would someday come along. They told us just to be patient and wait for the right fit. Many handicapped peoples bff is their animal/s.

    We also have 2 cats 2 other dogs and two horses..all rescues. It seems like our animals know we rescued them when if the truth be told, they rescued us.

    I hope the new animal shelter in Wildomar is able to save more animals and is ran better than ever. Good luck.

  • Charlene B

    My family has adopted 3 dogs from Weld County Humane Society. Dink is a terrier cross that everyone says looks like ToTo. Taz is a pom cross, my husband had the name picked out before he found him. Sunny is our larger dog part collie.
    Working at home they are my co workers. I just wish I could nap and spend time outside while I work.

  • CLaudia Panzer

    I have 2 wise shelter dogs .. would not get a dog from anywhere else!

  • Andreas Brieke

    We have 2 rescue dogs.. fell in love with a dog on petfinder so we drove all the way from denver to dallas, tx to get him. He turned out to be the best dog ever.

  • Debie Brown

    There isn’t any better feeling than to save a shelter animal. They will love you no matter what. Every dog we’ve had have been shelter dogs. I couldn’t have made it without them.

  • Janet E. Barker

    I got my cat, Tess, at the shelter when she a little kitten. She arrived there alone, not part of a litter; she is a grey tiger with beautiful markings. She is now 6 years old and is a very unique, sweet cat; I can’t imagine not having her! I love my Tess and if I were to get another cat, I would go the the shelter! But after all, cats pick their owners, they just let us think we pick them!

  • Kathy TeStrake

    We have had several adopted pets, all of whom were a great addition to our family! The cat with 7 kittens and the dog who graced us with his intelligence and loyalty. These are some of the most incredible animals we’ve enjoyed. Strays who show up at our door we’ve adopted so many I can’t count, but they became as dear to us as any family member! Shelter animals in need of a forever home, are in abundance-they need our love and our help.

  • Annette G

    Since the 70’s I have been pulling dogs that I would see would make a fabulous pet–Each family member has received dogs from me! All of my previous and current pets are all rescues, 100%!!!……

    Everyone, always adopt via rescue or shelter. No pet stores (via backyard breeders, under the worse conditions, are how these pups are raised.)

  • Fulvia

    Kalinka is a fantastic dobermann mix. When she was just a puppy, a scum riding a motorbike flung her away. She was collected by some nice passers by, my father was one of them. The puppy was shocked, but she was ok, nothing broken. It was a nice spring week end and I was having a day off with some friends who came to visit me from far away. My cell phone rung. It was my father telling me about the puppy. My week end out finished suddendly. I began to call whoever could offer her a place to stay while I was looking for an adoption. Of course, no reply LOL! My anxiety was growing and growing. Th day after I was able to find a place to take her to! I was so tired, bur relieved 🙂 ! A couple of months later she was adopted by a nice girl who really loves animals. She is far from my place, so I never had the chance of visiting them, but I’ll do sooner or later. In the meantime, we often call each other and she sends me pics of Kalinka.

  • I have an adopted beagle; 6 year old little girl. I got her when she was three. She was dismissed from the Radnor Hunt, because unlike the rest of her family they said she was not a good hunter and would not hunt the rabbits. ……. and I just adore her, she is perfect in EVERY way!!

  • I love animals, I have 2 Shih Tzu, and have had animals all my life, I donate to my local shelters, and also Doris Day animal foundation, thank you for doing this for our animals.

  • Rosemary Shelburne

    We adopted a Border Collie mix puppy from Town Lake Animal Shelter 10 years ago. She had/has a sweet disposition and just wanted to be around others. Two years later, when I was pregnant with twins and on bedrest for preterm labor, my dog kept me company by sleeping near me every day and night for two tri-mesters. When the twins were born, she laid near their crib for two years before they transitioned into their own rooms. Now, she take turns sleeping with the kids at night. She has been the best dog and friend!

  • All but one of our dogs and cats through the years have been rescues, either as “wandered-up critters” or as animals adopted though a rescue group. I’d like to mention two.

    Sheva, a Great Dane, came to us in 2000. She was not abused, but she had been bought from a backyard breeder as a puppy by folks who realized they were overwhelmed and had made a mistake. We train our dogs for competitive AKC Obedience, and in 2003 Sheva went to the Great Dane National Specialty in Orlando and took High in Trial, the Obedience equivalent of Best in Show. We were excited to show that a rescue dog was every bit as good as the dogs with fancy pedigrees that dominate such shows.

    Gator is a Running Walker Hound, a variation on the Treeing Walker Coonhound. He arrived in rescue with two littermates as 4-month-old puppies full of buckshot. As best we can piece the story together the breeder couldn’t sell the last five of a litter, and when it looked like she was stuck with them tied them to a tree and shot them with a shotgun. Two died, but she chickened out and dumped the three injured ones at a county shelter, from which they were pulled into rescue. All of these were terrified of people and loud noises, and only one was adoptable to a normal home. I volunteered at the rescue shelter, and over the years gained Gator’s trust. At age four he came to live with us and is curled up behind me as I type this. He will never be “normal”, but he’s happy here and he and Sheva are my best buddies.

    The rescue organization responsible for saving both of these dogs is Etosha Rescue and Adoption Center, in Seguin, Texas. Like all rescue groups, Etosha is forever in need of financial help. If you can help, tell them Gator sent you.


  • grace

    I adopted a three-legged kitten, who was the victim of animal abuse. He is so loving and brings joy and laughter to our home every day. Please consider adopting from a shelter <3

  • Steve Healy

    I am a Foster for Chicagoland Eskie Rescue and Re-homing. So far this year my house has been the home of nine American Eskies while waiting for their adoptions. Fostering is a hard job because you fall in love with everyone of the fur-babies. Helping find homes for lots of animals each year is worth the heart brake. Try fostering.

  • Amanda

    Not everyone realizes that a shelter pet is just as wonderful as one you buy from the pet store. We adopted Darby, our loving chocolate lab from the Monterey County shelter. She was in good hands before we found her there, but we were so happy to bring her home to our family. The staff was so friendly, and they take great care of the animals. I wish all shelters were like them. The sad truth is that shelters like theirs will always be in need of donations to be able to keep their doors, and hearts open.

  • sheena

    my german sheppard came from a shelter she is 2 yrs old her name is Miss Piggy we named her that because when she was little she ate EVERYTHING we have also adopter a boy named Rocky who is almost 4 mnths old

  • Barbara Sal

    We got our latest shelter pet from Austin Pets ALive! and we know that she was the one because neither she or we were planning on being at the spot at that time on that day. We were looking for a new dog, for my grandson as he had recently lost his, and on that day my son called and asked me to take his dog to the vet at Petsmart. When we got there we had to leave his dog and come back later. When we came back the animal shelter had set up to show dogs and get them adopted. My grandson liked one of them and she seemed to really hit it off with him. Then the lady told us how she had been sick with Parvo and had now recovered but that she was not supposed to have been left at that location but at one closer to downtown. Needless to say we adopted her and have had no regrets. She was one year old when she came to live with us. And she is one of the most intelligent dogs I have ever had the pleasure to own. She is an English pointer mix. And she is a great watch dog and playful companion to my grandson (whom she sleeps with) She is just the latest in a long line of shelter/strays that I have taken in. I used to be a mailman and a lot came from my route. Could not live without some kind of pet in my life.

  • Stuart .G

    We have two rabbits, Trouble and Dexter.

    Dexter is nearly five, he had been neglected for the first 2 and a half years, before he ended up in Rescue, his owner left him with a family member who thought he only ate once a week! We now call him the hoover, as he just vacuums all the food up.

    He is so shy and he looks at you as if to say “Is it OK if I just sit here, I won’t be a problem, promise”. He has got more confidence over the years, but he will always be very nervous.

    Trouble, hence the name, is trouble! He was found wandering around a park, I have no idea how anyone managed to get hold of him, he is quite strong for a little bunny and is a great wriggler, but I am so glad they did, I would like to thank them but I don’t know who they are.

    He can jump onto a 4ft work surface, I know rabbits like to be up high, but we can’t seem to keep him on the floor, he has even tried to jump up our 6ft fence and also the wall of our house, I don’t know where he thought he was going!

    My boys! They are a great pair, they get on so well and appear to enjoy life now, I would always choose a rescue bunny.

  • Faye M. Cohen

    I adopted my cat Lizzie 12 years ago from my local shelter.

  • Liliana Brigiardi

    My brother worked for a car modification shop and everyday he would see this skinny Pit in the back of a truck and wonder if the owner adequately fed it, walked it, loved it? So one day he decided to approach the owner and ask if he wanted to find another owner for it and sure enough we brought him home and been loving him for over 4 yrs! He’s the best snugglebug around!!! Pits rule.

  • Laura

    My five cats, two dogs, and one chinchilla are all rescues from different shelters and groups. Molly, my aussie/border collie mix, was at a shelter that only gives animals 72 hrs. Shiloh, my german shep mix, was 10 yrs old and supposedly turned in because her owner went to a nursing home. She took a while to adjust to another home, but is doing great now. All my cats are precious. One kitten was a neighborhood stray that I took in – he is the sweetest cat ever, another had been returned to the humane society because he was too “wild” – he just needed more stimulation I think. Another cat was a “foster cat” but his owner’s baby is allergic so now he’s mine. Our most lovable, mischievous cat is from a shelter. I love them all and they bring me much joy!

  • Susan P

    I rescued Rembrandt from the Oakland Animal Shelter (Oakland, CA) in 2007. The shelter had found him wandering aimlessly near the Oakland Airport and gave him the name “Remmy,” which I changed to Rembrandt because he is truly a work of art. He’s a perfect Chug (Chihuahua/Pug mix) with beautiful fawn and sepia tones and an under-bite worthy of even the toughest Bulldog. He’s a willful little scamp, always vying for dominance, but we’ve become devoted friends over the years and I don’t know what I’d ever do without him. Thank you, Iams, for donating food to the shelters that save these wonderful animals for the people that love them.

  • I rescued my little terrier mix, Nora, from a shelter and she has become my best buddy and constant companion at home and when we head in to work at Animal Haven Shelter in NYC. Woofs and Wags for the Adoption Option!

  • My sister asked if I would take in a cat that was being abused by someone she knew. She was being locked in the closet and starved. I said yes, Knowing that I couldn’t let an animal suffer. She brought me a beautiful apple-faced seal-point siamese who was skinny and wanted to get to a food bowl. Needless to say 4he got her food and plenty of it. She and I got very close. We’ve been through so much together! She’s 15 now and I am very proud to her Mom. She is my Angel!

  • susan allen

    I adopted a tiny little kitten after showing homes in Malibu. We just renamed him Leonardo…because he kind of looks like Leonardo DiCaprio.

  • April

    I recent adopted a pit bull she is the apple of my eye!! She is kind and loving…she lives in harmony with my rescued mini pincher and 2 chihualuas

  • I adopted my baby boy, Henry, from HSSV (California) two years ago. He’s a little toy rat terrier (they called him a chi mix but the shelter lady said he was a rat terrier and I was horrified–never having heard such a name). I adopted his little sister, Lulu, from the Hanford Shelter over a year ago. They said she was a purebred chihuahua, but when I asked how much she weighed I knew she wasn’t. She’s a beautiful, pure black, minature rat terrier. She’s already killed two rats out in the backyard. Oh, they look like twins but have very different personalities.
    I love my babies. They are the sweetest, most loving, wonderful dogs I have ever known! And, since I got them from the shelter as adults, they were so easy to train! Although they are a little over ten pounds (if that!), they love to go on long walks, and they never pee or poop in the house! They adore children and are the most pleasant babies anyone could ask for…I am one lucky dog momma and I can’t imagine getting dogs from anywhere but an animal shelter..they are the best!

  • Jennifer Jacob

    My two eldest girls are from a shelter. They are dogs that not a lot of people want to adopt; the common mongrel/stray off the roadside. My family would NEVER have been complete without my little angels 🙂 Just love them to bits.

  • I adopted my dog Bella, from Dachshund Paws. She is a blind pug, and such a blessing to our family. Anyone looking for a pet should start at a shelter or rescue. So many amazing pets are waiting for loving homes 🙂

  • Leslie

    My 2 dogs are the joy and light of my life. Cedona, my chiweenie (chihuahua/daschund) and her siblings were rescued (I’m not sure of where they were) and I have had her since she was 5 1/2 weeks old. She is now 8 1/2! Eddie, a.k.a. Edweirdo, was found running on a highway. I met him at the dogpark and fell in love instantly. I don’t know his breed, but he is the most energetic and amusing little beast I have ever seen! <3

  • claudia

    I have 4 shelter dogs. I’m thrilled that people are more open minded in adopting for the shelters instead of buying from pet stores. Education is key!

  • barry

    we have 8 rescue cats, 3 from ten lives club,including
    2 Katrain Kitties,paws and claws was Virginia who pickedme, dug her claws into my jacket and would not let go. Shiloh and Bufford were feral kittens when
    we adopted them,Chessie was from 2nd chance, Whyatt
    was from an individual who cat had kittens.all live
    well together and we are all just one big family !!

  • Arya Hariharan

    All of the members of my wonderful fuzzy family are rescue pets.

    I have rescued a total of six ferrets (Loki, Daxter, Kane, Maya, Isis, and Kheper) who have enriched my life with their goofiness and constant state of joy. Though two have since passed, I am constantly amazed with their adorable wrestling and capacity to trust me despite the abuse they suffered in their previous life. Each has their own distinct personality and all together they function as a wonderfully cohesive family (Loki = little ninja; Daxter = laid-back lovebug; Kane = dominant but loving leader; Maya = cuddly gentlewoman; Kheper = naughty goofball; Isis = pretty princess).

    I also have two rescue dogs: Chauncey the English Bulldog, and Apollo the Great Dane. Chauncey is a crotchety stubborn old man, and I adore him for it. Apollo is your classic gentle giant who simply wants to smother you with love all day long. Together they make the hilarious odd couple and provide me with both endless entertainment and headaches with their antics.

    The ferrets are from the Animal Welfare League of Alexandria (Va), and the Ferret Inn (Md). Chauncey is from a small private shelter in Indiana, and Apollo is from the MAGDRL rescue network.

    I also grew up with the most amazing rescue dog, KC. We adopted him from the Bucks County (Pa) Animal Shelter as a puppy. He was a rather large keeshond (possibly malamute mix) who was my first dog. He was an incredibly intelligent, loyal, and stubborn being who’s recent passing was a significant loss to my family.

  • Tracy C

    We adopted a sweet Plott Hound from “Austin Pets Alive!” several weeks ago. He was nearly 5 months old and I can easily say he’s the best dog we’ve ever had. He loves to play, is very receptive to training and though he’d never seen carpet before, he was very easy to housebreak.

    He was part of a litter that was dropped off at Austin’s Town Lake Animal Shelter and was on the euthanasia list. The litter had mange and fleas and were very undernourished, tiny pups at the time. I am so thankful that APA! rescued, sheltered, fed, vaccinated, neutered, microchipped and generally loved him.

    My daughter now wants to help animals as part of her Girl Scout Silver Award project.

  • rebecca

    i adopted a pure-bred siamese kitten from the animal rescue and adoption organization, all sentient beings (http://www.animalloversnetwork.org/). i had been forwarded an email from a friend of this group with a picture of the kitten. i felt this pull upon seeing her picture so i contacted the organization for more details about the cat and to set up a meeting. as you are when thinking of adopting an animal, i was nervous about it and really wanted to meet the kitten before agreeing to take her home. i made my way to the caretaker’s home and was greeted at the door not only by the caretaker, but also by my soon-to-be kitten. she immediately walked up to me, meowed in that way that kittens and siamese do in that inquisitive fashion. as soon as i sat down on the floor, kitten was in my lap and purring and then immediately fell in love with her. so a normal monday turned into the day that i acquired the sweetest, most lovable, good-natured, adoring cat i’ve ever met. vivi is now about a year old. i’ve had her for 9 months and can’t imagine a day without her. she’s the star of every party, loves people and any kind of attention. i’m so thrilled that this little fuzzball chose me to care for her.

  • Ande Frayser

    All of our pets are adopted. We have a wonderful orange diva-kitty named Mary who joined our family 6 years ago tomorrow (October 26).

    We went to find a new dog that day and my son wandered into the cat area of the shelter. Since it was so close to Halloween, there were tons of black cats and this one little orange lump of fluff.

    My four year old son fell in love with her and grabbed her little paw and started to pray- out loud- for her to be his kitty. He promised to raise her to be a “Godly Cat” and said that he would name her Mary, after Jesus’ mother, because she was very godly.

    We had no choice but to adopt Mary after that, and we paid to have her fixed. We picked her up a week later and all seemed to go well. Mary was picking up weight and just seemed to be the happiest kitty in the world. One day when I was holding her, I felt something move. I panicked and called her doctor, who got her in that very hour.

    Turns out Miss Mary was pregnant! The irony of this was that I had her surgical records for her sterilization and they claimed that she had not been around any male cats before she came home to live with us. Talk about living up to a name!

  • Cheryl

    We adopted our dog Archie over two years ago from Almost Home Dog Rescue of Ohio. He was an owner turn-in at a shelter and could have been put down right away, but luckily for us he was saved and we found him on petfinder! I cannot tell you how much joy he has brought to our lives. Getting Archie from the rescue organization inspired us to do more to get involved with rescue. We now volunteer as foster parents for Almost Home, and so far have fostered over 18 dogs in the past few years, all of whom have been adopted and are living in happy homes. It is very rewarding to take in a scared dog from a shelter and regain their trust and see them get adopted by a loving family. We also had Archie certified as a therapy dog and he visits a nursing home every other Sunday near us. He has so many friends there it is like his own fan club, and he has touched many lives there!

  • Chaya Khan

    We have two lovely rescue dogs, Fudge and Timi. Both were starving and neglected when found,one from PAWS (the Pakistani Animal Welfare Society), and one who had been through many homes prior to coming to us. They are the sweetest, most loyal companions you could possibly want.

  • Vanessa Parvin

    Both my cats are shelter cats and they have more personality and affection than any other felines I’ve come across. They have been generally healthy and wonderful companions to me, my family, and each other for over nine years. I adore them and can’t imagine having found any better pets in any other way.

  • Karen

    We adopted our adorable little kitten from a feral cat rescue.

    I have never had a “purchased” pet. Even growing up, we adopted our dogs from the animal shelter.

  • Jeanne Brockelman

    The house where I am will not let us have pets but if I did I would check out the animal shelter to adopt one. I had a rescue dog growing up and am looking forward to the day I can go to the shelter and get me another dog for company.

  • Most our pets are adopted. We have 3 adopted dogs and 2 adopted cats.
    We were also a foster home for our rescue group. Lost Paws Rescue of Texas. Rescue groups need foster house very badly.
    We have always adopted our pets.

    When you adopt a pet from a shelter or rescue group, you save two lives…the one you adopted and the one that takes it’s place.

  • Lynn

    My family has adopted three rescued dogs through the Horse Creek Animal Sanctuary located in Savannah, TN. We lived in Memphis, TN at the time and found out about this wonderful organization when they held adoption days at the local Petco. We adopted Vince, a terrier mix who is now 7 yrs. old, when he was only 4 1/2 months. My 9 yr. old son fell in love with Vince immediately and refused to let go of him or look at any of the other dogs. Vince was basically feral before the Horse Creek people found him with his two brothers in a rural area of TN. They said Vince was the leader in that pack. He has always been wonderful with our three children, very trainable and as protective of our family as he was with his family of brothers. After our move to Austin, TX a couple of years ago, Vince survived multiple Copperhead snake bites after he discovered the snake in our back yard. As my youngest, special needs child was often playing in the back yard, I am so grateful to Vince for keeping watch and taking action to keep things safe for us all.

    Our other two rescue dogs from Horse Creek came about two years after Vince, when my middle son was turning 8 and wanted to have a puppy of his own. We looked at their website and he latched onto a photo of Quintessa (we call her Tessa), a black and white hound dog/beagle mix who was only 2 months old at the time. When I called the Horse Creek people, they said she was too young still for adoption but they would hold her for us. In the mean time, I had noticed another dog on their website who kept entering my mind off and on. I asked to see her, and at the next adoption day event I went by for a visit. Eudora is a beautiful golden haired girl with the body of a large Italian Greyhound or small version of a Whippet. When I met her, she was 7 1/2 months old, fast as the wind and rather neurotic. She had been abandoned by her previous owner who obviously had abused her as she cowered alot and always needed LOTS of attention and approval from anyone in her vicinity. She was afraid of men or boys wearing baseball caps. In fact,she was afraid of most men, in general. I fell in love with her and we ended up adopting her that day. The following week we adopted Tessa. They had been in the Sanctuary at the same time and knew each other so that was a happy thing for them both to be adopted by the same family. Vince liked Eudora right away and eventually came to like Tessa, too. It turns out that Eudora is the Alpha Dog in our house. She has healed so much from her early mistreatment and now loves living in a house of one woman and four males.

    These days, our three adopted pups live charmed lives. They have always enjoyed being together and they play everyday. They have their own beds but they often sleep on our beds, too. They have a doggie door to come and go as they please into our large backyard. They keep watch of the neighborhood through two large windows next to the front door. Their favorite activities are chasing soccer or tennis balls, going for walks, eating, chewing on chew sticks or bones and having their hair brushed while being petted and sung to.

    I highly recommend adopting pets and I can say we have really enjoyed our mixed breed dogs. They are intelligent, loving, easy going and healthy. We love them!

  • Valerie Arnold

    I was worried I wouldn’t know which dog to choose but the minute I set eyes on my little Susie I knew she was the one, she settled very quickly and is an absolute joy, she loves sausages which she always takes out into the garden and buries. I cannot thank the rescue centre enough.

  • kathy zimicki

    I have rescue pets. love iams !

  • Tamra

    I have three rescue dogs and six rescue cats! We even occasionally take in a squirrel or two.

  • Erin G

    I love my shelter cats. They are the BEST!

  • Jessica Ordman

    In 2007 I moved to Italy “for a year” (I’m still there as I write this). I brought my cat with me and he died soon after I arrived. I began volunteering at the Torre Argentina cat sanctuary in Rome just to be around cats and to help fill the tiniest bit the hole that he had left. I never imagined the family that I would find there. Within two weeks I went home with two cats, one of them blind. They are the loves of my life and make me smile everyday. They have moved across the Atlantic Ocean twice with me! And more than that, I met and fell in love with another volunteer who is now my husband! We now have five cats and regularly keep kittens in foster care until they’re ready to be put up for adoption…. And that’s how shelter cats changed my life.

  • Phil

    3 fantastic cats all adopted from Jersey Animal Coalition, South Orange NJ.

  • Lauren

    We visited many local shelters before getting our dog, but of the many pups that touched our hearts (and unfortunately triggered too many of my husbands allergies) one in particular stands out: Lucky, a Pitbull mix, and a rescue. Judging from his scars and missing leg, he was probably abused and spend time in his share of unsavory places. That said, this was the sweetest, most responsive dog. We still talk about Lucky and hope he found the loving home he deserves.

  • My friends and I are fans of HopeForPaws, where we’ve fostered and adopted dogs that were rescued from kill shelters.

  • Lori

    My cat Lil was born outside my job. I took her home at 5 weeks and had to bottle feed her. She is a tortie and her favorite activities include catnip, scratching the couch, and cardboard boxes.

  • Robin Leigh Morgan

    When I got my first cat, I approach the door at the shelter to the room where the cats were kept. Of all the cats there, one of them came running to the door, and stood up on the door with its’ front on the door….saying “Take me. Take me.” So naturally I took her home. I guess there must be some truth in the saying, “They pick you … you don’t pick them.”
    Her name was Cleo and always came when I sang. “Oh where. Oh where. Has my Cleo gone…..”

  • […] a handful of stories about Iams’ H4tH (Home for the Holidays) program. And I participated in Iam’s Bags 4 Bowls contest. My site garnered over 480 comments, and for each comment Iams donated 25 bowls of food to feed […]

  • Penny

    I adopted my dog from a local shelter. The sign on her cage said “Needs Training.” And she did, but not too much! Now she’s the sweetest dog ever!

  • John

    I adopted my cat Buddy at a local shelter. He’d been there for a while. He’s about 20 pounds. I guess he was waiting for another big guy to come along!

  • Woody

    When people ask me what breed my dog is, I tell them she’s a Pinellas County Shelter dog!

  • I am a Newcastle United supporter, and I always will be.

  • Annemarie Bruner

    We have 3 adopted pets, a grey male named Blue, a female Indigo, a taxido, and a female called Tiggi for her stripes and tigerlook. They came to us at different times and we love them and have so much fun with them, each one has their own little thing they do to make us laugh. I can’t imagine comming home to an empty house. They have excepted us humans into their lifes and love us too.
    I think it is a fine thing you are doing to donate food for the lonely and unadopted pets in this country.
    Keep ut the good work

  • larry coffey

    currently have 4 dogs, all shelter/rescue and one cat…the dogs are pit bull, pit mix, yellow lab and a senior retriever mix who was once evidence in a well known L.A. abuse case. The pit bull female was abandoned in my neighborhood and stole my heart before I could get it together and take her to the shelter…my life revolves around them and I would be totally lost without them…I feel so very sorry for anyone who has never known the love of a companion animal…I will continue to rescue/adopt shelter animals to my dying day…

  • Gina Alexander

    I am a supporter of Hope for Paws and through FaceBook I try to raise funds to help Rescues & Shelters and raise awareness.I live in UK where animals in shelters are never put down unless they are seriously ill. If I lived in USA I would need the biggest ranch that money could buy to take in all the animals that can’t be re-homed in time.

  • jennifer huntley

    My shelter dogs (3) bring so much joy into my life. I support adoption.

  • Anita Miller

    Our two cats, Mikey and Rosie, were adopted from Jersey Animal Coalition 10 years ago. They were tiny, maybe 4 weeks old, and had been found on the doorstep of a very kind family who cared for them but couldn’t adopt them permanently. They had named the tiger “Micky” because “He has huge ears, like Micky Mouse” but my kids liked “Mikey” better (remember the old Life Cereal ad?… he really does eat everything) and Rosie, a funny-looking black & white character, was named after Rosie O’Donnell, whose talk show they found hilarious. Now the cats are big and obnoxious, so they fit in well with the rest of our family.
    When we lived in Maplewood, a young feral cat had a litter in our back yard. I decided to catch (with a borrowed Hav-a-heart trap) and spay/neuter the whole family and eventually succeeded, but not before a couple of the females had kittens of their own. I befriended them, lured them with tuna, crawled through the bushes..whatever it took to avoid being overrun with cats! They were all quickly adopted from the animal shelter and no doubt lived happily ever after.

  • Blaire

    We have adopted many animals from the Bergen County Animal Shelter in Teteboro, NJ. Our latest adoption is Tasha, a beautiful tortie, that we adopted in August of 2009. My daughter Breanna picked her out and named her. We lover her dearly and love the work that the Bergen County Animal Shelter provides!


  • cecilia david

    Our eldest cat came to us as Allie but that name did not last and now she is Princess. She looks at the members of the household with total disgust. They all run or walk quickly out of her presence. She is also from the New Jersey Animal Coalition. cd

  • In this economy, shelters need all of the help they can get. This is a wonderful project!

  • I am very involved with the care2 network and there are so many Bad and Good things that go on. This is Awesome that Animals will be feed at shelters for pasting a message. Thank you ^_^

  • Lisa

    What a worthy cause–so glad that dogs and cats at shelters will get feed. I urge more people to leave comments and thank you for doing this, Michelle!

  • Andy Garfinkel

    This is such a wonderful idea. All my cats have come from animal rescue shelters and they are the cuddliest, most lovable cats of them all. Good luck with getting Iams to contribute lots of food.

  • Jodi Godfrey

    What a lovely effort! Given the skyrocketing home foreclosures and divorces, I fear there will be many more pets needing a nourishing meal. What better way to make sure there’s food for every cat and dog who needs it than to demonstrate my support with this post.

  • Adopting a rescue dog has changed my life. I no longer feel that I found a pet to love me, instead I love them for being brave, loving and still happy despite their horrible beginnings. I have a little poodle mix who was scheduled to be euthanized on Sept 7, 2010 and I everyday I think about how his life could have been cut short if it weren’t for local organizations that recognize every animal should have a second chance.

  • I volunteer at the Jersey Animal Coalition in S. Orange, NJ and love working with the dogs there. We are a no-kill shelter, so some dogs have been weith us for years. Nothing’s better than when one of those old-timers get adopted!!

    At home, I have 3 St. Bernards that came from Saintly Bernards Rescue in PA. They are a handful, but we love them to death. Adopting from shelters & rescue groups is the only way to go!!

  • Joyce

    Thank you for doing this..Rescues need all the help they can get !

  • […] Feed Shelter Cats and Dogs Contest « Pet News and Views […]

  • […] Feed Shelter Cats and Dogs Contest « Pet News and Views […]

  • […] Feed Shelter Cats and Dogs Contest « Pet News and Views […]

  • […] Feed Shelter Cats and Dogs Contest « Pet News and Views […]

  • […] Feed Shelter Cats and Dogs Contest « Pet News and Views […]

  • Laura

    Five years ago, we adopted Ira from the local SPCA as a Christmas gift for our son. Our energetic, 10-lb puppy has matured into a 45-lb affectionate seeking missile. We love her to bits! 🙂

  • Jaci

    My Moose from Pima Animal Care Center in Tucson is the best dog ever. Part border collie, part shepard, part wild pig, he is the most loving little dog I could have imagined.

  • Mary Ourada

    We got a full grown cat through a shelter in Denver. We had to take him before they could fix him because there was a feline cold virus going around the shelter. When I brought him home his nose was encrusted with mucus and I had to keep wiping his nose with a warm wash cloth so he could breath. My husband was horrified and said “What in the heck did you adopt?” But once our cat was better he turned out to be a great and loving member of the family.

  • Vickie Sneddon

    I have a beautiful Kelpie/Border Collie cross that was rescued from the RSPCA in Perth, Western Australia. She is the sweetest dog on the planet!
    Thank you Iams for doing this.

  • Retha

    I have never “adopted” from a shelter or rescue but have “adopted” all my cats because they were just dumped somewhere. Kittens in a box by the mailbox, dumped at my vet’s, dumped in a local park, etc. Don’t know how somebody can do that. There wasn’t anything wrong with any of them.

  • Martha M.

    I am the proud Mother of 2 lovely, sweet Feline Daughters. They were basically strays the 1st year of their lives with only each other (they are biological sisters) to depend on. However, they started coming over in our yard and would climb up on our deck. Then, they wormed their way into the house for a brief visit. Well, the visits became longer and longer until one day I didn’t have the heart to let them back out into the cold. I lived with dogs all my life (until out last dog died in 20004) and had NO CLUE on how to care for a cat. But I bought books, got on line, and learned quickly. My 2 girls are happy, healthy, spoiled, pampered….and very much INDOOR CATS. I only 1/2 joking when I say they adopted us because all they wanted was a Mommy and a family (which also includes “Nana” and “Pa”). They are the joys of my life and yes, the world DOES revolve around them. 🙂 Perhaps they didn’t come from a shelter or rescue group but, IMO, IAMS should count this toward a donation. My Girls are fortunate to have good food and a warm place to live. So many poor kitties/puppies don’t have that. So, PLEASE IMAS, please make a donation in our names for those poor souls who don’t have a Mommy, Nana, and Pa.

  • Sandra

    My kitty Benjamin is from the Las Vegas shelter. Las Vegas is a horrible place for animals and the shelters are so underfunded. Since the econonmy has failed millions of people have abandoned their animals. Anything anyone can do to help makes a huge difference. EVERYONE SHOULD ADOPT TODAY!

  • Jen B.

    4 amazing cats (all rescues) that have changed our lives forever, in a wonderful way. Felix (a tuxedo, who recently passed away at the age of 15), Lucky (a black, naturally skinny boy who is also 15), Blue (a big & beautiful 13 year old Russian Blue) & our newest addition, Jonas (another solid black, feisty 1 year old boy).

  • terry

    my mom got her cat roger from a shelter in NJ- he was days away from euthanasia and desperately needed a home. he’s had a rough life- his previous owner was elderly, got alzheimers and then died. he spent over a year in a cage in the shelter, and got cystitis from the stress. my mom was also old, and when she died this past june i spent a lot of time with him telling him he would be my cat. he is happy with me and my three rescues (a feral mama who was a street rescue and 2 of her kittens) and i am happy that his life was saved and he can enjoy his old age in peace. i love my roger-boy.

  • Kathe

    I have 6 cats and 1 new puppy. 4 cats are from shelters and the new puppy is as well. He was rescued from a shelter that was going to put him down due to overcrowding. He was abandoned, starved and beaten when I took him in 3 months ago. He has gained weight, is very healthy and sweet and lovable as can be. He is happy with his 6 cat family and is very sociable and loved. Thanks for donating food to these deserving animals.

  • Cathi

    My beloved Katie cat is snuggled up to me and my laptop as I type this. She rescued us when we visited our local Humane Society in South Burlington, Vermont. Thank you, Iams, for donating food.

  • J. Logan

    I adopted my best bud, Jacob, from a high kill shelter. They had managed to hang onto him for four months…..they knew he was special too. To add to the amazement, he’s a boxer/newfonland mix, one of those Big Black Dogs. I’d die foe him in a skinny second.

  • Karen P.

    All our pets are rescues and we wouldn’t consider having it any other way. Our old man, a black lab named Ziggy, has brought joy into our lives for 13 years. He wants nothing more than a scratch and a place to nap beside us, and his eyes smile every time anyone looks at him! I can’t imagine not having shared his life. We love Ziggy!

  • Gemma Davies

    I adopted my tortoiseshell cat Shadow from the RSPCA in Perth, Western Australia about 5 years ago now. As is so common, she was the one in the shelter that came up to the front of the cage and wanted us to take her home! She has made a wonderful companion for my other cat (Claude) who is about to turn 17, and who I have had since he was dumped under a wood pile when he was 3 weeks old. I couldn’t imagine a life without my cats, and urge anyone thinking about pet ownership to do the right thing and help out an abandoned animal from a shelter…they really do make life worthwhile!

  • Pat

    4 out of my 5 dogs were rescue dogs – best of the best, two lived to be 16+ years – they just want to be loved and they give so much…lost both of my babies same day in ’09, rescue corgi mix was 16.5 yrs, rescue corgi was 5 and came down w/lymphoma – I miss my babies but now have my 5th, Sebastian, Thanks to North Texas Corgi Rescue…and North Texas Cocker Rescue for all you do…

  • Nicole

    I adopted my dog spike from a shelter in Maryland 9 years ago and he is the best friend a girl could have. He is the most well behaved loving dog, to think someone left him on the side of a road breaks my heart. He has been there to make me smile and let’s me wipe my tears on him when I need to. he is my road trip buddy and listens to me think outlook so I feel less crazy.

  • Suzanne

    Grey (a Manx) and Big Jing (a DSH) were rescues from the local shelter. They are much loved members of the family. We wish all shelter pets could find a furever home-and thank Iams for giving them a good meal for the holidays!

  • Cathy Ginder

    All my dogs are rescues. Norton, my pit bull mix came from the Oceanside shelter, he was 2, and now is 16! He is still going strong! We recently adopted two German Shorthair pointers, one from Waggin Tales in Idaho, and the other from L.A.

  • what a wonderful post. I hope all dogs and cats get everything they need.

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  • […] Feed Shelter Cats and Dogs Contest « Pet News and Views […]