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200 Comments and Counting: Feed Shelter Cats and Dogs Continued

It’s the start of day three of my Feed Shelter Cats and Dogs Contest. If you haven’t been following this, Iams will donate 25 bowls of food to a shelter for each comment about your cat or dog that your adopted from a shelter or rescue group. If you haven’t left a comment about your adopted or rescued cat or dog, please do so now.

Earl Gray is my rescue cat. He's such a big mush!

Iams’ Bags 4 Bowls is hoping to provide 5 million bowls of food to shelters around the country. It’s a wonderful program, and it’s in conjunction with Iams’ Home 4 the Holidays, a partnership with Helen Woodward Animal Center, 3,500 animal organizations worldwide and Pet News and Views.

The comments are heartwarming. If you start to feel down, just come over here and read the comments. It will make your day. I’ve read each and every one. A few of the stories had me in tears–happy tears. I love how passionate you all are about your fur kids.

The common theme for all of these stories is that you didn’t rescue a dog or cat–instead your dog or cat rescued you. Many of you wrote to say that the love you receive from your adopted pet comes back more than 100 fold.

I am humbled by your stories, and have been enjoying getting to know you through these stories. You really are special for adopting. And many of you have repeated one of my favorite sayings, “Adopt, don’t shop.”

So if you have adopted or rescued a pet, please click here and leave a comment. Don’t leave a comment after this post (you can if you’d like, but it won’t count toward the contest.). So leave a comment by clicking here.

Thanks again for all you have done to help cats and dogs–Michele of Pet News and Views

31 comments to 200 Comments and Counting: Feed Shelter Cats and Dogs Continued

  • Mark Fuerst

    We rescued my sister-in-law’s boxer Stanley after she passed away suddenly. Thanks for feeding those pets in need. Mark Fuerst

  • Bev

    Michele, you are so totally pawsome!!!! This is the best contest ever!!!!

  • Thanks Bev, I didn’t want to comment under the contest section because I didn’t want to throw off the count. It’s a fun contest.

  • Marie-Anne Duhem

    What a fantastic initiative! Over the years my family and adopted dogs and cats. I would never buy, too many sheltered hearts waiting to love you …

  • Tom B

    God bless, Michele. All God’s creatures deserve a chance at life.

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    Here at World Spinner we are debating the same thing……

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  • Six years ago this coming May we adopted a 2 year old tuxedo cat from the Montgomery County Humane Society. This cat that we named Buddy had quite an attitude, knocking down everything in sight with his tail sauntering about like from Al Capone’s Era.

    Buddy took an instant liking to my bed bound mother. One afternoon we were having lunch, the phone rang I left the room to answer it returning 5 minutes later. During my absence mom choked on the cut up apricot. it was so bad she could ot call for help.

    Buddy to her(as well as our)amazement jump on my mom’s chest and neck area and in a very quick kneeding motion kept pounding till the apricot skin popped out. This rescue cat saved her life.

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  • Colette

    7 years ago I adopted a malamute mix from the Lake Elsinore Friends of the Valley Animal Shelter. He was just 8 weeks old when I got him. I was really frustrated shorted after picking him up from his neuter surgery, because as it turns out, he had pneumonia before he had the surgery, and the surgery just made him worse. I was able to nurse him back to health with the help of my own private veterinarian, but it was touch and go for a while there. I still have him, and to see him now, you would never know he started out as a weakling! I’m still happy I was able to adopt him. He’s my great protector and just an overall great dog. I’m just thankful that I was led in his direction.

  • Cynthia bystrom

    I am so happy to have this site doing this for these blessed animals…I have 7 wonderful animals, 6 from shelters and they are my everything…Thank you for all your hard work in finding these little ones forever homes!!!!

  • Janice

    We have 2 dogs that are rescue dogs……….they are amazing pets and SO much fun! Many of my friends have rescued pets – it’s the right thing to do and it’s rewarding because they make wonderful companions!

  • I help with Feeding pets of the homeless. This is absolutely wonderful that this site is available. I feel blessed to have learned about this site. Ty Tina Adams-Carter

  • Jenn

    All of my pets are rescues. It started with my oldest, 12 year old Milo, who we rescued as a pup 11 years ago. He is my precious angel and has had such a positive impact on my entire family.

  • Deena K. O'Neill

    I rescued 2 cats from the ASPCA in Media 6 years ago and I would do it all over again! They have brought so much happiness to my life and I don’t know what I would do without them. They greet me at the door expecting pets, which once I put all mt stuff down I give to them! They are great to nap with or even to watch some TV with. People say they have never meet cats as friendly as mine. When people come over they want to meet them and of course want their attention. Adoption is the way to go for anyone out there looking for some love.

  • We have adopted 3 of our 4 dogs. One from a rescue, one from a shelter, and one from the streets. They are the light of our lives, besides our beautiful son, and we wouldn’t trade them for all of the riches in the world. They make us laugh, sit with me when I cry, lay their heads on our knees in friendship, makes fools of themselves when happy, and live with such joy.

  • linzee

    I adopted a orange tabby named Tommy and a tortie sis named Sissy from a rescue in Orlando Florida..My family loved and cherished them both..Tommy being the heroic defender for my young daughter at the time chasing off dogs that came into the yard..and Sissy being the gorgeous priss that she was..both have passed from old age now..but ill always remember them in my heart and in many pics..thanks for helping hungry pets..peace linzee

  • i rescued a female boxer from flbr.org & also adopted a cat from my vet this year

  • Sandy B

    We adopted our sweet, active Pebbles from a shelter in the south. She was transported up to Pa for us. Now I do transports too!

  • Tracey

    We adopted our beautiful Boxer/Pit mix Lucy in 2004. Our family wouldn’t be complete without her. 🙂

  • Teri

    I adopted my first shelter dog when I was 15. There is nothing like the love you receive from a rescued animal!!!!!

  • Kimberly Kessleski

    My little Tucker was adopted from a rescue group. He was found on the streets. My two other babies were strays rescued from the street and my very first boy was adopted as a kitten. I’ve been blessed with wonderful cats, even if two have passed on and now live only in my heart. I can’t imagine my life without the unconditional love and companionship of an animal.

  • Cris

    Not wanting the responsibility of animal, I never thought I’d be where I am today; the universe is certainly a strange place. One cold night during a long winter storm, while taking garbage out, I found amongst the water collecting in the can, a tiny little black cat with its head down practically floating in the water around it. Unsure if the cat was dead, I poked its side and to my surprise, it lifted its head and did a little yelp. I took the cat in, dried her up and gave her a safe warm bed to sleep in; the next afternoon while at work thought I might be going home to a dead black cat. She survived the big bad world, however she was badly malnourished, filthy and only the universe knows how long she had been out in the kitty cat wild. I later figured out she was blind too – which makes her survival all the more miraculous. She became my little hero and inspiration, but sadly her story came to an end. After 5 loving wonderful years with her, her medical condition got the best of her. After her passing I had a deep gaping hole in my heart, and even though I had previously adopted my mother’s dog, I missed the loving affection of my “pretty girl.” 2008, Thanksgiving Day I adopted another Dog, Emma. Turns out, Emma was a double victim; first Katrina tore her away from her family, the trauma of storm, then losing her family gave her great anxiety. Her guardians here in California thought the way to handle it was to abuse/beat her. Also, since her puppyhood, she had hookworms and none of her guardians (there were 3 before me) thought to give her medical attention. This poor little 3.5 year old golden retriever weighed 60 lbs, and was completely emaciated and malnourished. Her previous guardian named her Annie (short for anorexia – funny; not!) Emma has been with me for 3 years now and has made a full recovery from anxiety/stress and intestinal track issues. She is my big buddy weighing in at a healthy 87lbs. She makes me very happy as we’re always engaging in play, making me laugh hysterically and at night she’s my cuddle/snuggle buddy. I could never imagine not having such blessed love in my life. I thank the universe and kitty cat for bringing to my life the gift of love.

  • Brian Betz

    I adopted my cat Jazzy from the local shelter back in 2001. She was a scared but very sweet little girl who has evolved into a sweet, sassy “Alpha Female”. I love her to pieces!

  • Brian Betz

    I’m not sure who has been luckier, Thumbsy or me, since my cat Thumbsy came into my life as a rescue kitty. That was 2004 and she was a very sweet and skinny kitty who is now a very sweet and fat & sassy kitty.

  • Brian Betz

    We rescued Bella just about two months ago. She was a very small 5 month old cat, who was underweight and had ringworm and tapeworm. She is now completely healthy and living in her forever home with my good friend Tracy.

  • Pat

    4 out of my 5 dogs were rescue dogs – best of the best, two lived to be 16+ years – they just want to be loved and they give so much…lost both of my babies same day in ’09, rescue corgi mix was 16.5 yrs, rescue corgi was 5 and came down w/lymphoma – I miss my babies but now have my 5th, Sebastian, Thanks to North Texas Corgi Rescue…

  • Linda

    I adopted “Carrie,” a pretty young calico cat, long ago, but she was probably among the first matches made by the Internet. I had recently had to have my previous cat euthanized because of a mass in her chest. I really wasn’t expecting to adopt right away. But I could browse the web site of a nearby rescue and somehow, that photo of Carrie, with her story, just got to me. Carrie hadn’t been a good fit for two prior homes. And frankly, when I went to visit, she wasn’t all that interested in me! Only after she had been home with me for many months, did she start to come out of her rescue shell. Just like the adoption program people had predicted, she just bloomed! I had never had a calico cat as a pet before. I learned that they have totally amazing personalities, very unique to calicos. Carrie passed away a few years ago at the rather old age of 14 – she had a heart condition that we all did well with but that could not be entirely cured. It is never ever easy to say goodbye, and Carrie will live in my heart forever. It’s in her name that I work hard to give other cats a real chance at loving homes.

  • Ryan

    My girlfriend and I adopted Froggy, a unique looking mixed breed from our local shelter in Orlando, Fla. We already had a schnauzer (Maximus) and were looking for a playmate and friend for him.

    Froggy couldn’t have worked out better. He is fun-loving, playful and is the most amazing dog! He and Max get along famously and are inseparable.

    We can’t imagine our lives without him.