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Clothing for Dogs with Great Messages

Earl doesn’t wear clothes. He’s a cat, and I don’t see the need to humanize him. I know a few people who dress their cats. It’s just not in the cards for Earl Gray. I don’t think he would like it.

Dressing Dogs
Growing up in New York, I had two dogs–a miniature Poodle, who was given to us by an aunt who didn’t want to take care of him–and a mutt, who was also given to us by someone who no longer wanted him. He was part German Shepherd, Collie and Beagle. I dressed Perot, our Poodle, and Mr. Chips, our mutt, in rain coats and winter sweaters.

I’ve since learned that it is important to dress dogs with short hair and fair coats in T-shirts during the summer months to protect them from sunburn.

Dogs on the Cat Walk
If I had a dog today, I would dress him in Rescue Wear by Toru. It’s my way of making a statement. I’m always telling people “adopt, don’t shop” and “spay/neuter your dogs and cats.”

All of the clothes shown here are from Toru's Rescue Wear collection.

I recently attended a pet products show in New York City, and one of the vendors was Toru, a manufacturer of T-shirts, tanks, hoodies, and bandanas with wonderful messages like: Rescue, Spay, and Adopt. Toru donates 15% of their proceeds to Paws 4 You Rescue, a 501(c)3 non-profit, volunteer, donor-subsidized animal rescue organization based in Miami.

Do you dress your dog or cat? If so, send a photo or comment on why, and do you think your dog or cat likes to be dressed?

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