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Representatives Pass Bill to Stop Animal Crush Videos

By Laura Allen of Animal Law Coalition, guest blogger

By a vote of 416-3, the U.S. House of Representatives has passed H.R. 5566 which would make it a federal crime to sell or distribute, or offer to sell or distribute, animal crush videos for commercial gain in interstate or foreign commerce.

I just don't understand how anyone can bring harm to animals.

The 3 representatives who opposed the bill are Paul Broun and Tom Graves, both from Georgia and Ron Paul from Texas.

An animal crush video is defined as “any obscene photograph, motion-picture film, video recording, or electronic image that depicts actual conduct in which one or more living animals is intentionally crushed, burned, drowned, suffocated, or impaled in a manner that would violate a criminal prohibition on cruelty to animals under Federal law or the law of the State in which the depiction is created, sold, distributed, or offered for sale or distribution.”

The bill specifically excludes depictions of “customary and normal veterinary or agricultural husbandry practices” and “hunting, trapping, or fishing”.

A violation can mean fines and up to 5 years in prison.

U.S. Rep. Elton Gallegly (D-CA) introduced the legislation to address the Supreme Court’s decision to strike down 18 U.S.C. Sec. 48 which prohibited the creation, sale and possession for commercial gain of illegal animal cruelty.

What You Can Do
The bill now goes to the U.S. Senate. Find your 2 U.S. Senators here, and write (faxes or letters are best) or call and urge them to support this important legislation! Also, sign Animal Law Coalition’s petition to Congress to pass legislation overturning the Supreme Court decision.

More Good News
A new Delaware law requires shelters to take steps to find owners of lost animals and consider every reasonable alternative in finding homes or rescues, including making space at the shelter to give them more time.

The new law also requires shelters to provide appropriate veterinary care to animals and also makes them accountable to the state and the public for the animals they take in and what happens to them. This is a big step towards reducing intake and euthanasia rates.

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17 comments to Representatives Pass Bill to Stop Animal Crush Videos

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  • Sherry

    It is way past time, and not a funny matter, which our courts obviously seem to think it is, for non violent criminals to stop filling up our jails and prisons, and room to be made for violent and violently sick individuals, such as the type who involve themselves with ‘Crush Videos.’ It is a violation of taxpayers rights and every decent human beings rights, to not jail or imprison the truly criminal, and quit imprisoning those who are non violent, and have done nothing to harm society!


    Stop this cruelty!!!

  • These crush videos are too horrible to even think about. Which is probably why this practice has gone on as long as it has. I’ve just learned about them and am sickened that we should condone this behavior by inaction. Congratulations to the fighters who are working so hard to put a stop to the whole business.

  • Maria Poor

    This is a horrible thing, and needs to stop and any finding from these should be used to arrest people

  • Fabulous news!!! Thanks SO much for keeping us informed. Have a great August. Crush videos should be as illegal as child pornography. My thinking is if something is illegal to do or depict regarding children, it should be illegal to do or depict regarding animals. I, too, salute the fighters who are making this right. Now, let’s do what is needed to overturn the Supreme Court’s ruling and to get this legislation through the Senate.

  • Stop them, they are not human to do so against animals.

  • Karen S. Tucker

    People that hurt innocent animals deliberately is definitely NOT human – – they are Monsters. Anyone who remembers a number of our country’s serial killers: Jeffrey Dahlmer, Ted Bundy, etc KNOWS these psychopaths begin their cruel killings on animals as teenagers BEFORE moving on to murdering human beings. The point? Almost all people who willingly and knowingly enjoy torturing/maiming/murdering innocent animals WILL do the same things to human beings. These crush videos are an abomination against GOD ALMIGHTY for HE made animals. GOD didn’t make animals to be tortured/maimed/murdered. I’m happy this law was passed, BUT, I believe that STILL more NEEDS to be done in this society to protect the innocent animals that GOD gave us. ALL animals deserve to be treated humanely and to be loved and treated kindly – – – they do NOT deserve to be mistreated in any way whatsoever. ALL animals SHOULD have rights too!!

  • Joy

    The people doing this are sick beyond words and the people watching it, are no better.

  • Janet Lloyd

    Stop this barbaric act, it’s promoting cruelty to animals and is inhumane.

  • I totally agree with you Joy,

  • Thanks for commenting Karen, I agree, that will passage from the House of Representatives is a good start, it is not the end all. We all have to contact our senators to make sure they make these videos illegal. And then there are so many other injustices towards animals that need to be righted.

  • […] See the article here: Representatives Pass Bill to Stop Animal Crush Videos […]



  • Hi Cindy,
    I agree. And I really hope everyone write to their state senators telling them this.

  • Kathy

    Ron Paul from Texas, “Mr. Libertarian” opposed this bill???

    I wonder how many of his supporters will think twice about this guy knowing how little value he places on the welfare of our beautiful animals. His opposition to this bill speaks volumes as to his character, his morals and his ethics. Violence towards animals eventually leads to violence towards humans. How can a Physician not understand this basic and fundamental psychology??!!

    We can learn a lot about a person based on his or her attitudes towards animals and animal abuse. As the 3 Representatives opposing this much needed and long overdue legislation – look in the mirror and say to yourselves “Despicable Me” . It does not surprise me that both Georgia and Texas have two of the worst track records of animal abuse in this country and that Texas is the place where “canned hunting” has been a “sport” for generations. I will never understand the mind of an abuser – nor do I ever dare attempt to do so….

  • Beautifully said Kathy. There should have been zero “anti” votes.–Michele