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Jackie Chan on Saving Endangered Tigers

I’m usually not star struck, but when it comes to Jackie Chan, I am a big fan. I think everybody likes Jackie Chan. And now, I like him even more. He is using his celebrity to educate the public about the illegal tiger trade.

Jackie Chan speaks out against illegal tiger trade.

“I have acted as Conservation Ambassador for many different kinds of animals, and had tried to help rescue many different species such as elephants, rhinoceros, and pandas,” he says. “I have always liked tigers because tigers have very elegant bodies. I think tigers are the king of animals and should be able to live in the forest freely. I think if some animals become extinct, it would be a huge regret for the human race.”

“I believe that Chinese are too superstitious in their belief of tigers’ medicinal value, and there are products such as Tiger Bone Wine, Tiger Medicine, and Tiger Cream. When I was young, I used to use Tiger Bone Wine when in fact a lot of medicine can be made using advanced technology. Some people say that eating the gallbladder of a bear is good for you when in fact they are all marketing strategies from merchants. I remembered watching how tigers are brutally killed in documentaries, with their bones taken to be ground into powder. It is extremely inhumane. I want to urge the public to protect nature and animals facing extinction.”

Jackie wants everyone to stop buying tiger products. He and other top actors and Olympic athletes, including Yao Ming, Amanda Beard, Tara Kirk, and Maurice Green will be featured in 30-second public service announcements (PSAs) that will be aired in Asia. These PSAs are produced and created by WildAid, a global nonprofit dedicated to ending the illegal wildlife trade, and Metan Development Group LLC, an entertainment content and media company.

“If you stop buying tiger products, they will stop killing the tigers,” says Jackie. “Let’s all save the tigers, especially during the Year of the Tiger.”

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