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Bunny-Free Easter

Yes baby bunnies, ducklings, and chicks are adorable. However, if anyone you know is thinking of buying one for Easter, please tell them about Farm Sanctuary’s sponsorship program.

According to Susie Coston, Farm Sanctuary’s national shelter director, Farm Sanctuary’s upstate New York and Northern California offices are flooded with phone calls from people who want to give up their unwanted ducks, chickens, and rabbits right after the Easter holiday.

“These are living, feeling animals, not holiday trinkets,” says Coston. “Yet many people impulsively purchase them without considering whether or not they are fully prepared to take on the responsibility of an animal that will require daily care for many years to come. When that reality sets in, the animals that aren’t abandoned at shelters usually end up being dumped outdoors where they will most likely starve to death, or they are relegated to cramped backyard hutches and cages, where they will spend the remaining years of their life lonely and neglected. We urge parents to show their children that grown up animals deserve love too by sponsoring an animal in need for their children this Easter instead.”

A Great Holiday Gift
So please tell everyone about Farm Sanctuary’s Adopt-A-Farm Animal Project. If you adopt a chick, bunny, or duckling, you will receive a personalized adoption certificate and beautiful color photo of your sponsored pet. Plus, the animals you adopt are well cared for by the staff and veterinarians at Farm Sanctuary.

Now that’s true holiday spirit. Whether you celebrate Easter or Passover, think about adopting an animal at Farm Sanctuary. Happy Passover and Easter to all of you!

3 comments to Bunny-Free Easter

  • When one of my girlfriends was about 5 years old, her Dad thought it would be fun to give her a chick for Easter. It’s all fun and games until the chick grows up into a chicken.

  • This is a great reminder – I especially think it’s important to remember that these are “living, feeling animals.” They were not put here for our short-lived amusement.

  • I know that many animal shelters will not adopt out black cats around Halloween. Perhaps pet shops and shelters should also not sell/adopt out these animals around Easter time. I have had rabbits and love them dearly – however, they are A LOT of work.