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Cruelty-Free Fashions

For Jaclyn Sharp, the logo came before the product. When she created Imposter, a line of faux fur fashions, she wanted to make sure that everyone was aware that the fur she sported and designed was not real. So, each garment comes with a visible decorative Austrian crystal IM logo pin on it.

Make no mistake. This fur is fake.

“The fur looks so real, that a furrier asked me what type of fur it was,” she explains. “I wanted something beautiful and soft to the touch. And I wanted everyone to know that no animals were harmed in the making of these products. Imposter gives people a viable alternative. There are no excuses for wearing fur.”

The idea to create faux fur hats, vests, and ear muffs came to Jaclyn about three years ago, when she was trying on coats at a department store. “I noticed there were a lot of fur trims,” she says. “I never liked fur or the idea of fur. It’s just cruel.”

At the recently held New York City Fashion Week, several designers introduced fur trims on their new fall/winter collections. Full length fur coats are not as popular in the U.S. However, a number of designers still use fur, and several use fur to trim collars, pockets, and wrists.

Celebrity Trendsetters
Imposter’s hats, vests, and ear muffs have caught the attention of many celebrities. The IM logo has been spotted on Carrie Underwood, Angie Harmon, Emmy Rossum, Jessica Lownes, and Olivia Palermo. These actors know it is not cool to wear fur. They have embraced Imposter brands, and enjoy showing off the IM logo.

“When people see the IM on the garment, it starts a conversation,” says Jaclyn. “It’s a great way to educate people about the truth behind fur.”

Partnering with Farm Sanctuary
Farm Sanctuary’s logo appears on Imposter’s website and on the hang tags of all products, and a percentage of the profits from each sale goes to support the nonprofit organization’s critical rescue, education, and advocacy work on behalf of abused farm animals. Online shoppers can also choose Farm Sanctuary from a list of carefully selected animal protection organizations to receive an additional 10% at check-out.

“We are thrilled to partner with a compassionate, lifesaving brand like Imposter,” says Farm Sanctuary’s president and co-founder Gene Baur. “By creating a label that is not only synonymous with cruelty-free fashion, but also a coveted fashion accessory in and of itself, Jaclyn Sharp and her revolutionary business concept will help shift the demand curve toward animal friendly products and away from those that exploit.”

Fine Faux Fashions
Imposter’s cruelty-free fashion faux fur hats, vests, and ear-muffs are currently available at Henri Bendel in New York City, other high-end stores and boutiques, and online.

Jaclyn is working on new designs, and will soon introduce a line of faux leather clothing.

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