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Stem Cell and Platelet Therapies for Pets

Can the body heal itself? Many people who use alternative therapies believe it is possible. Veterinarians are using stem cells and platelets to heal dogs, cats, and horses. What makes these treatments even more attractive than traditional medicine is that they are less invasive and cost less. […]

Cost of Pet Care Part III

Pet Health Insurance When I first heard about pet health insurance, I was leery. If it is anything like health insurance for people, then we and our pets are in big trouble. I’ve spent countless hours on the phone fighting with health insurance companies over payments for my child’s coverage. I always win. I have the support of wonderful doctors. It’s just the insurance company always tries to deny coverage—even when my son is entitled to it. […]

Cost of Pet Care Part II

Veterinarians Speak Out on Fees What do pet parents do when they can’t afford veterinary bills? On Monday, I posted e-mails from readers who shared stories about their pets’ health care bills. For many of us, this is a highly emotional issue. […]

Cost of Pet Care

A good number of you have sent e-mails about the high costs of veterinary bills. It’s upsetting that so many people will have to forgo treatments for their pets because they simply can’t afford the care. […]

Cruelty-Free Fashions

For Jaclyn Sharp, the logo came before the product. When she created Imposter, a line of faux fur fashions, she wanted to make sure that everyone was aware that the fur she sported and designed was not real. So, each garment comes with a visible decorative IM embroidered on it. “The fur looks so real, that a furrier asked me what type of fur it was,” she explains. “I wanted something beautiful and soft to the touch. And I wanted everyone to know that no animals were harmed in the making of these products. Imposter gives people a viable alternative. There are no excuses for wearing fur.” […]

5 Tips for Bringing a New Puppy Home

By Jonathan Klein, Guest Blogger and Dog Trainer at I Said Sit The unconditional love of a puppy is one of life’s great pleasures. Their curiosity, innocence, and joy for life are inspirational and bring out the best in us. If you’re considering bringing a puppy in to your home, it’s important to give careful consideration to such factors as breed traits, how big the dog will be as an adult, access to exercise, your personal schedule, and the long-term cost of caring for your pet. […]

Fixing Stray Cats

Cats are perfect baby makers. Each female cat can have four litters a year, and produce between three and five kittens each cycle. That’s a lot of stray cats. It’s hard calculating the exact number of strays in the United States. […]