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Road Trip Essentials with Pets

Thanks to the economy, Americans have changed their travel habits. Most are taking local trips—exploring their home states and visiting nearby ones. Road travel is up, and people are traveling with their dogs. According to the U.S. Travel Association, a non-profit trade organization that represents the U.S. travel industry, 14 percent of all U.S. adults (that’s 29.1 million) have traveled with a pet on a trip of 50 miles or more in the past three years. Dogs are the most common type of pet to take along (78 percent). Cats came in a distant second at 15 percent. […]

Why is Devocalization of Dogs and Cats Legal?

According to Laura Allen, founder of Animal Law Coalition, H.B. 344, An Act to Prohibit Devocalization of Dogs and Cats, also known as Logan’s Law, has passed the Massachusetts Joint Committee on the Judiciary, and should have been voted on by the Massachusetts House of Representatives. However, the bill is stuck because Rep. Vincent Pedone seems intent on killing it. […]

Can Greyhound Racing End in Tucson and Phoenix?

When it comes to animals, I have a lot of dreams. One of them is to witness the end of greyhound racing. Imagine a day when this blood sport no longer exists. Well, that moment is close at hand in Arizona. […]

Top 10 Tips for Getting Cats to Get Along

Valentine’s Day Tribute Part 5 You wanted to meet another cat person, and it’s great that your new partner loves your cat and you are quite fond of his. Now that the relationship is getting serious, you need to introduce the cats to each other. Following are 10 tips on merging cat families: […]

10 Tips for Bringing Pet Families Together

You met the person of your dreams. You both have dogs. Or he has a cat and you have a dog. You love his pets and he loves yours. The relationship is getting serious. So how do you get the pets to get along? Following are the top 10 tips from dog trainer Eric Goebelbecker of Dog Spelled Forward. […]

Why Greyhound Racing is Wrong

According to recently released state records, more than seven hundred greyhounds were reported injured at Wheeling (WV) Island Racetrack and Casino since 2008, and more than 1,000 dogs were prevented from racing because they were lame, injured, or because of illness. […]

Tricia Helfer, Number 6 on Battlestar Galactica, Rescues Cats

Tricia Helfer has always loved cats. When she is away from home, her husband, Jonathan Marshall, sends her updates and photos of each one of their cats. “He knows how important they are to me,” she says. “And in my line of work, it’s nice to know that while I’m away, they are in excellent hands.” […]