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Happy Beginnings for Strays in Puerto Rico

By Twig Mowatt, guest blogger Valiente, a 28-pound Chihuahua/border collie mix, was found tied to a trash can on a busy street in San Juan. His owner had dumped the dog there after he failed as a watch dog. (Valiente is a bit of a softy, who almost never barks.) It’s the sort of sad scene that happens every day in Puerto Rico, where companion animal abandonment, neglect, and abuse is widespread and largely tolerated. Estimates place the number of stray dogs (called “Satos” in Puerto Rican slang) at above 150,000. Injured, diseased, and emaciated dogs can be found roaming most streets, beaches, mountainsides, and commercial centers. In fact, some areas, such as Dead Dog Beach, have become notorious dumping grounds for unwanted pups. […]

Save America's Horses

It was more than 20 years ago, but I will never forget the high I felt when I came across a pack of wild horses while on a horseback riding trip in Wyoming. Eight of us were on day four of our week long camping trip. […]

Efforts to End Ohio's Dog Auction Continues

Before the holiday break, I reported on the efforts of many—most notably the Coalition to Ban Ohio Dog Auctions, a registered political action committee—to outlaw dog auctions in Ohio. Unfortunately, only 7,202 signatures were gathered—far short of the 120,700 signatures needed—to put before state legislators. The reason for the shortfall of signatures was time. Organizers behind this effort were competing with the historic November 3 presidential election. […]

Tattoos and Microchips for Cats and Dogs

Pets should have ID tags, microchips and tatoos. […]

Greyhound Racing

Why greyhound racing should end. […]