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Diabetes and Overweight Cats

By far the biggest health threat to overweight cats is type 2 diabetes. Diabetes is a complex endocrine disorder that affects the body’s ability to metabolize sugar. This disease often affects older overweight cats. It’s a serious illness that can cause cataracts, blindness, gangrene, and kidney failure. It can lead to coma and death. The […]

Helping Animals in Foreign Countries

A few years ago my husband and I traveled to Greece. We rented a small car and spent about a month touring the cities and small towns. Greece is a beautiful country, however, my heart was saddened by all of the stray animals I encountered. I was feeding stray cats and dogs everywhere I went. […]

Putting a Cat on a Diet

Cat care and putting your cat on a diet. Why cats need meat in their diets. […]

Put Your Dog on a Diet

Your dog is looking at you with those big brown eyes. Your heart melts, and you reach for a treat. His tail wags, and you feel content. According to Ernest Ward, DVM, chief-of-staff at Seaside Animal Care in Calabash, NC, and president of the Association of Pet Obesity Prevention (APOP), instant gratification comes in healthier […]

Animal Actors: Where are they now?

Remember Cheeta, the chimpanzee from Tarzan? How about Toto, and Morris the Cat? I got a call to appear on the BBC’ Americana radio show to talk about famous animal actors. The reason the radio segment came up was because 76-year old Cheeta penned his memoir called ”Me Cheeta” with help from ghostwriter James Lever. […]

Dogs Can Get Sunburn

Dogs can get sunburn. Here are ways to protect your dog. […]

Becoming A Veterinary Technician

Tips on becoming a vet tech or veterinary technician. […]

The Everything Guide to Working with Animals

The Everything Guide to Working with Animals (Adams Media), by Michele C. Hollow covers a wide assortment of jobs from vet tech to veterinarian, animal behaviorist, dog trainer, entomologist, activist, and more. […]

So You Want to Work with Animals?

In these tough economic times, it’s pleasing to talk to people who love their work. Their enthusiasm is contagious. The majority wake up eager to start their work day. In my book, The Everything Guide to Careers with Animals, I interviewed hundreds of professionals who work with animals. Everyone from animal behaviorists to zoologists share stories about their work. They all have similar traits. Obviously, they all love animals. Plus, they have good people skills, and volunteering is a big part of how they got started. If working with animals interests you, read on. […]

Dogs At Work

Work is going to the dogs. On June 26, dogs and their owners will participate in the 10th annual Take Your Dog to Work Day, created by Pet Sitters International (PSI). The idea behind the event is to celebrate dogs and promote adoption of pets from animal shelters and breed rescue clubs. Many companies find that animal-friendly policies celebrate the great relationship that people have with their pets. Companies have also found that allowing workers to bring their dogs to their place of business is good for business. […]