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Adopting a Pet is a Major Responsibility

People’s behaviors always amaze me. I try to see the good in everyone. Yet, it is hard at times. I know all of you reading this post agree with my belief that we are truly blessed that we share our lives with companion animals. Each week, I receive weekly tips from Sunbear Squad, a nonprofit organization that helps animals. From time-to-time, I will post them at Pet News and Views. This week, however, the tip came with a note from Anna Nirva, Sunbear Squads’ executive director. She was angry and sad. Her note, with her permission, states, “Next week, I’ll be back to normal, promise. This week, I am upset. Bless the animal lovers who make a difference every day.”

After reading this, you will understand why Anna is upset. I realize that I am preaching to the converted here. Please educate others by passing this tip along. Watch for pets that are banished from a house before new carpet or furniture arrives; they will be wandering and hungry. If you see strays, first check with your neighbors, then call your local no kill shelter.

“Imagine caring more about furniture than heartbeats” says Anna. “It’s horrifying, but true. Some people will bring their dogs and cats to a shelter because of remodeling, new furniture, new carpet, even new wardrobes. Is this hard to imagine? Ask anyone who works at a shelter or rescue. The stories will inflame you.”

I remember when I brought my son home from the hospital more than 8 years ago; people asked me what I was going to do with my cat. I didn’t understand the question. My cat, Earl Gray, is part of our family. My son, Jordon, loves him. Earl knew that Jordon was an infant, and that he had to be careful around him. Jordon and Earl are still buddies today.

The excuses for giving up an animal are hard to understand. Everything from divorce to moving to remodeling is used. I just received The Apology Video. The excuses in this video will break your heart.

“Many families drop off a dog or cat at a shelter believing the pet will find a new home,” says Anna. “They are dreaming. They are delusional. Some major metropolitan shelters in America euthanize more than 80 percent of their dogs and cats every week because they don’t have enough adopters. How can we change this cycle of too many dogs and cats, too many people dropping them off at the shelter to find a new home?”

While we are all for pet adoptions at local shelters and rescue clubs, please encourage all of your family members and friends to do their homework before adopting. Understand what type of pet you will bring home. Training a pet takes time, effort, love, and work. Know that some breeds are feistier than others. Owning a dog, cat, or other animal is a major responsibility.

Experiencing the love of a companion animal is one of our greatest pleasures. Please don”t take this lightly, and when you do adopt, please spay and neuter your companion animals.

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